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Negro music and American. Negro music in America. An exploration of it and its impact on American culture. Here is your host for the series Tony look at Bach generally speaking the blues are really a very personal experience both for the composer and for the artists who perform them. And they can also be as strongly emotional experience for the listener who identifies with them. One of the reasons a blues performers can improvise so in this way and beautifully is because they themselves become so emotionally involved and identified with the trials and tribulations from which the blues bring. For instance and it's interesting thought is that the terrible flood of 1893 that Big Bill Broonzy saying about last week would have probably been considered a visitation of the wrath of God by a spiritual singer but to a
blues singer it would simply boil down to what can a poor boy do after a disheartening personal experience rings of blues out of some bored devil or his body. The folk usually take it over and then they're sung by many people and belong to everybody. The story of Betty and Dupree sung here by Brownie mid-game accompanied by Sonny Terry presents a fine example of this Bette and debris.
Will bet she was. Praying. Praying. For law that we'd get to. Meet God Himself. He got it. For.
You. Better. Yet. Wrong. Oh well we had better get in better than. Get a. Brain ready you had to know. How to Get Your byes. To. Recall that train. Car. Lot and all. Well.
You know better. They cough. Well they. Do.
But you said. Do you. Really. Know. Where long. But I. Live. Where they carried you Brianne the gold. They get. Their.
Draw. Oh no. Better. Yet what do. You know better you can. Just give me. But. Because I was. Wrong. Well yes.
Well you got to do. Here is an example of the impact of nigger music on our culture as one admiring white performers play for us in a Nigro style a very fine modern and more city styled Betty in debris. This is sung by Betty in the Doak. They feel that she's watching that guy. Right there. But the thing that three she. Got. Me and done a thing to piece a gazillion times get you steady
thing the thing we bought and sold. Distilling love. Oh Lord. Lol that load of bull. He told us what to load Lol it's a goal to get that plane ride when you reach the St.. But it's still good. The police came and got him a right to be unlike. The Polish current mayor. You do bring in Paul Barry.
I saw you see. Me. Mr. PENA used to meet his told me. You see you eat your thing you. Can say you eat you. Anything you really want me to eat a regular thing bandied about. Rishi Why is it.
A. Big thing big g y a. Re. Being united stand me thing. Of. Living up to it sings it plays an old traditional blues take me back. Jake be back on Usenet in darkness. You bags you out me you Joe. What a year. That you have got your
beer you sold your lot of that me me bet on meth you lied. She bet on Usenet. You are that you are. You.
See me brag how be you. What is that. Songwriters sure there are a few words here Charlie. Or you mean you're you're you're. You're you're. Carry me crazy. Meet me here are our theories mean rather. I think you've embraced you with a reason. Next week we'll have different styles of Blues wealth country and urban and they'll range from the
Opera: Battleground of the arts
Importance of scene design
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WRVR (Radio station: New York, N.Y.)
Riverside Church (New York, N.Y.)
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
The role of scene design in the essence of opera.
Series Description
A discussion series, hosted by Boris Goldovsky, that examines the welding together of music and drama, two distinct arts, into opera.
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Host: Goldovsky, Boris
Producing Organization: WRVR (Radio station: New York, N.Y.)
Producing Organization: Riverside Church (New York, N.Y.)
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