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The national educational radio network presents the BBC World Theater these weekly broadcaster made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This week on BBC World Theatre we present police a comedy by slamming a Russian back translated from the Polish and adapted for radio by Nicholas battle. Present Tense I'm going to apply for interrogation by the chief of police. Paul. There goes the volume
of our peers. Once again I must present to you the following confession for your signature. I have him being convicted of conspiracy against the state. Do solemnly confess my guilt and so on and so on then and so with feelings of shame and disgust I renounce my crimes and the only desire I have is to serve our government with all my strength and with the deepest veneration and love for the rest of my life. Oh don't put it away. Sign it. You'll sign it. What what. Sign it. No but but why. What you mean why. For 10 years you examine me interrogate me keep me in prison. Every day for 10 years you get at home sign when I refused you took me with dreadful punishments and tried to talk me round. Finally I agreed to sign so that I can get out of prison and serve the government. When you look surprised and asked me why it is so sudden and without warning Colonel
I'm undergoing a drastic change or change addressed a change of heart. I don't want to fight the government anymore. Why not. I'm fed up with it. If anyone wants to govern that them I don't is going to do it. Spies were a foreign power perhaps secret agents but not me anymore. I've done my bit. I would never of expected this of you. Stop fighting the government become a conformist. You are a fine one to talk like that the oldest prisoner in the country Exactly Kyra. Is it true that I am the last man still in prison. Yeah as you see. Long ago it became obvious to everyone that we have the best political system in the world. My former colleagues confessed my guilt receive the pardon and went home. Now there's nobody left to rest on the last remaining revolutionary. But what sort of a revolution in my heart of hearts I'm a stamp collector that's what you are saying now about who threw the bomb at the General. Ancient history cannon the bomb didn't even explode it's not worth waking that. Honestly I can't believe my ears. But ten years you've refused to make a statement you've
held out splendidly. Time and time again you've been ordered to sign but you're never broke down. Instead you would stand up in disgust and spit at that picture of our king and his uncle the regents May they live forever. We've got used to living here together. Everything's nicely settled and now suddenly you want to destroy it all. I tell you there's just no point. If only I hadn't been so ideologically abandoned Perhaps I could've gotten longer. But to think that the whole population of our beautiful peaceful and fertile country has for so long been singing the praises of our infant king and his uncle the regent made a difference that the prisons are empty. That alone just me. No I promise you I've given up my former belief. If the whole people supports the government it is against B. There must be something in it. In fact we've got a very good government and that's that. Yes I beg your pardon. While accepting with sincere joy and satisfaction the prisoner's confession bearing witness to a change of heart which has come about under the corrective influence of imprisonment I
nevertheless consider it my duty to ascertain to what extent his new favorable and entirely irrational opinions deep rooted and lasting. Why then if I may ask do you consider that our government is good. You got eyes kind of never before history has our country reached a high stage of development. You know sometimes I move my plank bed against the window of my cell. I put my latrine bucket on top of it upside down. I stand on the bucket on tiptoe and I can see out of the window. That is most beautiful meadow. Every spring it burst into flower with different colored blossoms than a tame making time the farm workers come to the meadow and cut the grass. During the last ten years I watch their faces light up with happiness and satisfaction which grows and breaks every year. You realize that it is against the prison rules to look out of the window of about for ideological purposes Gama in the name of corrective education that all on the other side of the bed as a small hill and on the other side of the hill during the last seven years. And industrial
building has been constructed. I can see a chimney and sometimes there's smoke coming out of it. To be strictly correct I think I should tell you that that is a Crime Authority. Why should they always bury dead people in the ground like they do for centuries and centuries. Do atheists have the same I just believe to dispose of their bodies in the way they wish. With the sort of you know like what you say only confirms what I've always felt that this country of ours is a land of the broadest tolerance even in religious matters. Well yes you've got to admit it was. See I'm right I'm a civil servant and I can't settle this matter myself. That is to say I can't accept your change of heart too swiftly. I must first of all investigate to see that there are no doubts left in your mind. It may be that you're looking at things through rose tinted spectacles. Take the economic situation for example are you not overlooking certain specialized matters like say the railway. Even the most fanatical enemy of our state system could not deny that the railway as a phenomenon exists in this country.
Yes and as for the people in that picture I suppose you never had the slightest intention. I don't understand common City talking to you anyone would think you threw a tomato at the general build a bomb and that it never entered your head that our region and he lived forever. The uncle of our infant king is an idiot. Or do you obviously. That is to say this from his intellect is consent. But you must admit that even the most brains have a little weakness. That is among their habits. It's you what are you laughing at or you ought to be ashamed because you are no revolutionary Hoskings a trick question. It's all this educational effect of prison life that you were talking about. I give you my word I've simply forgotten what that might mean. Is it some sort of an illusion or is it something unpleasant connected with the person in front of his uncle the regent.
