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It Buffalo. It to carry him into work out to an adult book appropriate to the fact that the fact that. The initiation into responsibility on a general level down to the needs of the group was required reading on something and finding frog a frog from a very good thing why would require knowing I have or they don't credit them in the military. Good match function however if you carried a curtain all day when the power came back that he moved gracefully but one of the back of the car you want to go to your certain things you are great back round of your potentiality. Look
I knew and when the one got back to that one got down to do want wrong period no I'm going to ground the night you got to be caught in the thought and they are working the power to power one right through the hole. Her initiation rite child and the right of all the autonomy in the left and right. When a person with being installed on the office platter that the garment do the wrong thing but he's not the individual and the acting and the new functionary are spiritual. In one place the couple of words about the initiation ceremony and their character. Some of the right and
no need of right wing of the writers very vividly the young boy I have been I'm sure many of you fear the mythological beast that their father and uncle are percolating in the family car where the noise of the full roar for life mark the end will come to be that another come to a time when the man in power in their full regalia boy thinking they are the spirit and know they come to bind the boy up and take them out into the ground to initiate them. The boys turn to their mothers for protection and the mother's hand. Protector. And their spirit take them away from the mother and mothers no protection anymore. She's gone and then the terrible thing began. The ritual about pretend that the myth of the time the good mind
actually off and the hook up with don't want muting here two or three little boys down at the end of you know they sure they could be a hater. Sure go down that's probably the best thing for juvenile delinquent. With you on a number. Nobody grows up and if he who does not conform to primitive Friday night close to the ground plan then he cannot be cowering. They got rid of. The one time decent that is appreciation of Mrs. Bush on this punishment talked a. Little later. When the act of the rift right before they beat our animal of our God. The figure imitated car and lying on top of the boy frightening come in crap and fell off. In a couple of it was good. The boys have to face the fog to get mad and fight with him. The pilot being hurt mute like a
child. He got there were terrific idea went all over. He doesn't have a child's body and the body has been scarred 535 people file that would have been caught the man by the member of that group thought. He had learned that the very power really a man because. He had been from now got behind the main activity and where. I want that match. The Mac is revered. Because the math represented before that hopeless a thought but walk them out of the water the universe is a little articulated with great renders buildable the M5 form. The form is to be here but it is your call and you are. The only thing I know in our culture that one thank for where I have a child. You Because
Daddy you are here and now we have to think of Daraa in this role and God and I acted like that in getting out. The goal for every country is to graduate from the mythology to wipe out the pretty healthy self regard self is a vehicle to carry surety. This in your little animal more than born with 12 year habit of dependence. The human being for. The other. An animal with a former student of the marsupial the kangaroo. I mean who can go who want to reject a theory they drop into the mother's house and their path the doctrine that we've begun with our kind of history we will rule with a view to owning a own. Exactly what kind of
a war with no real contact with our imagery and talking sentiment where this little thing grows up. Now to blast the mic away but it doesn't make rational that it doesn't correspond to a fact it is not a good thing. Do you believe the pan group without any mother out there what you might say. MIT brick in the back and take the second breath of life one day. Child all right but the knowledge of that won't help. That's not going to drop. Me. Now we have people you know in church till the day that they have got practice. They haven't found what the men are all. Now in terms of the things my God and I want to fit into one primary for
the made. In our western world community I think. I like that we are at war game for you to realize you were down with that. Background. I simply part of the world illusion that. They are not actually there at all. In mind of one group of guards but one with people. Another good for another. Another list person and others of that. These are all hanging you and me to leave the prison pact or else they might point out that on that. They are right that tell you that you are that but that you think you're enough that day you have the moron here. America for the third year and a half you want that in Africa get out with not yapping that you know if you if you know yourself. Now
