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The national educational radio network presents the BBC World Theater these weekly broadcasts are made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This week on BBC World Theatre WE PRESENT. Please Prince of Tire. The play dates from 16 8 and has been attributed to Shakespeare. Although it certainly contains scenes by other writers. One of them may have been George Wilkins who published a novel in the same year the play appeared. The novel had this title. Apparently Prince of Tire being the true history of the play apparently as the novel has supplied lines and some speeches that are missing or garbled in the version of the play published in 69. In the BBC production of the play the choruses are spoken by the poet John Gower Roderick Jones who speaks and sings the part with him slowly as parent please. Roberto Girard composed the music and the play has been arranged for radio and directed by Raymond breaks. Here's part one of
para cliches. Prince of Tire. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0. 0 on the on. Oahu. That told us you mean Manzi and fish more than whole lives have ready to restore duty.
If you hold in the latter times when we arrive. Except my old drawing was handed out to hear an older man made sure your wish years merge your life would you wish and the time might wish for you. Like. This and then. The Ticos the going to built up the city for his chiefest see the fairest in all the city. He's keen to get a female in so buxom blithe and full of face as Heaven had lent out all his grace. With. Whom befall the like you took and her to incest did provoke. The beauty of the sinful day made many princes through the frame to
seekers a bedfellow in marriage pleasures playfellow which to prevent He made a law to keep a still and maintain all the torso Osco for his wife. Here's a riddle told not lost his life. For her many a want to die as yawn Grima heads to testify which no one plagues to open upon this costly war. Young Prince of Tire. You haven't allowed to receive the being of the task you undertake. I have antichrist sound with a soul in bowling with the glory of her praise. Think death. No house in this enterprise. Already you know my daughter. Chloe beard like operandi. Fit for embrace once even of Joel himself. At home. Concepts. I'm too glad her presence the Senate-House off planetfall did sit too new to know her best. Perfection.
See why she comes in peril like the spring graces her subjects and her thoughts the king of every virtue gives renown to men constantly man and Swain that have inflamed inside my breast to taste the fruit of young so let's steal the tree. Or die in the adventure. Yes I am son and so open to your will to complete such a boundless happiness. Prince perfect he says but for these times this has better deeds with golden fruit. But dangerous to be touched. A face like heaven enticing the two of you come close. Lawdy Which desert Musk A. Young sometimes famous Prince's life was so long by their poor adventures by desire. Now hurry with speechless tongues and semblance page and with key advice d to be sure.
I'm tired because I thank the who I have taught my frail mortality to not self and by those fearful objects to prepare this body like to them to what I must. Must ready for the way of life or death. I wait the sharpest bro scar me good price. Reader conclude here and then this doc indignant I throw down before you reach radio not expounded to decreed as these before the. Fall by sun shall be like a boat champion I assume no lists nor ask advice of any other thought but faithfulness and courage. Let's bury the riddle I am no Viper yet I feed on mother's face which did me breathe eat I sought a husband in which labor I found that kindness in a father he's father's son has been mild. I mother wife and yet his child how they may be and yet in two as you will leave wrists over you shall
physical stuff last. But o o us that it would have been complete size to be all men's acts. Why they're not as sights per picture certainly of this piece. Who makes me pay you to read it. Like Tyler loved you and could still were not this glorious cos get stoned with you. But I just take my thoughts revolve. Your affairs by you and you sense the strings who finger to make Nan's drawerful music could draw heaven down on all the gods to hearken but being played upon before your time have only done system. So hotshot chime. Good I count for you to keep in touch not to ponder night. On how to not occur within our laws. Dangerous as the rest not time's expired. I let expire now receive your
sentence. Great king Antiochus. If you love to hear the sins they love to act toward Bray just too near for me to tell it who has a book of all economics do. He's more secure to keep it shut than shown advice repeated as like to wondering when blows dust in other's eyes to spread itself and yet the end of all his book The breath is gone and the sore eyes see clear to stop the ad I would hurt them. The blind mole costs cocktails towards heaven. To tell the US is strong by man's oppression and the poor and die for kings our hearts God's in vice that laws that we stray Daz say Joe. Has found a meaning. Tied with blue sweet. Young Prince of Tire. Though by the turn of our strict edict to your