That right then very good as a representative of the high command I congratulate you on your progress let me shake your head that this does not mean that we can give ourselves up to a sudden burst of rejoicing. It is a matter of great concern both to you having undergone what we hope is a genuine change of heart and to me who must not accept all started too trusting. You say that you do not believe that our region does or you know what. Let psychologists tell us that often a man gives the impression that he is not thinking something while in fact he is thinking it all the time what have you got to say to that. You Alright Colonel. That's exactly the point. Sometimes it seemed to us that we think we are not thinking but we are thinking well all the time we are not thinking at all. Thought is a powerful weapon we cuddle. Yes please believe me. I'm finished with my former mistake an anti-government point of view that many reasons for my change of heart. The external reasons are those who are already mentioned the universal progress of talk country has made
you and you have to pick up a newspaper. You convinced that. Look around you gonna. Don't bury your head in the sand in the face of these achievements. You only got to look at your salary. That in itself is enough to show how groundless our complaints about this country do go on. However I can show you that there are other emotions internal emotions which I feel more personally. You see when I was a child I had no idea about law and order about discipline and having made in life all the time it was freedom and freedom. Well this sort of monotony in my spiritual diet could only satisfy part of my personality. Feelings a revolt against the established order and desire to oppose all restrictions and I thought oh I've plenty of those. But in the course of time I began to feel a certain dissatisfaction. I came to the conclusion that I was being handicapped. Why is this I ask myself. Why his feet tormented me deprive me of the joy for sensation of agreement to subservience and loyalty. The delightful feeling of unity with authority.
Why and I was a man fulfilled. But at last I understood that it was even then not too late. At last my first to be rebellious and always complaining perished as a result of overindulgence and a second to be awoke with a loud voice demanding God not a statement that was its due. A joyful and calm conformity and eager hope in the future and the peace which flows from a full submission to authority. What do you intend to do unarmed. Well yet I am the last political prisoner in a country that is now lodging an entirely lawful. The last dark cloud in the blue sky of the rule of our infant king and his uncle the regent. And the only reason why they still keep the police force going. If it weren't for me they could send all the judges and guards at home the prison would stand empty and could be turned into a preparatory school. But you could get out farm to the fields and meadows with a gun or a fishing rod and throw off your suffocating uniform. Got you one at last for the first time in the world's history. The ideal of law and order in a state has been
achieved today should be a great occasion when you like Colonel it is a day of final victory. Today I signed the paper that you have been trying to persuade me to sign for 10 years. I will go out into the free world and support the government. What is more I will send an open letter to our king and his uncle the regent. The most humble letter that has ever been written filled with the deepest devotion and law. You remember that stamp collection you were so proud of which I could really just reflect for a moment whether you really want to leave us. Perhaps you could think it over once more and strengthen your convictions. Look Before You Leap as they say. Meanwhile we could give you a hand in your stamp collecting. We've got secret agents in many interesting foreign countries who send us reports. We could soak the stamps off and give them to you for your album. Outside is not so easy to get good stamps. Yeah I'll dance parties eat so I was a sergeant back Cummins Argent. Oh how did you get on the show my God you look at what happened go wrong tell me son.
In accordance with what you just as I didn't provocateur I was such an anti-government slogans in the street and my pick me up who beat you up I know you don't really mean that I'm all you have been beaten up by the loyal population expected as my U.S. economy it Bass My thought is didn't give me that detail Sergeant I saw immediately upon receiving your instructions. I proceeded to carry him out. First of all are quite a civilian suit. Although if there's one thing I hate it's civilian clothes to improve my disguise I obtained a green hat with a narrow brim and a rank. When I went out into the street for a short time I conducted myself defiantly opposite the government office of whites and measures but nobody paid any attention. So I went to the square and make faces in front of the statue of our infant king and his uncle the region where they live forever. Oh. Again nobody saw me because you know Colonel everybody's in a hurry there. Then I went off and stood in a queue at a kiosk where they were selling beer.
I looked around and saw in front of the Creole school and all around me there was a collection of simple ordinary citizens about thirty or thirty eight people with a more English is fine I thought to myself. The queue moved forward and all the time I was wondering what to do about it. I had lost or had an idea. And when my turn came round up to the man in my normal voice to off point space in quick succession. I don't understand don't you see I was pretending in the royal succession of brew the beer and that they were giving short measure and that sort of thing. Well either he didn't understand or we look pretty stupid. Although she didn't want to understand anyway he just asked me my own little bitches so that I let him have it right. I said I own farming systems down the drain and if you don't steal you'll die of starvation. One of the last me if I was making any allusion to life in the present day because he
was an employee of the state and he would not tolerate the state being insulted why did you say then. Well I think a lot of the agricultural situation following trade in a few words about the police especially the secret place. Then a young man in a cloth cap came up out of the group and he walked towards me. You leave our police only say I suppose next you will start a new army you will want to cut down national service the next autumn. I want you to go before the recruiting Boehner will realize things are hotting up. But you know me Colonel I've been in the police since I was a child and this job as Agent Provocateur it's something sacred to me. Yes yes of course. Well they were I didn't pay any attention and went on with all the usual things. The income tax gave the oath and a lot of stuff about our infant king may live forever and his uncle region my own shop did. Your one of those are you. You're going to stand here and slander our beloved rulers and then they all got together and break me up. Brother what a fine set of men and you know can you.
