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We invite you to join us. Norwegians go to a program of music and commentary produced from materials provided by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. Heard on this program will be music by Johann Spencer and darted at Marco. Johansson sends the announcer for violin and orchestra was composed in 1881. By virtue of its insinuating melody and brilliant orchestration it has become one of the most frequently played of this composer's works. The composition of the piece says an interesting story. It was commissioned by a music publisher Kar a woman who is reputed to have kept the composer in a locked room while he was working on the score fence and was only paid enough to take care of his back rent while the publisher made a small fortune. When Svendsen died in 1900 the Romans had already been reprinted sixty eight times. Sons and romance for violin and orchestra performed now by soloist Biondi
Larsson with the OSS loaf in a Monaco orchestra conducting is all the good in The Hague. Why.
Violin is to be on a Larson with a sloth and a monocoque is drone performing
Svendsen romance for violin and orchestra. All the good in ahead of the conductor. With her next to a work by David Madi Johansson called symphonic fantasy Opus 21 and this work was composed in 1936 performing for the all sloth in the Monaco Orchestra under the direction of Ivan fellow Scot. You. Are good. BTW.
Sgt.. What.
Why. Click. Click.
Click. News. News.
News. News. Tonight. And. MINNIE. Yes.
That was the symphonic fantasy Opus 21 by David Morada Johansson concluding this programme of Norwegian sketches. Was. Also thought of Monaco Orchestra conducted by Mike and this program was preparing a University of Michigan by area looks like it was a prison by Robert Byrd This is Fred Hiatt. Join us again. Next week.
This is and you are the national educational radio.
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Norwegian Sketches
Episode Number
Producing Organization
University of Michigan
Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
Contributing Organization
University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Series Description
Norwegian Sketches is a National Educational Radio Network program prepared by the University of Michigan . Each episode features a unique selection of music and commentary from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. Musical selections are performed by the Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra, and commentaries include documentaries, lectures, and readings from Radio Norway.
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Host: Hindley, Fred
Producing Organization: University of Michigan
Producing Organization: Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
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University of Maryland
Identifier: 69-27-12 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:29:35
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