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Now let's see there was Sue darling Johnny's men Jeannette ring one Gladys every tantrum should judge her minor there would he do it Hutchings Jack where Leo Delbridge and Walt Hanson Mary Florida Hey what's going on. Steve Johnson McRae just your latest way as Pat Cooper Leo Feeney call you ugly why can't I play Alice Turner for debris how about a drama that would let you do a single Allen whole Marge drop I don't sign John Hockney and bade her take on how about just oh what's this. Read it Tommy Atkins Catherine Madison Jimmy Bower Peter Bergen I don't get him Scott Jean do it Pat Henry can't Braverman Debbie castling that gets us for a watch at staff that brown faith live at Norman's dying tick share nudie Harris Roy Flora Susan doing Jo-Ellan Gillette Anita Geils Virginia Peters Gary Dennison and Ray craft name aloof and of course Vic Bryant and Ted Nelson what is this. What's the game all game just to people and how's the family. Newsstand transcribed in cooperation with the State University of Iowa the National Association
of educational broadcasters to ws e y presents the family family. How's the family. What are some immediate reactions. Child where the minute I hear my grandson cry I rush over to pick him up. I find my baby her bottle that's a trick I do some checking around first see what's bothering a kid. Whatever the method the goal is the same to relieve the discomfort. We know that infants are helpless and that we are agents to satisfy their needs. All too often however our duties and obligations to our children become less clear cut as they grow older. We're tempted to feel that by merely providing for their material needs
we have fulfilled our role of parent. On the other hand some children remain in the infant state. They continue to demand without accepting their growing responsibilities as the child's environment widens the interests of the family become more complex and diversified. Then problems may crop up on every side. Small and sometimes amusing problems large and often be will during problems the family has always been an important social unit. Just what are some of the influences that tend to divide it and some of the influences that tend to pull it together. Some of these influences are old standbys easily recognized. Others are radically changed from what they were in past years in grandfather's day. Discipline may have followed this kind of pattern now Oh see here Irving Teddy Roosevelt himself wouldn't drive a horse that hard but fall or interrupt I'm talking to you or me. What do you think you were going.
You can't race through town like that think of all who are strong for good horses cost money. But Father this is eighteen ninety nine times of change not so much that a boy can be insolent to his father. We can still visit the woodshed you know what I said Don't interrupt early and tell you show me you can be an obedient son I forbid you to take a horse and buggy have I made myself clear. Yes. You don't know what this younger generation is coming. Those were the days of the razor strop and the buggy whip life with father was sometimes a long standing proposition but whether it necessarily involves a trip to the woodshed discipline is as characteristic of our family life. It has always been just as the horse and buggy were replaced however by the horseless carriage. So May one mode of discipline be superseded by another. That young man now grown up is dealing with his son. Tell your mother you're going to be more tolerant will be borders is not
going to have to toe the mark the way I did for my dad No Sean John Jr. is making a public spectacle of himself always raising dust all over town in the touring car every time he cranks it up I'm afraid something like that. Mother it wasn't a bad collision on her mind to make a trade anyway and I wish you would talk to him about his friends. He and that Bob haired girl were up all hours last night just things watching that fellow downtown that same man trying to break that record. The flagpole. Yeah you're crazy. But it's not going to happen every day. But don't worry about your mother. He's got to learn his way around. He's really a while back when juniors my age will be flying his own I don't know what this younger generation is coming to. Discipline then has an influence on family life has changed somewhat radically but
we're not finished yet. The time is now. JR has also become a dad. Just come again. Yeah dad. Then why did you take the car. I needed it today to look some of the kids swimming. I wish you would have checked with me first. Can I go out when I want to. I had to tell you not a kid anymore dad what still happens to be my car. You haven't used it on Saturdays all summer I expect you to ask for it remember I thought we'd agreed on that. Guess I forgot to tell you show me your memory's improved. I'll tell you when you can use the car. Thank you for the saw but that Ari son. OK OK. I don't know what this younger generation is coming to.
Different generations of the same family then have had different methods of coping with a similar problem with Grandfather The cry was spare the rod and spoil the child. And then Father mellowed by the tune of the hickory stick adopted a more progressive approach. It says here the John recommends letting the child learn through his own mistakes. It was found that both of these methods might lead to undesirable consequences. The former to revote and since parents found it difficult to apply the progressive method consistently the latter to insecurity. The trend now is to combine the best features of each. The result fewer restrictions consistent punishment or a look at it this way. When I was a baby my mother scheduled my feedings. She was very strict about it almost like a doctor's prescription every four hours. But I feed my baby more like my grandmother did whenever he's hungry.
