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This is music from Rochester a series of concerts recorded at the Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester. Music from Rochester is made available to national educational radio by Xerox Corporation and radio station WB f b. Rochester New York. To tell us about tonight's concert here as our host Richard St.. This is Richard Fried of the University of Rochester's Eastman School of Music introducing another Eastman School concert. In our continuing series a broadcast of performances by students at the Eastman School brought to you through the cooperation of the Rochester musicians Association local 66 of the American Federation of Musicians. Tonight's concert during the 1969 festival of American music comprises two selections performed by the Eastman School Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Willis page and four pieces played by the Eastman symphony band under Donald Hum's Berger. The Eastman School Symphony Orchestra the
ESO as it's called around the school is the school's second orchestra the major performing unit of course is the better known Eastman Philharmonia. The Eastman symphony band stands in the same relationship to the famous Eastman wind ensemble as the s.o. to the Philharmonia while the ESO and the symphony band do not tour beyond the school's own area as the Philharmonia and the wind ensemble do. They do take part in major events at the school and both performed in the 969 festival of American music. In this concert we'll hear the ESO under Willis Page performing Samuel Barber's essay for orchestra number one and the Symphony Number two of Howard Henson Donald Holmes Berger will conduct the Eastman symphony band in Polk Weston's celebration over to Europe. The introduction and Allegro from Peter de loan's Symphony Number 1 Barkin Maclean's Rondo for band and Robert Washburn's Symphony for a band to open our concert here is the
Eastman symphony band conducted by Donald Holmes burger in the celebration over tour of Paul Creston. Num. Num. Oh ok I am the only one. Yeah I am.
I am. I am. I am. I am Louis. I am. With.
And. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am.
A on. A on. Donald Holmes burger has conducted the Eastman symphony band in the celebration overture of Paul Creston. While Paul Kristen is of course one of America's best known composers Peter de lone The composer of the work we are to hear next may require an introduction to some listeners. PETER DE lone was born in one thousand twenty eight holds three degrees from Indiana University and has taught at both Ed institution and Washington State College. He studied with Bernard Haydn at Indiana with Spencer Hoffman at the Peabody Conservatory and also with the late Henry Cowal. His Symphony Number one was composed in Pullman Washington in the season 1959 60 for the Washington State University band and was performed by Frederick Fanelli and Eastman wind ensemble in the following seasons
festival of American music in Rochester. The first movement the introduction and Allegro was awarded the prize of the college band directors National Association in December 1968. Mr Dillon has said he intended the symphony to develop the solo groups of the band in contrast to the opposing sections feeling that as he put it the band represents a fine opportunity for the exploitation of colors which are too frequently covered and lost in mass doublings and heavy scoring. Here then is the first movement introduction and Allegro of Peter de loan's Symphony Number one played by the Easton symphony band under the direction of Donald hunt.
Oh. Iraq. Now.
I am. Honored.
Down. Thanks.
I am. I am. I am. The thing. I am.
You are. From Peter to loans Symphony Number one we've heard the first movement introduction and Allegro played by the Eastman symphony band under Donald Hons Berger. Barton McLean the composer his not to be confused with Barton MacLane the movie villain of the 30s. The spelling is different for one thing the composer's name is spelled m c l e a n and for another the composer was born in one thousand thirty eight when the actor was at the peak of his popularity. Mr Maclean the composer took his bachelor's degree at the State University College of New York in Potsdam and his master's degree from the Eastman School of Music. He's working toward a doctorate now at Indiana University. Several of his works for orchestra and for a band have enjoyed frequent performances during the last half dozen years. The rondo for a band was published in 1965 and was introduced that year by the New York all
state band in Buffalo. We hear it now with Donald Holmes Berger conducting the Eastman symphony band the Rondo for a band by Barton MacLane.
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