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The national educational radio network presents the BBC World Theater these weekly broadcasts are made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This week on BBC World Theatre in observance of Holy Week we hear the true mystery of The Passion of the French medieval played by the Brothers great by. They wrote this play to bring to life to the people of their time. The events which led up to the crucifixion intending it to be acted by the inhabitants of the town or a village where it was given. It's in this tradition that it's been translated and adapted by James Kirk up for this production. The true mystery of the passion. Look the sun will come out again. It rained all the time. Everybody's running toward look at the steps carts together.
There's the undertaker. He's what I call it he looks a little bubble curtain. There's al the way he's playing and not a bad choice either for the bar. There's Mary Magdalene as between you and me. It's one of the old started out. The Chief Constables pilot the problem is you know you have to get. A man who plays Jesus stands over there part there
over there by the middle card. That's Jerusalem. The children stared him. You know what's to come. We would bring upon these barren open stages in the spring time of the year that
miraculous that our Lord performed for us. Likewise the trial pains and ignominy temptations grieve and injuries but he did suffer for our sake for the mean time. If that we do or say anything wrong or bad we pray that God will pardon. Now we present you upon our stage is all the chief witnesses in person age is that every vote themselves who saw their Lord Patten and all that went before and that you all may be suitably Advani and well and properly astonished. We bring you word to all eternity. Forgive us Lord but we must start our day by calling on him in this way. Oh. Lord what a fright the devil jumped up there all right. My heart concerning precious
and this daughter and I feel that grows greater than my own. And he kept it up. And down. I'm glad that schoolmaster going to act all right. I'm having a. Battle of the subprime.
I have my reasons. I don't mean I don't. We all agreed to pursue this case with great severity and bring the blast. Jesus do is that. Yes but who would tell us of the places where he goes. My God. There. I won a pile of crap you are a disciple it appears to me I don't want to die. Where will your master be tonight. First let me put you right. You seem to think it very odd it got to Matt. But I give you my talk we want to get to work. You don't seem to realize might matter how very important a character I am. What will be spoken to with their soul Thank you. Wait I got to go to if you don't go away. Beg your pardon for this rude display Have you no Pharisee not even Jeroboam you know will lord it over me.
Well you get the business. Tell me first time much money I need you to touch by letting you in the know about where Jesus aims to go. Now I think it might be nice if we could settle on a price. It's a good round sum we offer 30 pieces of silver 30 pieces of silver. When satisfied that he has done studies enough I wouldn't take another one but it will be a paid cash down by God before I go into that job. There are 30 pieces in this purse. We know one thing more. I want you to guarantee it. Danger seems to threaten me to come at once to my defiance you may depend upon it we will give you security that will be danger. Jesus is no stranger. He always has his friends around in a tight I've always found it. Tell us when where and when have any meaning. He's in the habit of going to Mount Olivet to a god and go get so many as many a shady tree. Place your man and I should reveal to you via sewing will be this on his now place
a case load. Now we must but no man. Well I'll do that through Malaysia will meet again and I will my dogs you say. A light agreement can be reached All right. See that the place is manned and everything will work out as we plan. I never knew a sponger self-pitying upstart and you need not just is having cheap now then we have to arm and carefully structure that may cause a little trouble. Oh you're right but all the bombing every time finding such weapons is a cat or a Ford. I jammin up like a sling on what ever I'm ready. Wouldn't hurt a fly. I want you and your man to be at the ready. Do you hear me.
You may be sure that none of us want to go back while to spike just be allowed to shot the point. Oh no no I'd rather not. I got myself a job like this you know we are pretty much very sports together. Teleconference just press play to get it up like I don't load up proper disgrace or you are certain you will not hear the crack you never saw her rock I would not my where my oh my you know we might not run even a stepladder is never right right. They've all got to live. Now comes the scene of the Last Supper. Bring it on the table manners.
