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What if the following program was originally released in 1956 when these were the Valiant. From the four corners of the earth the University of Michigan brings you tales of the greatest national heroes of all time. I am. Tales of the valiant transcribed series of historic adventures produced by the broadcasting service of the University of Michigan under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasters. Today the story of the Aztec national hero of Mexico. Mexico City at the time of the Spanish conquest the ancient culture of the Aztecs
has collided head on with a Spanish conquistador days under Captain Cortez it is in the year 15 21. Cortez has resumed his attack upon the Aztec citadel of the knocked at LA which is now Mexico City the once mighty Aztecs are surrounded then forced back into their island city. On such a day use this to the end might be the end stick. The green people are lords of the golden city of Mexico rulers of all lands and between the two was seen as such and there's no meeting ended a war rife with pestilence with starvation with death and Spaniards. And he who guided us in a moment of triumphant brilliance was deemed the last lot of the Aztecs and huge challenge not only the Spaniards but the
strange priests of Lobo's. As I told you to bring up since the death this morning
I gave orders to the priesthood and. Put it on the table. Demonstrate to me the use of this instrument. I have no knowledge of such things on your sleeve is the blood of a man who could have explained this weapon that man was a holy sacrifice of no consequence to you. Three hundred men of ten or you died in a fight to capture that single Spaniard. And do you know how they died. I'll show you. They died under a cloud of these tiny metal arrows. I intend to find out how to use these weapons.
You would learn from the Spanish barbarians. Suppose from the slopes of charcoal it will help win this war yes to my Lord of what. A lot of the techs would understand that no less techno learns from barbarians and slaves but only from another for 60 days. These Spaniards while you were in your temple. They have a metal tube that spits thunder and kills my soldiers a great distance. They have brought giant canoe to sail in the lagoon they wear clothing I cannot pierce. They have a metal headdress that deflects the most powerful blow of an axe. They have a great animals that charge into our lines carrying a fighting man. Are these the signs of a barbarian. They are barbarous tools meant for destruction. Our knowledge is greater than their words our gods more powerful. I'll show you the true power of Mexico. HANDS OFF ME.
From this window you can see the power of Mexico. It's dark they breathe they thirst they die from exhaustion. A man of Con. Men not gods one value one of my lands carriers more than every stone in your temple Do you understand. The gods will curse you for those terrible words squashed in 60 days your gods have not availed us so let them curse. Speak what we may demand as a sacrifice that is it will. Meanwhile stay with your gods in your temple and leave the conduct of war to me. I'll go. Yes I shall go. But remember my words and will remember them well. Yes my lord. The car seat is assembled there waiting at the other end of the palace and then let us join. You look tired. Yes
tired tired of planning battles and stratagems when there's little chance of success. All men are brave. Whatever you see do they will do. If it were only a simple question of courage or what else the necessities of life food and water are people are reading the roots and bark of trees. Children have swollen bellies of starvation. Men and women are gone from thirst. It is difficult you think we must surrender to these Spaniards unless they grow discouraged in time we must. Will you tell that to the you know neither will you. Whether or not we surrender to Cortez is not for me to decide. What if we cannot break the siege what can we do then words to you I said only as a man. But when I speak to the custody case I am a leader of men. My function is then to help them achieve those goals they themselves desire they are meeting in here my lord.
Oh yes very well. Let us enter. Gentleman switching go. So how's that leg of yours is tacky. I can still walk my lord and fight. There is none better my lord. Good. Oh you don't align. Not wounded again. They remove what do you oh my lord I have another one you'll run out of blood one of these days when I do I'll drag the blood of the spagetti that's not ready to begin again. But wait wait. Who's missing. Because you have got to work on her easy well-aware killed my lord. Then why isn't he here. He was captured this morning. Mark my word if what Michael. So be it. We'll miss you. All right gentleman.
The Spaniards have thrown a new bridge over the causeway. I think I should go tonight I want you to destroy that bridge. And for you to learn a special task. Yes my lord take a hundred men in canoes. When the night is black raid the enemy camp to the north of the city. Do as much destruction as you can but return by sunrise Sochi strengthen those barricades to the south. The Spaniards have been making headway down there. Unless we stop them they're going to break into the city. That some years ago the siege continued after the Spanish. In the fight. To our astonishment you had been taken prisoner to the Spanish camp and re-entered the city. He went at once to the Lord and in a short
time later all the times he was summoned to the great hall of the battle. My warriors priests because he has seen the Spanish commander whom they called Cortez. He brings a message as my lord quite talk. Chiefs and priests of the Aztec Cortez knows of our plight. He knows that sickness strikes down our women and children. He knows that we thirst and Star and he knows that we sent couriers to the people of asking for aid. How could he know that three days ago the Spaniards discovered the moving this way with our reinforcements they caught them on the march. Our last allies the people of my knuckle have been destroyed and meanwhile the Army of the Spaniard grows each day. Those who have been our tributaries flock to the banner of Cortez plush collar truly I was short single thousands flood into his camp.
