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Woo woo. The National Association of educational broadcasters represents way station an examination of the role of the family in the modern American city one and a series of programs titled The Urban Frontier produced by the Community Education Project at San Bernardino Valley College under a grant from the National Association of educational broadcasters. Morning darling morning dear I'm dad remind me to ask you of the occasion of this flying visit. I will. Nice trip down fairly nice place though. It was about 2:30 wasn't it. I brought things with me. These are the Jamiesons. And this is an occasion. It's Saturday morning and Todd is down from school. It's rare these days that the family is ever together in one room at one time. We can't say that Tom and Marge Jamison in their 23 years together have produced an average or even a
typical city family. This is the kind of family that's been called the atomized family or the Democratic family. It's also been called an anarchy composed mostly of children and electrical appliances. By some standards you might have to say that it's no family at all. And yet for the Jamiesons it works well to be home today then. Well with some leaves to rake in some pruning a faucet or two to repair and a few other little things that your mother has lined up plus a good long quiet nap this afternoon I think we can count on my being here why. Remember I have to be downtown at 9:30. Can you drop me off at the show. I thought you didn't have any money. I don't but I'm dipping into my reserve thing to be done with considerable caution. What do you have to go to show me get to go to the show if and when his rooms are cleaned up. That from our bed doesn't seem to make you particularly happy. What's the trouble. She's broke and she's trying to borrow some money from me. First thing this
morning she's in being real Coraline are you going over to Fiji. Yeah a little bit later she's going to call me. Would you take me somewhere. Sure sure I will need your own money. That's fine with me. Anything. One more charge about do it within two hours the House will be empty. Tom Jamieson will be in his garden but by noon the others will be miles away. H to keep a rendezvous with an individual decision. Some unfinished business left over from their other lives for this family is not as complete an enterprise as it might have been a century ago. It doesn't work together Tom Jamieson's business provides most of the income it carries on. No worship in the home. This is a matter for the church. The legal machinery of the city will resolve its problems if and when they would become matters of public concern education recreation entertainment the social political and economic lives of its members all in some measure depend on
outside organizations. Marge for example will be backstage at the municipal auditorium. A statewide convention of the 0 8. Or. Give me a little time to think about it here. Thanks secretary would mean being gone most of the year the away. Even when I was home maybe so much to do. That is very little time for my family. Either. Sometimes they seem like they don't really need to know. I'd better check this out with time. Later. Don't you worry. Beth will be checking into a beauty parlor in her purse a folded picture torn from the pages of a movie magazine a picture and a plan about which she has told no one. I call for an appointment. Then you said that you were awful but maybe you could work me and. I need to know where you think you. Are maybe if you can't today I could comapany resume.
Our summer. Jimmy has gone to the show as he does most Saturday mornings. His eye is on the screen. His hand in a box of popcorn is carrying on a philosophical discussion with a friend. See how uniform I always take a beating. Man I think making a man having him. Do you said trying to. Think I Want To getting so beat up like that for. You know your company I sure will be picking up thinkers. They've planned to go for a ride and perhaps swimming later but mostly they've planned merely to be together. Monday seemed a little crisp around the edges. Your mother is a very perceptive woman probably getting curious about your family
all flying busy going off in all directions. Beth was on some kind of a weird Dick wanted to know whether I like real sophisticated women. Well do you mean I like you but not enough canard a little too much to make a mess of it. Think you don't know how it would be you really don't. These next two years a going to be a lean and tough. Then there is the army. Well what do you want to do. Wait wait for line wait till I get my masters. Wait till I get a job and we can have a place to live way too. You graduate I hope so. One gigantic star. Let's just say I'm the conservative type. Well we're going to tell them that we tell them that we decide and wonder what your mother will say no matter how we go about it will go away. I gather that to get where you are not really what will your family. I don't know I really don't know at home and now alone is Tom Jamieson busy raking leaves
busy also trying to remember a conversation with Carl Hillman. Well what's the verdict. And let's not retire behind your professional manner. I'm afraid I'm going to be professional. No right. Caro tell me I've been working too hard. Got to cut down my smoking. Take Wednesdays off. A little more puttering and a little less worried I don't know why you even bother to come and see me. I enjoy your conversation. You're in good shape. That's what I thought. Why you are I don't know. What do you mean. Time for about five years now I've been telling you to slow down that I haven't had time to busy enjoying myself. Now one of these days you'll be taking the time Master post-soul hadn't really thought about it. Nobody ever does tell me how long you've been in the saddle. A little over 22 years now long enough I suppose but you still can't get out from behind that desk. I couldn't and I could. What would I do. Well what you should do and what you probably will do are two different things. Right now you probably should knock
off for a year six months at least and get my blood pressure down it's astronomical you know. Well if you do if you do know that I've done my job you know I might just might. I doubt it I'll believe it when I see it. Other than that one of these days something's going to get me every time I come to see you the same long face that same confidential holier than thou attitude. And for five years now you've been wrong. You know that don't you. Tom I'd like to go on being wrong but I don't think I'm going to be much longer. Well we'll see. Yeah we'll see. How's Hilda. Busy busy as usual. I don't know what she does she in that wife of yours but I think when you know that the girls from all over. This family is not as tightly knit in some things as families once were food clothing shelter. Once these were the products of
family labor when sons worked in the fields with their fathers and daughters worked in the kitchens with their mothers and when family crops became family food and family wealth and survival itself was a family affair. As a unit the family faced a wide range of common problems and as a unit met them solve them in one way or another entertainment worship justice education. These two were largely family affairs. The urban family today may face every bit as wide a range of common problems but there are problems of a different kind. Just as the family wants may have been organized to meet first the physical needs of its members. So today's family may be organized to meet first the psychological needs of its members. Well Pinker can't imagine anyone I'd rather see of a Saturday afternoon. Mind if we join you. It so happens I could figure you out with a couple of breaks.
