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And. Winston Churchill spoke and the world listened. War. And the world listen program 12 in a series dramatizing Greatorex from. The men and the age that created. These programs were produced by radio station WAGA of the University of Wisconsin hundred grand from the Educational Television and Radio Center.
In cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasting consultant for the series is Frederick W. chairman of the department of speech at the University of Wisconsin. Here is Professor Habermann Winston Churchill is the most towering figure of our century. One of his biographies is entitled The lives of Winston Churchill. We are apt to think of him a statesman military strategist orator painter war correspondent. Yet his literary achievements won him the Nobel Prize. He has controlled so many things in his life that one is tempted to believe that he chose his own parents his father Lord Randolph Churchill was a handsome talented and titled Man. His mother was an American Beauty Jenny Jarell. When he addressed a joint session of the American Congress in 1041 he remarked that if his father had been American and his mother English he might have made it to Congress on his own. His audience had no doubt of it. The
English people called Churchill to be their leader on May 10 one thousand forty. In the last thousand years England has not faced a more perilous moment. They found in Churchill the fair spirit and immense energy the hard determination and the skill in phrasing ideas that were distillation of the unconscious mind of the masses who also possess this determination and energy and spirit. They didn't flinch when he told Commons on May 11. I have nothing to offer but blood toil tears and sweat. Even as he spoke the British Army in Europe appear doomed. The French collapsed on their right. The Belgians surrendered on their laugh. The British retreated to the sea at Dunkirk and there a miracle happened. Between May 29 and June 4 the English people. Sailors schoolboys retired businessmen and women took three hundred thirty five thousand British soldiers off the sands of Dunkirk in warships sail boats row boats motor lodges canoe
and brought them home. It was a military disaster but the men were say Churchill was defiance incarnate to the Commons he said. We shall not flag nor fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France and on the sea and on the oceans. We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air we shall defend our island whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on beaches landing grounds in fields in streets and on the hills. We shall never surrender. Then France fell on June 17 Churchill broadcast to the people. What has happened in France makes no difference to our actions and purposes. We have become the sole champions now in arms to defend the world cause we shall do our best to be worthy of this high honor. We shall defend
our island home and with the British Empire. We shall fight our unconquerable until the curse of Hitler is lifted from the brows of mankind. We are sure that in the end all will come right. Have another cup of tea Bob don't mind if I do. Now keep away from those windows and you'll get no TV. Plenty of time there's no air raid yet never mind just keep away you know they warned us and you never know something could fall. Suddenly I remember the last war used to say the same thing. Keep away from the wind. It's a wonder to me you didn't get your head blown off the way you always wanted to see the German planes come down in flames. There's George and Nellie knocking on the wall. Well answer them but what shall I answer yes or no. This is going to be an air raid we might as well enjoy ourselves. But trust me. For a game of course. But what about Hilda. I heal the world mind she's gone to bed I think there's a raid she'll come downstairs to answer them. They know we're home all right. But don't blame me if Hilda makes a scene.
The poor girl's only been a widow for a fortnight. If we could just get her to join us they'd be a lot easier. But she just sits in her room and broods. It's not good for you when the poor baby when it's born I said to her yesterday but she wouldn't take any notice that'll leave her alone. I merely told her that Jeff would be ashamed of her if he was alive to know but I. Just didn't dare. Better not either. You know all right. May we come now oh yes of course and there I was so glad you signalled. I'll make some fresh tea. You didn't answer for a long time. We thought you weren't sure you wanted us tonight. No George it's all right. We just wondered about Hilda that's all. She's terribly upset still over Jeff. Poor girl. There must be thousands of them all over England and all because the Belgians gave in without a moment's notice. What is she going to do. Well she's staying on with us until she's better. She and Jeff took the spare room indefinitely because they thought he'd be able to come home to her when he was
off duty and where they come from in Yorkshire is too far. He was a pacifist wasn't they both are. But he did his job in the Navy just like anybody else. The kettle's boiling him out well what do you want to play. Rummy I can't concentrate enough for bridge these days. Oh I love to see you do it so cleverly. How are you. What are you doing playing cards. How can you sit and play cards when the world is falling into ruins. Why aren't you out doing something all right on your knees praying they're healed and now don't take on so. Sit down and I'll bring you a nice cup of tea. We'd better go George we're in the way. You're not in the way and we invited you to sit down playing cards and amusing yourselves. Have you no heart of those here Hilda. We are sorry about Jeff terribly sorry but we've got to go on living. And according to the newspapers there's a lot more to be suffered before this war is over. Perhaps drinking tea and playing cards isn't the noblest way of
keeping our spirits up. But if we and our neighbors want to do it that way nobody's going to stop us and is for doing something. I was fire watching last night and Emma's volunteer at the hospital. And as for praying it's all for no good the war's a dreadful waste and it's all going to be worse for us in the end because we're going to lose it. Oh no we're not. How can there be any other ending after Dunkirk the Germans have got the whole continent and now they're put bombs on us. Smashed to pieces. I don't know. They'll bring their army in March and everything for nothing. I wish I wish I would. Perhaps we shouldn't. She was upset. She's right when she says it's going to be a lot worse before it gets any better. To keep common sense and good humor through it all.
