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The following program is produced as a public service feature by the radio division of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. English with cooperation from the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and the Illinois division of narcotic control. We present news. H is for joy. The thing worth the. Risk. Of thought. History has shown that the use of drugs is not new. About 9000 years ago the ancient Sumerians wrote on clay tablets telling how they used opium. Today we tell of our use of drugs via modern media television radio motion pictures books magazines and newspapers. Often the methods of use are so accurately described and the pleasurable effects of the drugs are so
glorified that some individuals are just curious enough to give it a try. However it is not our intention to glorify the use of drugs through ages for joy. In fact we want you to know just how horrible a junkies daily existence can be. Therefore some of the facts you'll hear in the next few weeks are not pretty. They will be true as the clarity of a photograph depends on how accurately the cameras focused. So do we want to present the problem of drug addiction in the clearest possible manner. If you listen to this program last week you heard us speaking about marijuana. What it is how it's used and its effect upon those who use it. Now let's move on to another insidious drug cocaine. Today in the underworld it sells drugs for he would profit the drug cocaine is not as common as it once was.
International cooperation vigorously controls the flow of coca leaves the source of cocaine. There are four uses of coca leaves and medicine for the manufacture of non narcotic flavoring extracts for the manufacture of cocaine and for chewing coca leaf chewing is habitual in Peru and Bolivia and is also prevalent in Colombia northern Argentina and Brazil. Those who chew it believe it aids their physical ability to work in higher altitudes where the air is thin. Medical tests have shown this is not true. In fact the effect of cocaine is injurious and not beneficial. Cocaine is a stimulant. That is it excites the nervous system hence it is a most dangerous drug especially if the user has a maladjusted personality mental deterioration. Loss of appetite emaciation and tremors as a result from its continued use. My distant use of cocaine has been replaced by other drugs having no dangerous effects. Addicts use
cocaine called Coke or snow by sniffing it into the nose which eventually causes perforation of the nasal septum. Like marijuana cocaine is an emotionally addicting drug as a stimulant it produces in the addiction prone individual and intense feeling of euphoria or exultation. This is followed by strong feelings of anxiety and fear with hallucinations and delusions of a psychological nature. Cocaine addicts who become violent do so as a reaction to hallucinations which they cannot distinguish from reality and their own drug twisted worlds they may believe they're being defensive defending themselves from attackers while in reality they are committing aggressive crimes against persons who have no intent to harm them. In this state they can commit murder and not know. Marijuana cocaine. Two very dangerous drugs two
drugs whose chemical reaction turns the human being into an unpredictable animal. Opium is the third major drug in the United States. It is rarely used in its pure form but through chemical processing various addicting narcotics are produced from it. The derivative of opium that controls about 50000 lives in the United States is heroin or in the junkie's language Age horse Harry shot stuff junk white stuff and others. New York City can claim the only hospital in the United States used only for teenage drug addicts. Its director is Dr A feel game so we went to New York and asked Dr. GAM So what drugs were used most by his patients. The heroin is the drug which brings patients into Riverside Hospital. It is rare to find another drug as the reason for admission although on very rare occasions individual have been admitted because of marijuana is a cult can use but
these are so rare as to be unimportance jestingly. But although heroin is a drug of choice for you addicts if on they would use many other drugs when they can't obtain heroin or possibly in addition to heroin at times when they can't obtain heroin or trying to go off it. The main chain other narcotics dolphin which is method on let me get morphine. They make use large amounts of cough medicines which contain codeine. To the point where they may be drinking a few pints of these cough medicines each day. In addition about 20 percent of them used by betrayers fairly regularly and about 5 percent used by betrays the point where they are addicted both are 1 amp up at your rates and a great many of them use cocaine at least intermittently so that we find that drug use is not a pure thing pure in the sense of being limited to one substance for the same person at all times but that if we didn't
have one they would probably find some other detecting substance to use and we know very well that when they can't get heroin and the hospital they will turn into trying to get other things whether it be alcoholic beverages or so-called stupid bet occasion which they all clamor for. We want to have to break into farms and get whatever may be available that Weatherby said has lost any lens or other drugs which affect the way they feel now the way it is. They are persons who are seeking chemicals which will change their own feelings and the way that they react in the place where they are. While there seems to be no addict loyalty to any specific drug. Heroin is the drug currently in use by most addicts. What is heroin like heroin is a white crystal in Powder. It can and does produce physiological dependence it creates within the body a need
that once induced demands repeated satisfaction. All routes of violent physical reactions will occur. This reaction is called withdrawal. A later program will deal with this as a separate topic. The manufacture sale and use of heroin has been banned in the United States since 1925. The presence of even one grain of heroin within the continental limits of the US is illegal. However another heroin is smuggled into this country continually to make it one of the most profitable underworld operations despite the very efficient operation of the Bureau of Narcotics. Large amounts of heroin magically appear for sale. Dr. Peel will Chief of the addiction producing drugs section of the World Health Organization has recommended that the entire world follow the action of the United States in making heroin illegal. Nevertheless heroin addicts and other drug addicts are constantly being phoned and treated by treatment centers. Then generally how does a person become a narcotic addict.
