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With the lonely skies shoving down on his shoulders and the dust of a continent taking his throat he left his brand on the front tier of our history eyes squinted ahead into savagery. Civilization dogging his heels and we give him to you who can take him straight. The American cowboy. As you know prayer and you know why that is so every cowhand on this range can stop and jangle past their home and they don't turn up high. But let me put one foot in any one of those horrid little creatures and they bark their throats. Oh now Cindy honey it's just your new noise to a prairie dog. You chemists we swish in by a nose still petticoats are yours. Well asked is naturally going to get on their nerves. Radio television the University of Texas presents the American Council. A
series of programs reflecting the true place and picture of the significant historical figure in this unique folky of the American cowboy is produced and recorded by radio television the University of Texas under a grant from the National Educational Television and Radio Center in cooperation with the National Association of educational broadcasting. Today I programmed petticoats on the play. Wats the matter Miss Laura. That end of the piece. No no it isn't. But I hope you're not stopping on our account. We boys was enjoying that. It pleasures mildly if you go on a plane.
Well I will if you'll hand me that hat. This here as it were drawn but that's a large bucket SAT which cheese is welcome to is she can be but dated a might big for you mention are not wearing it for style. I'm trying to keep that bat away from me. You mean that little feller that flew in the door a while ago. All the very idea Mr Lara you ain't a scared and no one saw you face down ass Galloway. He just flapping around enjoying the music. Same as us. Alright but if that thing ever got tangled in my hair you know what you'd have to cut my hair out in little chunks to get the bat out. Whole Lot never did that missile are no so me neither. Tell you what we would do though. We cut that bad out in little chunks. That Cal country front here where women were cherished even as they were by the female of the species played second fiddle from the top of the top.
Grace was expected to be well with gumption. Although I rode the double standard just on the run just right Cleveland New Mexico. In our book no life for a lady you mean a long way from here. Not till we hit the brush not to tell you just what kind of a brush rather Are you close enough to a year Linda see with those branches. Their song Papa sticks if you see you can stick you just break your brush. And a good rule it was to not only for brush riden as when in mortified but for a good many other pursuits and privations of the plains and mountains like
for instance if you were a pampered young widow lived with grief and dismay facing your family's inheritance of new land and a new life. Oh you know that. Well there you are ma'am. But here we are. Why here. Your place Miss Morley. That's the house that right there. Yes ma'am. Built by the original homesteader. But Mother it's only one room and there's grass growing out of the top cavers boys don't need houses. I'm a live on a horse. He's not is he mother. We'll I'm not sure. We may all be living a little differently from now on. Besides one horse power. And I am now running to the. No they are. Well that's my mountain. Where's my family. Oh yes. Children don't forget your little sister while you're dividing
up the scenery. Well. Reverend singer you never give me a job. We all do I think. Come on children. Speaking of time it's time we were getting settled into our new home. Hi it's just out of the way again. Ray will you help won't you dear. And don't forget the Navajo blanket surety that you got hornswoggled into buying them things ma'am. There's no more warmth to him than if you're sleeping under a set of chain harnesses. Thank you Mr. hike. But they're pretty and they're cheerful and if you find a way to hang them from wall to wall across the center we'll have a really decorated two room house. In the beginning of course when they were scarce as fleas in a dead guy never known but one woman on a cowboy ranch and she wore moccasins and smoked one a book I'm talking about the days of the open range what I want to know why are from the
Arctic Sea the Gulf of Mexico but gradually these rarity is increased in numbers. You mean he's got two wives cooped up together in a house he built. That's right. And funny thing is they don't speak the Major he said he'll be doggoned if he understands it. He figured you know they'd be company for each other band and marry another woman for fifteen miles around. But a day to work that away. So after a while there they were these alien female creatures dotted sparsely around through the wilderness in the sod shanties in the mountain cabins in the ranch houses and heresy of Harris's even one or two of them on the trail. Of misfortune. There was Mary Taylor but a bride on the O.J. ism trail in 1886