George. Right. Not too loud. Oh there's nothing like a little quiet music to soothe your knee. Is that and a cup of tea to you once and make some. Oh hello Hilda would you like a nice hot cup of tea dear. I'd love some. You look much better today. I really think you're on the mend. Yes I think I am. For a while I thought I'd never get over it. Taking that job did help. I knew it would. It's good to keep busy. George I was on the wireless in a minute do you want to listen with us. Churchill no thanks. You know Hilda doesn't approve Well he's on the wireless anyway whether she approves or not. And may I remind you that he is our prime minister.
He's a war monger that's what he is. They only called him in when Chamberlain couldn't go on anymore they should have called him in before. As it was they called him only just in time if they had listened to Chamberlain right from the start. We wouldn't be in this mess now. You can still say that you really believe any appeasement would have helped some of the people who are now dead would still be alive. Maybe my Jefe would still be alive. Don't you think. I'd go along with anything that would keep my husband alive I love Bob. Don't go up setting Hilda. To be alive is far more important than anything else. And if we could have avoided the war thousands would be alive today were lying dead. Thousands more are going to die in this before it's over. And half of them. I don't know what they're fighting for. Someone said that about the go. What are we fighting for he asked the judge who said if we left off fighting he would soon find out that you just hear him saying Can't you just hear about time. Kerry is now somebody that you could ever meet
and that consequently we believe that bill contains the capacity to continue the war in the and the better condition than we have ever liked Barry and because. I look like competent LED light up I like. These men good men and. It's brilliant you. Know what I have the glory of saving their native land their island and all A loud. I'm and I'll get you a role again. There remains of course the danger of the bombing attack. Which will set maybe made very thought upon us. By the numerous bomb out of the enemy. You can quite cool. Bomb up all in number two hours. But we have a very large bomb up or open we tell you
to strike at military target. We live in good nick. I do not get told under rate the severity of the ordeal which died because. But I believe our countrymen were capable of standing up to it and carrying on in spite of it. At least as well as any other people in the world much will depend on this and every man and woman will have the chance to show the finest qualities of their race and the red dye that call. For all of their whatever are taken it will be a help to think I would say in a line in nothing calm and gave me a bomb that memorable. I have thought it right to give a real
indication of the truly practical grounds upon which we base our inflexible resolve to continue the war. There are a good many people who. Never mind we're not alone. Thank God for them that are dying. And submit to tyranny. And Secretary and I do not know myself from them. But I can assure you. That. Our professional advice and retired able man united that we could carry on the war that we are able to carry on the war and that there are good and reasonable hope of vinyl victory. We have fully informed and consulted all the governing a million. Great communities. Far beyond. Who have been built up. On our
Lord in the light they have to do it. Bring it back or. That. You are absolutely devoted. Mother and. Feel that I am. By the same emotion which is a role I don't know. We have political parties. And I would steal from that Prime Minister. Of Canada and it could create a. Great road map of South Africa. That wonderful man. Mind. Guy walking. To
and around I would. Have government wide crank ideas. Because they represent the will of average people they're made in the mode in which to fight on. And they declare themselves ready and prepared for the end. That is what we are going to do. We may now are build. In what way we can work in the beginning of the world. You can buy the fact that the government took a large part of the coast of western New York and many more countries being overrun by them. Aggregate rate
the possibility that aggravates the possibility of their attack and add to our naval preoccupation. No wait a minute. But on the concrete definitely increases the power of blockade. Similarly and can directly into the war increasing the power of good along the blockade stop the work of war. By that. We do not know whether it will come to an end in the ground or not but you can of course the government will be able to cover both military and later on in down a point. But call the region I've given you a little remark. They will not find it a lie. Military of course is in greater
become more imminent and no doubt if we believe in the town around. Hong. Kong that can. Bring on the head of the country. We will not be able to develop them immediately and we are continuing increasing support in supply from the United States and expect the airplane pilot from the Dominion will come from Reagan I've tried the ring of the enemy bomber. I do not have any of the new pack. Then you add the fact that
I can operate on the Baron and the wind and rain. We were riding in the Darling I'm very crazy we will run them that. We might not get it from the moment that we declared war on September the. And you had that air raid warning when you accumulate a map not to get a grid always pocketbook. It can all our country together with any other invasion and had in mind. And I could do little or nothing to prevent our doing.
