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If the animal ordered little bird behaves in a way. So we call it so Dish territory or presenting to him his own individuality which he must preserve at any price and he's ready to fight. And this moment I ask you to go along with me when I indulge in the divorce in a bold extrapolation. I feel a deep kinship a panel or an analogy if you prefer between the behavior of these little creatures and men who defend his boundaries and I don't have to remind you that current streams of blood has been shed in the course of Peter's story for the principle of the inviolability of the boundaries of the sacred national boundaries or of the inviolability of the national soil. Then energy become clear. As many
as as you come to think of it and despise the variance of the territory the complexity of the feats of the needle Bert and Patti yucky feelings of a human being. However she to anticipate you are silent acquiescence because we cannot argue with me and this moment you have to with an evacuation and to fight and to wait until I finish. So since I anticipate you agreement I push my analogy a stop the further we know and now we come to mend the course of the showpiece development. The growing human in the world. I have two I would grow. What is called the new Our unity with the mother or another parent or a substitute mother or parent. The first piece fuse not only biological Of course he spent the first nine months of its life in his mother's womb but even after he grows up and we know that the human child is
particularly helpless for a very long time it takes him a long time not only before he can live by himself but before he can become a not an autonomous independent member of a complex society. So he needs union with the parent or with the people. Yes we depend on me. The parents are funny but on the other hand he has to develop his own individuality in order to do that. He has to mobilize the segregation reality he fears that he might be absorbed by the powerful adult people. Experience shows that what is called this symbiotic situation symbiosis where two creatures must live together in this symbiotic situation under certain
conditions prevail. For an armed you length of time and he said well on principle of both biology and psychology every function which is Comp a complex function in this case is a function of being an individual person of having once on the go. All these complex functions which have a complex development can be easily sorted this or that under certain conditions. The necessity to defend himself against the symbiosis and to gain the powerful impact of the Panhandle oh sorry this may go overboard and leads to acts of aggression. This may happen for instance when the young individual finds himself unduly drawn to a parent. Their own in a way which seems to endanger your logical integrity.
This probably has since happened in the case where the individual has to repress and to strive against what he called his unconscious homo sexual impulses against or against his unconscious incestuous impulses and many a case of violent murder incomprehensible bizarre and horrible. Happen as a nice stand of the anti individual acting out some of this defensive violence because the object OPC unconscious desire seems to threaten his integrity and so the person by a mechanism which we psychopath is called projection. He sees these objects and he's enemy and he's dangerous enemy and he feels that unless he destroys these objects and in this way eliminates the danger
he will succumb to that and different and maybe disappear vanish be destroyed as an individual. Sometimes of course this is done as punishment. Like the famous Federer whom we all know from classic tragedy the famous Federer accuses her stepson. People eat of trying to see news and so makes her husband destroy him by Geithner ality. He was innocent it was she who cast an eye full of laughs and this innocent boy. Well he is becomes much more complicated because a man is a creature who lives by his past and lives by symbol so the group in man we find a depository of infamy that the UN
says it will Russian. And the steps are constantly modified and molded bank each individual experience. This is of course a great difference between the animal aggression and it meant an aggregation of men. If a lion Germans and he spray he's not angry cos nobody taught us what the lion feels but we have studies observations rely on that's what he must do this if he didn't think it can of surviving any other way. So he he hunts a guy zelo an antelope he throws her but he's not angry out here whereas in man all this has a much more complicated roots and complicated complicated to make a nice guy. However things as we have seen in the know it. Violence integration are so important and
the sacrifice of the instinct of self-preservation. It is quite natural that in the nervous system the US specially mechanism as we call it specialized apart or to see special machinery which is performed and which serves to manage to express these. Our nation and these violence these make and these mechanisms and been studied by geology. The existing the meta brain to date all the period of apartheid to cease its are a factor as to sequential limbic system. And we know that we can perform experiments and experiments on animals when the animal shows so-called sham rage. We don't know whether he's in a cage but he behaves as though he was an aberration and this happens where special systems in the brain which I just referred to are being stimulated for instance by the electric current.