I could've used you an hour ago. I'm just about ready to knock off air when the wind goes down we'll make a fine smudge. What are you two up to. We want to meet you and talk advice from me. We'd like your opinion on a couple of things. Sit down sit down. As you probably know there's a world of difference between advice and opinion. Maybe we need thinker. I haven't even tried to give this boy any advice since he got out of high school. Lots of opinion loads of it but he's such an independent cuss. You can say that again and in some things it's my opinion that he's a kind of a fool but just as long as he's an independent one I'm going to cheer him on. But there are no matter how independent do you want me. Let me see the boy and girl come walking in the garden hand in hand. Boy I have some lipstick on a shirt collar boy and
girl are known each other for six you know seven years. They're legally of age and they're both still in school. We want to get married then went right it'll be a mark two years. Let's take this one at a time. TANK Well you want to wait. Maybe I don't know. Well I thought we might get a few things organized get school out of the way. I need a job. There's the army thinker. It's my opinion that this boy is stalling. I think so yeah. And my advice would be if you think you'll ever make a decent husband don't let him get away with it. You do approve approve of Tinker are you getting married. Well no really I don't think I will I'm going to be so busy celebrating that I won't have any time to merely approve that's a good idea I think it's wonderful both of you. God your mother and I have been hoping you would marry this girl since the moment you walked in the living
room over on 36 street now and I'd like to say something. Now he's going to say something. Well it won't take me long. It's just this. Thanks. Thanks for checking in before you did. And thanks for asking the old man's advice. I don't say a word I wouldn't believe you anyway. Now if you will adjourn to the den and I think Paul could bring to the bride and groom. You're. In the den and just about asleep to do the time change or they're going to get married. What do you think of it. It's going to be a big church wedding. Should it be a card with flowers and and music and drive maybe. Everything I think we ought to give them a big send off if that's what they want. Well Doesn't everybody. Possibly. What kind of a wedding will you want oh I want everything I share and and you will get it too.
That a promise. All you have to provide is the bridegroom. Well I don't have any candidate right now. Trouble. Yeah I guess there's something the matter with me my dear boy. You're kidding no I'm not. At least I think they are the ones that I like not being tell you something along about sixteen. Some boys get spooky. You mean they're just that way naturally Absolutely. Some of them are on a pretty good bluff. But just a lot of them are smoking you know. I'll bet your right who is he has named Jerry and he is he is too. What are you going to do about it. Nothing now. I'm going to have to wait or to say they couldn't work me and it's all part of astrology. You really like this boy. Yeah I do. He doesn't know it yet but we're going to go daddy. Is he going with anyone else. No he doesn't run around with girls at all in fact he doesn't go around with anybody.
