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I wonder if the girls and boys would know all the facts about the River Nile and its connection with Uganda. Where the source of the river now is in Uganda. It comes from Lake Victoria. And also we can attribute its source to the mountains of the more because there are a lot of streams from the mountains which join up together and enter the Lake Victoria. So we can as well say that. This also whole river and music. From the mountains of the more beside which we are driving right now. Yes please. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in cooperation with UNICEF the United Nations Children's Fund presents. How do you say hello. A series of radio programs by
Charles winter about children of the developing country. How do you say hello today from Uganda. The road past the ruins already. Part two. GILBERT You mentioned the river Nile what other important bodies of water are found in Uganda. They are fully found in Uganda. Lake Victoria beach is the biggest. Then lake Lake and Lake joke that sounds like a lot of lakes to me Gilbert. They cover one fifth of this office to Uganda is one fifth water them. Yes. Now these names Victoria and so forth they sound very British to me who they're named after they were named after Queen Victoria and how funny. Oh so that means they must have been discovered in the late 19th century when Queen Victoria was on the throne is that right. I think so.
What size would your Lake Victoria be Gilbert. It is the second in the world second to Lake Superior in Canada. So we have number one and you have number two Exactly. But I notice along the side of the road that there's a marketplace and there are all kinds of enormous. Well they look like pots for sale without a color but they are white collar Bush. What is a calabash. They're used for storing beer. Oh what a happy thought. These jurors I see the men buying at the side of the road here are they full of beer are empty empty where they take them home and make their own beer or wine. Oh sure. Also in these marketplaces I see. Well they're shaped somewhat similar to the boards but they look more like actual parts to me. What are they hearing reports and they're used for what he's doing for storing water stays cool because
those boats are made of clay and as you know it's very porous. So some want to see it through it. You do have operates being takes the latent heat in the boat and the water would be unfair about described this is sort of a portable refrigerator then. The government of Uganda is attempting to deal with a very serious form of illness leprosy. We have stopped you know at the leprosy village and I hope I said the name correctly sir. Would you introduce yourself please. A leprosy stent here. What is the disease of leprosy. A leprosy is an infectious disease. It is grouped into two main types. There is a serious one which we call it from my tests that is very infectious and the patient
develops nor do you lose by nodules you mean lumps. Yes that's it. And that patient. He's just on treatment for a long time. Doesn't get to completely just remains with crippling deformities. No the other type of leprosy What does that does to backlight and how does it show itself. It's straight self in patches. You have mentioned the pharmacies how did these come about in the disease of leprosy. Then no system is involved. A patient loses a station and he can be injured by something else develops. I've had a big sore. So it goes on without a steward. That is the main cause of the deformities. Do you mean the fact that if I were to have leprosy for example I might lose the sense of feeling in my fingers. Yes and if I burned my hand I wouldn't realize it. You want and
so my hand could become deformed through injury. Yes that's it. I see. Well now how did these people come to you. Sam come one day and someone being sent by the government this camp is run by the government. What sort of treatment do you give to the people here. D s d d s. Yes is this a form of medication a drug. Of course and it is being supplied by a UNICEF. UNICEF is working with your government on my pussy. Yes it does. No Can a leopard ever be cured of the disease. So competently to what. And some cannot. Should people have a fear of lepers. They must because it is an infectious disease. Yes our children are affected by it of course. What would be the youngest age that you have seen here at the camp. I have seen a boy just sat around 6. Was he cured. Treatment is cure likely to come about.
I hope he will be cured with the curable leper. What's the longest time it might take to cure a severe case of leprosy can take three or more years and I. As we climbed back into the car to continue our trip along the road past the ruins Ari Gilbert told me something kind of interesting about his family for the girls and boys which are in this camp. There is my cousin who is working as a prosecutor this interests me. Your cousin is working in that camp. Is there not a danger he might catch the disease unless you get in contact with someone. For example using Sam Clovis and eating together the disease can't hurt you. Now he works in the camp. How much does he have to do for the leopards. Can they take care of themselves. Treatment is tense them very
much. But for cooking for example their food they do it themselves. So at least I must get terribly sick. They can take care of themselves. We have stopped again on the road past the ruins Ari and we are now in Gilbert and I standing side by side in the northern hemisphere but Gilbert you're going to take a trip I understand. Well it's better I think to go in the southern hemisphere and then go. And suddenly we were half a world apart one on the north and one of the side of that line called the equator. What is that. 0 degrees Exactly and this is cutting right across is a big circle on the top is Uganda under is that word equator and a white line that goes through one circle right straight across the road to the other side through another identical circle. Gilbert may I join you in the southern hemisphere. Please do. Here I come.