exposition misinterpreting we might proceed to cancel out of your days. Yet hope succeeding from so faggotry as your death should know us otherwise. Forty days longer we do respite kewl if by which time our secret to be undone. This mercy issues we joy such a sign. And until then your entertainment shall be his death be free to our honor and your way. He has found the meaning. Of that which we mean to have his head. He must not live to trumpet forth my infamy you know or tell the world antichrist of sin who it turns out the artist called Howdy Hi I know you. Ha Ha Ha chambers and ah ma and pa takes her
private action. To your secrecy. And for your faithfulness we will not harm seal. Had a I had. A whole hero's poison and hears go. We hate the Prince of tile and I must kill him. Look it picked not to wash the reason why. Because was because it saves it done my thought is done by good enough actual press and cool yourself telling your hey sign or Prince parrot pleases Flipboard. Roll with live fire after. I got all sucked from a wet experience Doctor hits the mark is I got 11 x old. Caro now to try. And rush hour say prints better please AIDS Day. Were. Under the covering of that to my ship did bring me safely home to
my flight to shun the danger which I fear. But since that time why should this change of thought. The sad companion melancholy being my so used to guest as not an hour in the day's glorious walk or peaceful night the tomb where grief should sleep can breathe me quiet here pleasures and danger which I fear it is at Antioch seems far too short to heed me year. The pleasures can draw my spirits. Nor yet others systems comfort me. Prince Harry I got a lot had a cane or so why do you come to us hastily into our chamber because I didn't mind for your just to find you so does teach us that you were bad at all familial society know this fall to pieces my load as you have ever found be grieved wise income so you are not well suited to abuse yourself to waste your body here with
fighting sorrow. When upon your own safety depend the lives and prosperity of your whole kingdom of. Peace and give experience tongue to abuse a king to flatter him for flattery is the better of those blows up soon the thing to which is flattered but the spark to which Ted blushed gives heat and stronger glowing whereas reproof. Obedient I did order fits keep things as they are Ben for they made her character stars move just watch the star not Oaks angry brother dead log. I've been such a talking Prince his problems how I can move I got Tor face the plugs look up to heaven from whence a had that moment. Oh no Sky have the part to take thy life from these. The actual votes. Oh do it but strike the blow. Oh it cannot be much lower than my need.
Right is pretty right set on auto flatter and I thank you for it. And heaven forbid the king should let their ears hear their faults heat 50 councillors serving for a prince who by thy wisdom makes or prints by servant. What would help me to do bear with patience. Such grieves as you do lay upon yourself speaks like a physician Melich anus that ministers a potion unto me that I would struggle to receive myself. Attend me then I went to Antioch where as done most against the face of death I sought the purchase of a glorious beauty from what solace you why my property. Her face was to mine I know what the rest talking 90 as black as incest. Oh. Which by my knowledge found the sinful father seemed not to strike but which fear so grew in me.
I had fled and being here but thought the what was past what might succeed a new internet and should be doubted has no doubt a doctor I should open to the listening hour how many were the princes blobs were shared to keep his bed up. Blackness and laid up for luck that he thought this land would ox and the pretense of wrong that I had done him were all for mine if I may call offense must fear war soprano who spares not innocence which love to all which lie so part one. Who no reproof made for it to last a long sleep are to my knowledge but from my cheeks musings into my mind with foes and doubts how I might stop this tempest every day. Come my lord since you have given me leave to speak freely will I speak and tire because you fear unjustly too I think. You fear a tyrant either by public war or private peace and will take away your life for my lord. Go travel for a while I bow to the Jews religion anger be forgot.
Your room direct to it is if to me days served up like small faithful that I'll be I do not die by faith go to hell it came as a cat I had and have of subjects go on the highway whose wisdom strength can bear it. Now look what shipping what leadings and I hate but I must put myself into the shipments toilet with each minute. And keep you come to have peaceful and comfortable. Tosses intend my travel. So ravenous the devouring mouth of.
Tarsus can no further. Show me restless here and my relating tale of others griefs. See if it will teach just of a get out own. Fire in hope to quench it. Who digs heels because they do aspire throws down one month into custody. Well my distrust lowered even such our griefs die on eyes or higher discourse our woes. And wanting breath to speak. Help me with tears. I'll do my best. This toss us all which I have the government a city on whom plenty even has streets whose toes bore him so high they kissed the clouds. Strangers No but one but to true. But see what heaven can do by this change.