recently come to ranch life with a trousseau from Marshall Fields of Chicago and an approach handed down from me. But you can't go off and leave me. Not for two whole months. Just because you're on Hardball. It has the sore eyes but we've got to move those herds up to try and burn that take me to please how. That's impossible my dears there's no way there would be if you really love me and wanted me to be with you. Then up from the tough and touchy world of Brushy Creek there was Mrs George plus three children already and a fourth due in the fall. Indian ponies hitched to an old hack a camping outfit back of the seat and a spyglass and a shotgun Netter and carriage arrivals hall was loaded and ready. Mr. Klug scale the words I know think even harder you know it's going to cut this
heard what's the matter with you son. You're lookin to draw water round the mile that writer ma'am from the Smadar outfit. He led them rustlers Up ahead he's got a cell number I'm sayin the Snyders way yonder out numbered way if it was just you get hype here and look after the children. I land maybe heard of your gun. By and large though the world of the West was a man's wear and this man Walter Prescott Webb Joe says lived on horseback like the better wins. Oh never been all flowers but two weeks in my life. That's when I had the measles. Just kept right on arriving with my other diseases. He fought on horseback like the knights of old.
There's an orange John oh boy let's go. And like those older models in chainmail. The man in chopper a host facing his own rules of chivalry his code of conduct for dealing with these security intruders who had no business to be in there in the first place. There we was with nine hundred hungry hit a lick of the skin for that ground full of green lambs corridor and there inside was an old Marthy. Barbara what this little high I've climbed down I stand and only gate Lord meeting them leave stares in the face with their own sun bonnet and yelling at me to keep them out of there you can. Come. How come we can't call. Him an me. It's always Cal got beat to. No good. Right now they're on the. Telly. Well you talk about a million and a
jackpot. We was all plumb give out from standing guard 3 knots already trying to get that herd to town and shipped out of the country before they all started and we made a forced drive to get to this corral but tarnation what a feller going to do when a baby stands flop in her bonnet in the face of a takes it along a line a tellin em to stay the B doggies out her birds feed lot. Well what did you do. Well I says boys it looks like we stand guard again tonight and they all says Looks like we do. Funny what a thing like that can do. That offit was all bowed every man in it was raining. You know well we all get Dr. Spring drawn to work. Poor Kim. But that not every man jack of them went out wished when his turn at the night guard. And even the cook acted almost human next morning. The chivalry of the West they called it
cow country was something less than. That is all roses. It has another place. The dictionary means of mounting a world back. In the world. Petticoats on the plane. It's radio television the University of Texas has brought you program Number 10 of the American Council. Today's broadcast is based on source materials from the Texas History Library the University of Texas. Major scenes were adapted from no life for a lady by Agnes Morley Cleveland hell on horses and women by Alice Marion.
A bride on the old Chisholm Trail by Mary Taylor Bunton the cattleman by Maria's son took a bibliography is available on request. The American cowboy is produced and directed by Bill Burke from scripts by Mary D Benjamin under the supervision of Robert F. shank. Associate Producer Arsinoe original music by Eleanor are now writer is Horton Wayne Smith student production assistant Allen play Dan Langfield speaking. Petticoats on the planes was produced and recorded by radio television at the University of Texas under a grant from the National Educational Television and Radio Center and is being distributed by the National Association of educational broadcaster. This is the n a e b Radio Network.
The American cowboy
Petticoats on the plain
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University of Texas
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This program focuses on some women's experiences in the cowboy's world.
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Documentary series on the American cowboy, produced by the University of Texas.
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Announcer: Langfield, Daniel
Composer: Page, Eleanor
Director: Burke, Bill
Narrator: Smith, Horton
Producing Organization: University of Texas
Producing Organization: KUT (Radio station : Austin, Tex.)
Writer: Benjamin, Mary D.
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University of Maryland
Identifier: 61-51-10 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
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