Down the same road again. Indeed we are. Gilbert can I really believe my eyes do that sign honestly say Elephants have the right of way. Yes indeed. She's right and left but I think. We are reaching the business you know. And animals such as well very call right away. So we have traveled the whole road past the ruins Ari here at the south end of the road past the ruins area we have come to one of the world's most famous national parks the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. So you have written I had stopped at the park to speak with Alfred Longo who is a park warden here. Mr. Lubanga I have a simple minded question to ask you first of all just what is a national park here in Uganda. And that's not is an address that I thought I had for the preservation of
wildlife in which you cannot remove vegetation you cannot take the animals with the international pot for a future generation. We have got many species of animals found within the National Park to be quite the elephants the buffalo babe of a time. What about toppy and other small species toppy I don't think I've ever heard of a toppy What is that. Topi is an antelope. Do you know how many animals of each kind found in the park where perhaps about 5000 pounds 5000 elephants 5000 elephants and a heap of time was in 1958 when the census was carried out there were about 14000 the proper time was in this book. And the lion was about 300. There buffaloes about 16000 buffaloes. Well this is an enormous population. A question again How large is the park.
The pack is seven hundred and sixty full square mile. And how do you control animal population here in the park when the animals get about populated. We reduce it by shooting it is called cropping. How do you decide when a particular species needs to be cropped. Ariel count is carried out and education a study also is carried out for instance to 14000 people and that been reduced roughly by how well I had always understood that nature worked on her own principles the animal population controlled itself that one animal would hunt the other end of the vegetation disappear the animals move this is not really so then. That is saw where this species like to baffle the population is being reduced by regulation that they bought with people as they have got no predation ones that fully matured. The same thing
applies to elephants. What happens to these animals who are cropped are they sold for food IS THE hide sold what happens. They have a part timers who have been cropping here. We sell the meat to the local people. Have you ever eaten hippo meat. Oh yes several times. What does it taste like. Quite nice. I would compare to with cow meat. It's a roast beef it is worse that I want to but the serving for lunch today. We get a hippo state do you suppose I think it would be a good idea. What is the biggest problem you face in running that. The biggest problem we find in this back is appointing. What sort of poaching means are used to people come and shoot or do they trap or hunt people use spear bearing animals. Also we have instances where people with guns do a bit of blocking the US also as now they get wireless now and hang them
on the tracks of animals and one of these they're passing along the track for innocent fun and either get their wires now on the trunk on their leg and we have got some elephants with a cut of tongues moving about where the wires are now embedded in day in the lake. Do you find yourself as you get to know the animals are developing favorite animals do know their names and already give them names for example. They move a lot accept that a state must all the time and a name it's been given. That is it. George you know what kind of thing does George do around the compound. That's been the that's been eating refused all of the food he said of a movable garbage collector that has it. Yeah. Now we've sat on the porch of the lodge here in a national
park overlooking a beautiful body of water. I know animals are all around us are there some locations in the park that you think would be of interest for us to see. People pool is very interesting. Let's go. Mr. Lubanga Are there any educational programs being carried out here in Queen Elizabeth. Yes we have got a student camp where students can sleep in very cheaply at one shilling. I hate Also student and free of charge. Last year in November we had an in-school expedition and my form came sweeping the students and we came with our school truck. We had a good chance of seeing a lot of game in the park and it was very interesting indeed. Did you have any adventures with animals on your student expedition. Oh yes at night one else fund I think Joy. Unfortunately it came in a good
position just in front of a truck. They said to a group of boys around the truck and it really got frightened it couldn't even move. I think couldn't see because of the car. So you were a first class wide eyed elephant. Yeah it was very nice in fact about 100 yards from the truck. And here we are now right beside the hippo who would include Elizabeth National Park. It's a flat green area filled with water and dotting it all more than dotting it's full of lumpy looking objects which are hippos. You'll hear an occasional snort in the background. They are going to keep his head just at the surface of the water so he can breed the
birds are in chorus as you can hear some are sitting on top of him posing as are quietly sailing minding their own business. Mister let them go. What about the hippo are large an animal is it time eyes. He's about 4000 pounds. Now these animals are just lying here semi submerged in the water. Why do hippos lie during the day you know what I because that is the substance in that when it dries out they probably would die so that wet that every night and then and as the reason why it is day you know what you did to day and get out while grazing at night. Man nobody makes it just nothing so nobody make that sound when that rise. I would say to the thought of contentment. Can these animal swim. Yes they seem very well have they got webbed feet or anything how do they manage
with that huge bulk. How about that. Got pages out and use their tails and and if you told the lakes it use them at petals lakes as paddles and what tales as writers. Yes I mean in the middle of the hippo pool there are a number of birds sitting on top of one. What are they doing. The ballots are devised to eat dinner. They date people as I seem to believe that two people died of natural gas and evolved as a caucus of a late morning breakfast for the vultures. There are now only vultures out on that dead hippo but I notice that all around our Land Rover here at the shore vultures are sitting waiting. Who or what are they waiting for. Developed as those that we found on the show actually have vital data and that satisfied they come and rise and then they go back and feet again. Working up another appetite. Yeah. What are the birds who I