Of course that doesn't mean every time he is speaking to Grandma it's in pretty big families six or seven with nothing to her record to the figures. Then those six or seven when I just had one or two want to know something. Well anyway seems like young folks these days are almost back to grandma's way of doing things. Little tiny What's that. What's the reason for the smaller families in the 20s. That's a region sunny for one thing women got emancipated didn't want to get tied down. Then it seemed like lots of folks sent their kids to college takes money to do that. Can't forget the depression either. Easy to bring up kids on relief and then there was those depression youngsters probably were lonely. Maybe that's why we're pretty. I mean they're producing bigger families today. Interesting point over time or in other words no matter how a child is brought up he wants to bring up his children somewhat different and better leave that to the experts.
But I'll tell you this much. If you're looking for changes in family life where all I know is that in my day there used to be a head of the house and now nobody knows exactly who's boss. Will they. Stop getting in come on I haven't got all day. Be right there Jessica. Now I just don't know what this younger generation is coming to. Many people have said that as society becomes more complex more urban and more industrial marriage and the family are disappearing. However let's look at the statistics the marriage rate is very high. Generally speaking people in the United States marry young and practically all of them get married during their lifetime. About 94 percent of America's women marry the birth rate now is also high of course not compared to the old traditional family but it certainly isn't as low as compared to the depression years. Actually there has been a recent change in the conception of the ideal family size especially in the middle class. The three or four child family is prevalent now.
And before we worry too much about the disappearance of the family let's note the demand for children for adoption these days it is evident then that many people confuse the change in the form of the family with the disappearance of the family as an institution. In other words because we no longer have the patriarchal type of family because we may no longer feel so strongly that a woman's place is in the home. And because children are treated more democratically Now this is no evidence that the family is disappearing. So far we have seen how certain outside influences over a period of years tend to change the form of family life. The effect of education on discipline the effect of psychology on child care the effect of economic conditions on the size of the family. But what about influences that tend to disrupt the family return it if the little woman doesn't like it. So if your wife returns this fur coat it would be the first time in body experience that such a thing is occurring. You see so we really can't afford it but my wife you see
noticed that our neighbor Mrs. Jones has one and well she doesn't know that I'm buying it but I could tell that she wanted it by the expression on her face. Conspicuous consumption. A growing weakness in our time. The demand for material goods. The pressure to keep up with the Joneses. With. With. With. With the with. As most of you girls know well I just returned from a buying trip to peppers in a few days our department will receive a shipment of very exclusive perfume. We're going to have a big advertising campaign and I want you girls to do your part. What should we do Miss Lawrence. Above all an idea we must prove to our customers that they can't afford not to buy a perfume that for discerning people it's a
must. It's a kind of an expense. Not for the woman who doesn't own to her neighborhood at the an. For some people keeping up with the Joneses involves living beyond their means. And when this happens we can usually find father trying very hard to get ahead. When he's working overtime again tonight dear. I want to make money so that you can have that new doll buggy like Mary. I'd rather. He never plays with me anymore and he's busy that's all. Doesn't he love us. Well of course he does dear. Now don't worry we'll have him all to ourselves on Sunday. Suppose we plan something special to do. How would you like that. But what am I supposed to do. Why do you arrange to be home here a little more with the children. But it's for you and the children I'm working you know how much this promotional mean to us. If I
get it maybe I won't have to work so late anymore. It seems to me the only solution is to have forty eight hours in a day. Too much plus too little equals no time for the family. In other words a lot of interests outside the family leaves little time for family activities so necessary in producing the security that comes from belonging to an integrated group. Too many outside interests then may be considered another kind of disruptive influence. But such influence is not confined to the hard working father. It oftentimes involves all the members. I haven't time to do the dishes now. Would you do them alone tonight you see. I have to get back to. School for the player herself feels vitamin pills. That's OK. Martin speaks Marshall not so messy and I don't want my bone marrow. Such as you Christine. She said you drop over and pick me up. OK let's pack the dishes and do them later rinse them all that we had to go on then. The right.
