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From the Great Hall of the Cooper Union to New York City national educational radio presents the Cooper Union forum series on peace love and creativity the hope of mankind. These lectures are recorded by station WNYC. Here now is the chairman of the Cooper Union forum Dr. Johnson a fair child. President more what to do with a very big it was a difficult political structure than yours truly to come I'm sure if you were
to give me an opportunity to talk to Cooper Union or some people you know they know all about this is just or maybe never heard of it. And a lot of people have no idea who you are or operate with them like a man reduction of them believe my go to bed was my go for it was of the order of education received or a doctor's degree the physics of mathematics from Bryn Mawr. Worked in those other places. The research program rock your first Columbia University
as assistant to call the physicians and certain. Kinds of papers and things with. Member of the organiser for over important for energy is Professor John Sweeney he's a specialty on her and social philosopher Clark University. University at the University of Alaska in the American University of Beirut at Hunter College she was a geographer and geologist and in fact was the first male Dean at Hunter College. He was chief research at a New York office of the want apartment general and a captain in the United States Air Force intelligence and mapping in China and he maps as a research project
in the Caribbean and Haiti in Marchini and he's lectured almost everywhere and Europe and North America. You Illinois right. There was you know I want to do that. What. But let me get into the Ewing in the corner just a little bit. After all the only thing I'm like I'm tired of the whole thing together. For you it was the Peter Cooper was probably one of the good humanitarians we've we've had that you met at there and I'm sure he had some matter there in that I was the topic and the forum on those like Peter group were back around him.
In fact you know everything is his the result of his her imagination the form of the continuation the meetings where he was that was well over a hundred years ago and he gave all kind of support and actually came to the platform of a great supporter of the forms of adult education all of the going on for 100 years and that they would produce the form probably. I don't know where the press is you are not it's fewer than we used to order. We can't afford another vet we tell you what we have pointed to ways you know we take the budget of the 60 and I think it doesn't matter whether carbon or
professor or instructor. I've never been able to find out whether your story or the very word warrior where so in order to save myself out of this problem I do take the part of the writer and everybody in the government get to exactly the same amount. Because when I come I get nothing. That's actually actually a big budget were good you know. Do something else about it but. You know Grammy night was formally unique not only the bridge but whether it's quite interesting. The programming has known some of the difficulty of the various strains. On my blog about computer programming that has just come lately or
program to review computer programming it was just something the boys picked up recently and the first thing you have to do is to the overall thing. What a year in the bank. This is what you've been worrying. This is what you do you never come up with a writer like the big fish the big you know the big one. But if you take a train for next year it working here and what are the significant things about it. How do you think the year according to read your question to try to get all the people that you think know more than you do. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't but the new suffered a great deal to do a great deal of
suffering and then you take the number one you do it all the big ideas and the right along with the former wife sometimes the daughter right. You can't possibly do next to me next year. Or they might get another ride there for reboarding programs have a great deal to do with the way you pick a topic for the future. And then I have to grab it. I didn't like it and then I have to like the man about a month or so of the writing and the titles are probably realize a title.
I think you know a month or two. And then I do get titles up and then you should use them. And then you go out to get what you need and arrangement with your first record with one of the. Good people of the mechanics of the pain. All of them will form a problem. By putting you know to the pilot. We may allow them.
Twenty thirty thousand forty six cents apiece the billing. Is a public relations well made room in the system. There are three forum I am at work here that are ready to take their sound engineer and I have a recording man on Friday nights we have lightnin director who know the floor. Oh ok then this would require that the NYC you can put in the direct wider see quickly but I think they have to. Group of people that don't record their continuity you know. And then after all that after the broke it appeared they were absolutely that of about 45 different stations across the country. The first look at all this here was they wanted to do with a good story for the University of Illinois picture
takers and these two of them made up the packages and then again we make our own play we try to do our own work. We're all over people like a large number of people gravely put out a book. Then there's an educational program where we have 35 to 40 courses. Because of their registration. They're all academic practically or they're not concerned about tone. We're not concerned with the little non classes we have to do with the Manics mysticism is like oh yeah well you know and of course you can all laugh because by this time to realize that we're dealing with over 100 academic controversy year.