Definitely this bulky tight. Sure yeah. Brett you know dad I got it all figured out. You see he likes a little bit. Taylor Yeah big picture pasted in the front of his notebook and he gave it to me when I asked him for it and I got it right here. You know this is a movie star right I look just like her. You knew for sure I do. Look we can't fool around this way all the time and if I put my hair down like this and then start to get my lip. Well kind of weird there seem to be a kind of resemblance and particularly when you put your lips that way of course your hair's the wrong color wars. Is that where you were today. All morning I waited to get it died. Going back Tuesday. Well I was. Well now just let's think about this strategy. Have you talked it over with anybody I was just over through Allison and Jerry Martin just
think either real dream. But what do they think of your planned home. They don't think it's so hot. You know I don't think it would work. Why not. Like I said she's in favor hands wouldn't work because well let's put it this way. What do you think would happen if he did run into this method. Yeah. Do you think he could talk to or would even be able to say a word. Nobody wouldn't dad that would never happen but what if it did. If he's as spooky as you say is it would probably leave him tongue tied for a month. It would scare him half out of his wits. Do you really think so. You know that would be quite a shock might take him a long time to recover. Oh and he's not exactly done you know just kind of a shy and cute night it was daring her definitely. Yeah I guess it would. But what am I going to do. Why don't you throw a party. Get all your friends and their friends and some of his
friends together. Say that with threw the idea out already. Dad it's so cliche and besides he doesn't have any friends. You just moved him. Cliche or not it's still one of the best ways to go about it and he's probably ready to make some friends soon bats Webware You mean you'd really worry for whatever it's worth I think the party is a pretty good idea where we are. I want to think about this for a long time. Yeah. Yeah yeah. She certainly is not for him some things perhaps. But no your future sister in law could not be said to be the sophisticated type and I yeah oh yeah in a way. We're kind of. Well. Spooky. Don't you ever tell him I said so but he was matter of fact Bare-Faced still is why you can share never knock him down in any time any
time at all. Whatever it is we don't want any. OK yeah. I haven't moved. You don't matter. Oh brother she would have. Well hello Mrs. Allison was my daughter over here for about an hour hour and a half ago. Where Are They Now. Mrs. Allison I really haven't the slightest idea. May I fix you a drink. I think they were going. Wendy and they did. No no thank you I don't drink. See you later how bad I'll be around is mom going to get home in time to fix dinner. I think so. Fine. Sounds good right it said that's an attractive dress. I'm not here to talk about my wardrobe of course you're not. We're both worried about Todd and tinker. Her name is Ellen. I mean it's funny the way a nickname like that would catch on. Well I'm sorry to say. We always think of Eris think. And Be that as it may I'm going to hold you Jamieson responsible if anything
happens. I think that's fair enough of course. I think something is going to happen. Not if I can put a stop to it can you. I can try. Do you really object to their getting married. No I don't know. Well not exactly white. They're not ready. Ellen has to get her degree. They both need settling. They're just kids. I don't object. I really don't you think they should get married now and I don't know. Well let's put it this way. I think they will get married eventually. By the things we say and do we may be able to speed or delay the process and possibly we shouldn't even do that. The Ramble. Don't you have any control over that son of yours. I certainly can jerk Ellen out of that. Oh oh come on now. That would absolutely ensure their taking off for the next state. Think of that. I mean Ellen is over the age of consent and Todd is both old enough and quite capable of making that kind of decision. What can we do.
We can help them help them to make a good decision a wise one and we can do it by not setting up a problem for which they can find no answers at least not the kind that we'd consider either acceptable or as holding out any promises for a reasonably happy life. I gather by this that you're going to do nothing at all. Hi I've already done a number of things. I told them to work out whatever they want to do and I'd help them get on with it. And that's just about all you can do. Now maybe it is and maybe it is. It's my bet that they'll wait til this school year is over. And besides 20 years from now it probably won't make any difference you mean they're not just going to rush off. I'll bet they don't. Are you a gambling woman Mrs. Allison. I don't want to gamble where Ellen is concerned. She means to much to me you know it occurs to me that we don't know each other anywhere near well enough. I wish Mrs. Jamieson were here
to tell you what why don't you have dinner with us tonight. Are you sure you wouldn't care to have a little something glass or I have some good sherry. Only the sherry would be fine. You know I was thinking just now we're going to be seeing a lot of each other. I have been so worried I know you have. Oh get these shoes here. Oh I wish that one badly frazzled wife talked out into guide this thing. You're home early aren't you know it all broke up at noon so we're good. Oh yes I suppose I did. Although Hilda and I were on the run from the moment I got there. Sometimes I wonder why they want me to be state secretary going to take it. Well I was but he also tells me you were down to see Carr last week Monday Wednesday. I told you about her didn't tell me what Carl said but I told you what Carl said to me and not what he said to his wife. Nonetheless I gather it's pretty serious haymow thing he's been
telling me for years. Look honey I've got some real news for yes but you know this. Killed it. Do you know that your oldest boy is about to take himself a wife. Is that what he claims. Sit down sit down. You will be surprised what where are they. They went swimming with me you know honey. Just about every thing is busted loose around here. Golly I wish you'd have been here I think I got in over my head oh I wish I had what happened then how did they tell you. Well that isn't all it's gone on. Beth is about ready to bust out with a diet job in dyer. Oh no I think I got the fire put out but it was just a temporary measure. I don't understand why there's a boy involved. Or rather not involved. And then tinkers mother blew in here and I haven't seen her none of you will. She's coming over for dinner. Get to that later. Honey I haven't been so much of a parent in years.