These mouths so but of late earth seem to little to content and please as hoes is under fire for want of use. They are starved for want of exercise. It was planted two summers younger must have inventions to delight the taste would not be glad of bread then beg for it. Is not this true. Now our cheeks and hollow eye is to witness it. The cities that are falling to his cup and her prosperity is so largely of taste with us so perfectly as riots here. Here is a good lay on the line here. Speak up I saw Rose which time Princeton Hastie him just even shook apart the sale of ships may kill one subtle never comes but brings in some neighboring nations and taking advantage of our misery have stuffed up hollow vessels with power to beat us down. We were to town
already. That's the least fear of by the semblance of their white flags displayed. They bring us peace. Go tell it gentlemen we attempt here to know from whence he comes and whence he comes. I don't. He's too ill to see even not coming up so we hear you was that the last time not one of the men be like a beacon file to amaze your eyes. We have hydro miseries as far as tile and seen the desolation of your streets. Now these are ships you happily men know a story with go on to make your needy braked. Guys I prefer we do not look for reverence but for love and Harbor Bridge for ourselves. Our ships and men to which whenever you shall not gratify I'll pay you with one thankfulness in thought. We had our wives and children out on the curse of heaven and men
succeed even as. To when that which I hope so never to see. Your Grace is welcome to our time. Us. Next. The whole dome would go whoa. I do beseech you to look me who stands in the to teach you the stages all over the story. The state not tweet like a Springsteen song and. Put fold to CDs that he seldom
use. And the wind begins to blow from above and below makes such a choir should housing. And he having almost always from coast to coast is DOS. Version of man scaping but still. Seems angry stars of heaven when Raven thunder remember us Lemanis but the substance of most you. Guys fits my nature but it's a place the great prince of all his fortunes and haven't thrown him from your watery grave to cost you money you spoke. Was.
Right. Before the time. He was a much loved child I know I'm away punch preacher I'll face the weather one year on my muster or I might be thinking of the poor man that will karst away before us even now. Last person you can rely on to hear what pitiful cries they made to us to welcome when well a day we could help ourselves a master. Said not only as much when I saw the pope or see how we stand tumbled. They say them off fish and off flesh. A plague on him. I never come but I look to be washed most how do I do. Master I marvel over these fishes live in the sea as men do. I learned the great ones ate up the little ones. I can compare our rich miser's to nothing so fitly as to a way leaves only tramples driving the poor Freud before him and asked
to vote was a more than a mouthful. Such a weight of the land will never leave gaping to leave small the old parish church steeple bells and all the pretty model M.. If I had been a sexton I would have been that day in the belfry. Why man because he should a swell of me too and when I had been in his belly I would have kept such a jungle in other bells that had never left any cost bells steeple church and parish. Our good things I wanted to eat where I mix and monitor and we would purge the Land of these drones that robbed their home from the Finnish subjects of the sea these fishes told the infirmities of man and from their watery Empire recollect all it may men approve all men detect spiritual labor on this fisherman Saturday and good day to you.
If it be a day fits use or scratch it out of the calendar and nobody will be pleased to see want to see it cast upon your coast. What a drunk and I was a seat because the you know the man on the boat the waters and the wind in that vast tennis courts have made the ball for them to play upon treats you pity him. He asks of you that never used to beg no friends can't you beg. There's the country of Greece get more with beggin than we can do with working behind the fishes then. I never practiced it and they won't starve for sure for there's nothing to be got nowadays and fish for what I have been I have forgotten what I am. One teaches me to think like a man with cool. When things are not quite sure. Did I ever go near Come put it on keep the warm thank you for me. Oh she'll go on with us we shall have less for all a days fish for fasting days
and moreover putting some flapjacks on social B work. I think you and M. We have first go drop the nets and get our broader company back right. I am sure you know we are not. This is called Pen Tapper irking good so you monitor the good son monitor and he deserves to be called peaceable reign good government. He is a happy kings and see games from his subjects the name of God by its government. So far as his court distant from the shore off a day's journey. And I'll tell you he out of a daughter. And tomorrow is her birthday and the princes and knights come from all parts of the world to Justin Turney for her love of my fortunes equal to my desires. I could wish to make one. Things must be as they may. What a man cannot get he made his wife so
I am I come there's a time to make up our minds. Right I am lovely coming here we. Are. Rusty armor and all my friends I pray let me see it. Thanks fortune yet. But after all why crosses the aisle gives me someone to repeat myself I know it was mine own part of my heritage which my dead father did bequeath to me. It kept what I kept I so dearly loved till the rough seas that spontaneous man talking didn't rage though come to have took what mean you sir to beg of you kind friends this Kota was. Falling for some time ta get to a king. I know it by this mark. You love me dearly to give it me. And for his sake I wish now having all that to take it.