Five hundred hours of program and five to six hundred hours of radio. Well just to keep busy in the summer time we run tours to come up with your ideas right back perhaps. No I don't. It was peace reverent creativity. And then I thought a year ago I felt the peace love agreed to if it were really the most important thing we could possibly have in this country at this time. And we report for us from Bangkok and as an old programmer I know. Program where would you get you know one thing I
know you got to go home. And you know what we had such a delicate lovely piece creativity you know. I know that you know again. What I like about this because it's a very difficult thing to do. And so when the human piece. But I thought this is what we knew it was that of course love love even here I love my love and of course we have letters. You know what you're
doing you know you can reflect on the money you know now we're getting in the shower getting ever with the love of humanity. But this is a time program. And I think if you look at the individual titles they're all very interesting but if we really look at this you may think it's contrary to mathematics but that in general is much larger than the part because it makes up which we can use. And when you add them together we have something that. We want to look at and we want to look at humanity and we want to think about. What this really means we want to think about the world opinion about violence. We want to think about the kind of violence we have
in the streets in Vietnam and Korea and the basic problems we believe really essentially in terms of world of philosophic problems really than from a lack of candor. And communication. The horror of the gobbler Well we're not at war but we're at war. But we like to put ourselves on record as believing that we should think and work for peace love and creativity and what we want to talk about. The NEVER humanity and this is a very difficult thing to discuss because we don't know when a lot of humanity. We don't know we don't know what Levin we don't know what humanity and in general in this age
we don't know what the answers are and we are really cramping. And I think very seriously wrong for sure. But what about oh you know it would be easier for me to be a great relief for a lot of people. There is no such thing as a love. But you know the very interesting thing. We've had a lot of discussion of the program. And I turned to a great dictionary female for the day and said. You know if when my first word in the English one word was only
what. When I was working I mean I you know it's a very difficult thing for me why I excluded it ran a very one sided approach to what some other magazine is sort of sort of thirty two years old when the going was going to be for family and one man is going to be for. The right is going to and I'm getting only only one thing a problem to me about which And there's you know these women have to man on the beach man to woman women. Or which is sort of what I mean the story I mean really and thank you and Mike you were I think
you know everybody here and I know you. And in China they are supposed to love those big booms that come on we don't want to you know or perhaps we don't really give them a repair I'm. Just feeling desperate mammary glands are warm. Absolutely right. Sometimes I give milk but they don't. We're going to have to cross the U.S. thing about this. If you assume that a very early age one learns to
love you love your religion how do you know you. Perhaps just things going for us very you know one of the great things of going to a new album. Today maybe in a particular happier the situation in which they find those that of course refuse to give you very many intelligent people say that there is no relationship between sex and love and they can't they can do and they can do these only because it's very difficult because the more people assuming that the user of the body got them only getting in. Giving a backup for those who were there for us it was like What is it must be something more than life. I'm going out there must be something more the nicest word in the English
language. And furthermore you know perfectly well that he can't sell anything in the United States today and nor any other place really if you know using the way they're selling sex. They're not they never leave. Well I would say when you ask what it is to get your grandparents point of view and definition from Webster and you will bear with me I will go through a few definitions the first one is Love is an emotion a sentiment or feeling a pleasurable attraction toward or delight in something as a principle a person or mind you. A principle is included which induces a desire for the present possession well-being or motion of an object and it may be a thought
or an idea or a person. Mind you the parenthesis is not. Webster to me but nevertheless the strong yet tender longing for whatever is considered most worthy of desire in any relation. Again it may be it may be that may be love for humanity or person or force that a strong feeling of affection for or devoted attachment to a person. Especially the feeling of intimate personal sympathy and affection toward an individual in the office. We all know that the second is a person who often uses words of endearment and Marlo's that is which is a better definition that Webster come with me and that the definition point to Webster. Yes you know that sort of thing as a love game.
Talk about what you would gain with the money. OK I have a. Feeling for something right. You know what we have room for growth of with everybody but one thing goes Well what we're talking about everybody's going to do what. Well sorry again to be a grandma or am I would go back to Webster humanity's divine as one can be very confusing if you don't know the language and you're picking it up. If you're a Frenchman trying to read a definition in English but he has several definitions all of which is actually amount to the FAQ The first is
the quality of being human. Who knows about quality and who knows what human. I continue the peculiar nature of man by which he is distinguished from other beings and Brad will say something about this. The second definition is. Man time collectively the human right that perhaps has a little meaning. The third is the quality of being. You may and this needs definition. The definition here is the kind feeling and dispositions and sympathies of man kind as benevolent especially in this position to relieve persons and to dress and to treat all created beings with tenderness to the other one which is important mental cultivation which probably the only man is capable. Liberal education instruction and compassion from polite literature this is from our classical heritage in
English and American scholars. But I wanted to do one more thing which interests me and closely related to the definition of humanitarian. The first one in theology and this Webster's is one who denies divinity of Christ and believes him to be a mere man. And the second which perhaps interests is one who holds human nature to be capable of perfection. Without it the great and the third which would be of interest to us because we are thinking of peace and creativity is one that man's duty is our limited human relations and surround. We can go by when we start thinking of humanity and if I'm making you about
these definitions and I wanted just a few sentences about animals we know. Because there are some characteristics of animals. That are very similar to man or those of men and the military and. This and controvert something we're trying to say and then they regret because it is known from the ecological studies that they are aggressive and they have a ball and passion which means another. I was like sure they learn to preserve their species. For instance if we take the small fish the tropical fish the very colorful ones and they've been eaten and in fact one can't distinguish one from another unless you want to study their characteristics.
A long time. The point is that they are extremely aggressive. An interesting thing is that they are only aggressive to their own species frequently Manc can't think with the difference between one and the other yet the fish catch the food they eat is very similar. This is true but they're not aggressive with their habitation. And when one thing is another come out they will be aggressive and should there be a fish of another species. And. No one of their own they will be aggressive to a very similar kind of issue. We may think that this is because. The food and the way of life have but nevertheless this is completely explicable in terms of a naturalist study of fish.
Then if we think and go a little bit further perhaps to higher organisms if we think of the behavior patterns of birds of a higher animals such as mammals and man they fight to preserve their own species. Birds Walk together self protect. Mammal form heard for the same reason and a bit of aggression. What they have in there and is that kind of a ritual and the ritual within them takes care of the aggression for instance when two dogs they will down and they will put their necks or any in fact this is really an aggressive attack and they have transformed the aggression into a kind of ritual which means they can live and preserve this species. There must be other of that do you want to take us.
Thank you. But in general what we're growing up in order to preserve themselves have developed a whole series of activities and rituals of the lower animals have much as we are.
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Peace, love, creativity: Hope of mankind
Love of humanity, part one
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This program features the first part of lectures from Beatrice Fairchild, biophysicist, Columbia University; and Johnson E. Fairchild, geographer, social philosopher, Director of Adult Education, The Cooper Union.
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This series presents lectures from the 1968 Cooper Union Forum. This forum's theme is Peace, Love, Creativity: The Hope of Mankind.
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