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Let me read you something which was Sayed 19 31 by one of the top communist leaders. He was a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party who spoke before the Linnaean school political warfare in 1931. His name is Dimitri. Then you go ski. And this is what he sais I called him. Please listen very carefully because you will find what he said in 1931 is still being carried out. War to the hilt between communism and capitalism is inevitable. Today of course remember that was in 1931. We're not strong enough to attack. I want time we'll come in 20 to 30 years.
To when we shall need the element of surprise the bird you will see will have to be put to sleep. You know why how this living together in peace. That's the propaganda they preach. But they have no desire for that. So we should begin by launching the most most spectacular peace movement one record. There will be a look to find overtures and unheard of concessions. Because those countries stupid and that good can we rejoice to co-operate in their own destruction. They would leap at another chance to befriend with us
as soon as the their god is now on we shall smash them without clenched fists. Now that's what he said in 1931. By this high communist leader I don't mean every word of it. Ladies and gentlemen. Let's study the problem very carefully and just don't say what can happen here. How candid coming is attackers here.
Well it can and it's up to you to protect your heritage your freedom liberty and the decency of life because you don't want to live under any other system and neither do we. Do you know why Soviet Russia wanted Korea so badly for centuries. In fact they went to war for it. Let me tell you Sony Russia has no warm water harbors. Korea has numerous warm water and harbors. They wanted a Korea as a stepping stone. To come to Japan and Korea goes Japan is untenable.
I was a chief delegate to Japan in a bilateral conference 1951 52 53. The Japanese were aware of that. Yes. And do you realize that Japan goes. And there's no hope for any of the Southeast Asian countries. Korea occupies the most strategic position in the mainland of Asia. And do you know why they want Vietnam. The secret is a like a finger from the from the hand here like a finger pointing to Japan. Vietnam is like another finger pointing towards India China Indonesia. You know Indonesia is one of the rich richest.
Possibilities in the Far East. If they knew all the how to utilize with modern knowledge to develop the deposits. So what do you want. Korea as a stepping stone to Japan and Southeast Asia and Vietnam so that they can have Indonesia. This is the plane and also all this from this warm water harbors of Korea. Want to see a base. All are some Marines and they have numerous summaries far more than the United States. The purpose is to fan out into the Pacific. Stop all the shipping from the United States
and that is very serious and dangerous. How can United States carry out a war with Russia or any other country. If those shipping lines are blocked. Like a fan covering all areas of Pacific Ocean. It's see all these Southeast Asia countries go then United States isolated. Just think about it. It's a full run up to the destruction and fire. San Francisco Chicago New York Washington and even San Diego. Very easy but nobody think on those terms
because American people think nothing can happen here. Well I'm afraid you're wrong. If you don't stand up. And defend your rights and defend your freedom nobody else is going to do it for you. One time I entitle my address this way. Give us a gun and save your sons and we still mean that. I'm urging your government to give us the guns. When I was out in Korea in March President Park reactivate it two and a half million reserves. So that this could be it. These people can be equipped and there were on
Google. If you give us the guns you can save your sons. We mean. You know before 1950 our government used to urge the United States to equip army and train our men will rule the fighting and we say the communists are preparing to the teeth up in the north. But the Russians you know they said no. They even went as far as saying there is no tanks we said yes there are. And you did have a tank's doing due to geographical situation that tanks can't rule in Korea. Well I tell you one thing. Not only they had tanks but they rolled all over Korea. Russian tanks.
And what happened. You see 2 million of our people were killed. Three hundred thousand of our children will be orphans. The innocent victims of the Communist aggression and many American lives. I think there are more American blood was spilt in Korea at that time then I think it will be the main foreign country. No more American blood was spilled in Korea because one mistake. We were totally unprepared. I was only had the arms of a constable. How can you fight a war in any condition. So when American boys came they used to call our boys the gooks. How could a fight but you know funny thing is they call as the group you know what we call you we call you
me go me go I'm good to me means beautiful country. Ladies and gentlemen I'm not going to take any more of your time but I want to tell you we in the free world those who love freedom liberty and the decency of life. Let's hold hands in fellowship and determination to protect our secret. Privileged to live under a real democracy. You know I speak about communism all over the world. When Mr. Brzezinski died in New York at the United Nations you remember he was a foreign
minister and chief delegate of Soviet Russia. He died in New York. Yes people reporters saw me from the funeral parlor and they were amazed to see me there. This is how come you all of all the people is here. I said you would you like the norm. Yes. I said I just want to make absolutely sure. Because they lie so much. Yes I want to make absolutely sure and I also want to make absolutely sure that your willing to all in friendship. Our ship and determination to defend our right to live the way we want to live. As I said previously your forefathers
in 1776 has set the pattern for you. And I think one of your great presidents Thomas Jefferson said freedom is for all those who are willing to fight to defend it. Let us defend our freedom. I thank you Ed.. T following the presentation by Dr your chair and yang the moderator Professor Minos generalised open the Institute on world affairs to questions from the floor. Could America respond to every communist challenge in the world with arms in force.
That is a very difficult question to answer because I think every case has to be determined separately and and decide by our government what to do. However if we do not stand up against the communists. I'm afraid we're in trouble but each case ought to be determined on its own merits. I am not going to tell what America should do because your officials are intelligent and know just what the communists intend to do and what circumstances that lead to this situation. Stare for each case should be determined separately.