We'll fight them all one starving us tech is worth a hundred that slaves be squatters right what is the message from Cork. I tell you these things so you know the strength of our enemy. What is the message. What does he say. He wishes to end the fighting. Cortez will surrender the gods for told this bus has brought us victory rates. Cortez wishes us to surrender to him never not to the Spaniard not to anyone. My lord called Dimock What do you say. Cortez offers amnesty. Friendship he offers food and aid for the injured. I am no dust but to tell you what to think. I ask you to think for yourselves. I want no one to fear telling the truth. As for myself I shall be governed by your decision whether we surrender to Cortez or continue the war. Now then. Because he has bio spira why Don.
But wisdom says under Color can surrender because you have to fight the Spanish dogs fight cause of take a bite. So fight the barbarians to go fight the high priest misquote of the priesthood who remains constant quote to. Fight to the death. Very well we shall fight on and as I must accept the will of the council So henceforth you must accept my commands. Every order is to be obeyed instantly without reservation or question. Order us quite a my Shall we hunger and yet the temple of which you Lobos contains many bags of grain brought by the people as offerings holy offerings dedicated to the god my soldiers are more hungry than the God question mark. I wander one seeking a kind of a can by Lord take charge of the grain in the temple of which you
Lobos distributed to the soldiers and to the people. Everyone shares alike I will not permit such trespass. You will take orders like everyone else. I seek protect that grain with your life. If anyone seeks more than his just share be he priest or pop or humble Lance carrier or highest Lord of the council. Kill him. Yes my lord. And you others we will redouble our efforts. The Spanish too must be tired of war. We will attack him on the causeways by day and over the lagoon at night. If a man be cut off from his fellows let him die fighting and take at least one Spaniard with him. Let no one be rash enough to ask for peace. For I will order him killed if Cortez wins now he wins a city of dead men. Decided to keep people
filled with the wounded and send them back into the back. Of the barrack. Even now I still hear the plundering through the streets got their way. What stood outside the palace hundreds of people in the age
before the Great. Has there ever been such a site as this team up book. Look everywhere. Unable to move unable to lift themselves unable to do anything but lie in the sun and die we have reached the limit of what human flesh can stand leisure of Mexico is a fragile thing live on. The Spaniards conquered that many many days ago. There is something greater here a vague philosophy came up over Great Britain. So many choices. I'm coming this way and return to the palace quickly my lot. But he's getting closer. We'll make you hear and see.
He stepped out. Nobody else but you know what I mean here you have a weapon. Only my small dagger that you have don't come out of after you. Stand beside it always came up ok. I look over there when he sees me. You come through the door you know what to do. Yes my daughter. Where are you with the OS. Did you know people call ready Spaniard. Enter the palace of Montezuma. But I saw two of you come in here. What was the other one you might want to look at him. You missed him. Dream of the book of. So much for him. Now for your son your MDL Santiago I hear. You. Yes my lord. You would kill him. And what happened to the polka.
The Spaniard cut him down. The sword went right through him. But what are you doing here my lord. I have ordered the priests of the Lobos to stop all rights and incantations to the gods to each priest I have given a sword or Lance and sent them to the barricades for the first time since the death of Montezuma. You have called me Lord. Why now I do not know how to mock. Tell me truly why Lobos promised us victory and victory did not come. It's more than that isn't it. Yes more than that. I have seen miracles my lord. I have seen a woman pluck an arrow from her breast and her leg back at the Spaniards from whence it came. I have seen children hold lances against charging horseman and then crumble under the hoops I have seen the men
who were dead rise up and return to battle and die again. And even then they had to go on a you know poke I hear said the flesh of Mexico is fragile. He meant that we have lived through this siege on Spirit alone that they cannot destroy. I thought that spirit was the Lobos. It is painful to lose one's faith in the gods. Perhaps the Spaniards have a more powerful god perhaps with their God in our spirit. Mexico can yet rise again. Well I loved my work was very much like a Sikh. What's the matter. The Spaniards. We can hold them back no longer they're coming this way and cortex leads to get me a sword. It's useless quite a mock court has breaks in here 75 days of fighting have been useless Get me a store so you can feel like a fight. I want to. Dead is no good to Mexico but
time will come alive. There is power in the people of my not of cognition. We could laugh a little really to you was to not die orders have been given there will be no sorrow. But it's better that exams will render no Heskey when people like them don't take the word of a man who has seen miracles escape. Someday you can return and crush the Spaniard. Farewell I'm going back to the temple. We can take a covered pathway down to the shore I think we can escape when it's like. This works like the Palace don't care from what they're Indians around here. Comfy time covered on court this must be the Emperor's palace. If it is the palace let's see what's inside of it. Care like the rest of this cursed city. Only dead man had one of them.