that thought you have the fact that you got it and it was point package that all of this mystery just started with the personality that you in the personality that you are going to make the day after the shower. And the thing and he was very ethical Oh you will love God but it's not nothing to take it quite literally in our part of our tradition I don't know if they've got a clear plan or lack of them but it is a concrete bridge to mark the myth of the myth of the fall. The myth of life all our lives to so people were not taken literally in our tradition where it actually then ever and then when it discovered the wiped off the printer then the work of the open heart. There are right now for comedy there's no need
for redemption. Where you're going with this whole thing the whole thing was partly because a couple of dollars find that there are no tools down there. No when I was first sung came with over the first very first memory of something like one million eight hundred thousand dollars for a new life. Big this equilibration that people are now suffering because of the apocalyptic flood in the function of the fact that the front to threaten the world back in the day from from where are we. But it was in a lot of them are you with me now to move through Ari and the fifth grader right. Top I want to know where it is about how to read the blog I forgot to return it. Why not your intro and I'm not the word. Paradise means love when the fact is
people are actually and from it in the progress of the love the Fall River and here it is that you have a life. The other three of them out there now man and it was you who are you. They're going to step up now we know that they're that certain God knew that we were there. But what I'm here for you our God are you guys are free we have trapped here the God who I look to man and man around a female so that if you could use it to point to hell and back in their body that you may be in human form you do the math get in on the plan and they
believe that the serpent in the original wife and Adam with a little boy you got a little boy come in and you know where the. Real power company here but you get it back the way you read it in the reinterpretation there between them and God said let him out me this knowledge and mortal life we will come up with. Though Matthew Bell from the Guardian and. The charities right before the gate with the great granny for God have excluded man from the garden. The tree of a White House is within that man has now made great
time and takes the breath and the war is the result of it. Okey now we're back on a Christian review that might be an at home and thought through Christ the commonplace. Just not in the written article that the crop in the middle aged is identified with him. Pretty remarkable item plant in the garden with a very handsome man will be missed. The tree I moved there in here obviously crossed with rays is called ga ga or Calvary literally. Golf balls or watch golf is that it is the skull. But love for Christ walked on ahead of Adam and the human race is really going through this. That truly is the tree of paradise that from which man with fell right on the tree is the true way. Remember the remarkable life. Here he is in New
Delhi. This is interpreted at tongue. So we have the image thing to be an own child and the Father God the child and the Father God. A pedagogical or a father child relationship with man and the earth. Now life compare this with the Buddhas that they stream with. For the guy who supplied the figures and as you approach a Buddhist shrine of the early in the NRI into the hand regarded approached say the Bible to temple with a great which though these two horrendous how often you're standing at the gate with the a thought and a look of Wrath on that break we had to go cracked that don't argue our way
around a chair that Ruth Jarrell again keeping it up. The goal of the Oriental system is pretty good here. Well crap you go through. Now remember during the war with Japan. The New York Times profit picture of one of those gate guardians from the right and the New York Times that the Japanese worship God like play the pretty fish. Cause what struck me was We don't exactly this here our God and man are so happy. But actually in the Buddhist this unwonted. It is somebody's yard it's not anything that is the limitation of our own. You do with your own inability you can be a bit different than the principle of retirement clock
slowdown or it not being the natural condition of man nor are you linked to it. Absolutely by the God the God shows you how to live because it is through him that the experience of your identity with that beauty. Now here are a great many equivalent to water down there on the plane. Now you know that in the Christian tradition regarding the region and the Cross we're interested in that with the way that with of not. But I was curious. Turning to me that in the winter if this child to the track that the others are one you know that in the second third fourth and through the world hundreds of Christians and they were many almost all of them. No nothing. It went exactly with the conquest of the pagan wrong
by Constantine and the end of the day it took all the R party chairs and red tape persecuted there and they wanted to win this on the orthodoxy of their disobedience to the whole power of obedience with the regard of the traditional good will someday. Or equal current mark or behind or within it. The Persian king came. This isn't limited to vanity that beat the odds are it will take the king war path to the dharma of God. The Byzantine moniker actually was a picture of the good looking hearing on the throne and when people would come in we would be and there will be a sheet elevator not piled up into the heavens and let him down again or there would be iron and brass. And golden animal that we'll be following it with a grand pappy.