God give you good aren't I but aren't you my friend. Twice way that made up this garment through the rough seams of the waters. There are certain condone certain vials. Oh sir if you throw if you remember from whence you at this believe try world not hot by your father and I shall be clothed in steel and spite of all the rapture of the sea this jewel owes its building yet on my arm. And to its value I will myself upon a course whose delightful steps owe me joy to see a trait only my friends provided a basis and then I meet your sufferings court will show the virtue of Born in alms. Then I don't bring thee to the court of kings so humanity's myself. Of the Knights ready to begin the trial and state coming to
present themselves to turn them away already. And daughter in honor of whose birth these triumphs since here like beauty is childhood named gap for men to see and seeing wonder at its please if you my royal father to express my commendations great. It's fit it should be so. Tis now Your Honor I don't have to entertain the neighbors of each night and his device which to present mine on the isle. Of the prince. Listen to the tempting horses richly comparison but themselves more rich than pages before them burying their devices on their shields. Now each night his pages deliver his shield to my daughter. Who is the first that does prefer himself a prince of Mastodon my royal father and the device he bears upon his shield is a plucky Theo preaching at the song the way he loves you well that hold his life oddly.
Who is the second that presents himself. A prince of coloring my renowned hobby and his device a wreath of chivalry the words me poem pipe. Design of renown draw him to the same broad. Once the next head of Antioch and the device he bears upon the shield is an armed Knight it's conquered by a lady. The motto that's in Spanish Porto thought I Capel forever more by lenity than by force. What is the fault I might have spotted and the device has a man's arm environ it with a clown holding up gold goods by the touchstone tried the motto thus expect under fighting sun smushed faith be dry. The fifth Tonight a battle. And he's device a burning torch that's turned it upside
down the way it's quite me I let me extinguish which shows that beauty has his power and will which can as well inflame as it can kill. And what's the six then lust. The smuggler says well maybe a stranger for he comes through and on a trial. Strangely furnishing being himself in a rusty by the comparison of his hosts of plain country Russert and his own basis but the skirts of the coefficients. Ah damn no. Way you have close to accuse. First see having neither page to deliver his sealed nor sealed to deliver the night with the most graceful courtesy himself presents his device on to my daughter. He seems to be a king but he's president does it with a branch that's only green talk. The motto in hack speech from a pretty moral from the dejected state where he is he hopes for you his fortunes have may flow to keep it
between better than his outward show you can any way speak in his just command by his rusty outside he appears to have practiced more than rips stock the day the night some come to the Drs. On these. Three nights just. You on my night and. To this day his MO by fortune than by magic.
Call it by what you will the day is yours. Come to the feast for door to take your place. Marshal the rest as they deserve their grace. Prepare for must come since you are my princes and my guests. Jove I wonder that his king of bullets may be my Queen of man. He's about a country gentleman has done no more than other nights of going to walk to your married outs. It was a wire to melancholy noted not to what is to me my partner my daughter's a wee drink his standing bowl of wine to him.
Oh yes my father had beef it's not me on to a strange and nice to be so bowed low as I bid you or you'll move mail says now by the gods he could not please me better. And furthermore telling him we desired to know of whimsy is his name and patent to the king my father has drunk to me. I thank both him and you and pledge him free. And further he desires to know of your friends you are your name and patented a gentleman of Tire. My name is kind of case my education beyond an option arms. We're looking for adventures in the world was by the rough seas reffed of ships and men and after shipwrecked. Name seems petty who only by his fortune of the Seas bereft of ships and men cost on the shore by the gods I pity his misfortune and when to wake him from his melancholy. Come gentlemen research along on trifles and waste the time which looks for other rebels even in your view what address will very well become a soldier's
dunce. The. Come gentlemen of time Gordon Perry please. There isn't a day that one's breathing too. And I've often heard you night sometimes excellent in making ladies trip and the damages are as excellent in those the practiced them they are my lord. That's as much as would be denied of your fair courtesy comes down said my daughter. Was this on class.
Fans gentlemen to your wall o have done well back you good parrot please the best pages of knights to conduct these nighttime to their several lodgings. Yours. We have given orders to be next Tyrone I am a child Grace's pleasure brings is it is too late to talk of love and that's the Mock I know you level at the. Them for each one to take him to his rest. Tomorrow's first speeding do their best. Good night was. Who was. Or was. Was a. War and I'd save one have taken that leave and they are well dispatched
to my daughter's letter. She tells me here where the strange night or never more interview No. You know like as well mysteries your choice agrees with mine I like that well. How absolutely is and not minding whether I dislike Oh no. Well I do commend her choice and will no longer have it be delayed soft. Here he comes I must dissemble it all fortune told in good time Monody to you as much. And I hold him to you for your sweet music this last night. I do protest my ears were never better fed with such delightful pleasing harmony as your Grace's pleasure to command. Not my deserts you are music's master. But worst of all has scholars my good lord. Let me ask you one thing. What do you think of my daughter's most virtuous princess and she is fat too is she not.