When they were beating me up there were two conflicting feelings in my mind a feeling of sadness and feeling the joy I was sad that I had not carried out your order and that I could not provoke anybody to be disloyal in that. Once more there's nobody we can arrest but I was happy that love and reverence for the government and for the persons of our infant king and his uncles breach and also widespread and strongly felt by the population as you can tell by my black eye I can know what the sergeant just said makes me even more convinced. I just had this instant to give up my former ideals of disgust me what I think of them. I don't I was signed the Declaration of loyalty. Can I have a copy of it please. And Canon ink is your mind made up then. Nothing can alter my decision. When I leave this building with all its members and recollections I shall without delay apply to work for the state to give me the paper. Please don't mind about the stamps. Why should I think about postage stamps when I can join the circus about infant king may live for ever and his uncle the regent. The Passion of the collector is nothing compared to the spirit of service.
Of what use of my stamp albums when I can give myself up to the delights of loyalty which I did discover for the first time in my life after such a long thing as an anarchist. All right then I won't press you any more. Here is pen ink and paper. If that's what you want you can have it at last. Yes a constable bringing up business things. Oh yes are you disappointed me. I thought you'd hold out longer. It was so impressive the way you never broke down. And I also have one Cape one mosque and one ball. It is my duty to return to the things that were found on your person at the moment of your arrest. Ghosts of the past. Oh no no not the bomb. I finished that forever. Come on I be so pleased if you would accept this bomb as a present for me and as a souvenir out of our happy times together it could be a mark of the triumph that you have achieved over me.
It is all that remains of the last revolutionary that you can have the mosque to. Just as you like. Allow me to congratulate you kind of the last revolution is dead. A new citizen has been born. If I were you I would give my whole stop a three day holiday and why only three days from now on there will be nothing left for them to do. Goodbye 0 0 and thank you for everything. Don't mention it. Oh my God. Oh oh one day oh wonder if I could provoke him to be too slow. How come he's not back from work. From
work today he never takes his days off what did you want to see him about who he went to town to do some voluntary. I don't know when you'll be back. So this is just some gold braid to my husband's depend. He was so terrible in civilian clothes these days and always likes to wear some tiny piece of military dress even if it's underneath everything. I wish she would take this job. We have no idea how to go about in civvies he can't exist out of uniform. He's withering away provoking as always done in civilian dress. Could you just ways how made you always used to feel much better then a helmet would attract attention. Oh yes of course. With such a long
time since you set anyone to rest it probably doesn't show it in front of you Colonel. But it only has become moody and quite intolerable. One you arrest would put you right again. You can't make arrests without an agent provocateur. I'm afraid I've just given up hope. You don't know anyone who would get arrested. What about your neighbors and the distant relatives. No they're all law abiding citizens. There was an old man on our street used to complain but with him it was the get out not the government is also peaceful also quiet. Tell me how did you first meet your husband. That was eight years ago. He reported me to the secret police and reported that Sarah got to know each other and you expect to have been her. He may be back now. He always listens. The doors on his way up stand up.
Sergeant You startled me. I didn't get doing coming in through the window. Who was walking on the tops of the houses. I thought there might be something fishy going on. Anyway down in the street it couldn't be quite it. What did you find. Nothing until just a few birds. Is my wife here she went out onto the stack a she felt sure that she always listens that the door was when she goes down and stays. You don't mind if I change how do you feel like people without uniform know do change if you're like you're in your own home job day off. Yes but you see all hope maybe today I was going to be more lucky that no one thought. I did a bit of provoking before lunch but as usual it was not good. I just shouted. Q If it hadn't been for you Sergeant perhaps would never have lived to see there's a lot of ink drop in the crime because it is thanks to you we now have this perfect state of law and all that I was recommend you for promotion.