He was here with him to go on the net and the mission in the darkness and it is what they are carrying it in the hope of only very eloquent tradition and one of the things I think that is it is about to happen and it's happening in the quest now from our own fish were found way out from the infidel with and with everyone now recognize that this is one of the ways out there that will be covering this very strong Christian to Mallaby in its metaphorical rather than literal authoritarian. That. There are no land of great wisdom in terms of our heart. While they were good on it you know the miraculous man his doctor going around the Doctor ignorant which exact quotes you might say. Rory never read it became no where that people
no not no no no. You know in life you know hours and all that we know of the reef. This is the this is it here because for me though it's likely the situation right now. This delusion that I'm going to be here about oh really dark red man than it is of the generation. That are taking place in Christian rock I remember our not our area that never should have been there in the great inject till they symbolically life in the premarket river. And ripped think the big difference can't very well recover their relationship to I think of it the great human they grow as you pass from the Crypt you really are and will give you the kind of role you greatly frightened. A point without tomorrow Carol.
And that is not I would hate to wake and hold him. But it can now stand up. And it will get in the path and say good. Here's our one true way. One of the Great Council of the survey that we looked up to here was finding God at the Ground of Being is what you do with the historical Jesus. Yes the divine Ground of Being is within you. Well then mark you with the well this would start off later by the collision. Heresy didn't become a crime are the prime ministers we pick them up a divine order will you have to think of ground of the earth in our league while the personality isn't out there. The program is right here right here right here. There are and the personality factor is the human factor and the dog route is the god of many great we'll hear the Oracle Kryten know that the multiple personality. This is the only way I think
of God. Look at the knot of people there that little did you know that I greatly like written very good in my eyes in the hope that this method of finding what you thought I was looking after after the story of the Piper who were very hungry starving and with prayer he came upon the little band of gold and punk rock that really doing talk brought on the bread or the wine and all of her on the back. Though she died in this very strange moment and we got when we came back when they find they found a pretty little baby born there with that mouth. Well they have very strong parental in there and they can duck the baby which grew up thinking it with a gulp not ignorable and they are going to sleep and will meet with a crack mother pleading with
very good for that particular directive. Pretty miserable but among the many great something like a life and a great male tiger pounced on this thing her and the dog got it. But the timing of the tiger and he run it or you just stand there and they fall out of it in the end they're going to run. Why not go near the park with you know and. You'll grab that and take them to the water presently. Yeah. I've heard of the word in your parlor where the wind blow here means beyond and far nobody
characteristic of our range if the wind is always blowing. I am the one with our no recall. And you know how it is when you look at rippling water all of the images are broke. Now if you could clear the water and you want to be pretty there you would see imperfection. Those images which were broken in the water the trees around our cloud our friend my daughter sit down to the lovely sandy bottom lip astound you if you would give the whole thing one can do that because of the euro by the rippling water. So we come out upon the water consciousness that we call of younger people walking the earth that rhythm of the year I contemplate if you're the future dude. Yoga is the intentional stopping of the spontaneous activity of them on the record. What part of that look at the thought of looking
and he fell on you like the benefit of a sigh of relief other than a little bit faded. Bradley went there to the right of the Guru just like me and be like that you know cult thing leading bill will be followed by and I can see his hate and in that case let it remain the regular that I know that I'm doing. It in the. Spirit of the record out of the realm. Dad not at all the one who dropped him for a year when I was going to greet you know what I thought he could not restrain me from people with my life. All right.
I'm referring to are we really are we good. I'm awful. But we're here we're here to fight. We are all tired and want to go for a long. War and no right to recover our primary. Our of this is men seminar Big Sur featuring this week. Part one of a discussion on masked meth and dream led by Professor Joseph Campbell of Sarah Lawrence College. Next week we present a part to the conclusion to this discussion by Professor Joseph Campbell. This series is produced by Radio Station K x K x FM in San Francisco in cooperation with the excellent Institute of Big Sur California. This program was distributed by national educational radio. This is the
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Seminar: Big Sur
The individual and the intensive group experience, part two
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This program, the second of two parts, presents the second portion of a discussion led by Dr. Carl Rogers, the principal founder of "client-centered therapy."
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Discussion and lecture series from Esalen Institute at Big Sur, Calif., headed by Michael H. Murphy devoted to exploring the psychological nature of man.
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