Hand was. Do you see my how can you honestly. Doesn't anyone in this house ever pay any attention to me I want my boner. Your father find his bag dear. I'm off to the ladies of the aisle and make for Martin like just to find my great job Mr. Lucas is waiting I should be at school now or you know my hairline. How do you like to say Dad we need a calabash pipe for our play. Do you have one I could buy right now I'm looking for my body where it is on again. If I knew word why are you in your pipe and by any chance take my bowling by just schoolies I'm in a hurry dance Omari. Where's your brother frat room I guess. But I've got a gun. Should I let the dog care. I don't care. I haven't seen much. I'm your pal don't shoot. Turns out I had been on the wrong here. What do you mean not an oh yeah. This is my favorite Korean Where's my bone me. You know that what you're not. You know I wouldn't squeal on the Ganges more right to reply but as I'll
decline to what's on your I am pure if you want my only regular real Molex meal like you know what do you know nobody remembers the way it's always been all wrong so that when I need a real big day all to Limehouse you would never write well you call me on my you think I'm going to stay here is going to ruffle your own young players and I was going to line all the way right now you. Just shot me. Sorry Clyde. I like them I do. The way I see it with all the extracurricular activities we have to choose from the bridge clubs youth groups school plays Ladies Auxiliary sports it becomes increasingly necessary that we choose some activities in which family members may participate together. This doesn't mean we
can't have our independent interests but we should seek to share even these interests with the rest of the family. For example when sis is in a school play brother may help her to learn her lines. Mother may assist in making her costumes and dad could aid in collecting the props. The whole family may display further interest by appearing on opening night. If we learn to enjoy each other's activities chances are understanding each other will come more easily to. Mutual interests than are an important influence in establishing and maintaining and integrated family. But what are some of the other important influences. What kind of things tend to make a healthy and enjoyable home situation. Prime Minister when all summer my mom brought me downtown here so I could buy my daddy a birthday present. I want to get him a pair of slippers. We a special kind the kind you wear when you go swimming. Oh you go often to the beach with your dad whenever the weather's nice.
Why not do something else. I was going to give you my wallet but they were kind of expensive. And. Well this year I want to pay for his birthday present. Oh myself I've been saving for it out of my allowance every week but I'm always. So long I don't get it. Just overheard that little girl talking to you. You know if my kid ever bought me a present he'd say for I think I'd bust my buttons. I don't think he even knows when my birthday is unless my wife reminds him. Does your boy have an allowance. Besides if he gets nearly everything he wants more than I ever got when I was a kid and I'm not doing much better financially than my old man. Have you tried teaching us on the value of money. What's to use. He thinks it grows on trees. I was talking to my neighbor. He's got six kids and he's got six times the trouble I've got. Kids these days just don't understand. It's easy come easy go as far as they're concerned you can't expect children to understand these things. And so maybe if you're Tory should I bother him about finances. It's enough I tell
him when he can get something and when he can't I don't know. I think I'd keel over if he ever got home. As important as providing for their material needs is the necessity to prepare our children for responsible adulthood. Such preparation involves helping them to think attitude building answering their questions permitting them to assume appropriate responsibilities and learning to live with other people. But the need for this preparation doesn't suddenly manifest itself when the child enters adolescence. The need is there at the same moment the child takes its first breath. How many of us have watched youngsters behaving quite grown up in a scene similar to this one. Better go easy I was not careful warmed up in the red.
Lots of expenditure in your budget. I can't read it 10 cents for what. I see I mean you should learn to write better. Here's another when there are three of them under last week's expenses. Ice cream cones at that rate you'll end up with a deficit but you'll have to budget better for I don't know. I figure I'm going up more ass assets by morning warned Saturday. We need ready cash for buying that anniversary present tomorrow. We can always withdraw from the emergency fund. No that's our. Collateral. We're not touching the piggy bank. Saying Oh that's an idea. Wet sand are quire already in Selly. We're not far away either. This afternoon a few stills doilies you've been coaching. And if I get a job yard we should have an up. How much cash do you have on hand. Let's see. Forty seven cents. How much do you have. Sixty. We should be able to swing it.
