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Riverside radio presents the 10th in a series of 15 programs. Ernest Bloch the man and his music the commentator for these programs is Suzanne block the composer's daughter and a member of the faculty at The Juilliard School of Music. Today's program includes performances of the three Nocturnes for piano violin and cello. The fantasy for Violin and Piano and the Violin Concerto with soloist Joseph C. Getty and here to introduce our program is the composer's daughter Suzanne block then separate pieces for piano trio composed Anakin 24 but not just tears of shorter and that important work of Block. He spoke to the director of the creating interest of music which had contact with student passion after failing to get him to act. Templates even music much simpler than it is already here where the only orchestra record of that period would you consider going to number one for training. The only major work which is fair kind of quintet Albrecht with solo instrumental pieces and a few short pieces. They're not tunes can 50:50 andante with Echo with the
Alpine turning hastily headed in the different. The second and don't think create two. He's also a pattern of the mood brought these pieces and people. The lack. Of material from the Fed to move and give them a different moving Cripe. You will hear knocking her piano trio by block by the New Amsterdam trio. Why.
One be. Be. Why.
The New Amsterdam trio has been heard in the performance of the three Nocturnes for piano violin and cello of Ernest Bloch. Once again Suzanne blogged this piece is from a collection of early unpublished works left in deposit at the Library of Congress in 1925. He compose a work right in Brussels where he had been studying values vision is i.e. Also theory and advanced counterpoint to the wrath he had already written several songs some of which he dedicated to Madame is causing her to show them to limits. Who impressed by the music advise the board to concentrate on composition. Block already the age of 11 had played in public had taken is balanced as a VERY seriously in Brussels he had made it easy and North enters the attic to SR
LET about his work. Here are excerpts from a letter written in 1898. I haven't ten days learn the error which so it is one of the most difficult works existing from the viewpoint of virtuosity. Nothing is left out in this terrifying piece. Then comes a dramatic description of all the pitfalls and counted in this yet ASCII work. He also played in the orchestra directed by easy which described thus. The rehearsals are very interesting but a source of great difficulty for me as I read. COMPERE This must have been true for a block often told that he was so unsure at his first race personal that he put soap on his bow so as not to be heard. Happily with persistence and hard work he overcame the deficiency in his letter he continues of the special rehearsals for violins alone he sai has played separately. When things don't go well and one becomes too refectory nervous but he doesn't. It went up. Hartley shouts and has great patience. I learn enormously at these
rehearsals in every way. First for the sight reading then to see a real conductor not one of cardboard such as we have at home. Then one has contact with musicians and one listen to the Tao of the various instruments. That learning one's craft and orchestration in one of the letters he solemnly announce that his true God was bought. He had already written several works which include songs music for string quartet including a full fledged under the age of 16 at which time he also wrote a seventy few neighbors and a 70 or yacht tower and of course many pieces for violin push the phantasy is one of them. All this music shows Troy influences of the French school than in vogue for a dandy short song and says a fuck the works of Debussy Strauss and we saw ASCII being Hollywood in Brussels then their strong impact on block was just to come this fall to contain as little of the blockage him
that was to crystallize later. Yet it shows glimpses of what would come. There is a vital drive of the thematic material. However an original is development and also its emotional content. All of this was to be part of block future musical output. You will not hear the phantasy for Vatanen piano before Bahaman breath and child's Reiner. You.
Heard. It. Yes.
Ernest Bloch: The man and his music
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Episode 10 of 15
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WRVR (Radio station : New York, N.Y.)
Riverside Church (New York, N.Y.)
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Producing Organization: WRVR (Radio station : New York, N.Y.)
Producing Organization: Riverside Church (New York, N.Y.)
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University of Maryland
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