If we look for a moment and human authority then we see that in pathology finally these mechanisms which are performed in the never was system are triggered in various ways. For instance we know now from psychotics when Sarka to study that such cheating cases of murder for instance the case of which I suspect you remember the murder of the eight nurses in Chicago such a case presents a complex combination of braindamage abuse of their acts and psychological trauma. We have said that many leads blankies past. And by symbols for this reason his acts are not only an expression of these things are in direct plans and desires but they are motivated by his beliefs by his ideology and are based and
symbolic connections and implication acts of violence committed and such a basis may seem natural to individuals who share the same beliefs and symbols by the method be unnatural to all the others. A few years ago we noticed a horrible spectacle of murderous commuted in India. In a part of India in the province of Pakistan where many Hindus were murdered by the Muslim fellow citizens. Thereafter of the Muslims was aroused by a symbolic privation. One of them was horny really in their position. Mohammed's hair the hair of the prophet. These appear and of course they're Hindus accused of having stolen this air and then they can be destroyed. Here you have a striking example of a gradual
and violent group reactions as an expression of hatred to me and by powerful collective symbols he story provide a sufficient number of examples if you seen for instance one of the great movements in history which had incalculably effect. The Crusades because it's been motivated by belief in symbols by seem. I should mention now and not to the give of individual violence which has great relevance for our understanding of certain phenomena certain events which we witness every day. Fear was 1917. I was saving my my apprenticeship in psychiatry is the famous professor lawyer this was a man who was the first to discover or describes his offering of the famous disease. And he and trust me we should examine him in giving a legal opinion on the following case which was referred to us by the courts on a once
lovely clear spring morning. A young well dressed man and white collar worker prostitute himself and the band of strife in front of this week's printed Bank One of the greatest banks took a piece of property. So do it against the window and broke the main window to police was surprised it didn't seem a logical action across the east of 1917. Today probably everybody would feel but most natural thing for health can you do with a bank if you don't have money. But in Switzerland there was a difference of opinion and he was sent to us for examination. He should expand nation was the warden's was the time of the work on number one and he said the war raging in Europe is a product of the capitalist system. The Bank represents a capitalist system in destroying the bank. We don't want you to protest against the capitalist system and against the war. This young man proved to be affected
by fears of a mental illness which favors symbolic thinking and short circuit emotion acting out. However as you know history of mankind is full of events which are based on the same mechanism. If you take the crusaders the worse of religion the persecution of the heretics Stalin's purges and healers concentration camps our own racial riots and monkey individual manslaughter the murder of our two great presidents in all the instances we are confronting these violent originate in Haiti to challenge along the lines of symbolic thinking and emotional acting talent. It's a complex orchestration of the destructive urge not some individual on Match violence cannot hide from your original primitive motives. We're not clever. We leap men I'm calling a pundit Mr. Benson personality of Helios wild whose frustrations and brooding Christie could be
detected in his adolescence. He's mental disturbance forced there by his confused mother and deficient family structure. Letter came from one desperate attempt to compensate for his frustration to another no lead desk no less desperate in futility him finally in an act of argument to speculation he destroyed our young president protesting this act of violence against his own fatal and punishing somebody Cal the entire establishment and the fabric of society in which he could not find a place of his own and legitimated recognition at last. He made a name for himself for a permanent. He became a man in history just like you describe the stepmother described herself in conversation with your reporter. She said I and imagine it in history. Even more clear and transparent in their structure. Architect a shell in Iowa which in the
course of the last two years have torn apart some of our cities out of a background of economic social and psychological frustration unfulfilled hopes and promises sprang the serious of shirts retractions from violence and destruction. The actions of protests against the entire white establishment of the have nots against the haves. In keeping with the principle of mass psychology reactions block to the highest speed all individual hate and frustration and of the root or rationality and even the instinct of self-preservation. And if you read some of the experts for instance we have an excellent study of two newspaper men who study racial arrived in West Los Angeles when you study the biographies of various people who took part in it. You see this whole type history of individual violent individual frustrations individual violence individual use
appointments woven into the presentation of a whole society. It was disappointing violence we didn't see mass destruction natural unnatural to following by the way of analogies for instance of the world so I have said I have to understand because you never in it be debility yet you reveal that to call it natural would imply the ultimate in pessimism which means that the second or two that I wanted to mean if the telomere of cause and effect take into consideration the fact that for national planning social national political planning and to gain and target people the idea of men and society and of men in society. To be sure one of the first important series of arrests and their action the first promoted by our own American psychologist was to see all your frustration I rationally said violence is a result of frustration.
