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The Lord. Mayor. Lord. ORTF. We present the story of a masterpiece. Another in a series of programs recounting the historical background. Of world famous artistic masterpieces. News. Today and the embarkation for Cythera. You're. Parents. The spring of 79 in the Luxembourg Gardens the sun is shining too dignified gentleman pacing up and down.
What's the matter with you all. You seem so restless. You upset about something. My dears yes you've guessed right. You are seeing right through people. I can hide anything from you. The truth of the matter is that I'm anxious to return and tell me how you made out. You know he was competing for the Grand Prix of the academy. That's melancholy boy was always planted in front of Rubens masterpieces and the gong galley. Starting with it with yes on appointing me decorator of the pen is the king provided me with a magnificent pavilion. I've said but go there and we work together. I was watching him yesterday. I'm sure he's not not very easy to get along with. True enough but he's got so much personality. And in spite of these moods he's when he's illnesses people
take to him right away. You would like him to say. If you tell me to buy a painting of his one of these days do you think you think you'll be received at the academy. I'm going to be honest with you. I simultaneously hope for and dread his success if he gets the first prize. You go to Rome but if he leaves me I'll miss him very very badly. He's become as good a designer as I know you don't say. Yes as good as the decorator of the chateau down near the Chateau de merde all decorated for the dishes the blowgun your King Louis favorite That's quite a compliment to tell you the truth. Wedo as a sort of natural genius. We make a perfect team. But do you think you'll please the academy. You can't expect me to go in for modern work.
Return of David following the defeat of Goliath. That's far removed from virtue of St.. I see him very well. How did it go. Second he won't be going to Italy. Yes our chair my friend Vento and tell him that the Academy is an old lady. It's a waste of time to court. I admire your talent all the more now that you fail. You're making fun of me now. I'm not. And you can be sure it isn't the academy that I buy my paintings that show me something you've done and perhaps make up for the refusal of the ME. He has many paintings of his own. How do you know. Would you have me spend my whole life painting walls. You know very well that I won't stay with you forever but I must leave. Change my life change
countries. I can't breathe here anymore. I thought you loved the looks and all. Can't you understand that a man will grow weary of the object of his love. I love these trees and I love you. But the men and things I see about me here have told me everything they had to say to me. I wanted to go to Italy to the pine trees and cypresses to the sun drenched waters of the fountains. Other horizons that might have cured me perhaps. People with guitars and songs men with clear souls. What's the use. I'll never go never. You're doing well here and I'm your friend and you my friend want to condemn me to a lifetime of smudging panels and alcoves. But yes I know I know I'm awful. You've done a lot for me but I can't take it anymore. I begged a prize from those men who don't even come close to appreciating my work because it was the only way for me to go. I can't stand my
friends I can't stand the beauty I see about me here anymore. I can't stand happiness anymore. Save me I will show you a painting I've done and if you like it you will pay me for it. The money I need to return to violence in the last year and here is where I come from. They say that a return to the native land can cure everything. It's eight years now since I last saw my mother bring a painting to my shop. I'll see to it you go to that all see and oh yeah won't you regret the looks on the back. And I love it the more during the few days I'll still be here. Good bye I'm going for a walk I need to move to run. I'm leaving. I'm leaving.
Oh how lovely it is in the garden how good it feels to be alive. How can I forget all that. And these people these women. Oh I wish I could paint them all before I go. Who's calling me phones shown and heights. I've given up all hope of seeing you again. We had I recognized you didn't that you are still as talented as ever. And are you still as nice with young love lorn paying to fly as you scoundrel. Have fun show you were the woman I would love to paint and to love. Thank you in my hand something to you and what are you doing here. I live in the Patty Duke song where I work as a decorator. It's a nice place to live and I love the trees here so much. And you my little fun show. Are you still an actress you know that's a thing of the past. The fairs the convos I now have an admirer takes me to the theatre and displays me and his coach to the high
society. Really big a life how do you like my dress. No I love the sheen of so no pretty woman could ever ask for a lovely address show or show my admirers calling me he's probably jealous without reason I'm afraid to kiss with a band of young Mad Men near the base and that's where a court of love holds its meetings. I'm going to introduce you to him. You do up your traits come then show you know. You want to do it. Everything i want cause you know that I was right. He's my painter you make of your ugly faces a procession of gods and goddesses of love. How gay they are. How youthful. How happy. And here are my sad and tender. Silent. That's the way it should be.
