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We. Have. Communication Center the University of Texas at Austin brings you our draft of a series dedicated to the American Folk poet people he is a symbol of the fighting spirit that organized the dunes like rated westward from the Dust Bowl and the close to the beauty usable life. This series has a picture of Woody Guthrie to his music
and his hard drive. At the best of times the law and its workings are a mystery to the average citizen. But occasionally the philosophy of its dispensation is all the entire country talks about. The sack of NZD case was such a time. Briefly this is what happened to payroll guards were murdered in Boston and their payroll taken from them. To politically suspect figures were charged with a double crime and put on trial. Both were convicted and executed. There was widespread feeling in the country that the trial was a farce conducted only for purposes of revenge on the part of the establishment. The two principals were known as anarchists and labor leaders and
it was felt that it was for this they were being punished rather than for the crime with which they had been charged. What I have stated here is an oversimplification of the situation. But enough to set the stage. In 1945 Moses Asher Folkways Records commissioned Woody Guthrie to write a series of songs on the sack of entity case. This first song the flood and the storm also sets the stage. Of World War we. Hold on him Dan his royal German army they are trying amps them Tatars land in the right position. Uncle slamming their ever nation in this world in his long
lever money bangs on air for dollar early in the world will enter Benadryl than it will damn to want those families Dover new guard written or unwritten or 100 euro but the book getting home. Well the workers in there find out about evolution to chase the gamblers from their land and farmers and pals and workers in the city bought together on their five year plan so now in the spirit of the workers revolution has spread across our nation and there's word from Italy to China to Europe and to India and the blood of the workers and is there this spirit split where the Boston Massachusetts of the Coolidge on the governor's chair. True for some soldiers the
guards and the spies for the work that brought the spear in there. Lamb dams breached to the workers Les was carried up to judge. They your they was charged with killing. Pay your guards and they died in the Charlestown. Well the world super hard on the night they died and was shaken by that great World War. More many lives but martyrs for Sacco and Vanzetti them did march BB the Great War. Well the farmers the LBS and the many of them here in the valley laid in right. In the Bergen will Harding who has never been a morsel like zigzag the lightening of the sighing of the clouds blowing by blow them a storm force I go and Van
Lente car of the rich man the bull is higher than the cross. There was quite a parade of witnesses many of them placing the two men far from the scene of the murder that night. So also slain describe some of the witnesses that came forward for Bart fans at a. North Plains just north of current role here comrades of the Boston are.
Healed him prepared for good bye to the Boston Harbor. Bringing on the same day Bardem said he brought a taste of the cherry court won north to the Boston Harbor good name is Joseph Olson to the Boston Harbor.
This sounds promising. Mr Rosen and mark them said to me the call to take home and it was mine. Goodbye to Boston Harbor or so as my name is Melvin Corps lives but my patience I'm going to let it talk to me an hour about a mile from small comrades Good bye good bye to Boston Harbor good bye South Braintree killing members from the factory and all his friends another saw me card my visions hustles my friends goodbye goodbye goodbye to Boston Harbor good boss wants to. Tell you working people find hard for higher wages Fadhil black market prices this is
what you think when you work and people find hard for cleaner houses find hard for the wife and children. Good bye karma and good bye to the Boston Harbor goodbye. Lost in the harbor was just an alley up here in the cargo hold here and say goodbye goodbye goodbye to the Boston Harbor. One. Using a time honored anthropomorphic device. Would he describe the members of the court as animals and birds. Ever bought a Mockingbird. Never were the lawyers
and the boxing nor Oh I'm going to turn your your me. Well a possum used a big step many polished news bit up to smile on a crocodile and here comes a catfish I asked the trout. This trial here oh about a little bit of sort of a Stop the judge just order a couple of rounds of the bumble bee who is a sack o and by the. Way the man and I asked the mamak shop the currents of the smiter meal Skeeter song out with his wings of. Home playing
some of the robbers but I didn't see these man neither one nor my are to turn you don't set me free. While it was Woody who Moses Ashe had commissioned to write the songs Pete Seeger much moved by Sacco's letter to his son written on the eve of his death set it to music. Here is Pete Seeger. Nothing will happen. To him that I have for here are. Right with you we're the love we have off and on for many many years
have been wasted. Has your mother's been already wasted. Ever heard in any home instead of trying to be calm. When you want to distract or from the discouraging take oral law in the country is gathering. Resting in the shade of a tree beside the music of the war with Death of nature and you will enjoy
New your new must remember don't you. With all your heart down your just ones who help the weak ones on your side. That cry for help the persecuted victim. They are your friends and friends of yours and mine. They are like comrades and sometimes just.
Yesterday on the. Life. And in this you will be. Our next program. Well follow Woody as he meets up with New York City for the first time. I am planning on art I'm gay Oh and I'm a teacher I am. You have been listening to hard travelin series devoted to the life and music of Woody Guthrie written and never rated by Judith
Hard travelin'
Sacco-Vanzetti days
Producing Organization
University of Texas
KUT (Radio station : Austin, Tex.)
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
Woody helped immortalize the infamous Sacco-Vanzetti case in the songs featured here.
Series Description
A series about Woody Guthrie and his Depression-era folk music.
Social Issues
Sacco-Vanzetti Trial, Dedham, Mass., 1921.
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Host: Adams, Judith
Performer: Guthrie, Woody, 1912-1967
Producing Organization: University of Texas
Producing Organization: KUT (Radio station : Austin, Tex.)
Writer: Tangley, Ralph
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University of Maryland
Identifier: 68-1-7 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:14:46
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