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That was at one of the latest news headlines this Wednesday lunchtime as more World Health reaches India Oxfam has explained why its officials in the refugee area urging that no further relief supplies should be sent for the present. Labor leaders have made no decision yet about whether to hold a special party conference on the Common Market. The Israeli prime minister says the latest statement by President Saddam on the Suez Canal is no advance. A large quantity of machine gun parts has been found during a police raid in the Ascot area. This is William Howard Council and later in today's world one food prices will keep going up. We get the warning direct from the Minister of Agriculture. Mr. James price. The courage of Helen Joseph. We speak to a woman who shared a cell with her in a South African jail and the Middle East the sophisticated rockets that Israel is now wanted to buy from the United States. And I thought he was in detail. Roy Williams The British are thought to get medical and other supplies for the relief of the Pakistani refugees in India continues today. One are you have transport plane has already taken off this morning getting 12 tons of material is provided by various charities.
And two more aircraft are leaving later too early Adia flights and a consignment of aid from Australia have arrived in Calcutta and a West German plane is due later on. The man of Calcutta and other officials in the city and reported to be concerned that despite the airlift they're not getting enough supplies of vaccine to carry out the emergency inoculation program started last week. One problem they said was that of delays in moving relief shipments from the airport and getting the vaccine under refrigeration. The Indian minister for civil aviation told parliament in Delhi that he had given senior officials special instructions to see that the goods were cleared as quickly as possible. And whom officials of Oxfam have said their latest reports from India indicate that for the time being no more supplies or helpers should be sent out until they're asked for specifically. Reporter Bob Friend Oxfam's communications officer Mr. Philip Jackson why this was so because our information received overnight from our disaster operations officer in Calcutta requests to specifically not to send
further supplies until specifically required. They already are flying out what they describe as urgently needed supplies. Well you are wasting your time. Oh not a bit of it now and some of these supplies are are Oxfam's as well as other agencies. These are already being taken into account. What you seem to be suggesting though is that the situation has been contained You don't think it is possibly being over optimistic. Well I think what he has said is that the cholera outbreak seems to have been stabilized. That's not to say that there isn't a lot of cholera but that it isn't extending in the last sort of 48 hours. This unfortunately and I don't want to sound alarmist but I fear this is only the tip of an iceberg which is still to come. Other diseases abound just set in with the monsoon such as typhoid and the shelter and food problem as well as public health are going to become enormous. I think probably the next needs are undoubtedly going to be the provision of things like water purifying equipment and water purifying tablets and food as well as shelter.
There's a Philip Jackson of Oxfam in Redford more than 100 Pakistan is staged a demonstration outside the cricket ground where the Pakistani touring team are opening their match against Yorkshire Police took special precautions to deal with any possible violence. But the protest went off peacefully. One student from Dhaka started a 72 hour fast outside the ground. The common market. Britain's chief negotiator Mr Rippon has to make a statement in the Commons this afternoon about his negotiations in Luxembourg on Monday. The Common Market is thought to have been discussed this morning at a meeting of the parliamentary Labor Party. Meanwhile labor leaders have postponed this issue on whether to hold a special party conference on the issue and on which Saturday in July such a conference might be held from Westminster. David Holmes It all depends really on whether the government decides to put the crucial vote on European entry to parliament earlier say four or five weeks after the negotiations succeed later this month. If they do succeed. Much later in the autumn despite opposition pressure the government haven't taken that decision yet.