Everything is in place. The tree the bench. The sky. I want to this indescribable moment to last an eternity. It's no longer a garden. It's a puck an infinite pock. From a silken dress. I will fashion light the women's breath will rustle in the leaves forever. The sky becomes a desolate. And it's night. The sleeping waters of the basin awaken. It's a lake. No. No it's the sea. And all these young beautiful people who love each other. Are going to embark for the Fed to get. It. Cause a wealthy patron of the arts and famed collector. Has
set aside the top section of his residence for the two to work and live in. On this particular evening in 1770 there is a great scent in the house of miss you cause of you. Oh well. Cause i certainly has a lot of tasty knows how to entertain is
yes. Why isn't it marvelous to hear a woman sing here against the background of the finest. Song I was working up there in my studio and your voice rose towards me. Oh you're mad. And to think I'd lost you once again in the depths of a huge city. Where were you this time. Here you are at last with this joyous without you. Come with me I must take off my lipstick and makeup and get rid of these. Now don't you dare this is how I like you in many ways I would show you off to the garden for tea. I must get out of this rags. These violins. Anyway I'll join you on a little while to take me away from all the snow you know the house. I spend my life here. Like come to my studio. Oh excuse me gentlemen Mademoiselle foreshore is retiring to her dressing room.
It was back to back to us quickly. Let's take this little stackers right foreshock So it's really you you wicked cretin to scold me and you yourself leave to go off to your gloomy and foggy then once you have always been my own worst enemy. I had Paris the traders of the Luxembourg Gardens and I had you especially for show you and your perpetual energy. And I left everything so a deep feeling of anxiety that makes me yearn for suffering in the midst of such happiness. I was very unhappy advantage and you know what's become of your lover. Oh he was cheating on me so I came back to the theatre and in the meantime you become famous. You went to the Academy nearly five years ago I was so happy for you when I heard the news. Yes my little painting has become a great painter. We so many things have happened in the past. Yes. There are no events in my life except for my paintings.
Each of which is an event. Here is my room. Oh beautiful how bright. Great so you have your reputation. Now it's to my friends that I owe my reputation. They're all devoted to my success. So in my paintings everywhere they're going to talks about me and all the fashionable saloons and goes has offered me hospitality fit for a king. I'm one of the loveliest residents as I knew it. And it's perhaps the reason I accepted to come and see me. So you haven't forgotten the unstable and downcast young man that I was when you first knew me. Always busy scribbling away. I've always admired him and will continue to do so until the day I die. I like this a me too. I live here next to Rubens to Raphael all my masters are here. Look on the walls in the portfolios. And yet somehow I feel
unworthy of them. It's because of them that I never dared finish my embarkation for Cythera. Oh surely to me now I'm going to give Lisa I didn't know you were here when you were going to get out of the habit of prowling about my studio when I'm not in. When you hear I always feel I'm disturbing you. Well you are. What can I do you won't teach me your secrets so I have to try to discover them in your painting can be taught. Study Rubin's the Italians try to find the answers yourself just as I did. Unfortunately I'm not. Excuse me Master. Forgive me man with that. Poor boy we've treated him so badly with just me. He claims to be my pupil. I try to put up with him in remembrance of his father whom I loved but well he bothers me why is he got no talent. Well yes he has talent. You know for sure. I really think I'm jealous yes jealous of painting. I don't want to
share it with anyone else. Ah what a mess it is here. I never really settled in I was have the impression I'm going to leave tomorrow. We're not going to leave this marvelous house are you. Why not if you come with me. Never again will I let you go away you know I will be your servant your model your friend. I will help you to finish your painting the painting right here it is under this cloth. I'm afraid I'll never finish it. God how beautiful it is. But. Oh faceless. Yes they are. For the time being at any rate my beautiful journey to the island of Cythera always interrupted. For sure I would like this painting to be the story of love. Lovely. Would you accept a pose for me.
Oh with pleasure and right away. Just let me get out of the stage dressed. Why keep it on. It takes you straight into the realm of the imagination the realm of my painting. Wasn't it in the theatre that I saw this galley ship and the string of lovers ready to invoke. Yes it was in late one by Don Kool rather mediocre comedy which ended with a departure for Cythera. You know the idea came to me 10 years ago in the Luxembourg Gardens. Do you remember financial health costs Myfanwy It's extraordinary. These are our guesses and yet it's not us. You've ennobled our youthful follies and it's also the Luxembourg Garden and yet it's another one. It's the dream of virtue in love. The embarkation for the island of happiness. But who will get them. I never find my island radiant enough. But with you for sure it will rise out of the waters as the sun at daybreak. It will be worthy of
my masters. I will finish it I swear I will of course you air it and tell you my dear for sure. Yes at times I feel as if I were an enchanter. It seems to me that in this painting I can bring these men and these women to life seems to me that the elements themselves obey my every wish come Forshaw the wind is with us. I or the Enchanter I'm taking command of the ship. We're leaving for a shot. How silent it is on the sea. Over there lies the happy island where every soul finds peace. Come come come all the lovers in the world. But who is taking you to Cythera. You're. The owner.
