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And I have a. Communication Center at the University of Texas at Austin brings you a series dedicated to the American Folk poet Woody Guthrie to many people he is a symbol of the fighting spirit that organized the dunes migrated westward from the dust and the blows to the beauty usable life. This series has a picture in sound of his music and his hard drive. By going to the folk
process is that of the oral transmission song. This is simply the passage of song from singer to singer with nothing written down. The process shapes and changes each song Little by little. From singer to singer. This is inevitable in a culture that has neither mass communications nor standardise ation of language and music. The Holy Modal Rounders have a very nice way of describing the folk process. Here song Forget song. Try to remember song while adding your personal wrinkles. Bingo. New version. But the advent of radio records and television has altered the process. Formerly the originator of a ballad had no way of knowing what happened to his song on its travels around the country. Nowadays a songwriter has the dubious privilege of being able to follow his songs progress. Woody Guthrie once wrote a song called riding in my car or as it's much better known car car. As with nearly all of his children's songs.
There is delightful attention paid to the fun of playing with syllables and sounds. Here is Woody. Take me to the car car car take take. Take girls from door to door clinging to the car. That a lot of tournaments take gold from
going to cart the garbage take the car to ships and little boats. Home again home. It's a simple song about the delights the children find in cars or perhaps if they used to. Maybe nowadays what would smooth suspensions and automatic transmissions
the rattles shakes and uncertainties have taken out some of the romance is gone. Nevertheless most children still know Carcar. Has witnessed this recording by Pete Seeger made at a children's concert at town hall. That's right. That's. Right. Let's go right let's go right. To think. See if you can do that. Without suffering. From it. And that with. The women that. Go with schooling at the in the moment shooting with. An axe and.
An with and the with. When they old Model-T said left the scenery the kids attention turned to Chevy's and fords of the 1940 vintage. A whole culture grew up in the high schools across the country pivoting on the automobile. The boys worked on the cars until they were more or less running while a girls fumed and told them selves they were sure the boys would rather dated greasy old transmission on a Saturday night in retaliation. They went after the boys with sports cars as boys with sports cars seemed to have fewer tendencies towards romances with Bell housings. From Peter Paul and Mary's concert album. Here's the effect of the auto culture on good old car car. With
meat. Running around if you can think of anything. Now think about it. Graham. Stanley Steamer is better and the local mobility. We had better read Murthy big a job you have to be regaled what he can do if. You're. In a. College graduate. You know riding a Mack. Truck. Or Ryder truck.
To take the bull riding your bike. In the snow. Smh. Smh. Smh. Smh. Finding out. Where. You're going when our daughter. Says if you get this your bell and. Her. Me. In your life. To make me.
Make me her eyes. Your three point two liter Ferrari with Thorson rises events in the morning very carburetors. Hello sports fans and welcome to Daytona Beach. You are about to hear the sound of an Austin-Healey Sprite. Trying desperately to catch up with the rest of the Volkswagen to the right. To. Reach him directly in front of the microphone and traveling approximately a thousand yards further down the track. Will crash into a brick retaining wall. This entire spectacle starring Steve Levy as the handsome wind blown driver is being witnessed by a crowd of over 20000. Sadistic sports fans. We take you. To the track and the sign. Of the right. OK good nice day.
What little. Of the. The. The you you poor little thing you. The all pool. The and. The the. One
pricing our cars. Progress is interesting but the song is more than a curiosity piece. The automobile was already in the thirties an integral part of the American scene. If as Marshall McLuhan says an object is to be defined by its impact on the culture than the definition of the automobile will take volumes. The car made inevitable the migration from the Dust Bowl. Listen to Woody's talk in dust bowl blues. I had a little farm on a call that have come down and I got the money. MARK COLVIN drove the family. Farm for a porn machine and.
Had a hot motor and I have heard about sort of an urban mechanic. Kirby yonder in the piney wood and I get that role in going to coast as per. THE MAN. With.
The pedals and the guitars really flew halfway around the world. We got to the west coast rope so that the holograph how to make stuff taters. For Dickie and all of it. Would have been a stew though you could read a magazine right through it. Figured that in the bend a little bit better. Here. Monetization. Plan an armed robbers game plan out
the way down the line if you have been listening too hard travelling series devoted to the life and music of Woody Guthrie. Written and never dated by Judith Adams produced by job last May for communications center the University of Texas at Austin. This is any are the national educational radio network.
Hard travelin'
Riding in my car
Producing Organization
University of Texas
KUT (Radio station : Austin, Tex.)
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
Pete Seeger has said that a song, like a child, can go out into the world and surprise its parents. We look at Woody's song "Car, Car" which must certainly have surprised its parent many times.
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A series about Woody Guthrie and his Depression-era folk music.
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Host: Adams, Judith
Performer: Guthrie, Woody, 1912-1967
Performer: Seeger, Pete, 1919-2014
Performing Group: Peter, Paul, and Mary (Musical group)
Producing Organization: University of Texas
Producing Organization: KUT (Radio station : Austin, Tex.)
Writer: Tangley, Ralph
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University of Maryland
Identifier: 68-1-3 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:14:44
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