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Beat it in France there are a couple of caves where the little naked figure it happening mash. Aren't any legal crime. There were quite a few of the very important sites in relation to the Magna. Carta. Out of the whole arrangement of Magna horn and bone with one of these little figure in from the fact in the center all of them have no feet the legs that just come to a point and they were made to stand up like me stuck in the ground into the household shrine. The figurines are sort of gated with household shrines and off of the power of being elf Magic Earth interacting with that at the daycare the moment is magical in her back just by her credit we are all there. The man who becomes a shark on an actor off the final stop with some animal are two quite different magics and there are a number of primitive vets not only in one area but
indirectly. Garry vary over time when the man is out of I feel of the women's magic kill all the women and left alive only the little girls who should not learned women's magic and then when these little girls grow up to be women they wear women without the magic power of their mothers. And I want to tell you one more story too in light of the spirit of tradition which we have you know. How are. You. Going to go out and they're feeling no pain. It'd be silly to think that you think I was the pictures of beautiful proposing Buffalo. Behind them. Well these are on the ceiling in the Bay Area where they where where they are was originally very Shall they say they would be about that high above the ground. Not too good at them. OK make it
possible to visit them they often already have done little walks so you could walk under but you lie down on day just on the original thought and you look up and here these are the guys that day these grazing animals are associated with Star. Now I want to come a little bit here. Two of the really great Africa. Discover researcher within the Congo area with a. Company of. Power. That we're joined by three people that are hunting people they bring many people to this day and write and write and think if I do suggest the lake they know that there was a cafe and. They were joined by the three little. Pig meat and Robin you're thinking of them as great find it
annoying that they probably need to make that WE DIDn't BREAK IT GET IT GET OUR something and start fresh our larder read an article today on a show for a shop so we can get your day tomorrow. So. I'm. Very much interested in why they have to postpone this project is irony. People need a hero when it was younger men didn't follow. They might run a profitable low pay all. The money for hearing and they cleared away all the graft. I thought and they exposed their efforts. Then when sunrise was about to take place the next morning they went up there before the right and you're on the ground. The form of the animal they were going to kill. THE MAN. A lot of the two men then stood where the sun was going right in the direction of this planet when the
sun rises and with the breath of life of being struck out go along the heart of it saw that they are going to come from the sun and when the sun rises the starter wiped out. This man died. Buying stuff with that fine animal the stars actually did this. The woman raised her hand in a posture which we feet in the paper with a drawing of the woman down to the pasture as though it were her magic that had something to do with it. And I'm one of these pain. One of these really great from North Africa. There is not a line drawn from the woman's womb to tomb of the man. NAGL And he is there with a bow and arrow receiving its power from her in the shop the IPO again already in the care of the people who want a sappy forest now to be channeled into becoming a mammal. Then they went out and. Killed their animals. And that they
shocked that he got right in the neck in the picture and that was where it was shot actually. And then they took the blood from the hair of this animal and next day they went up there again and put the blood on day. Drawing. And the hair and when the sun rose they rate. This business plan against the hunter is the thought that if we start. Now this sun. And hunger is also identified with the lion when the lion or are all the grazing animals are a fright and Jaffer the life is the counterpart of the sun I've given many. The counterpart of the sun right down to the present day high culture knowledge. They are great the animal that is the victim. Now in the later years 3 the wall becomes the principal grating. What I think was back there you know. The fault is
identified with the moon who is a lot of the stars. The moment it is very clear that die and is resurrected. It drops its own shadow and the serpent left this again and is reborn. The difference is identified with the moon. Struck as look what all these are the two primary role would be another warm at animal. I don't fight with them on. The surface fluff and yet report from the fervent cannot put it up in a circle and contrast that which he did stuff which is why I like going all the time to bring the serpent is like water flows along and live in water a place where the serpent find it injected into you if its water is poisoned which is like fire water it burns that it kills to step in front of like fire it looks does it meet your principle of fire