Oh it's nothing. I know I had to go on about doing that really. Oh what a relief to be back in your day for the last I can relax. Yes I can now and I've got an important matter to discuss with you because I find some excuse to send your wife off she mustn't come in here. I'm sure she's quite reliable but what I have to talk to you about is most secret Rights in. My view. Would you come to me. Oh. Oh yes now you all know. I sent her off to get some waterproof glue. And you think of a better excuse than that. It wasn't an excuse Google really needed my raincoat got torn last long they beat me up oh it's alright if you go as she won't be back for three quarters of an hour. I suppose you're surprised by my visit. Yes. Chief of Police here in my house who would sooner have expected the revolution I wishful thinking as I didn't know. Anyway I game's Argent must always be prepared for revolution now. I didn't really mean it
I said his record is irreproachable But of course still in your example to come back there is something more than ordinary conscientiousness and sense of duty. So that great sank yours as I said you are not only an excellent policeman. I have found that you are something more than that. So I find that you've given me an idea yes that you put on civilian clothes do you not when your job requires it even though you can't stand wearing. Yes I don't think my jobs are exactly in other words you sacrifice your personal likes and dislikes on the altar of service to the state but that's not important in examining your case I've come to the conclusion that your keenness readiness and devotion to duty are quite out of proportion with the task you fulfill so admirably. Yes if you give me the impression of a peculiarly spends his time cutting wood and carrying water bottles of coals that sort of work is difficult and useful but it is not the work of Iraqis that is a strength to strength which is only partly finding its outlet in ordinary work. For us something more than a civil servant. You are inspired by the idea of order and general discipline. You want the mystic of the police force the sate of the police. Now listen
carefully to what I say. Yes you realize that we shall never have the chance to arrest anyone again. What did you say. Tell you something else not only will we never arrest anyone ever again but your son your grandson and great grandson. They won't arrest anyone either. Police forces standing on the edge of a precipice. What is the function of a policeman. It is to arrest those who offend against the existing order. But suppose there aren't any people like that left. Suppose that as a result of the operations of our improved and reconstituted police force the last trace of rebelliousness in our people has disappeared and that they have become universally enthusiastic for the regime. I suppose that they have formed once and for all a permanent love for our infant king his uncle the regent. What is there for the police to do then. O'Connell will feel ill for a long time I've been expecting and reading the moment which has now arrived. Last political prisoner has just signed the act of Allegiance has been released from prison and has begun to set our infant king his uncle the regent. I tried to keep him back. I promised him stamps for his collection it was no good. Do you know what this means. It means that we
have beautiful prisons constructed to great expense. We have a highly trained devoted staff. We have courtrooms offices and card indexes and we have not one single prisoner not one single suspect not one single clue to follow up. People have become wildly cruel a best deal a lawyer. That's true Carol that's a fact I assume the time will come when we will have to take off the uniform and then you will toss and turn in bed at nights longing hopelessly for one little interrogation braid sewn onto your underpants won't be much good to you then. Already are suffering from insomnia and for the moment you've still got your job. Think what it'll be like soon. Oh no yes yes. Take away your uniform. Now give you some sort of sports jacket walking shoes and a pair of flannels. You'll be able to go out into the fields or into the water with a fishing rod or a shotgun if you like. You'll be able to arrest hasn't sparrows so long as it isn't the mating season. Is there nothing we can do Colonel. And I have come to you not only in my capacity as chief of police not only as your
superior officer at this dreadful time we have both of us just simple constables in the face of the ruin which is facing our life's work. We must give each other our hands and offer brotherly advice for that solution. And I listen to me. A man who can even save the situation is you. Guess you pay attention to what I'm saying. What do we need what we need is one person who we could lock up who we could arrest for something which could in some very slight degree be described as anti-government activity. Having several times attempted to find this man it has become apparent that we shall not find him in the ordinary course of events. We must so to speak. Composed this man I said my choice has fallen on you. I don't understand what I have to do exactly the same as you've been doing all along. Shout something against the government. But with this difference this time we won't let you off. We're lucky I guess you will open the windows that they can hear you
better from the street and you can stand by the window and shouted something as loud as you can against our infant king and his uncle the regent where they live forever. And I'll draw my sword. Arrest you and that's that. My God but I'm supposed to be a policeman a policeman and anyone else in the world to be a member of the police and to pretend to others that you're not a policeman. That picture really a double policeman. But to be a policeman and to pretend to yourself that you're not a policeman that makes you a policeman deep down you obviously in the depths of your heart. We might say that you were a super policeman I'm not any other policeman even a double police policeman I see said before today I shall send a report to the general to morrow morning King his uncle the regent will be informed that we have discovered and arrested our revolutionary we should be saved. What do I have to stop. You choose that Regent. The uncle of already is. That's why I know it's not direct enough. It must be something strong and false for with no understatement. So that
I can arrest you 100 percent. What about what about the dirty smog that's much better. I'm going to wind up. Now. One. Just a minute. There's a bit of dust on my uniform right now. One two three all right OK. Was that it. I arrest you in the name of our infant king his uncle the regent. Good heavens you were trying to prevent people can't you take a rest Silence woman this time at last he's made a success of it. So Sergeant you have been trying to sort through the bodies of you also window.
