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Efficient machinery reaching toward self-sufficiency with each new advents. Efficient machinery finds a place in the technical transformation of manufacturing. Synthetic substances rescission machinery aircraft producing new materials with new methods in the 20th century. And social change your company's technological expansion product diversification and industrial integration. More products and new products from existing raw materials. The rate of production and change the social structure of America at mid-century. This document of major changes in the production of goods was produced and recorded by the University of Southern California under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasters.
Indications of quantity products in greater numbers and types reflect the picture of an expanding industry through the hands of one small chemical industry as a diversity of materials unheard of in the early years of the century. Well at the present time since I have been here. We deal in one repackaging which is buy chemicals in bulk and we repackage them in small one opponent to founder five or 50 pound container depending on the customer. Another one that we handle is that its aqueous ammonia. That's a big item with us we have a standard outfit out there where we can put out a 20 or 26 degree balmy ammonia and it's used to quite a large extent in blueprint developing machines and copying machines. The other phase of it is industrial cleaning
compound that is helpful in cleaners to be used in cleaning the dairy tanks dairy trucks CarShare concrete cleaners oil emulsifiers dishwashing compounds for automatic machines and hand and that is hand washing like likely your lox detergent and so forth liquid lox. And the other the third phase would be the corrosion inhibitors. Or let's put it in a sort of this way industrial oil field work where we study just one specific item that is corrosion in the oil well equipment and dehydrating the crude oil after it comes out of the ground. That's another phase of our company. And then the other phases photographically this increased rate of production. This diversity of products is making possible in America and economy of abundance.
Is making possible an improvement of the physical setting of the nation. The Home Office the community. Never before possible on the customer enters the story. His problem is one of choice not whether or not to buy but what type to buy a certain perplexity over the marginal differences in products. You're going green in that room. Was going to go away right. And it was just me right. I mean I heard my god since you know you don't know me but I think. That's. Right Have you ever used because. It was a random thing comes in
and you can adjust it so that it you're. Almost the same as in the whole you know that without more products but people mean more complex processes of production man working with man and man working with machines a clash of machine the sheet metal and metal. And a clash of man and man. We don't think anything. I don't like to listen to the state. Of the far right. Yes there was no sign of an optimist.
Because. Of the way it is. Going to go hard. To believe. With. The swift efficiency of the electronic card reproducer the complex efficiency of the automatic machine when production paces itself above the simple and the obvious processes of manufacturing goods become almost self-sufficient. Then conflict must yield to planning and cooperation in the work. The major complexity of it. Will get all the scheduling problems. Work out. Your problems and
like Ronnie. Or are really not much production problems as there are developed. There are certain things which will work on a breadboard model to get your final model. Delta. Will not pass or. Pass. Which made. US Army original military planning for product production takes time. The stages before production begins. Mount up and spread out into six months eight months a year when you're going into a new program you usually start with some sort of research and development. Mary Mays last fall. Where six months to a year. After that point when you start developing it into a production either engineering or originally maker breadboard models stand on returning 3 production models and the. Nation will make your manufacturing drawings. We'll start with your trolling problems you have more floor
spaces needed to leave at least another building. Process. Maybe everything indicated here present Operation New Dawn to a planning phase where you plan how you will make your operation how many how much personnel will be needed. Type of materials to be healers. Eveil ability of these materials. Production will be felt. Don't have faces maybe 5 or 10 15. You know in the first few months then I will reach a final production was. Planning months of planning before production started. And cooperation is needed to make this planning succeed. The production process is providing more products for people who find a beginning in the late years of the last century.
The efficiency of the present gives way for the moment to the more simple tools of the past and the 19th century invention of invention. The spirit of experiment and the invention of machinery in all types of work. The song will always be American freedom of individual research desire that of the love of adventure. These are the American Heritage conducive to original research. OK OK. All. American characters that are not part of the natural heritage of freedom freedom to search and find access to the literature of the World peace of mind and the safety and time in which to search for the answers to a better life.
Major changes in manufacturing with each new advancement or contribution to the progress of industry and to the increase in production complexity the search for synthetic materials a result of the desire to substitute the hand of man for the hand of nature demands for better clothing better appliances and the luxuries of life depleted natural resources but industry carried on the search for synthetics nylon Rayyan glass rubber and plastics for aircraft. And the search took time. Time to test and make certain it is being applied on the specimen in the. Hot box the jostling Hold hard. But then. Last year we were having a slow day right now of going over 5 inches per minute.