I saw a fat dame some a wondrous so my daughter I think very well of you so well that you must be her muster and she will be your scholar for all look to it. I am unworthy for a schoolmaster. She thinks not so. Peruse this writing else let's hear it which dumps the night time to King subtlety to help my life. Oh seek not to entrap me gracious lord. A stranger under stress a gentleman but never aim so high to love your daughter but bent or offices to honor her. How hast B which to my daughter and ours a villain by the gods I. Not never to talk to my Levy offense never did my actions yet commits a deed might gain her love or your displeasure. Trade shows are just clicked on my trade. Even to misquote listed people calls me traitor I return the larger state. Yeah comes my daughter she can witness it. What if not him as you are virtuous result of your
angry Fatah. If my tongue did solicit all my hand subscribe to any new syllable that made love to you why I said See if you had to take the chance that that would make me a mistress a usurper entrain we'll you know not having my consent bestow your love and your affections upon a stranger here you'll mistrust either frame your will to mine and you will say I hear you. So I go be ruled by me or I will make you man and wife. Your hands and lips Missy led to him being joined. I'll dance your hopes destroy and for the further grief God gave you joy you're both pleased. Yeah if you love me even as my life my blood that fosters it. To you both agree. If please your Majesty pleases me so well that I will see you word and then with Want to taste you can get you to bed.
The drone no did head to Bristol this month. With the line of burning coal no coaches for the most news and Cricket South of the lawyer though for the road.
Hi You may have to roll the ball right to bed where Maidenhead. And timed with the K made all the due diligence and high expense and stead of just from the most strange and the mighty king and the child who insist bringing us to rock. A van from God's most.
Antiochus and his daughter are dead. You must be part of his with child makes her desire which we shall cross alone to go home and warm like Cotto home nurse he. Was the. Best shakes on below HOF the flood of faking. Fortunes there is again. Yeah. The grizzled North disc or just such a tempest falls that as a ducks of life the to die is up and down the poor ship drives.
The shrieks and well and they are just falling Travin with fear. And what ensues in this fair storm child for its health its health before. This great boss tribute Jesus which was space ever known and all that has to come with brass coming home from a deep sleep for splashing. How does my career. Venomously it all. Seemed to me to find the speech Mr. midwife might not
convey the deity aboard makes with the pounds of my green strategies. All I could. Yes to such a place. Who if it had could see would like to. Teach kids. This piece if you would beat me. How tall I could look. Patience good son do not assist the storm. This is less clear to me. For the sake of it to be manly and to come for you. Courts. Why do you love your good little gifts to work. Patience good even for this child. Of nature. Now Miles may be the life for a more lustrous book had never been a quiet and gentle by conditions when I walked the Rubeus welcome to this
world but I was Prince's child now has to trading on the tip of a fire that one can make to head from the womb. Oh oh. Oh. Superman. Got a chance at Sago coverage enough good Mariners I don't know if you have the floor to talk down to me the worst yet from love of the sport in from this fresh new CIF I wonder what because I have known we are going to want to see what time the wind is loud and will not live till the ship be cleared of the dead but still superstition loss at sea is like being set up when we are strong in custom that's all. Briefly she must of all straight as you think
meet Most question if she's nice to have she's here and lie covered up but no stuff bring spices and paper my casket and my jewels and didn't come to Bring Me The Same Thing Called. Lay the babe upon the public. So now I think well as I say a priest if I welcome my queen. Something a woman yes yes. It's terrible but has still had my do you know like no fine young friendly elements for got the right to. Know have I time to give the hallowed to thy grave. But straight must cost these gusts like coffin to me you see. Well for a monument to remain in the lamps the belching way or I'm humming water must. Oh well of course. Oh. We have a chest. Actually I don't know
that's up close. Say what coasters this young man from the sun never dreamt about it oh oh. Oh that was the base type of tile to. Come by ways. Toss the chest overboard. We've heard part one of the BBC World Theatre production of para Klees Prince of
Tire with Broderick Jones as John Gower and Tim Seeley as Perry please. The music was composed by Roberto Gerard will continue with part two after station identification. This is the national educational radio network.
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