At that time the question is with reference to the domino theory the thesis being that even if the Vietnamese War were finished then there would be a continuation of the threat in the other countries in Southeast Asia. What is your opinion on. My opinion is this. I wish day they pursued their communist Windu running in Korea. Because I talk to the generals and admirals. Anybody had anything to do with the Korean War. They say they quit it won very easily. The communists were on the run. And therefore Charles melike. The United Nations suggested a cease fire and and the Ricans not warning were all it took that I don't want. American boys to be
killed. But I think my personal feeling is if the United States will assist in building up the Armed Forces in Vietnam itself I think they can take care of themselves. A. And besides as soon as they have confidence. In the United States all of those Southeast Asian countries will take care of themselves. With reference to the prayer below where the question regarding the invasion not the invasion but the transgression on territorial waters of North Korea did this actually happen what are the facts we've been receiving contradictory messages on this. All the facts have been presented
that the Pueblo was never in the territorial waters of North Korea. It was on the high sea in international waters. But the communist claim that it was in their territorial waters. Besides they got the captain on the plane last spiritedly to admit that they were. In the territorial waters of North Korea. Now do you believe your own people. Or do you believe the communist thieves and liars. You know there is a misunderstanding in this country because our people have been very strong in urging to issue an ultimatum and get your ship back and the 83 crewmen.
They think there's a gap developing between our two countries. That's an old saw. We're more deeply concerned with the prestige of the United States in the world due to the communist propaganda that the United States is nothing but a paper tiger. This North Korea and what we ought to have looking tele here are trying to blackmail the United States. Now once you give into that kind of a tactic you want to be blackmailed for another century or you want a larger blackmail or whether it is a country where one individual is the same type.
He's not going to stop. They're demanding 100 million dollars to release a ship and a crewman. And in the United States refuse there. So you apologized to was. No we should never apologize. Make them apologize for the hijacking all the playable and the high international waters. That's piracy and you were in apologize for the players. No no that's the wrong way to and that's so it added That's a shipbuilder attitude of all peoples of the world. Don't you all i want any piracy all back me by a small nonexistent really
power. If you call it power do you know. Everywhere they go or to come in is set up a country and you call a People's Democratic Republic. And the people have nothing to do with it. You know this is so much people use them. Great recent papers them and it will have lots of people's drug store in Washington. We even suspect the people's drug store. Which alternative to suggest in Vietnam if we do not pull out should we escalate. You know I'm a still diplomat. I can tell your government what to do if you don't want to win that war. Then I said. First thing is to get out and if you get out then your
prestige will be the lowest ebb and in history of your country as well as in History of the world you will have no ill command no respect for many of the countries including Russians because they think you're scared and you're running away. I mean that's my interpretation feeling is that we established a disastrous policy in connection with a paid leave because it make it so that no American ship would be safe on and off any kindness sure would you comment. I think you're absolutely correct. That's one reason why I think we Koreans feel very strongly about this thing. If you once allow a small.
Country to hijack your ship in international waters. That's not going to stop there. They will be emboldened to carry out some more. Then where are you what you're going to do. Do you believe that the policies of the other communist countries such as Albania Yugoslavia and so forth are run from Moscow. If you attend the United Nations as I do every year since 1951 you will feel a communist whether he is a Korean American or Japanese or Russian or Chinese or whatever they are. They're one and the same. Want to see it just like in this country in or during a election. You have Republicans and Democrats and others.
But if you yell countries ever in trouble then they are all good Americans. Same thing with a communist. They may have differences but if ever communism is threatened then they will all stand together. Your address you seem to have focused your attention in Russia as a communist culprit What about Red China. Don't you think that Red China poses a greater threat a threat than the Russians. That's a very good question. But the reason why I refer to Soviet Russia is all these small communist countries obey absolutely to the letter what Soviet Russia tells them to do. For instance at the United Nations the Soviet delegation goes up to the podium and lays out certain ideas.
Everyone marches up there and see the same thing. On the other hand Red China is killing millions of people every year. My dad read Gar it's a really really bloodbath inside of China today. They have eliminated all the intellectuals. And they're all so alienated the army. Most of the army. And now I notice Marty too is preaching for the Red Guards to cool down. But they are sporadic outbursts in different parts of China today and they don't mind killing innocent people. In fact I said I think some of you remember that 100 flowers a blooming.
That was my famous speech. He said The people have the right to speak out and criticize their government. All right some of these foolish people came from underground and did criticize the government. What happened to them. They die. And Mao Tse-Tung himself. Bruce that he killed 20 million Chinese people because of them. Now what right has one human being to kill 20 million people. He said they have too much population. What about him. But China today is no threat. But on the other hand Russia is in the light of the Communist
spreading all over the world what do you think of the rarity of such a body as a Peace Corps in handling the enemies of hunger disease and poverty as a counter to communism. Well a communist strategy is propaganda infiltration and solution all over the world. They even have agents in this country and they even go and register at different universities and colleges as students. The bill sells. Well that's the communist way. They feel they can overthrow by this type of propaganda and infiltration into every organization.
Unfortunately American people having too much. They think nothing can happen. So do you go away every day without thinking about. And I think we should set up if you are going to fight communism effectively you should use the same methods like that comes all over the world. And I think we can do it just as good as the communists do. But we don't do it on poaching. Dr Hugh John Yang ambassador at large from the Republic of South Korea speaking at the twenty sixth annual Institute on world affairs it's topic in keeping with this institute central theme of revolution was Korea and communism in the Far East. This is James H Mason
inviting you to join us next week on this series for another presentation from the Institute on world affairs. This program was produced by the Department of Telecommunications and film at San Diego State College in California. This is the national educational radio network.
Revolution: 20th century phenomenon
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