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And I'll walk the road again my boy as I walk in. If the weather be fair I'll call my hair and I walk in. Washington State University presents they wandering ballad singer Barry took in with songs that vividly describe the history and folklore of a pioneering country and. The people all over the world have their nonsense songs songs that either have no meaning at all or songs that appear to have a meaning but just don't make sense. Americans are no exception and we have dozens of songs all over the country that have just been made up and sung for the fun of it. You might think these songs are made up for the kids but I've seen children scal in amazement while their folks saying these old tunes as if they understood. Here's an example called a horse named Bill. Some parts of the country they call it crazy Dixie. I had a horse his name was Bill when he ran he couldn't stand
still he ran away. And also ran when. He ran and he ran and he didn't stop until they come to a barber shop and he fell exhausted. With his eye in the barber his leg shooting birds I am a beaut. There is no bird in the eye or in the ear. In the nose. In the fingernail. The inference go their lives a way of Sheen's more jobs by the bail. By the pill box. By the hogshead by the schooner. Her name is Lena and she's a peach but don't leave food within her region or baby. Or dinners
maize or chocolate ice cream sodas. She knows no games so when she plays she jumps on rules for days and days and Viber. And breaks and command. What can you do in a case like that. What can you do but stamp on your hat on an eggshell. Or a toothbrush. Or anything else that's helpless. A couple of transplanted Okie sang me the song and said that it grows out of the sarcastic humor of the dust bowl days. It's called Cheatham County. They chew tobacco or the county or they chew tobacco. Then in Cheatham County they chew tobacco and then let it down there Jan. then they suck it back again. County.
County. The old maids all dips number. County o the O means all dip snuff for they really like this stuff and never get out of this number in Cheatham County. Here's a song they sing up in Maine and Vermont seems to make fun of the country bumpkin but I learned it from a farm boy who thought it was just a nonsense. The constable Newell of Punkin village just traded horses at the mill. My name is Josh I think. You bet your life I knew you can't fool me. I'm too. Well I swum on I must begin to get a Napoleon it looks like rain. I'll shoot a hawk if the critter didn't bark. Jed Hawkins sure is Joshua was my name. I went to the county fair met a city slicker their pieces give me
two tens for a five and I may be the constable you now you're arrested just as sure as you're alive and well. I must be getting on and get a new poll and it looks like rain. I'll bet two bets the money's counterfeit and that city feller gave me the men down on the train. I got home so durned late couldn't find the barn. Ma says Joshua is it possible you are a disgrace you ought to go and I never seed such actions for a constable. Well I swan I must be gettin on. Oh man that looks like rain that even pitched in when you're over to the farm. This one tells a complete story but it still all for fun. The sons of the prophet were valiant and bowed and quiet
custom to fear. But the bravest by far in the ranks of the shonen was. If they wanted a man to encourage the van nerdish album hullabaloo in the rear. Or to storm a readout they would set up a shout for Amir. There are heroes aplenty and well-known defamed bouffant in the ranks of the Tsar. But none of more fame than a man by the name of I have been given skis to give are. He could sing like Caruso tell fortunes by cards he could play on the Spanish guitar. And in fact quite the cream of the Muscovite game was I give it skis. One day this bold Muscovite shouldered his gun and walked down the
road with us. He was looking for fun when he ran into a mere. Young man says Bobo is existence so don't let your just due end your career. Then in but oh no you have to rot on the toe of the earth. So take your last look at the sunshine and brook and send your regrets to the Tsar. By which I live. You are going to die Mr. Bangs. Give it skis. Says Ivan. My friend your remarks in the end will of AM ABOUT TO LIVE. For you will never survive to repeat them alive. Then this bold memo to his trusteeship writing Allah Akbar. And with murderous intent he most suddenly
went after him and give it. To a parrot and they threw us. They hollered and cost of blood. They both spilled a great part. And historian blokes who seldom cracked jokes say that it was first made on that spot. They fought all that 95 scandalize moon in the fracas was heard from a far. Huge multitude scheme on account of the fame. And I have been sick of our. As I was driving our son at our home with cries that rang out loud and clear. The musket of haven't come down on the dome in the year. The Sultan rode up the disturbance to quell our award to the victor. Cheers. He arrived just in time to exchange a last line with
me. And the Grand Duke geared to his spectacles blue rode up in the Emperor's car. His Highness drew nigh just to catch the last sign of its gaze. On a stone by the banks where the never the road there is a character is clear. Oh strangers remember to pray for the soul in the. Splash in the Black Sea one dark moonless night and caused ripples to spread wide and far. It was made by a sack fitting close to the back of my hands to give it Ski ski. While a Muscovite made her vigil keep by the light of the cold Northern Star and the name that she constantly shouts enters slowly as I have been given.
And here's one of Burl Ives favorites. Oh I wish oh I would make my wish. And I wish I was and I bought it. I love the come along with.
Us girl with a big Well I wish I was this girl in a big. Well if I was this girl with a big long screw with a big. BOX. Well I wish the buzz it was if I was a but there was a box I've never had and I wish I was. And this one is from you tackle boy and it means nothing at all as far as I can see. Oh yeah there was an old man and I ad two sons and he's too soft. Josephus was the name of one junk as well as the other.
Now these two boys they had an old horse and a saw horrors was blind in. Josephus always rode in front junkers road be a fish and these two sons would go they sat up. Josephus caught a great big fish kite Juncus caught from. This last one is my favorite all about an unlikely girl called Cindy. Want to see my Cindy. She's living way down south. She's so sweet the honey bee is home and he's in love. Oh. I'll marry you some day. Well I wish I was a knob on a tree and
every time a cynic come along to me to get along home. Along home and he's married the first time I saw Cindy she was standin in the door a big bag smile was on her face center feet all over the floor oh. Oh oh. Her head looks like a coffee pot and her nose looks like a spout and her mouth looks like a baby fireplace with ashes run out home and use and get along. Oh. Oh MSN News and marry you some day poems and this and new. Homes to Nice and marry you some day when I went to see my Cindy I just sort of sneak in. Mr Martin kissed her on the nose in the
garden thing was like an get along home and he said to get along home. Good along on the nice and Mary. That's it for now. See you again soon and I'll walk the road again my boy as I walk the road again. If the weather be fair I'll call my hair and. Listen again next week when Barry talk and they wondering balancing her returns with more songs in balance and the preceding was transcribed and was produced by the Radio TV services of Washington State University this is the end E.B. Radio Network. And.
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The wandering ballad singer
Nonsense songs
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Washington State University
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
In this program, Barre Toelken focuses on "Nonsense Songs," folk songs with silly, nonsensical lyrics.
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Folk music series hosted by musician Barre Toelken, who collects folk songs and has worked as a dance band musician, a Forest Service employee, and prospector.
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Children's songs--United States
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Host: Toelken, Barre, 1935-
Producing Organization: Washington State University
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University of Maryland
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