No we're going to live only in the meanwhile with enormously improved our method of getting any and we have learned what we had no right to claim at the beginning. Maybe that crowd and the individual bully and who are getting the periodic ing up the grade balance and company breaking are a good guy. I think great read and think you're not a fan. Going along. I could say going to war. 1914 in 1918.
The Allied did nothing but and with the point that another. Terrible day. Every. Day. And yet at the end of the road. The morale of the Allied would. Come one. Good everywhere. Given that war will be good. How are we going to win. And I do not remember anyone with ever able to own it and gotten there and take care of the forest and we ran Al Gore and
victory we threw it all away. We do not know. Yet what will happen in Prague or whether the plane will be prolonged ground and when the plane came back here. Or rather regularly prolong the government will be throwing away a great cafeteria and carking a great if they do not continue in accordance with that treaty obligation. We have not felt relieved. Knowing the new paper and. Many of. You think it can kill a union of common you can get
in the garbage. However the ground. Floor of the government. We were never friends of the French people have been harboring. Emulate that carried. And the final big grey area Lord God toiled the grave. Again I O O O. O o o o.
At the battle of. Britain we get a pretty. Long and. Very very very rapid break. Or maybe a broader time like I planned. Failed including the United States. I grew up knowing I was
made more and more protected by life. I am. No. Commonwealth. Manual. Like that. What an inspiring spirit. Magnificent. It was nice of you to stay to the end he'll do just the same. I don't agree with him. He doesn't expect you to Hilda. He speaks well I'll say that for him. You think he means a dog. He didn't mince matters. The Battle of Britain is about to begin. It's what he said. And if we can stand up to Hitler all Europe will be free. What if we can't stand up to him. What then.
You know it's a funny thing he said what would happen if we couldn't. But the way he said it made it very clear that we could. The grammar are in there for an end. Right. Now I want to do all right. All right I'll go.
Good evening. Don't you know me. I'm Hilda Thomas. I used to live next door with The Simpsons. I remember you went back north at Christmas came to see them. The house is in ruins. They weren't killed. Yes they were killed. The whole street on this side got it except for us in the corner house. We were in the air raid shelter but the symphony's were at home. Only we'd asked them in or taken them with us. I'm so terribly sorry. They were very kind very understanding people. Want to come and I know thank you. I must go. I. I feel I ought to tell you this Bob sometimes told me that if they got him he prayed it would be sudden and that it would get them both together and that he'd be busy doing something he enjoyed and was he. Oh I don't know but. I like to think he was shuffling the cards that clever way he used to do it and that the missus was bringin him a nice cup of tea.
Through with. Ever again as Professor Habermann Winston Churchill never drank a cup of tea with The Simpsons. Then you know that his courageous spirit was always with them. More important they were with him at 10 Downing Street. There were tears on his cheeks when he announced in common as the greatest victory the British soldiers had ever won. The Commons cheered as they have never cheered before. England and the world had another chance at freedom and peace. At the age of 71 Churchill sailed into those problems with all his youthful vigor.
And the world listen. Program 12 in a radio series on great memory from. The man and the age that created them. These programs are produced by radio station WAGA of the University of Wisconsin under a grant from the educational television and radio. Robert W. Habermann chairman of the department of speech at the University of Wisconsin is the consult. These programs are distributed by the National Association of educational broadcasters. This is the any radio network.
And the world listened
Winston Churchill: Battle of Britain
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