If it isn't also the normal October party conference can serve. But if the Commons vote comes before the recess a special Labor conference will be necessary. A conference that's pretty certain to come out against entry is the most like to date for it would be July the 24th. Labor leaders result this morning to take the final decision. When the national executive meets next on June the 23rd that's also the final day it's expected to reference culminating round of talks with the six by which time the government's tactical plan should be much clearer. The common market is also being discussed at a meeting in London on the U.S. economic committee. The Middle East the Israeli prime minister and his Mejia has accused Egypt of becoming more unyielding over the future of the Suez Canal. Commenting on President Sadat's offer to extend the ceasefire another six months and his warning that Egypt would take back its territory of Israel didn't withdraw and this is what you told parliament if the out of rule is decided the Six Day Wall is not the last wall then their military defeat in that war will
not be their last defeat from Jerusalem. Michael Elkins might be right. Before you can accept me here which I think would be it. Misses me and also told Parliament that the quantity and types of in Egypt on future supplies and visit in the recent treaty with the same good union gravely violated the
military balance in the Middle East Israel needed new weapons from the United States without delay. Russians three cosmonauts now well into that said working day on gold the orbiting space New York had been carrying out tests on a special space suit designed to combat the effects of prolonged weightlessness. According to Moscow Radio the suit it's called a penguin consists of a system of springs able to show doesn't under the feet which imitates weight loads the same time American and Soviet space scientists have been wanted to mount the debilitating effects of weightlessness. Next the police raided ASCO tin box in which the warehouse of an arms component was searched. Here's Graham McLaughlin about 60 detectives took part in the raid on the premises which lie close to Ascot Racecourse. They found a large number of arms parts and warehouses owned by the firm which breaks up old aircraft including military planes. The police have been trying to find out where the arms parts actually came from and where they were destined for. One theory the theory detectives are working on is that they were
intended for Northern Ireland. The police say inquiries are continuing. A further statement is expected this afternoon. Meanwhile an Irishman lodging an ascot and working as a warehouse man in the town appeared in court this morning. He was remanded in custody charged with stealing nine pistols from his workplace. More disruption of videos Leyland plants in the middle of all the production of The Austin modest factory at Longbridge has been the stopped by a strike of 200 maintenance fitters that then walked out on Monday in a dispute over the job evaluation scheme agreed last month. This morning 3000 workers had to be sent home at the Cali plant where production of the modest Marina has been halted for six days also by a strike of maintenance fitters. Another two hundred seventy men have been laid off bringing the total to nearly six and a half thousand. Off the Kent coast warning signals again had to be fired this morning when a submarine thought to be German was seen heading directly for the area of the channel Ricks. One of the light ships stationed there sent a message in Morse but it was only after warning rockets had been fired that the
submarine changed course towards the southwest passing between a sand bank and a mark of oil. A formal agreement returning the island of Okinawa to Japan is to be signed next week in the similar Dania settlement is in Washington and Tokyo. The agreement comes at the end of three years of negotiations. Okinawa has been occupied by the United States for 25 years. The weather forecasters say that England and Wales will be mostly cloudy with rain in many places but some sunny spells are likely in southern England Scotland and Northern Ireland will have sunny intervals and scattered showers. Now back to William Hardcastle our program will be shorter than usual today to make way for an appeal on behalf of the Pakistan refugees you'll be hearing that in a few minutes but meanwhile let's begin with a subject that is of dominating domestic interest prices and particularly the price of food. It was quite a stir in the house yesterday when the Minister of Agriculture Mr. James Pryor it noted that the food price index had risen by eight point five percent since last year's general election. Even Conservative MP s conscious perhaps of recent byelection setbacks were disturbed
and of course price rises in this field are particularly unpalatable when you consider that one fifth of the average family's income is spent on food. Today Robin Williams saw Mr. Pride in his ministry and put it to him. Can the British housewife expect this increase in food prices to continue or will it flatten off. Well I'm afraid it's going to go on for a little while longer but certainly over a period of time it will decrease of that I'm absolutely certain how long will it go on and what will the rise be. Well I think you got to be frightfully careful when you start trying to make estimates of this nature because so many of these factors are outside our control for example we couldn't prophesied that it was going to be a drought in New Zealand or a shortage of dairy products on the continent. If you take the price of butter for example it's gone up by 40 percent in the last 10 months. But this is something completely outside our control. Yes but these things haven't affected the whole range of foods and it is a whole range of food virtually which is going up in price. Yes well of course a whole range of foods have gone up in prize and I recognise how hard this is
on Housewives no one better than myself. But the whole range of foods of gone up as a result of a number of factors chief of which world prices generally and of course the increase in wage costs. Until we start getting wages under control and we are getting wages under control now it is very difficult to see much decrease in the cost of food. What I would hate any housewife to think that we're not deeply concerned about this and wishing to do all that we can and will a sort of member of course claim that the government would be the protector of the housewife as far as food prices are concerned. And when you came to office you would cut prices at a stroke I think as well I don't think that they took that all that seriously. Housewives are far more sensible than that. They knew perfectly well that we couldn't cut prices like that at a stroke. In fact my own election campaign I made it perfectly plain that all one could expect over a period of time was that we would lessen the increase in food prices and that we will do. I can give Housewives an absolute assurance today that within
two or three years it will be better than it is now. Even with all these explanations for the ordinary housewife it does look as though for the next one for five years food prices inevitably are going to steadily increase. Well I don't think that one wants to exaggerate this or get it out of proportion. Yes some increases in food prices but not at the rate that we've had them for the last couple of years that I consider to be unnecessary and certainly I'm not forecasting that by any manner of means. Nevertheless it is a pretty big prospect for I suppose you must reckon. Well I don't think it is anything like as bleak as the papers are perhaps trying to make out at the moment. I'd come back to this point that whilst we will do everything we can to keep the cost of food everything which is reasonable within a free society to keep the cost of food down and see the housewife is not exploited at the same time food is one fifth of the total outgoings of the family so let's not to get it out of abortion altogether.