Foreigner. A man who plays Jesus. Peace be upon this house and upon all those who dwell with your Lord I hope that you are satisfied with what my door I was can provide. It was almost honorably and her day. Nothing is lacking. We do not complain and you do as honorably entered today. Nothing is lacking. We do not comply. Do us almost on Irving. Yeah peaches right. So why are you just such up your tears. Sit down for a while be still be quiet man and what do you want to worry for you'll be doing something your sorry for brother. Be well advised. We are sad. We need friend and sit by me.
I know when I hear it sticks in my throat that time draws near. So I you know kind words move me in a secret way. It is I will endeavor to obey. I love a man who plays Jesus rises and breaks the bread for my children. I have said a blessing on this thread that I do. It is my body take and eat. Wisdom and divine what is this precious food of our Master gives us bread and as I understand it is his body too that he offers with his hand. I believe he is the one our lady didn't conceive galled only saw him. My faith is for it would be grieved if not with perfect confidence I did believe that this wine so red and good which now I take and bless it is my blood. Drink
it with humbleness and with a pure and constant mind. This bread and this wine Take eat and drink them for my sake. Oh sweet fraternity do this in memory all. Eat and drink all of them most reverently. There they sit down again on the table. My children look I pray you into your hearts and consider well what I shall say. There is among you one who shall this night betray the Son of Man. Oh my gosh. How can you trade by one of this company if you be one of us here. Will you show dish draw I have never known the hand of him that will betray me upon this table.
Now don't lie do they all take their hands from the table. Truly the Son of Man doth go as it was determined. Be on to that man by whom he is betrayed. He shall wish that he had not been Boles is a very dreadful thing I'm afraid. When we can't score all is not well with us brother how can we the treacherous man discover there are so many of us here a lot belonging to the House and others not. I don't know who he's got in mind do you. It is one of the twelve it is he who dips his fingers in the dish with me. Roster. Tell me in the name of God on high Who is it Master is it high or is it I sir pray sir what I do use what you know tell me if it is not I will either try to tell me true. Could I be a traitor to tell me what of it is me you know you shall not murder but wow seeing as everybody is making such a fuss I suppose I should betray you that I say it was not I but you who said it. My lord and master and my friend Tell us let us bring this matter to an end
and tell me by word or sighing who should betray his lot and mine. John you shall know in a way that I shall show you watch to whom I offer this piece of bread. Judas takes the bread. John I will have nothing said. Do not mention this in any fashion until a ending of my passion remember and promise not on Tom Sawyer. It is thy holy will. To me this evidence will be a signal of value for me. Your Does that which you have to do. Let it be done and swiftly too. Why is Judas running the masters told him he must go. Little children do have friends and brothers to let brotherly love. Brother and I would have you love one another as I have loved you yet a little while I am with you. You shall seek me but in the place I go
you cannot follow me. But Lord where are you going. Where. Why may we not follow you. Let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God believe also in me. I shall prepare a place for you to go that where I am there may be also and where I go you know and the way you know I know if you will follow the whatever the wish to hear you if it must be I shall lay down my life for the dust. Say so easily thou wilt lay down my life for me. I tell Lee Peter this night before the cock crows twice shall deny me right I shall not deny deed I did my part and I tell thee that thou shalt relent this night and thou shalt leave me out of fear and shalt deceive me for it is written this night. All of you shall be offended because of me I will smite the shepherd
and the sheep will be scattered them all be offended it shall not be so with me I shall stand by the Lord my work on it shall stay because I want I should never run away. I don't have a pot for you in my own forever you belong brother brothers it is time to rise. Good friends thank you for your courtesies and now you will come with me unto the Garden of Gethsemane. But first each one will fall upon his knee and humbly pray in the appointed way. Father who art in heaven hallowed be Thy name Thy Kingdom come Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive them that trespass against us
and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Called by the king of the dollar. Players go everyone inside. When you know what's to come. We should be so. Hard on the left is one of the trees in the churchyard and you know the soldiers come on she white right well we're going
to fight for what we're going to God. This year I got me started some good steak thank God. Rusty thank you. First let's you want to get a cloud over a year old. Don't dodge about. I'm God and I'm God here comes the scribes and Pharisees got in behind a big black bear. OK. You don't so you have put out their blades right. Good evening sir. Is everything ready. Better. Here comes that kind of running order. If you start back over this crowd here I am my heart. Yeah I guess we'll just go at it. I got here as quick as I could quick tell us where would he be and God know guess how many with his disciples leave you so I'll just go another way. I'm right we've got to go aboard and I you know probably all of a not a garden I've got that on a wall or yet.
