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This is music from Rochester a series of concerts because I doubt the Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester music from Rochester is made available to national educational radio by Xerox Corporation and station WB FBT Rochester New York to tell us about tonight's concert here as our host Richard Freet. This is Richard freed of the University of Rochester's Eastman School of Music introducing another Eastman School concert. In our continuing series of performances by students at the Eastman School. Tonight we have two song cycles two pieces of chamber music and one of the grands are not as for piano by Schubert. We'll hear Beethoven's under-counted. Schumann's Holland and Laban. Ernest Bloch suite modelled for flute and piano. And as I already mentioned the great A major Sonata of Schubert. To begin here is James Wagner tenor to sing Beethoven song cycle on the throne to leap to the distant beloved
Opus ninety eight settings of verses by the less the 6 songs are often who go. Barry goes oh blah. Life does a glare does a Vulcan Indian Holen is created in Mayan and then the leader Beethoven's undefended sung by James Wagner tenor with Carrie Lewis at the piano.
Or. Oh oh oh oh.
God. Was.
Think of Roy. Green Ed.. Months like three months and he was like a sheep. Oh I was. Already. On the bus at the time
and was. Oh oh oh.
Oh it was it. Was it was you. James Wagner tenor has sung Beethoven song cycle undefended with Carrie Lewis at the piano. Robert Schumann contributed many of the great staples of the song literature including several splendid cycles one of which will hear now his family but one play by woman's love and life opens forty two settings of verses by commies or. Our Soprano is Patricia
Childs and the eight songs are. Aired on Arlen Boston during on my name being or Zeus or point on mine and heads and going house to me. It's good Tom. Probably but one played an opus 42 by robot. Sung by a Patrice a child soprano with Cathy callus at the piano.
You need to. Eat. Good little. The little never heard. The word.
Just a little bit little bit a little. Hurt. A little. Was was. It it was eat. Eat.
Little girl.
Here it is. A.
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Music from Rochester
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Episode 63 of 65
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Eastman Kodak Company
Xerox Corporation
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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