Sure Dunalley. So for racially I have shows confirms the history. Moreover And if she's terribly important for that as authentic of certain chapters of contemporary France sorry if I was. Observation shows and violence breeds violence. And Intel in their double reaction of these violent came out to claim the clamor for punishment in the Spanish and then bleach further violence in this way. A whole chain of violence being established and certain phenomena of great political importance can be viewed in this line. One may be appalled by Stalin's purges by foreigners concentration camps and so on and so forth but he is calling for violence which could rule in great fans great people. But then if you're a student of Russian history you see that this was a serious of acts of violence individual a
collective and in this way the violence was imprinted and the whole chorus of P3 of Russia. Dominate him if he story. And of course expressing itself and the different in a different period in a different social structure in a different way. Now and I come to my last observation. You remember that the SERP painting and the divination chapel represent a sacrifice of Abra to my mind The scene represents one of the most significant steps in the future of humanisation of men. You'll remember that I have abandoned the idea of human sacrifice to Saxon sacrificial animals with beloved sons students of precious and comparative religion leave no doubt about the fact that the human sacrifice was universal. And as we know it.
Sorry that some very sophisticated culture like going to finish. And that this was the most essential part of their religion. In food for the appellation human sacrifices to cannibalism and tradition which had to be abandoned as per project e.g. for an already ging of society. There is much evidence to support the idea that the media car sort of was a predatory creature a creature with Slate not only other animals but his fellow creatures as well and impressive body of facts and these are facts collected by Apollo on television was assembled and presenting a few years ago in Gaza a famous book by Army called African Genesis. There you can see these piled on to logical findings you can see how holes work done in this crowd of these primitive
human creatures so that the brain could be extracted. When we consider the origins of socialization a process sanctioned by law by religion by ethics we realize that it was built upon the precarious foundations of bestial and humanity if you bury peace in mind then he's perhaps less surprising. Even so no less appalling. The distrust of progression worked beside her and her aggression that is falling back on earlier stages of development. This happens constantly in human pathology and in history to quote Plato's famous passage in Book 9 of the Republic in dreams. The human nature reveals itself in the following grave the Wild Beast says Plato all the while between our natures stocked up and books about naked and rigorous not conceivable phony or crime however shameless or unnatural
not accepting incest or parasite of such a nature may not be guilty in all of us. Such a latent wild beasts and of course we know that one of the greatest threats come from the application misapplication of one of the greatest discoveries of human genius than a gravity of the mysteries of the structure of the matter of the atom. We have atomic war. It is this paradox of human nature and to pollution which cross for craft and be your lance and more efforts. Men cannot afford to be blinded by all documents of science and technical and take knowledge. We know now is that every material step forward they are simply too dangerous to man spirituality and needs to be weighed in the light of the ideal of humanity of man. The mental the ever present warning should remind us that in the works of our no be I quote
from his last book. There must be a very no for original sin in human nature everywhere. To each of us makes a strong appeal to moral state TV like vision is nowhere and never secure it is a sin k from all but a lying and moral mass of weaken it that is always boiling for an opportunity to burst out. Civilization cannot ever be taken for granted. It's pricey said Pennell vigilance and sees a list of each whatever is not an accident that somebody said that love can never for granted. It dissolves old and must be bought at the price of a constant effort. When we reflect on history of men we realize how often scientific progress social progress for our company by destruction and violence. Can we dare to hope that if you ever change that violence will be abolished. Perhaps such a belief to a community. Yes Ladies gentleman I am friendly convinced that this would be a
deal that should be our goal and natural any and inevitable source violence may be appear to us under certain circumstances some of which I try to outline for you in the sketch. Nevertheless it should be our ultimate goal. Probably like every idea it can ever be I think your dish will be the bacon for us. And then maybe these are our progress we can lead to a more inhuman course of study and we can bring it about that men should be closer to the ideal man. And so I feel at this not I'd like to conclude we are not of realistic optimism despite all the violence which we see an appalling and frightening. We should never give up our endeavor and how I hope for this process of a
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Peace, love, creativity: Hope of mankind
Natural and unnatural violence, part two
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This program presents the second part of a lecture by Gustav Bychowski, Mt. Sinai Hospital and Downstate Medical Hospital.
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This series presents lectures from the 1968 Cooper Union Forum. This forum's theme is Peace, Love, Creativity: The Hope of Mankind.
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