Another model of a man going on if I'm not your dog it might not appear very much you know. Now on the cart the other side there is the garden of get some of it in the shadow of a great black holly tree. The man playing Jesus in the UAE. I don't know his face. He comes with his disciples through the Holy Grail. Brothers we are in danger. Wait here and watch. And while I would go a little way. Come with me Peter and you would John and James your brother. When I think of all that lies ahead I am filled with anguish and with dread. My soul is sad unto death. My dear friends stay near to me always and watch
and pray. I shall withdraw a little feather so we shall not fail and safety you may go. A man who plays Jesus kneels at the front of the cart alone or all the people and kneeling. I too live on my knees. Oh Father in heaven. Oh Sauber in creator of the starry firmament the animator and blessed originator who know is All Things. Oh look down upon me now live very human son. I know well the shameful passion and the hard death the pain and mocking are at hand. It is a bitter cup that does but that. Oh father father if it be possible to spare my cool indignity then let this company pass away from me. Dash it
from my lips before what has begun begins to be accomplished. Who does love thy son. Have mercy on my pain. It is I but her top betrayed me. But father if it may not be if this gruesome draft may not be held for me my love requires that I submit myself to the duty and to the holy will that implies Jesus arises. We all rise when he goes to his disciples. They're sleeping Peter John and James the son of Zebedee. Could you not watch with me one after the givers that were always are heavy you were the one you gave.
They are heavy with my blood and body and yet I say Arise watch and pray. Brothers we must keep awake. Oh what memories are weary but for his sake and yours keep watch and pray it will be love and deliberates of day. O. Lord give us strength to watch and pray with penitence and grief. Hope was not to seek relief in mortal slumber. That we may awake with an everlasting day thanks to you and I. Oh father don't forget me. I would see the wife as a son looks up on his father seeking solace. No father do not forget me in my grave extremity. Behold the blood sweat the
strange and bloody drops that wet my brow and wound my breast. But they fall upon my hands and feet and all my body Labor has left. I would have bathed Istvan commom. But this agony demands a strength beyond the bounds of human hands. Look around me and on my anguish in the garden I live if it be of I Will a little. But I and my son and I will love and be done. Look. At the cathedral. I did what. Everyone looks up to. Michael. White.
Man who plays Jesus turned his son again upon his lifted face. He walks over once more to his disciples. They're still in that did you just sleep. Take your rest. Be not afraid. They are is at
hand. When the Son of Man will be between. Sleep and take your rest. Man playing Jesus. Prays beside his disciples. These people. Are rustling among the leaves the sun is going again. And I can see Judas with the soldiers moving through the trees. Following him at a distance of the scribes and Pharisees. Not sought in vain. Like he was in there among his company. Everyone ready.
We all know what we have to do in our jail dress it is up to you you can watch me. Judas goes like that who plays Jesus Christ. Last time a man who plays Jesus rises from prayer and uses it in their faces or close together and master that if Jesus doesn't move Judas kisses you and your dress betrays the Son of Man with the kids Jude love shout repent of the soldiers. Here is our prize of last season for I'm holding on to God. Come out of my seat. What is it you want with me. It is me you seek. Let my disciples go their way. John he is surrounded but they cannot touch him.
Sire what harm will it do if we draw our swords and fight for you but up again your sword into it she come. Friends see Jesus of Nazareth. I am He you villain chase you we sake. Let me bind a man. I still fail way. Troy got the rope to bowing to him. Here I am now do you want to be I do not want to tax my my fur. Now don't go too far. Want to be allowed to put up by sword into which all day the take the sword shall carry by the store. Do you suppose I cannot pray to my Father in heaven that he send me down seven times seven legions of angels. A man playing Jesus turns to the wounded soldier. My friend come close to me. I have much compassion for the I have no faith I shall restore to you. Soldiers.