Tell me about TIME TO CARE. Come on out when I start going well I was just finishing off the leaves on the South Lawn and deciding that I would get that map after all. When in they came solemn as a church and Tod. Well it was almost as though I had never really taken a good look at him he looks suddenly very strange I didn't know it was. I remember that crisis. Brad you invited her over. That's probably the whole trouble. She probably feels left out a little frightened and alone around the edges. You know how are you doing. Seems like we're on the go so much we never quite get caught up with each other. No I'm fine I'm fine now. Things are buzzing and you know I never feel quite right about all the things i do away from here like today. Well I trust that I stood in for you adequately. Sounds like you were magnificent. You know I got a big kick out of it. I tell you something Dolly. What is it
about the plan. Carl Hillman and the way Todd and tinker walked in holding hands and best funny little puzzled frown. I find it all running together. What do you mean. Well I guess I'm not quite sure. Well somehow I guess I've I've been afraid not to have something to do to be right in the middle of things. The king pin at the plant have you found yourself eating a little unnecessary around here. Necessary sure but largely ignored. We may have made a big mistake. We're not like other families or I don't think we're so different. And I wonder why I feel so good. It's simple. You had women and children bring their problems to you all day you know and I've straightened them all out. Say word to me after the show he went over to Billy Harmon he was going to have lunch over there. They're good kids resourceful too. Did you hear him and Beth with that money business this morning.
I don't think we'll have to worry about Jimmy for some time yet because the devil yonder crossing the lawn that are small. Oh nothing sure is growing like a we. Oh I think we're to be congratulated on that one. He is well behaved polite to most of the time. Careful. We're sounding smug little knocking on wood might be an order in the living room. Down around your. What's up can really harm a maybe and I you some of your old paint brushes. What do you want to paint. We're going to paint some signs you know to carry around to tell people to stay out of some way and then I need your advice about something right away. Are you going to be picketing some place beginning tomorrow morning and we're going to sue them too. What are you going to shoot them about. Honey where are you going. You come back here I've been on shift all day. You are doing beautifully
but I could use a little relief. Well you see there was this I share any really kept bothering us you know coming down and telling us that you want to throw us out. And it really the idea that we can show them the more our own. Maybe you can. That is if they don't sue you first. We found out about that already. Well I tell you what you do. You better wait until Monday and come down to the plant with me and you can talk to our attorney. But first you better get this down on paper you know. Yes I am. Listening to weigh station and examination of the role of the family in the modern American city. Here to comment on the problems and opportunities of the family as one of the consultants for weigh station Dr. Edward Rutan chief psychiatrist of the California State Mental
hygiene clinic in Riverside. Dr. Roden the family historically the basic unit of Defense is threatened by a new enemy. Families of widely varying origins live next door to each other and represent widely diverging interests and perspectives. Newspapers magazines radios movies and television bring us intimate and glamorized glimpses into the lives of the strangest of our fellow men from Hollywood to Hanoi. We learn to worship New Gods to admire new heroes and to develop new codes of ethics and of morality. These are the threats to the integrity of the modern family. Ideas can only be checked by other ideas. If the family can meet the emotional and psychological needs of its members
then conflicting ideas from outside of the family will prove unsatisfying and will be rejected. But how can the family meet the psychological needs of individuals if the home is a way station. The Jamiesons tried to answer this question by applying a modern industrial concept to the management of their family. The concept of diversification the putting of many eggs into many baskets. Industry has learned the limitations of the specialist. His tendency to view a problem wearing blinders seeing only what he is trained to see. So industry has asked that the specialist obtain additional training in order to broaden his view so that he can bring additional insights to his perception of problems. Marge and Tom Jamieson have diversified their family
functions with the result that they are better prepared to stand in for each other. Marge responsibly contributed to a group outside of her family. Traditionally the duty of the Father Tom sensitively dealt with the problems his children brought him. Traditionally the duty of the mother yet Tom is also the hard pressed bread winner and Marge leapt into the preparation of dinner for her son's future mother in law. Marge and Tom hope that by delegating some responsibilities and diversifying their own roles they will be able to meet the changing needs of their family. Despite its hurried and at times haphazard meetings at the way station. Thank you Dr. Ruth. This has been one of a series of programs titled The Urban Frontier produced by the community
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