Up to. 200. Where do we think. Think that's right. But when. I say this how they break around five or six hundred pounds. For protein and our 400 feet 450 female flight. Will feel sick. We'll. Broke in about six thirty. This test on the amount of stress a new type of adhesive will take is only a small portion of the work being done in synthetic development takeover. Oh I have that. CARIO such material that the metals
and magnesium do high temperature aluminum alloys are being investigated. They also weighed all types of writing bearing surfaces. Ceramic plastic and all types of plastics of all types. Now a laminate transparent felt like plastic glass Charles of that nature. Aircraft spirit of American Adventure constantly changing and improving in service methods of machinery demands but quicker
transportation demands for defense of the nation and industry like no other in its flight upward in production change the manufacture of electronic parts for aircraft reflects the growth of air power. When the company originally started. Basically going on me it sounded. Like. The day we have become. More. Horizontal in our race. We're going our own fabrication right now. Right press right nails machine shop or. Make our own. Oils. Transformers. And other components. Which at the beginning of the company were for just. This is. Really three star delivery. Make our production schedules fall in line to a higher grade because we have. Much more confidence and leverage within the plant which we control and we have an outside vendors which in lot of cases are on a roll.
Now not only in production has our craft don't groom the experimental stage of early years but in services. The era of the spectacle is gone. Now the role of airpower in defense and commercial freight in rapid transit. Increasing the search for efficiency of production means the development of precision machines automatic machines changes and machinery. A 20th century rapid change seen. Newer developments mostly in technology rather than in the machinery sounds. Same basic Sheen early and machinery. Generally you. Say with the advent of the printed circuit. Of the solar battery which one of our. Subsidiary companies working on
developing day. And other technical technological advances. Other things which are going to force the electronics industry had. More necessarily done machine. Although there have been some new developments in machinery which we are also working on and these have been the automatic insertion. Of. Components such as resistors capacitors to sockets. Transformers. If the printed circuit boards by means of an automatic machine reset up an automatic line rather than the old bench and. A quick flash of automatic electronic machines fulfillment of the demand for greater accuracy and speed the search for efficiency a mid-century change more information faster with less physical effort. Consider the work necessary in making a payroll for an aircraft plant 50000 workers each when
we have a long record down there and we have. A. Process. Me every day how much more efficient how much faster how much more accurate the work is when done automatically. Which they now take. Will you be. In charge to
a payroll clerical work cut in half. Automation. Of the human or animal developed as a particular type of technological change since World War Two precision instruments become basic to industrial change not only to computing payrolls measuring electrical current and optical materials machine tools for the metal industries uses in physical chemistry and the result accuracy efficiency speed of operation. Intense activity in electronics demands by government for aircraft parts. The trend toward diversification of production. First the perfection of machinery. Then the call for more materials. But the parts are not perfect. They must be changed. The continuing demand for new and better electronic equipment making more dynamic.
The trend of diversified production operations expanded with the increase of knowledge in general electronics military kit days using. All somewhere around 10 to 20 times electronics equipment used during World War 2 for aircraft more complex therefore increasing complexity or navigation communication. Also more complex data. Due to the higher speed of operations things such as. Our. Converter comparatives unscramble your holds for your pallet in the cage which are now carried aboard most of the major ships in the Navy and Florida lottery or commercial ships. Are things that Avast will increase your airplane production days being obsoleted as fast as it.
Is being built and with each new advancement. New electronic devices are needed to draw on the airplanes. Military electronics. Fire your guns fire your rockets. Missiles. And things of that sort your missile development days been a big increase. And there's a tremendous amount of dollars going. Electronics and economy of abundance is possible for Americans. And versification not only in electronics and aircraft but in rows and. In clothing. And household appliances. And so. On. And so I. Won't try to rein in an increase in the waste material from the resources used to produce the goods. Integration integration of production processes in 20th century industry production complexity demands interdependency of parts in plant operation.