Wow. Doctor funny thing you have give me my hair again. Down with the tear and felt no pain. Sir I'm much obliged to you. PAGE Right is right and friend. Remember it was given not by me but by my Father in heaven. Mumbo jumbo when you invade man lay hands on him again try to beat your son sees him and don't really see why doesn't he stop them. He could I know this Peter and his friends are talking secretly friends. We must get away from your. There are too many are going to there's no way if you're going on and follow whatever lay behind him and watch what they were doing they might ease ours All right. I got e-zines tightly wrapped up bloods running with the real friends are you come out as against a thief with swords and staves to capture me. You notice the way he collared us friends.
This is not a friendly think we're doing something we'll be rowing but I'd rather have him than Caiaphas for my knight any day you will never stop wasting time I find him hard. I'd like you and robbers you have come to take me. But if I sat with daily in the temple teaching. And yet he did lay no hand on me. But this is the appointed hour when your dog your and and your hatred must be consumed. Take the cards tightly about him. So now take him away take him to the chief right. A man playing Jesus is led away like a beast to slaughter at the end of a greasy road. Crowd is burglary. I don't like that. Here come to the servers of conifers. Robert I have you added Marcello the
cookies they bring on a fire and we need to change that nice thing that we want to play and they work at the end of the cold night that knocking on our door so we know you know people you know we can code comes on late I say is my master. That's my way you know not me and I freeze to death. Come far don't stand there with the door ajar. Robin. And the man who comes in is Peter come in and get warm. Thanks good friend. Oh you mean the player you're not quite serious but the cold is that of for used up stairs. This is the house of Caiaphas the priest. They were just coming in and Jesus oh my lass they call that blast femur and a knave I shan't be happy till we see him in his grave.
Look there's no need to wrap your cloak about you're here it's warm indeed. The night is cold it makes me cold to look at everything and seeing you once before and I thought I knew your voice. Oh I'm a stranger. More's the pity but I'm sure I've seen you in the city. Why did you say that you were all. Right young man still come on now tell me true. You know like but aren't you blaspheme me. Oh yes you come here. Robert look at his face. Haven't you seen him on some other plane but off a scope. Bring them like. Yes I do believe he's one of those belonging to Jesus of Nazareth. I'm sure I've seen him in the temple with him many a time he cares he's one of them. I want you for your madness. Jesus I tell you. Oh I know I'm not. You know you know you know it and you cannot deny that you were in the garden with him
this very night when Judas gate in that case garden God man. No I can see him back to you and I want to draw a sword and cut off my cousin's Iraq or were you pretending doctor ok or did you cut off a couple hours later I don't know why I don't like it here. I mean I'm still not satisfied. You know one of Jesus as man if I may I DAMN going to excommunicate to die. And you know my man and you old wife never heard of Jesus you know my life. Oh so you still accuse me. Well. While. We would not have you was they you and you so seriously you have sworn and with so terrible I know that we must believe you are both well the same as nerdy Darren and I think that if you're big on a Robert show him to the door. I know a man by far this morning as I chill and better air. Do you still
swear you have never seen Jesus Christ before and that is disciple you never were. I swear. Come on man Robert we must prepare for the feast of the Crows the fiction that fellow was a miserable liar. I don't think that they carry the brazier lay leaders left alone for a good honorable creature. Faith leaders blind people or make sure what is the best thing I've done here or do I have to know you don't break the trust with me you know your own beloved master. Oh could I. So grievously I have been I need to be right. Meister forgive me I see the unloving face looking
reproachfully at me. Well you people are serving beauty you know I do repent my you know I had a. Brother in heaven. By every right. Player is really upset. Look. It was a real tears running down his cheeks. Here comes Caiaphas the scribes and Pharisees to pilot. He's the chief of police. Greetings to all of you. What you bring to me with such a do what if you gotta be brief and tell me what's right.