And you kicked one of the ball does this is the second time it's happened. And I what's come over you really could. Is there anything you need to. Know. Like kids do you look as if they spend you need their pay on silent. Well maybe that's because I'm looked up in prisons and every day I send reports about you to the general. Thanks to you we've been granted funds for rebuilding the prison and recruiting new personnel and strengthening the patrols the general has to come personally interested in your case. He says that you're a very dangerous man and it is extremely unfortunate. I got you and I have to look sir if I didn't know you better I think all this was depressing you. The general says that today he will attend your interrogation in person you will go on to sleeping probably not very well. Would you like a drink. Oh yes please. Ah. Thank you sir.
I mustn't drink with you because I'm just an ordinary. Can you tell me what I'm on. What a question yourself but what does that mean Colonel I'm myself I just don't know what I am no a policeman a little prison and another thing if I'm a policeman and I want to sell for if I'm a prisoner I'm a self and since I must be myself I'm a policeman or a prisoner. I explained all this to you at the time of your wrist why start all over again which is all quite clear of the incident because that was just the beginning and those two knew what I was an ordinary police sergeant in the Secret Service. Things really started to go wrong there earlier when I when I was working as an agent provocative. If I'd known at that time a lot of ask you to put someone else on this provoking job it just wasn't an idle women that I was so upset at having to wear civvies. A policeman should never take off his uniform under any circumstance did it never ended you had to make a
complaint and it was your day off you went out to work of your own free will. But it wasn't anything like as bad as it is now. It only really began to get bad when you were arrested me and I started more time in prison. Prison is a terrible effect on Nancy from the moment I was arrested everything started getting more and more confused. What do you mean. Well to start with. RMN But everything just as you explained it to me that we're going to have attacks and blackouts was frightened I started repeating to myself over and over again I am a sergeant in the Secret Service I am a sergeant in the Secret Service or rather the Top Secret Service but then it might happen then. No stop repeating it. I didn't see the set and I reached the point. Colonel when I went away what I meant was that I'm just an ordinary guy an ordinary walk down it wasn't an ordinary policeman or an ordinary prison of which I Know I Do we have to bring out these stupid childish arguments is what comes of giving responsible jobs to
people with no higher education in your place a man with any intelligence. What I was going to say was that whichever of the two I am I do not think that I should drink with you if I am a policeman and I cannot condone your drinking with a prisoner. That is to say with me because I am in fact under arrest. And if I am a prisoner revolutionary feared by the General himself and by the government of the country then again I should not like you. Why not. Because if I were in the prison I must conduct myself according to the model code of an imprisoned revolutionary and I cannot drink with the chief of police. A representative. Have you gone mad. Now Colonel this is something stronger than me. Are you in a position to release me from prison. No you were not. So I've got to stay in prison and if I have to stay in prison the effect of that environment on me becomes stronger and stronger. I'll try to fight it but I feel that every day I spend in prison does something normal to me something I can't quite understand. Maybe you are real and I know it's not that Colonel or I couldn't be more healthy. This is something quite different. Do you know that
since the time that you were arrested you know I've started to develop certain new ideas get careful what you say that I want you to know about it. For example before this I used to travel quite often by trying and I never thought anything particular about it. But when a man's in prison he begins to think much more critical. And you know what I have decided how should I know. Tell me at once. But all right away system is atrocious. Do you realize what you are saying I warn you I shall have to write this stuff. Dude Michael reports up please. This sort of thing gets a hold of my hand and you just can't stay silent any longer. Like art and culture for example. Will you tell me why did we have to torment and persecute those poor little celebrities What were those last two words I said I was poor. Artists and artists right. No I don't. Better leave it to you with your record of loyal service do you really hold these opinions. We've worked together for so many years everything's always gone
smoothly and all the time you were. Do you really think that things are so bad in this country. Think it over what is that to think of now. Listen if I move my plank bed against the wall put the bucket on it upside down to stand on it I can see out of the window of my cell. There's a field there and just not as full of fun as because it's obvious time. When I want to examine them closely I can't help thinking I wish you could see it see what sad expressions they've got on the faces the general dissatisfaction that's painted on them. This is an entirely subjective outlook on your part. Quite apart from the conclusions to which it leads whether they are loyal or disloyal subjectivism as a method is entirely opposed to the program. I would have to punish you even if you hadn't mentioned the so-called dissatisfaction. And besides it's against the rules to look out of the window but not for somebody who is fighting against the government Colonel or someone like that would not deprive himself of any trivial little act of rebellion on the contrary would consider it part of his duty to bring his mission to fulfillment. Not to