and water without principles of life. There is a lot of life. It is represented on a another level by the book and the more. Now in tropical areas the sun deprecate the rest of world. It dries it up. The moon on the other hand is the. Want a bit of thought to do which refreshes all the leads to our the end our action was done we will to live to fall and now contrary to of the serpent We have the eagle off the image of the New York prompting on this day a step in the fight of evil and trepan is the same and the lion pouting on the floor are all of us done privately and approving the money. Now you know when the moon is full. And then after a moment of it right at the moment of the writing a full blown in the pathetic thought
is to be seen in the West. I don't know whether you've ever had experience think sometimes sit on the ocean from time on the plane. They are exactly the same size and the thing generally from here to here you see the people are. But what is the moon which is now about to die if at that moment of the evil eye of the thought just the moon and the world is going to get far from our present going through the three and we have to look toward the sun it goes down to nothing. Disappeared behind the sun and counted out reborn from the sun the little crescent fresh and goes for it again I like the sight of the one of the it's a as you know our Friday night de facto which is associated with the menstrual cycle of women. So it started out with a fight like the moon or to move the tide the water it is the law of the water that life and the thought is that we deprecate these now that the moon can be regarded and is motivated her to mythology as a male it is a male more of our life. There's a
lot of woman in the family in that case. Yeah the feminine form is the kind of figure this out of the first you did with the feeling that it is in Japan. I'm a parent of two of the goddess and her and re brother. The move large is a very old I'm it sounds like how many cases the meaning behind this. How many days is the womb dead three days dead Christ. Day two of this mythology of the dying and resurrected Malone is a very very patient. Hunky people however are interested not with around the world so much as with fire and vigor of the hour. In primitive areas women are associated largely with a collection of vegetable food and men with killing animals so that the more you go or the women and the fun in the mistress of the mad male world. Now we turn from the world of a hundred people to work out the
tropics where the environment is not an animal where the nearest neighbor is not the animal the animal doesn't give the image of life. But the planet we have a quite different than ours. In the jungle. Like come to our debt. 30 Rock. Leave leaflets and General P.K. is the thought of like. I said but they people trying to imitate the world don't they see the initiative in world and in this case it will take the world and how do you get dead rock you get it by actually people in the tropical plankton world but the human sacrifice is to develop the primary mode of religious activation of life. In the Met. I thought it was a bit throughout the whole domain refactor it up against him. So after example I'm
going to hear from the fellow be you know in Indonesia. This is the story of a girl I want let me put this in the original age for old age ok and. There was no death there was no birth this is the Garden of Eden where there is no time. Recently special song without There are packing times. And the people they are worth. You can do things in from out all the animal people plant with the water with no differentiation. Oh certain times one of the people one here and under the circumstances I don't have grandchildren she was cut up and buried the body was dismembered and the part that it buried. And then the food plant. Came up
from the very early May when you really lucked out. High water the origin of corn you have a guy in there with that found everywhere whether a plant or the plant pools the food that he is the body and stop with the mike because we live on debt. Not only that but it got money that came into the world and I'm only back five steps to the effect of Oregon's pier this time and reproduction reproduction found that without the other would be I do that. So here we have that separation defectors who formerly were not separate. Separation of data and facts. And. The propping up of the food that people eat which is the food of the gods we live on the death defying every dying of a living
being. Now the ritual I thought OK with this imitates life may be called a mythological then not a back up. Surely it defeat during the time. The Beginning Of The World As We Know It. In order to refresh time in that ritual that. Mythological that might be really an act it is as though title wiped out and the fame of ECK were taking place and is quite a different kind of right from the ritual of letting the little bear off. The fairy that will bear out of the kind of fun and why you are saying and would like for you with Jack. But this has a mystical that you have to do it with really an act in the traditional. Notion of them original the moment of the world. Here it is how it is done among the unmarried and here in our own when you. Look at the report. But really for a given by power where you know big. Want to try and
work on them or in the near. Future. In this society. So why isn't the CIA did in the series of. The last. Two are not the last. Next two of the three before last night. All right General Michael for all I would really expect the boys who are to be finally initiated this creates a great deal of sexual excitement. And. The general euphoria that I'm going to have occasion at the great dance around the great brown think that leaflet lived around the Fife just the answer that they're all talking with a strong being beaten with great bands going forward and then a girl comes forth dressed in the garb of that being who originally killed trying to park. She is the incarnation of that being. And she is cause to lie down