If you judge him with pilots or you can take it from us that any small we should not make this stuff. I hope that's true. I want to develop a large cage here. Warn you he's not very cooperative. The man who plays Jesus comes in down between two jailers. His eyes are fixed upon the ground. We can see his face. You look at him you can see he is a bad lot and guilty obviously an outcast from God and from the law he has the most but he is sorry that I ever saw. Oh man you can hardly walk because of wounds. Don't let yourself be taken in by that this is the fellow's supposed to be a king. I'm a man who plays Jesus still hangs his head but not so I have never taken in by anything I should be glad if you would spare me of what you are Dave. I merely state what I can see this man guilty. Why should you say his guilt is
obvious. My town was killing this facility so we have all of us in accordance with the laws that rule our nation given him a fair examination. Yes we have you with the utmost diligence in making clear to him he's going to found that he does have to die. We wish to crucify course we require your consent for this. I have no doubt that you will Grogs the sentence on the money factor. Oh I greasy smile of course you do. No doubt you do but you haven't told me yet what is crime. Regulations have been regularly made and regularly prove we find that he has talked subversively unto the people and that it out traditions. He has converted many with Osama's first point second point and secondly he breaks the laws regarding tribute and attacks to Caesar he would most improperly relax saying the Jew was afraid and some now refuse to pay that tax to Rome.
Really I don't know what the Emperor will say as it is India but I'm going green that way which is even worse. He claims I sincerely hope that he will not upset you and your officers that he has. Look he he is the king of the Jews and he proclaims himself a such. What Adams what intemperance intolerance. What you know about him is keeping them out as well. The first two charges are no concern of mine that they should go into the King of the do. Well the Emperor who is my master divided the kingdom of Judea into three parts. And he made provision for this sort of thing. That whosoever should bring claimants over King should die. Right right nothing good extend night I must myself and dedicate the prison it is life's at stake. Oh that you shouldn't mind. You'll get nothing out of him he might as well be dumb but all he said to me we should see. I must ask you would have withdrawn the thank you
oh man they do with a much abuse his domain name the name of it when you call yourself king of the Jews. The man blamed Christ decide now. He lifts his face all torn and bloody me. Do you ask me that or did these others tell you to. Oh shit I know what you have done or you do not belong to your nation. It is your own country but I will say you call yourselves the king of the Jews. Tell me if you are a king. Where is your kingdom. My kingdom is not of this world. How can that be my kingdom where this where my ministers and servants would defend my rights and not allow my enemies to send their sovereign into the banishment of death.
I see. You mean to say you are not a king but in a special kind of way. You have said that you have given me the name of King that is the reason I was born to that and was given all my you and now my manhood shall be rent and torn that I may bear my witness to the truth the truth you say what is truth. It depends on what you mean by truth. My friends I can find no fault in him and he's done no wrong as far as I can see that won't do for me to tell me that it shall be done to death but he is both disloyal and disreputable respectable as a rash of dishes and I think you must admit it. I won't have been acquitted if no energy comes from Galileo you think it would be better if I punished you want to know the letter of the law and as he is dead this really can be you
damned official what made a boil and freeze and by came several hells he's going to send us on to someone else. Go ahead and you give me away here you may be sure of it. But I pray let me hear no more of it. I'll give you. Away. Don't you have a good friend is always a silly thing to do. There he comes not get out of the car drunk. He's done.
He goes around calling on a truck and we have him in the shortest time to put him away. He'll hang himself up. We hire this guy. Now WHO have we got here who believe the rest of his immortal soul I guess practiced and yes. It. Is that. Terrible of a beautiful stranger unimaginable danger to me. Closer and closer closer yet. Give me our cost you are not around my bones these are oaks of flesh make for my soul too small a matter. How shall I just sky this
rope around your neck. So now I am ready do to steer to snatch you swiftly away from here. Day grows very cold. It is time. Deep into this tree like you know if you would find yourself black is a sky high on the block. The end of the road I think you know by now. Go. Live now to try. To do what's right. Like this. Is this how I stand. You already know. Luckily. All right all right. Just stick around your neck. I ran.
Into nothing. With that infernal river. That's it for us. Must I plunged into the white hot furnace and that's like you just better drink. All right he had a LOL show you will write. Your comment Alderman Withers. That's right. Herod and his courtiers stomachs Kieth as a job over there too. They look pretty
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