Just one problem. Now Better late than never. That's the immediate reaction that springs to mind of the news that that remarkable woman Mrs. Helen Joseph the British born social worker has been under house arrest in South Africa since 1962 is known to be free though she's still forbidden to give interviews to the press. I say the decision is late because Mrs. Jones it is at the moment in a Johannesburg hospital recovering from a cancer operation. By coincidence the Times today publishes a letter from Mrs. Hannah Stanton paying tribute to Mrs. Jones whose courage to stand tombs also British born was an Anglican missionary in South Africa and was detained in prison under the emergency laws following shop ill for some time in prison in Pretoria. She said she shared a cell with Helen Joseph and got to know well this morning. Hannah Stanton told Sue Macgregor of that time in prison I was detained and we were both alone. We were both in solitary confinement for about two weeks. She was most indignant about this. And then we were allowed to take our recreation. In the little courtyard of the prison and then gradually we thought well we'll share a
cell if we can if they will let us and then I think for about three weeks we did we had a rollup largest seller than her. She was in a very confined space so I had a slightly larger cell and she moved in with me and she was a companion. Then she was called in evidence of the treason trial. And so she had to spend quite a lot of time preparing the evidence which she did and then she took me a little bit about the African National Congress on the stand that they had made the emphasis on cooperation. How were you both treated while you were in prison. Well the water started by being offhand and but then I think really we were treated fairly well we were white after all. A different picture if one is all African I mean the conditions the Africans are going to pull. I mean they just had a mat on the floor and very inferior food. We had bids and good
food really. Being in such close confinement with have you I was able to gauge her personality pretty well. She was committed to this fight to the struggle to gain recognition of human dignity due to the non-European peoples in South Africa and she had incredible optimism and confidence and faith that all would go well in the end. Latest book you know which was bound to be smuggled out is tomorrow's sum. This is typical of the confidence and the great faith that all will be well in the end. She's been very consistent about this. She was a cheering companion to have in jail she told me much more than I knew already about about African politics I didn't know but in March and she knew all these people detained also in Pretoria. Nelson Mandela also she knew these people their worth of faith in cooperation.
This gave her this determination. Since she's been under house arrest for all this time you've kept in contact with her with letters. The latest news from. Yes I think her brother and sister in law. They had a letter last week and should have the operation. And she was expecting to be have a deep extra therapy I think for another few weeks. She said I'm being spoilt and in hospital she's had so many flaws so many letters I think everybody has tried to assure her of their admiration on the fact that she was you know she had made a very heroic and consistent and unwavering stand all the way along. And this hasn't been easy because I've been as I have said in my letter these sort of petty harus months. Hannahs Now let's hope Mrs. Jones whose recovery continues. My book says if another surge in the Middle East arms race is underway. You heard the news how Mrs. Golden Maya told the Israeli parliament this morning that she's appealing to America for new weapons without delay. This followed a speech by
President Sadat of Egypt in which he told his troops along with who is going to how the battle will end one way or the other. In the 1971 few people keep a close eye on events in the Middle East then John kimchee editor of The New Middle East Review and I asked him why Israel was seeking still more power at least to keep up the image that they have at the moment over the Egyptians in deterring any attempt by the Egyptians to cross the canal. That means probably they likely more Phantom's with Fantomex proved very effective but also more of a rather sophisticated specialised equipment like the wall and Shrike which are so counter weapons against Soviet supplied missiles in the canal zone with the American secretary of state still looking for peace in the Middle East what chance the American government saying yes to him as a man I would say they are. The chances are very likely to be that they will say yes because the aftermath of the go on a visit has produced some very tough talking Carol.