under a great rule of having large this group being. Why would buy to drive the boy from being initiated a video for virus they have caught up with her and theoretically their breasts vary and you don't think where and when the last one who has been chosen for this with and when they are informed race to pick their dog for the way the largest drop the coupler kill that moment and that truck because the two feet are united in the one from our meal and John Coffee that they're taking out for I'll be deep in a communion battle. So this is a reenactment. Usually net and out of it the whole society briefly here by now. That made it a little bit hardball. However I don't think the
basic Christian there are they original manner of man he of whom we are all in fairy America nation crucified on another cross to Caracas and bark over them either their ears. Dry as one in the sun and the moon is very healthy for the day and that in the mass and the fact that five of the math which is a literal not a literal re-enactment literally get up it was a fiction it now called the bloody sacrifice of Calvary Practice Act right again and medieval history to be why it happened has been simply a stumbling nation no more really critical and Akerman into a symbolic event but the bread and wine are the Body and Blood. Dime I thought Who are the great guys who
play this role. The point that I'm trying to make it with this whole planting world agricultural world tropical world they're going out the flatware on its way. Livy becomes the prime interest really and it has come right through to the very present moment in the idea that you know you feel it was dominant in the classical world it was the right thing to create for. So now I've given over the right for the a hundred people and something for the planet. I want to move on now to the moment of this great prices I put on ABC with the discovery of a part of the car. What happened to their life that they really are lacking mythology becomes common knowledge I can't say the whole crowd with this kind of very complicated propriety is brought into relation to it. The mom is now
related to the muscle complicated movement of the planet. And all kinds of how Lendrick jumped in for me to work out the very first night. Print out a theory about the cycle this is the cycle of the year. The fact of the date repeated in from all. Sundown you go from light to dark at midnight with a good will toward the light. I go on the light from thought and if you like you can figure it out. Those are the four points are that day before point of the year to be going up to him stoutly 2011. The ritual there is equivalence between a microcosm a day and the back garden. Yet this equivalently tended to the idea of a colony here. Really are when the world is coming to be and the world will grow out of being down and ready. OK figuration of the timing of this is
actually very in Article 1. They're worried about the one poll numbers in the higher power numbers are they heat the earth. They still are invited to try. The notion of the world. The manifestation of number we've all heard of this from the fact that fell for it goes way back to Marion County. In that in India they have a traffic cycle is called a yurt up and it goes through forests which I'm very glad the world called The Age of gold silver bronze and iron the four years in India the Brits call the crypt Are you OK. At that time think how ridiculous they are all a man of war and men and women of all on Twitter in a day are enormous. They're perfectly virtuous. They know just how to act properly. The rivers of wine and the trees who are always singing beautiful musical songs and if you want a nice tape or something just on the way to
go into it needed sugar is right this was the golden age. The second age is called the tracker. At this time the coward Brit was standing on only three nights to sit up one night the fates know dang pretty well. But people still act virtuously but they have to think that it's not quite right. Mark I'm very grounded taking well but we lost a great deal of the day very secretly going where there is no silver for sure exactly. Then comes the eight cough drops are your good. When the book came out it down only to lay down than are too laid back in also a prophetess provided in this prop is religion. It is in this period that the video that they think there is a regulation round it in order that the cow meat than Even though it doesn't find pavement despite native life just on we need your system. Now laughed your god IS PAUL McCULLEY Harry I live not the thing. CROWLEY Khalida longing for
the fish shop. This may be done worse this is the plot of the last throw in dying where you turn up the one that looks better when we are close. Yes I'm at this time because it has only one legged thing on only one like that. This regard today is flat on its. Stomach. This is the age of our democracy. Right they say to me your camp. Life depended on differentiation growth of fire fighting this and with a lot of differentiation the largest operation of the mixture cast where anybody could stand up and make great heat. The cane are the pre the end of everything everything to the kind of mush. And at that time it's time for the whole world to disappear and it will be. Now. This cycle. Takes long. Million three hundred twenty thousand