We asked Dr. gams of Riverside Hospital in New York and he said this of course varies somewhat. However. The important thing is to realize. That. The idea of a pusher making an addict as such is only a oversimplification. Of that. As we say after. Most of the drug addicts who come to us. Have gone through a sort of progressive step. Step by step before they reach the point where they use drugs that possibly they began to away truant from school but in less and less time in school. Or at the same time they were beginning to hang around with older individuals who were getting in trouble of various kinds. Maybe they were in a gang or were busy gang busting as they call it fighting gangs. And gradually this sort of loss of pale for various reasons made it fun too
dangerous. I started hanging around with some the guy members of people not gang members who were drug users and spent time with them. But after being with them for a period of time weeks or months that they had the opportunity to use drugs with these older boys and this is where they began. Cosby using just once in a while once a month once a week going on to more frequent drug use. Always feeling they would control the drug use that they wouldn't get hooked like the other person they would just use it when they want to go to parties that feel more at ease and able to talk to people. That they would use at such charms of their heart a nervous and want to relax and that it would be something which they would control but that they never intended to be fully hooked. They want to get their pleasure out of it. But not to do it as they've seen others do become depend upon it. But of course after years before any of us. From weeks to months and years in about six months they come to Paul they use it every day.
And then if by chance they found they couldn't get the drug one day they start to get withdrawal symptoms every day as they were hooked. And I thought font of cause they accepted the fact they had to have it every day went on to the point of accepting their addiction. Drug use is something which varies and method and manner of using it. You could say of course that a person who was going to surgery I have an operation that requires. Morphine. Regularly several times a day for the next week or two becomes physically addicted to it. And this would be a medical direction that simple fact though in those cases is that it's possible to wean them off of the drug. And that their addiction is only existent as long as they are able to obtain it from the physician to relieve the medical pain and other names. But as we see the young drug addict. He will often start with occasional drug use and in most cases will take six months of
increasingly frequent drug use before he gets the point using every day and becomes depend upon it. We have however seen individuals who have sort of had a hunger for it you might say. And inside a week of so week ten days two weeks have actually become physically addicted to it. If a person can go without drugs for two days then he is a user he is not addicted. If it goes the plan we use it daily and doesn't get withdrawal symptoms between times. Well. He's pretty close to being addicted but actually he is not physically addicted because the heroin which is a drug of choice doesn't act for 24 hours. If it's gone 24 hours talking withdrawal symptoms then he is truly not addicted but starts years a couple times a day. And so there's no question about it he is addicted. No question he's an addict now. His body and his mind both require periodical dosages of the drug in order to be normal. But what did the daily operation of the junkie use normal since
drugs cannot be obtained legally. Since you must go to the criminal element to obtain drugs since drug use of disapproval by family or the community usually the churches and other letters agencies since individuals use drugs often ashamed of their own use of drugs and to support others using drugs also. And since they have to hide the drugs and the use of them for themselves or their families. As I said this is not normal behavior and I think that we also find that people are killed things to get drugs which they would not ordinarily do if they were able to really control their behavior and do things which they realized properly. In the light of what we've just heard we can say that if a person fully realizes what is proper what is right what is wrong what is morally morally if he can learn these things. And perhaps he will not seek an escape from reality. Perhaps he would know
in spite of what he may learn from the past influences of modern day communication. Perhaps he will know that age is not for joyous. News. To get. News. This transcribed program was written by Edwin to production by Bill Oberg Ted Seeley speaking the preceding program was made available to this station by the National Association of educational broadcasters. This is the end Radio Network.
H is for joy
Cocaine and heroin
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This program focuses on cocaine and heroin. Dr. Rafael Gamso of Riverside Hospital in New York describes drugs used by most addicts and comments on reasons for addiction.
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A documentary series about the nature of drug addiction, the current status of addiction, and various programs of prevention and treatment. Participants in the series include Dr. Rafael S. Gamso; Meyer Diskind of New York State Board of Parole; and Joseph Fiedoral, a Chicago policeman.
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