But one positive increase in adoption potential has come about recently. Well that appears to have been a new Soviet airlift to Egypt in terms of aircraft and missiles. But what has happened in Cairo on this of course is what is disturbing the Israelis is that for the first time for many years any degree of irrationality has come into the picture. The revolutions by the Cairo Press that the Minister of War and the principal intelligence people were regularly consulting a medium in order to decide what to do next. What about this to say about some very strong remarks to the troops on the Suez Canal to Mr. Sadat in the last fortnight has made a number of speeches which I have read and they have become increasingly tough increasingly relying on Gaunt of assuring the Egyptians that they will win if they fight. Now that may be to strengthen Sadat's position at home and it may not evident that Israel is not prepared to
risk this against the background of the port Goni visit where the Soviet president talked about Israel in terms of nazi fascists. And there is strong language for at one country to use it about another. And certainly not reassuring for the Israelis. So are we seeing a new deterioration of the overall situation in the Middle East. I would say we're seeing a deterioration in terms of public speeches and propaganda. I think in terms of the military confrontation nothing very much has really changed. If the Americans go on as they have done before of supplying very substantial equipment to the Israelis something brand new and we do it yourself line I do it yourself pregnancy testing kit for women who want to know the answer to that vital question quickly and privately it will cost 1 pound 25 and broadly it works by adding a urine sample to a file of chemicals which if it turns purple means the pregnancy is confirmed. At least that's the idea this morning so McGregor asked Dr. William Thompson medical
correspond of the times. A good idea or not. Basically I don't think it is a good idea. I think the more you get involved the least technical tests the more liable are you to run into trouble. How does this testing differ from the one that the registered laboratories use. What is a colored test and these kind of tests are never as reliable as other methods of testing. You can even if they make a mistake in the color and therefore if you're dealing with your and you're. It's not as if you're adding something to plain water and getting a change of color. Here you can have a highly colored sören and that might very well make it difficult. And the report that you look for a purple color is a bit vague. Purpose a tremendously big range no. I still thought that there was quite considerable scope for a nervous young woman me making a mistake one way or the other. I did get in a panic on necessarily or not knowing that she was pregnant. Decisively and why she can't stick to the old fashioned methods. Modern grandmother used
used before which are usually fairly distinctive. Or alternatively go to see her doctor. But the skin does have the advantage and of doing it in the privacy of your own home you don't want to go to your doctor and be being very quick conceiving cheap. It may be cheaper I'm not quite certain what they are. They are cost is under the National Health Service. I don't see where the privies say ah come visit. After all if you run the risk of being pregnant I seem to thought you are very prim and proper so to speak. After all if you are pregnant. You got to see him. I love to see you through your pregnancy or to induce an abortion if that's what you want. The doctor thinks is feasible. Now why not take the plunge right away instead of doing this death yourself and then beginning to wonder heavens am I pregnant or am I not break. And that's what you are young woman you're a woman of any age want to know. I think she's probably backing the wrong horse here. Finally back to food announced today was the formation of a new organization called a food research an
educational trust food watch for short. It has a staff of 20 an annual budget of £100000 and will publish its findings in a monthly magazine. Roger Cook asked who would want to trim a modest gross. It is organizations for examples of gastronomy Consumer Council. Now you could say it is a which of food. Yes we are particularly concerned with the pollution of food caused by either toxic additives or processing that device Eliza's the goodness in the food and we are also especially concerned with the cruel exploitation of the animal world as is so carefully camouflaged under the banner of factory farming intensive rearing and other outdated expensive and inhumane methods of raising food. You're going to be described by some people as food nuts. I've no doubt we will be struck by something of this food that's but I think anybody who starts. Any organization like this is bound to be labeled enough by somebody or rather you the kind of people who'd like to see is eat seaweed and things like Not necessarily no. We are more concerned with.
The toxic content of food today. And also the device sation of food by the processing. Well you've obviously had a look before you decided to set this thing up. Had you found that most food isn't much good once it's been packaged and processed and saw at least 50 percent of the food on the market today it's considerably to vitalize office being processed and devitalized zation can be a long process it can be a short process it can be caused by the act of cooking as a food it can be caused by the way the food is stored. And all this is taken into consideration when we do our research on the food. Well research is all very well but can you make it do anything is the government likely to take action to give us 50 percent better food where we're not especially concerned with government action we ourselves. Going to institute research into food for human consumption and will award symbols of approval to foods which pass the minimum standards laid down by our board of nutritional scientists.
You are saying that a lot of our packaged food isn't much good. Is there anything wrong with some traditional things like toad in the hole ones out there a lot of things wrong with additional things especially meat space food because of the intensive rearing of the factory farming of animals the animals themselves are fed with all sorts of unnatural thirds. And of course this is passed on to the humans who eat the meat. It could be said that we couldn't fend for ourselves we couldn't provide enough food and this we did go into some intensive reading. True enough intensive there is intensive reading and intensive varying it depends on the type. We are concerned with intensive rearing that exploits animals particularly badly. There's so much drafty attached to the raising of. Animals for food today. That if the public really knew what went on they'd be horrified. It is our job. To recommend the type of food that people should eat and the type of food that they shouldn't eat. If people wish to eat meat. Well that's their lookout. But at least if they're easy meat. They should
know where the meat comes from. Intensively rare that it was off actually found that it was over the animals are raised under normal unnatural conditions. Show your colors. You were there to Tarion. I am a vegetarian personally yes. Now the headlines as aid and medical supplies from Britain and other countries continue to arrive in India for the relief of the Pakistan refugees. The medical director of West Bengal state says the cholera situation is improving and has been a reduction in the number of cases. Labor leaders have made no decision yet about whether to hold a special party conference on the Common Market. The minister of Bangkok Mr. Pryor has said Housewives must have known perfectly well that the government couldn't comprise a little stroke but it was now doing all it could to bring them down. And that's the world at one twenty six.
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