You are. Another five years past. Five years of work of glory. That Dole had become famous. Is admirable. He's inspired embarkation for Cythera was finished. But vatos life was drawing to an end. He was still young. But the hardships of his early days had sacked all of his strength. You're. Ok I'm gonna. Cry for sure. These last days. The peaceful ones. He's found peace with in this so just so I'm. Good. I'm going to get married. You came back in time to
the end zone you will suffer no more. He's only 37. Don't you see breaking you know nothing so lovely this time of day and what a beautiful morning. They do seem to be the very background he painted for his pilgrimage to Cicero. Beloved is about to go to sleep among the trees of the thongs which he loved so much. Oh. Miss you look have you come to bring him some final words of comfort. You no longer needs them. He already is a peace with himself. His soul isn't weighed down by any burden. His only sin is with those he imagines he's made good all his imaginary injustice to his fellow man with his own hands he's destroyed everything in his work which might have induced base
thoughts. Yes he's made up for the way you treated me. He said he'd been on just me later but nobody a worthless student at York paid him in just a few days. The great thought there was talk me all the secrets of his own. He kept saying he wasn't patient enough with me. His teaching wasn't good enough. My friends my friends you there are all there is good father your pupil your friend. And me your old companion just sat. Come closer. All of you just said you remember the day you made me believe in myself for the first time you stood by me all my life I was a difficult friend wasn't I. Yes but a good man. Why have I always searched for something else. I'm starting to see it now.
Would you mind opening the window. Oh no no no. Don't wait the morning coolness no longer just dangerous brings peace to myself. Thank you. Pastor give me my portfolio. This is where I kept my sketches taken from life. I called them my thoughts. Yes I was always in the habit of thinking as I held my pencil in hand and sketched. I'm going to give you these drawings my friends. No no don't refuse. Yeah you just you just said Take these sketches of trees. This musician with his guitar. Oh I loved music so much but I keep these sketches of Hatton's in various attitudes
the hand you see is the great Creator the instrument of God for the band and sacred for me to show for show. For show. Here with a song of my miserable life take these sketches I made of you and especially this one where you are on your knees with your head bending over so tenderly where you hold up towards me your apron filled with all the gifts of heaven. I always knew that underneath your frivolity there lay hidden a greatness of the hot and you proved it to me. Mr. Cooley and I'm here to offer you this Holy Family. It's Christ talking to my son. Oh yes yes I must. The most important part remains to be done. Leave
me leave me alone with her for a moment that's come fast come close about it. I don't have much strength left to talk. I read your forgiveness the way I treated you. I was jealous of you in a way but you taught me everything you know in just a few days. I tried it at any rate remember patterns. Remember that all the different parts making up a painting for a single living thing the modulations of one and the same melody but you can't learn the first note of this melody from a master. Cost me a great deal to learn that. Now look for it yourself. I will master I will go. Go out and look at nature. Go and look around the outskirts of Paris with a
sketchpad look at the trees walk the streets and look at the men about you. You learn from every day reality. Before giving free rein to your imagination I promise you I will potter you're going to paint works of love. Remember that licentiousness offends the beauty of the world and the fragment of divinity that God has instilled in us. I just draw it in my work. Everything that degraded life love is the most beautiful thing in the world but it's a battle you must always respect love exhaust but look at me and go you know don't be afraid I'm not afraid you know take my hand to lead the poor ones around here want to know more before he's found what he was looking for
tell my friends come back pats come home all of you was sure that you have a show me my God. Oh no not just cross fixit. It's too ugly how poorly they fashioned my master. Just so I have one more favor to ask you the last one. Yes my friend or my paintings. Do what you like with them. Sell them give them away. But that is what I dream about. The embarkation. Yes the embarkation. That's the one I like best. I know it's pretentious just forgive me but if someday a museum is created in France where the public can admire the works of all those who devoted their life to out I would be so
happy if I am found worthy enough that my embarkation for scything be included among them. Then young lovers can look at it. Dream a little and go away with love in their hearts. Taking with them a little bit of pool the two streams. The museum that dude dreamed of became a reality thanks to the cane awarded its creation several years after the Peters death and it wasn't just a wall in the Hoover that was set aside for the embarkation to sit through but a whole room where a century after century all the lovers in the world rediscover the freshness of youth their youth at the sight of those celebrated masterpieces. Lord. Lord. Lord. Lord.
The story of a masterpiece paints the embarkation for Cythera. With a column in the title role with Juliana was Lyle Joyce Norman Enfield and Ziska Baum. The program was written by adopted into English by Benjamin Zimet and directed by Pierre it came to you transcribed from ORTF the French broadcasting system in Paris. You're. You're. This program was distributed by the national educational radio network.
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Watteau: The emparquement for Cythe
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