mention the satisfaction. And another thing when we look out of the window I can see a new rebuilt Kremas toward him on the other side of the field and that also gives me food for thought It is a nonproductive investment would you deny atheists the right to dispose of their bodies as they like with their own sort of funeral. You're against religious tolerance. How can you have the nerve to criticize the Government's record in the house that people are dead and your argument is not funny. And even if I hadn't dropped out of the window or writing scratched on the walls and a man sits there with another did them so he reads like you think like you know I'm sort of stupid walk for instance stand with Ted or Nick and that's the way it is it reach that stage and I suppose I return to marry live thrive and the uncle of our in front of forever is an idiot. Yes Komin So the generals riots I generally have 10 but it's all my gold. Ah gentleman he's got me. So
this is the man. Yes I am. Looks to me like the ring leader. Have you managed to find the rest of his going hunting them down systematically dangerous. Did you find any explosive materials on him. Not so fast that we haven't given up hope. He's ma dangerous than I thought he's dishonest. Good straightforward revolutionaries always have a couple of pounds of dynamite on them. It looks to me as if we've caught the king of our own. Well you know I agree that if he's been searched and nothing's been found him it means there's more to this than meets the eye. Oh allow me to present EMEA DC. I've just chosen him as Miss special advisor on revolutionary affairs and government activity. He's an expert on that subject so I know it's him. I was a mother were there any actions you must come to speech. You've become the victim stakes or the crick. This guy he was the one who threw the bomb at you said oh you know present assistant in my film a prisoner has got a new blues content and I
swear to you Star I'm not mistaken I know him well. But 10 years I used to interrogate him here in my office on this jest it is impossible to chart excellence it should have section is just one of you got to say I left out the cut was right of course I am his former prisoner but he was he difficult in Kano that I sung out of Allegiance and was released. His Excellency is perfectly well aware of all this time I know you know my goal so I knew it all along and you can see the divide and reduce the left and as an expert in matters concerning the fight against observed activity it was not a lot. Just a bit different but oh but oh I still got it in my droll idea ever to bodies sometime has to throw some bomb at some general out of the organism of the body demands it. The sooner you get it over the better. As a male I have complete confidence in my new assistant precisely because he has all this behind him. There are so many people who are still not satisfied this natural.
You mustn't be angry if I did. Have you ever thrown a bomb at the general you are accidents. Neither of mine. And if you forgive my saying oh I have more confidence in my assistant than I have in your even in myself. I promise you know that if you want to be thought of as the ideal chief of police part of your job to consist of taking precautions in case I should throw a bomb at myself Aveo thought about but you should think about it. The husband of a general is the property of the state and the government not of the individuals the rank. John I attended the salt even on my part must be considered an attack against the uniform of an officer and so I mean directly I guess that's right. And if ever you should have to arrest me on this account I trust you will remember that it was me that reported myself to you on brought this vital information to the notice of the chief of police out in my trial this would being considered an
extenuating circumstance. That is the situation. Yes I quite I was a total of 10 to our discussion of the left and I will tell you something else. He ended the service not long ago and came to us from a situation that was. I need hardly tell you Oh extremely different from our own. Already he has achieved the rank of an officer. This requires some effort as you can imagine. We must congratulate him on his keenness in our book. If we count all the oil in the book while it is of LOT of a little by little. An air lover the government has exploded suddenly rush in pure and concentrated about as long as I'm under government activities. As regards his qualifications for this present job I can assure you he is second to none in combating the same activity. Never mind expressing all dislike of emulating yourself open to the job. Groundless I'm sure
of being jealous of him because of it is like being sick so I can promise you it's all right. I brought him here especially because I knew we had a tricky case on our hands with this enemy of our infant king and his uncle the Raiders. There is little beyond a business you can be sure of. Show where it began. He purposely left an interview not alarming as I watched you again. Well you ought to be ashamed of us of this diversion of yours to well die young people is beginning to looks suspicious and I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed X and say that you and the chief of police the mass I will be quite short and simple. Oh you think surgery or I don't agree with the Conwell that you are overestimating the simplicity of the case. We know that as a result of the accused incredible treachery and low coming we have no evidence of any substance against him. The extensive is subversive activity is borne out by his outpost concerning our
region. The uncle about infringing the outpost which immediately on must promote and became the grounds for his thought I rest. And if the criminal shouted out things like that at the top of his voice how much more terrible it must be the things that he's been counting on in silence. It's true we do not possess the materials that would enable us to discover the criminal has done. I need only mention the fact that no explosives were found on him. On what ground then do you consider that the case is short and simple. I do not adept at this moment to point to the hostile acts which the president committed openly but I can state quite categorically that such acts are to be found lurking in their food based as in the personality of the accused and that even if they have not yet been carried out they exist with the same reality as if they had been carried out for we know do we not. The time is one and that is not to be divided into past and present.