Each separate function depends upon what has gone before and what comes after. Steps are very closely integrated. They have to be. Piece of complex military electronic equipment will have anywhere from 500 to 5000 individual items. And unless this whole program is integrated closely with your scheduling. And you're not going to have your right hearts in the right place and you've got a line shut down so you have to follow every step all the way along the line to make sure that all your parts get there on time. Make sure that you have the right parts. Parts are in working condition which are mechanical parts put together they will make correctly. That on your precision assemblies that all you're hearing properly without binding. They will pass your electrical test and their acceptance tests are wrong. How does this compare to what was done. Rather complicated
topic. Well no it hasn't. For this reason it before you had your real build up military electronics and were doing your commercial production. And. Your commercial. Specifications do not meet your military specs. The military has certain requirements. Which are necessary due to the fact. The equipment must go through certain periods of vibration shock. Such as in an airplane. Or in a ship. You know to handle the pitching role. While your commercial equipment also is set on a table. Or somewhere at home where it will not be moved around. So you have an entirely different type of construction. It's slower construction it's much heavier and sturdier structure. The components again due to the accuracy that must be maintained. In your electrical circuit. Are much finer nature with much closer tolerances. Brian in your commercial
production. Integration. A major trend of the 20th century in industry and yet a greater integration done within companies integration of research. The interplay of ideas between industries and nations and yet no denial of individual genius integration of industries the need for greater capital to carry on research integration of production methods electronics already assisting mechanics and automation. But need for greater interrupt location of industrial methods. People working together teamwork. Team research in the search for efficiency and abundance against the competitive tones of tools and machines. The trend of integrated effort. More part of greater complexity industry has taken action to ease the conflict.
More capital for research more planning and control of operations and better worker training scientists for technical research skilled workers for automatic production and educated executives for development and planning. There's an industry which Peter Drucker the management consultant referred to in one of those articles that employs 150000 people at the present time they're using 300 college graduates a year is hiring new ones when they become fully automatic as they are working toward more they will place seven thousand college graduates so you do agree that industry becomes more highly mechanized automatized is another word that is in the text automation and so on of the grid becomes more scientific. At this point you have to introduce a lot more highly trained people in the industry and some industries have not sought this through Mr. Rather Ruth or labor leader I believe is
now an ordinary zation. What is a vice president of the FAA. Probably done more thinking and writing about this almost than warrants his position is that these workers are. Going to be taken out of jobs where this process will have to be upgraded into more skilled jobs which means more education. Educational system itself probably can't handle all this so will have to be done jointly. Probably by industry labor unions and possibly government programs or with the higher institutions helping more. Karen this is a mammoth automation process that comes in any kind of a hurry. Already industry is aware of the need for cooperative research not only with other industries but with universities expanded research programs can ease the complexity of production by finding new applications new
substances. The company who support us best which with offices craft offices and ship Swift Company factoring company right here in Los Angeles Procter and Gamble company in Cincinnati Ohio. The company swift provides fellowships for our graduate students give us a few thousand dollars each year and this goes to the support of graduate student Division working on bio chemistry and then also they give some money for the maintenance of the student in other words maintenance and supplies chemicals and apparatus tuition. The best school which incorporated gives
us money and this is for studies on the nutritive faction oils and also on diet as it affects cholesterol metabolism in other words we have been finding all sorts of relationships between essential fatty acid and acids and cholesterol metabolism and they are supporting this work to a large degree. The crash operated we're doing studies on the nutritive value of a specially heated oils in industry particularly in the preparation of potato chips oils are constantly being heated. Now what these companies want to know is does this heating and the high temperatures have any effect on the nutritive value of the well on the nutritive value of these oils in other words do these oils polymerized do they oxidize and if so what happens when these oils are then ingested the rapidity of change in production processes the
increase of complexity contributing to the problems of industry. Yes there are more demand for more products new products. People don't seem to care. They become hypnotized into an indifference about the impact of mechanized automated production technology. The social impact of automation. Old manufacturing processes must be changed. Vocational training of workers must be re-evaluated in the light of automation. This place man must be great if the gains from scientific advancement must be assured for all. And the foul ball technology and its many developments in the life of people must be used for stability and peace. What will be the social impact of mid-century technology. With each new advancement.
And personality cooperating in the production of this program we're Hochman electronic national research and chemical company. North American Aviation incorporated Botham's department store a public relations office of Los Angeles International Airport and the faculty of the University of Southern California. This program was written by Donal price directed and narrated by Edward root and produce by Stuart Cooney. With each new advancement was produced and recorded by the University of Southern California under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center this program is distributed by the National Association of educational broadcasters. This is me Radio Network.
Fifty years of growth
With each new advancement
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