divine years. For the week to produce the 432 power in the German happy and if you haven't got around it. Well time for you all the great to see the heroes when they are beaten up and killed in battle. I carried on quite about Kerry to the prairie beer hall in the area a great story in round one. Good thing that none of that crap it could be at all that they're there drinking beer and saying fine you know it's not the slightest little thing. Valerie far left port late on like you find it hot like I was doing them and they're having a grand grand time there we didn't come from there the factories and camp and in the morning there get up why would you go out on the lash in fact each other is great because we are going to
get to the professional football players like you get smacked around and the grand thing is how I like to be responding to life again for they do this from our nominee. Warriors are involved here there are 540 tossed the ball and at the end of the world that day of the world call when the gods and the demons will go against each other and annihilate to each of us fighting before you go up there will go a hundred warriors. How many warriors before one of the brothers a number of warriors a book on beer all as there are here in India. Your. Thoughts on what is all this and your work right along. Car pooling influence. You know the fact of looking at it it was so often this way with all my children about cars and still. Only 30
33 there at the scene I am back with only a deep freeze for office it was who wrote it in Greek and talked about the age of the ancient city of somewhere between the founding of the first TV news here and the coming of the flood to the end of the world. There were a bit further than that around there were ten chains who reigned with very long years and the number of years there ain't but one thing here though I doubt if went from there. In the two directions. You know something about this for the Dolphins. I wonder if you know about the precession of the equinoxes. At the spring equinox. Right now the time I understand is in Korea acquiring. It. There used to be a hifi army are at the logical chart 15 hours and the time of the marriage. It was Paul that had to say this rubbish there. There's a little
change I think a third thing you know I guess only two seconds here tonight. That and to make a complete round. It takes. Twenty five thousand one hundred twenty years. Now the unit of time in a very Merry Christmas 60 and if you divide that number by 50 you'll get four hundred thirty two. In other words really actual calculation of the precession of the equinoxes involved here and this is the conflict here. I write for just one more hour. When I first became aware that you were offered I thought well how many pages are there. Yeah and you know that from between the creation and the coming of the flood and the corporate man. Thing. As the number came in very different. Look at how many guests are well if you reckon from began to be very good come along. Fifteen hundred fifty fifty here this is a great
disappointment for me. You are and I don't spend a week or two a science writer one without any thought and I am sure there are some fairly hooked on this. My nickname I am going to work out and I have to find really very important for the Jew who in eight feet thirty three and a letter of credit for hearing and knowing nothing of himself and he jumps up to me and I thought on taking in the Bible. And I wanted him to point it out in the life that we could live that long five days a week if you look rather bigger than the number of five day week years that would be say how many. Yet here you divide five point thirty two dollars if you get a
six thousand four hundred that can be the number of them they will. Come up this far. We can get through this and quietly. Yes there is and here in Florida even in the book again there is that inevitable fight. I meant Go grab it because I really couldn't be anything else. And look my carrying not as a punishment but as the inevitable thing like the death of the free and against this inevitable that policy we have really really called the official biblical pathology the will of God and the will of man. Haters are proffering different policy. Is the mentality of free will that man can free will has become evil and God out of him. Well a promising man. This has been seminar big serve featuring this week part two of a series of
discussions on mask myth and dream led by Professor Joseph Campbell of Sarah Lawrence College. Next week a psychology of intimacy self disclosure and authentic dialogue as we present a conversation with Dr. Sidney Girard professor of psychology at the University of Florida and author of personal adjustment and the transparent self. This series is produced by Radio Station K x K x FM in cooperation with the Aslan Institute of Big Sur California. This program was distributed by national educational radio. This is the national educational radio network.
Seminar: Big Sur
Human potentiality and the evaluation process, part two
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This program, the second of two parts, presents a lecture by Dr. Gardner Murphy, director of research, Menninger Foundation, Topeka, Kansas.
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Discussion and lecture series from Esalen Institute at Big Sur, Calif., headed by Michael H. Murphy devoted to exploring the psychological nature of man.
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