can't see but it's more similar to two decks. Like to see them screaming and cackling geese. They're what color brownies and I've got to wipe my cats on the wings. What about this little one close to us here in this or a tiny bird with a long lane that is a black wing stables a stilt. I can see why you call that perch the way he is. No the hippos just in front of us here are starting to move. Are they no walking or swimming. This pulley is not very deep it is very shallow and in fact about walking. Don't they have trouble with the mud at the bottom. Knowing that out adapted for walking on MIT ground is a very dangerous animal. Yes they hit with a very dangerous in what way. You can't judge in fact that not being attacked by a motorist. Because there is no danger because I thought the maid will fight and male
hippos do fight fiercely and they die in the fight because of a fight over the female is their main weapon their teeth. If their bed ready like a thief. In fact they can buy a human being to pieces cutting into two pieces. There's a cheerful news bulletin if I ever heard one. If any of them get out maybe with that you need your land rovers have scars from Hippo teeth I know a little too hard for them to hide. These hippos are floating in front of us like semi submerged submarines. When do they feed and on what do they feed. The Hippos get out at night and they feed primarily on a fully mature about 200 pounds. Guys tonight. I have never seen an animal that looks quite like the Hippopotamus. What family of animals does it belong to the hippos that belong to the families
and their beaks also belong to that same family. You mean to tell me the pig and the hippo A relate they belong to families to eat. For goodness sakes I ever was deported next time I still think of a hippo pool here in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Exactly. We have come to the far end of the temple and I were speaking very softly because we were right beside a group of elephants of varying sizes shapes and I gather ages who were drinking but I don't understand how they're using their trunks. How do they drink. They thocht what weight that cons and their wild thought hold of about forgotten what and then pot it into the mouth and drink it. So it's sort of as though you were to suck water through a straw and pinch the end that it and then let it go
later and let it go in later when we drove the animals made a loud trumpeting sound where they alarmed or warning us that was that. One thing found that the group also seems to have got a bed a tiny one. Also at the same time if you have projects closer they will but if we stay still here and relatively quiet we're not in danger. We had not been done yet. I'm relieved to hear that when I see the sense of those animals. When I look at the elephants it seems that they have very small eyes they should say did that if I was I've got a better cute side. If you're moving within about 50 yards if you stay still they don't recognise you. Then how do they do to queue that around and if I miss that I'm always having that sense of smells. They kind of smell you know that a human being from far away when they are blowing them.
Is it correct to say that of the elephant's trunk is like the humans nose. Is an extension of the nose. In fact when we came and had the founder of the Lamb came up oh I put in the trunk trying to pretend that that I came out of we and at the same time got there. At the same time trying to get the sound of on any meat I mean what we eat with those tusks. Come to. Those females have got about 20 big dogs also weighing about a hundred and fifty pounds. What are they used for that that is useful many Papas for digging into the soil to add a find that is also stripping off the back of trees. They use that path while fighting also. Are they in any way comparable to teeth or does the elephant had teeth inside its move. The elephant has
got to fit inside the mouth of. The tusks or yeah so there are actually teeth outside the mouth outside the mouth which is the primary weapon the tusk or the trunk. Botha by the use of that trunk most of the time. What is that strange room doing sound I hear is the drinking that is that ambling sound of the stomach. And sounds like me just before lunchtime multiplied by about 10000. Again he had found the problem find a way. In fact it have called for people to go up counting. If you had an experience. If you hear the sound that you know exactly that that if a thing does that I can't imagine being traced by the sound of your ruling stomach. Quite interesting. After school children have visited your park you find is any reaction from them later. That's quite a big reaction in the five that I might've thought of Uganda at night you find on I am out of it and about thought when they
come to the National I'm to see the animals but if by this time. That's quite a big reaction. Do you hear from them later. Yes they do write back to drive later. You said something that might interest the girls and boys that the Ugandan schoolchildren come here to see the animals. I'm quite sure most North American people think that girls and boys in Africa see animals every day right around their own homes. This is not true. The animals now you can see them on the Internet. Five years ago yeah people used to see them around about now about peanuts. So these are really doubly important in that they maintain almost a living museum of animals. Oh yeah this is very important that girls and boys listen to this program in North America as you write your letters when you answer them. I would have them and I would be very pleased. Where should they write but keep what we have at National P.O. Box 20 to make Uganda you know box
22 Lake but would you spell that. OK. W.E. Uganda Uganda. Well we have come the full length along the road past the ruins Henri and Gilbert just before we leave Have you anything you'd like to say to the girls and boys in Canada and North America who might be listening. I think it would be very much indeed if we could get a chance of being too kind and so that they can meet some young friends make me and they would be very much great for you to get that opportunity. Well I can assure you you will be a most welcome visitor if and when you know it's strange but the last few days together I thought so often of a saying that I heard of Sir Winston Churchill's he said about your country your Ganda is a fairy tale. You climb up the railway instead of it being stock and at the end is a wonderful new world. I didn't come by railway I came by plane and car but everything else is exactly my impression. Thanks very much Gilbert. Thanks very much R..
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