And from the point of view of the investigation it is the most damning proof if you will in general to work but I do not deny that we have to deal with an exceptionally dangerous criminal and that those who have been claiming that the police have nothing to do deserve to be picked. If not actually arrested it seems to me though that the method employed by Michael to the left and that is the sign of an engaging though perhaps over rash belief in his own ability is typical of the inexperience alive at all. As far as I know the criminal began his unusually intensive enemy activity after a long period of loyalty and even of cooperation with the government. My young friend we have them to deal with an exceptionally dangerous individual. It is a process and a logical reason why would you general were so kind as to our time together when you were evaluating my career. Yes that is to say a process of contrary direction. This man at a competitive a late age which leads to a sharpening of the symptoms achieved his first sensual pleasures with the feeling that he
was being persecuted. As you know this feeling gives one an illusion of one's own importance and dignity. The same in fact it intensity as a feeling of gone purity loyalty and agreement with the prevailing view points although entirely different from it in its detail of course. And this is why it is so extraordinary attractive to people who have not yet experienced I do not agree. This man is an abominable sort of criminal that is obvious. But I do not see in what way he is worse than other such people who throw bombs at general doesn't. I can assure you that this man is capable without batting an eyelid of throwing a bomb at three generals. I don't speak up now. Would you throw a bomb at the General. Franklin and those lives are doomed I'm going to notice me. Well most are because I might have a few strange ideas I've made about the runways and agriculture and things like that from Obama the jet is you going to get at.
Imagine imagine that you are taking the screw on Sunday afternoon and it so happens that you have a bomb with you as if you were taken from the house though you don't quite know why. All around you there are people beautiful women and suddenly. You see a general a real one bag of socks are going through. Right right now the general is walking straight toward you. Yes he doesn't turn aside but keeps on walking straight. Yes his medals are sparking. Yes he's jacked with the shining you feel that now you can pay him back to everything that's such a beautiful general will come your way a second time the last times I know you well. You know I come not just satisfied General. To be quite frank I'm beginning to wonder why you are obstructing your man Bush to go short meaning obstructing the investigation. It looks to me all important does it to you know that nothing should be proved against this man. I approach it seems clear to me that you are trying to handle my assistant is fine let me ask him to come up and is laying bare of the prohibitionist of the man
on you but I may feel it my duty to discuss your position with the Regent and the uncle of our infantry and for my part I should like to inform his ex and say that I pose as adequate means to demonstrate to his Excellency the on profitability of this sort of interference by you threatening me if I would not presume to do as I was. I merely state that I am washing my hands of it and that I will accept no responsibility for the further development of the matter in hand. We shall return to our interrogation. May I ask the person to be removed for a moment. Oh so that when I come over you know just yet. Guys don't take him out and got it all figured out when I ring. Yes I've come all this way. I still maintain that basically the accused is guilty of a bomb attack on the general the problem is simply that he is a man of low intelligence and has too little imagination about I have a plan. We are listening in the comments desk that is a bomb
the same on that at a certain time in the past. I threw out the general Oh the bomb doesn't work the best with it which is that the general is still had among us. I propose that we call the suspect in and give him this bomb. We will open the door. The General got into the car don't it and then I guarantee that when he has the bomb in his hands and sees the general is standing opposite him all his libertarian anarchist instincts will be aroused. Unable to resist them any longer. He throws it in this way we will definitely approve of his extreme evil intentions and crimes and conditions as closely as possible. Approaching the natural gas. Well you know think about it Carl I think the GA systems are your chosen expert on these questions and an office of great promise in spite of his short record of service is quite right. You should not lightly reject the idea of this experiment general and obstruct the investigation.
I repeat the bomb is harmless the detonator didn't make contact. At least last time it didn't so often and if you think I'm carrying out my duties and suggesting what I consider to be the most effective means of on Earth the anti-government activity as I am an officer on the service of an infant king is one of the regent May they live forever and I think you may be a little bit too smart young as a friend of yours in general I would not advise any slackness in your conduct of this investigation. I may tell you in confidence that in the reports of dice and director the Regent the uncle of our infant king. I shall be forced to describe in detail your relationship and attitude towards the police service and in particular your enthusiasm for unmasking the enemies of our infant king and his uncle the regent. Show me the bomb. I just think it. Yes it's the same ball. Definitely quite definitely. Well in general do you agree. Well you're suggesting the line being on go up Roger. He's explained the situation to the pros and.
Cons to both bring in the president. Yes I don't think this way your guys of all get up. There's not. You are going to throw this bomb at the General. Well just like that the general goes down in the got a dog and you were being out and come to me and put it off until tomorrow as if you're like General shall we consult the opinion of the government on the matter NO NO NO NO NO RIGHT. Now you know how did I get just about it. General. Oh leave the door open please. Otherwise he can throw the bomb at your goal. Thank you. Give the president my musket should be then the roll with the bomb the USAn must be complete. Ready. Right left on and over to Europe. OK. No.