We don't have any more ice cream cones. Go to the movies next week permitting children to assume responsibility is AIDS the process of family integration. Children learn the need to sacrifice for other members of the family they gain a proper perspective of their own role. And by giving them early responsibilities such as putting away their toys and helping with routine housework and later letting them care for younger children. All these things prepare the child for the more mature responsibilities of adulthood. What you say is all very nice but a lot of children won't accept any responsibility. How can we get them to do these things. Where are we mentioned before starting to give our children responsibilities when they're quite young. Also suiting the responsibilities to the interests of the child. In other words take advantage of any interest the child may have. A young girl for instance may enjoy helping with the dishes. Her brother on the other hand may take pride in making a very military looking bad. My youngsters won't even hang up their own clothes no matter how much I neg. I can even threaten to
send them outside and work in the yard but they still don't do anything about it. It's not wise to threaten work or responsibility as a punishment however. And we mustn't make it seem that we parents are shoving our responsibilities on them. Above all it's important for us to set a good example. To practice what we preach. But to do more practicing than preaching. What do you see after supper. Don't worry we'll fix that kid. We'll keep him in his place. Song. Hi mom. Who are you talking about Lester nucular moved in the neighborhood. Oh this one some boy are you mad at him. What did he do. Nothing yet we just gotta be careful oh we don't want furniture taken over the Swenson's are foreigners.
Sure they just came over here. They sure talk funny. Oh and that's bad. Well sure is not. Well you haven't mentioned this before Lester. I don't know exactly how to answer. How would you answer such a question if you were a child came home and said his gang was ostracizing another youngster because he was of a different race or because she went to a different church or had a limb maybe spoke with an accent. What would you do. Od let the kid do what he wants. Don't see me but I encourage my children to select their friends carefully. One can't be too selective these days. That's another thing people should stick to their own kind. Even children. But if you wanted to build wise attitudes in your children to help them to think independently to develop their good judgment then you might do what Lester's mother is doing in the situation. Then the only thing you boys have against this Winston's is that they don't speak English too well. Yeah I guess so mom. Suppose we invite them over for dinner next week and see how different they really are.
Well I don't know the gang might not understand you won't understand this Winston's either until you know them better. I would ask your father about it tonight. No I've got just once I'm trying to win now. And how are you boys making out with your checker game. I've got him this time. Lloyd's beat me six games in a row but not this time. Would you like some cookies and ice cream. Thank you. Well if you don't want anything more I'll get back to my bridge game. It's your move Lloyd. And. Boy is that. What you want to play checkers like lay out in the country. One of the old offenders taught me some good moves. I teach them to you if you want this then I'd be swell. You know up until tonight I kind of wish we had the fellas around here. They don't like me very much.
Sure they do. It's just they don't know you. Give me time after tonight I'll take care of them. Actions speak louder than words and this is especially true for the child. If Lester's parents had made no overt effort to accept the new family themselves chances are Lester would have continued to follow the example set by his gang teaching by example then is a wiser approach to the development of attitudes than merely preaching. But such teaching is two sided indifference and thoughtlessness may be acquired by our example or lack of example too. It is doubtful for instance that only talking to our children about democratic citizenship will help much to inspire them to be better citizens. A healthy attitude toward democracy will not develop merely by repeating slogans or examining patriotic carvings in stone. Like most attitudes acquired by children it is learned through the example set by their parents.
Oh this is nice out here. No she threw rocks after supper not essentially right. Are you going to vote tomorrow dad. Sure I'm next. Haven't missed in 20 years. They're finally going to build another parking lot downtown. That's one of the reasons why we're voting. I actually think they make a playground that runs. Kids down there don't have any place to play. Yeah but you can't expect everybody in the city to pay taxes on a playground that'll only be used by a few. Now a parking lot everybody can use right down I sure could. Takes me longer to find a place to park than it does a drive downtown. I bet the vote will be 2 to 1 in favor of the park. I don't know about that. I've talked to a lot of people and I think it's going to be pretty close. I know how I vote. You just be wasting it Nancy. I don't feel I'm going to waste mine. But you just said I'd like a place to park and I want to. But more than that I want to see those kids with a playground in the long run neck I think you'll find it'll even be a greater benefit to the whole community.
And so we have looked at some details which spell out how important the family is to every American citizen especially the little citizens who will inherit this confused world. Each child must feel the security of rules rules that give sense to the home life. But he must also have freedom to learn his own way to develop his own talents and later to get a sense of the insecurity his parents are protecting him from. The most important thing a parent can give him is love. It is best expressed by the gift of time. Personal attention and good example these workwear preachings are comfortable living. We live in complicated pigeonhole but the dark prediction is that the family would die in a machine have proven false.
People want children and underneath they honor their family without ever saying it you parents feel it in your bones that the rearing of good citizens to face the world with strength and conviction is a most important part of your life or you are part of the family and the family is here to stay. The family is produced by WSU wife for the National Association of educational broadcasters under a grant from the educational television and radio center and is in charge of the production. Dr McGirr Joy's in charge of research scripts by Fred cedar home James Ware is director. This is the n AB network.
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