SIO is gone as a stable. Who's the other one just so mean. He's still alive. What do you do you take care of that capital. Gomez but there has been too much killing. The fighting is over. The fighting is over go home as I suppose now I got to go find a doctor to take care of this. I think I'll have you do just but and Gomez make sure he lives there I'll hang you up by the film's going to have a lot of sun low. What's happened we caught these two Indians by the lagoon. Well well don't bring them in here. I think we have got to have a tan. You've got home that big chief walk to muck. Look for yourself. No not this one. He is the kind of cool to walk on. Jus the one I let come back to the city ten days ago I am the one. Why did you do what I told you
to do. I delivered your message to all my army. You knew resistance was impossible. Why didn't just stop the fighting because I would not let him. And you as your soldier has guessed I am quite a muck a muck So you quote him. Let me look at you the general of the Aztecs. Your the one. Yes I think you never studied warfare in your whole life. No Captain. Ever hear of the siege of Constantinople the siege of all elms the siege of Bokhara. No Captain. What about the Italian campaigns. Power via power led to Custer karo. You never heard of them either. But I have seen your all my life I study these things and still you fight off my whole army for 75 days. I don't understand how you can do
it. I don't understand Captain Cortez. Surely I have done my duty as a warrior in defense of my city and I can do no more. Come by force a prisoner into your presence and into your power. I ask one thing. Take that dagger in your belt and kill me at once. Two months ago I should have obliged you. But you are a natural born military technician. An excellent one. I see it. You've shown me that we spend much time and about people mostly about people. If only. Yes. Did I really give you my message. Why didn't you surrender before this beautiful city was destroyed. I could not
but now at least let your spirit take rest. You will rule in Mexico and I was never the ruler of Mexico only its leader and its servant. Had I been ruler. But I was not. Listen that's none of your storms come up fast I'll have to see to my troops. You are my captive got to mock but also my guest. Is there anything you wish before I go. Food for my people. They are very hungry captain. It's already being attended to. And as for yourself you will have dinner with me tonight and for many nights we have much to talk about. Go to my One More Thing. With your permission you have it what a warrior of mine trusted and very dear to me died in this room before you came I would like to have his body in here no one less dark.
I was that Indio like you come with me send your quad to move over here and now is this the man. He might be your ally. Running from the dead. The whole goddamn ugh. My doctors are good but not that good. Will he live. I think so. She might propose. I said we had much to learn from the Spaniards. Indeed the magic of this doctor is one such thing. Live my friend and learn with me. Whoa. Whoa.
Yes. Such was the lives he has to win the city fair to the army of gotos in that last fighting died many men have done a lot of the one. The high priest of me should go out valiantly defended the temple of us even when he had lost faith in his God. Now what came so last load of the aesthetic is gone but his memory grows brighter with the passing years and will continue as long as there is in Mexico. My dime comes soon enough and it's tallest for an old man to have his grandchildren have known. What do you known him. Served him and in his defense suffered a grievous wound on that last
day of the siege. Yes the one named book. He called me. We wish to acknowledge the help of Professor Pablo Martinez Del reel of the University of Mexico City in the preparation of this program. Now here is Louise obvious from Mexico a graduate student at the University of Michigan speaking on behalf of Professor Martinez Del Rio. The surrender of them of the last lot of us took to this pony and court base is probably the most dramatic episode in the history of Mexico. As you have here and presented a gallant and heroic defense holding of the voters for more than two months the suffering of the Indians was indescribable. They were cut
off from all food. Their aqueducts were broken and for 75 days of constant fighting they suffered one defeat after another as the Army of course face pushed steadily forward and then at the climax of their misery where the Spaniards everywhere victorious and the last defenses crumbled quote them like surrender that was received by Quote this with the utmost kindness. Perhaps due in large part to these humane turn of events we in Mexico today find that we have inherited not one but two magnificent cultural traditions. Indian and Spanish. Fortunately too we have an eye witness account of this turning point in history. Among the many in court there is this army was a banality as two chapters of his famous history of the conquest of New Spain treat in detail with the events of the siege and fall of Mexico City and are well worth reading by those of you who wish to explore this crucial event for you to know more
than Mexico. It is not enough to understand only our Spanish heritage nor only that part of us which has come from the Indian and it is necessary for you to know both and the great hero who exemplifies this this murder is a man we know was called them a last lot of the ESTA. The University of Michigan has presented details of the value of another in the transcribed series of a Greek national heroes throughout the world who want a mock last Lord of the Aztecs was written by Julian James and produced under a grant from the educational television and radio center featured on the programme were Stephen Nelson more dark all of our Jacobs and Donald T shine our Bernie Lund Paul hurling are Norm Hardway Gordon Mars and Jerry Hoxton Graham effect were composed and played by Dave Tice. With editorial supervision by William Bender Jr. tales of a Valiant is directed by Edwards nationally
for the broadcasting service of the University of Michigan feels like it is making his program distributed by the National Association of educational broadcast. The good. News. Gla. This is the ne Radio Network. Originally released in 1956 the program you have just heard is from the program library of National Public Radio.
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