So now you're strolling along. It's beautiful women who are here with a kindly stymie the sun is blazing in the sky here and there. That is a general. Yes and he's Mendoza sparking just fighting against. I know you think yourself I've lost your brand I think everything you can see the general. I suppose I suppose you would like the general. As your superior officer I always appreciate a great courtesy. Quite the opposite from the way he treated you teach you to ignore the fact that you have been the chief of police for yeah so why would you say if I were to place you under arrest you must admit this little matter of the bomb is to say the least dipole. Yes I have to admit that Doppler to the extent that your pocket is extremely obscure.
In that case we will find ourselves in the curious situation of mutual arrest and you were not so far as you think and not told my position that the chief of police did precisely the opposite direction. I rest fine. I'm afraid that by acting this way you want your career to a bit of a shop close I must point out that your laughable attempts to charge me with a bomb attack could only turn themselves automatically to your disfavor. And why should that be my friend. That is simply a little boy. You want to using me of opposing the government and of attempted murder. They will ask you where you were when that certain death tenant signed the act of Allegiance and was released from prison. What sort of a Chief of Police would you be if the meanest convicted person was able to pull the wool over your eyes. What sort of a security officer were you. If you fail to spot his little game and simply released him from custody and if you argue that you are right to release me because my repentance is genuine you would be quite correct. Since I really was and am sincere in my loyalty and entirely devoted to the government. However this way you would bring to nothing your accusation against me of attempted murder
and were placed ourself in the ludicrous situation of us qualified intriguer. But to return to the point. What would you say if I were to arrest you. Please do not think that the police are above the rest. On the contrary I rest is above us. It is about everything. I am a policeman with a long record of service so if you think that you can establish your case of course I can. Now that is a lie situation one of the most elementary duties at the head of the police is to protect generals against attacks by bombs and what did you do. You personally press the bomb into the hands of the arrested revolutionary. You personally showed him how to throw it. What frightful have you gone mad the whole thing was your suggestion which you adopted with suspicious eagerness but only under pressure from you it was you who wanted to do it. It was you who are so keen on that experiment of the ball but I am not the head of the police. I repeat what is the most elementary duty of the chief of police but any fool and. To protect generals against bomb attacks the bomb will never have gone off. You told me
also that it was used and I got nothing to do with it. You had a right to believe and you assured me a moment ago that you were speaking the truth and that you are loyal to the government if that is correct. I am loyal to the government but you as the chief of police ought to know that the fact that something is correct doesn't necessarily have any special meaning. It can eventually have or perhaps does have an opposite meaning depending on certain circumstances. You see in spite of your record of long service you could only understand the most primitive arguments. All right we will remain under mutual arrest until the situation is Gaddafi. OH THANK GAWD Janie. Your life I'm not judge of who went and hid in the lover during that. I just point out that you asked about going to be considered as extremely incriminating. The astonishment expressed in the sentence of general shows that the chief of police was expecting if not actually counting on something else. I'm afraid that I am forced to rush both of them to do a possibility
isn't that it was an accident or it was one of your three wound up the detonator and fortune and even we are not yet able to arrest accidents so there remains the second possibility. The prisoner doesn't count because he is already under duress. Thank you said so I am left with you two gentlemen. That left on its past record although doctors give the tribunal plenty to think about are the members of the court of inquiry will dock to see the chief of police's motives as a classic example of that type. Leaving aside for the moment the real serious charge is that he must face. I imagine that he intends to compromise or general assistance. It is an understandable desire but it arises from feelings that are purely personal and have nothing in common with the service of government. I regret to inform your general that in the name of this government of laws I must place you under arrest. But here it is upon something exposing the uniform of a general drug tax by Paul knows you are under suspicion of condoning some Besant conduct. It was you thought I was my sense of duty in this matter.
And that will be under god it is mitigating seconds in such a trial we still haven't sorted out Christina with a policeman who was arrested an individual with whom he finds himself in a state of mutual arrest like the chief of police is with me. He is able to arrest a third individual by whom he was some time previously arrested together with the first individual to me as united by the first double action arrest persons under arrest are not permitted to express an opinion. The same to you it looks gentleman as if the police have plenty of water called. You know marriage you. Know. We've heard police spy salami I'm Rochet translated from the Polish an adapted for
radio by Nicholas battle the BBC World Theatre production was directed by John Gibson the chief of police was played by Geoffrey KEANE The prisoner by Hugh burden the police sergeant by Thomas Heath caught his wife by Joan Lindsay and the general by Derek Guyler. These World Theater programmes are produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Their broadcast is made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Next week listen for part 1 of the anger of Achilles. An epic for radio by Robert Graves from his translation of Homer's Iliad and the BBC production by Raymond breaks with music by Roberto Gary Hogg won a pretty Did top. This program was prepared for broadcast by W. R. v r the FM station of the Riverside Church in New York City.
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