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But aggression and it's not just a few brief about the post and the striking advantages of casting your vote for the battle stop Anees advantages compared to which no porpoise of try was very shy but I bribed indeed. First on our list of gifts comes an item that every judge's greedy heart must be panting to pose as your call to those lovely hours sometimes called the corner the gentleman promised for luck. Do you buy that. I'll settle down in your wallets for good and I had your brood of my mistake. Secondly we promised to redo the annual veni Whitely now placed rise spread like Eagle and even perhaps a politician. Thank you with the problem of
insufficient blind. Your problem or accept is I'll give through a pad of buzzard cloners design respects you for more efficient drafting wrote it is for those suffering from being used to didn't you know of all stomach elements and upsets. We proudly present them with special lifetime crops. Indeed to be rocked. If however gentleman you with your vote you bet it is the stature of a method. Why no I repeat that again and then. But in town would cover you with the twopenny the omens are favorable. Our sacrifice has been like. I wonder where in the world our messenger is with news about how wrong
there he is now. I'd recognise that awful huffing and puffing anywhere. Those of the true Olympic pants. Yeah where where where where can they be. Well just because the time was here. Yeah I hope the founder of the city of height of the wall is hope so. Well build that wall so wide if you hitched up for Trojan horses that don't you check out your toes but I guess proximity isn't one in the eye journeys in the Although they could pass it on the stoic for your wall. What are we as high as six hundred feet high. High heat. Could have built up a wall like that so nobody but do not want to Gyptian no bricklayer's no cop and there's no Masons good teams those who only
I couldn't believe my thirty thousand cravings whose crops were all loaded with boulders and stones. Well the rails with that big blocked out the rocks thousands of talks came ringing up bricks. Twelve birds by turns parted the water all right up to the sky. Which birds hold the mortar of the parents in the clouds. How was a mortar heaped in the Hudson. Now there was a high amp of engineering skill. But with their feet like shovels beneath and heaved it over their heads to the leats all of a piece. What can compete with just between us should our talks with aprons on go holding the bricks and how the swallows came dangling the troubles behind them like boys darting in dipping with mouthfuls of more this is true human labor is obsolete but what happened next.
Who finished the job. Who did the good work on the wall. Master Craftsman birds. It was pelicans like carpenters with handy at your peak so humid the Cape and what with the racket and hubbub of all that hacking and chopping and hearing and sawing your dust swarm that was a shipyard down at the docks so it sounded to me but the gates are gone. The bolt shot home to watch birds make their albums with cunning bellows guards patrol they're being sent every power along the circuit of the blaze as well let's all watch fire are three words we have finished it would have guessed. I gotta go wash my face. My job is done the rest. He's well under all of a darn sight too wonderful if you ask me I think it's all a loss. But look what's coming. Another messenger and a sentry judging by is. Your fellow a soldier or a ballerina Lackaday
me. Goodness Grace what's troubling you. So we I diddled and I'm done. Yes some God has given us the slip. I what not which room through the gates out into territorial lair. The dogs on guard never even spotted him. Yeah the national scandal which God we couldn't quite tell he was wearing wings. That much we know pursued bird set up to intercept him. Oh everything we had took off sir. The sparrow hawk reserve thirty thousand for every claw carrying Harrier we could throw into the sky. Castro's buzzards out Eagles vultures you name it. Why the whole atmosphere is just drawing with a world of beating wings as they call them the clouds for that sneaky little god. The new if you ask me. He's not so far away either. He's here abouts I'm sure quite sure.
But really my swing. Or you know shoot to kill. Heaven. We're. Right there. Where you're cruising. Now who are you home port as a boy. Iris the fleet slipper ship or salute what does this move some buzzard up
and the rest who dare arrest. What sort of joke is this. You'll see. Sister I must be Drew. This cult to be calling to see what gate did you enter by. What would a goddess know about gays. Just missed those lies. Did you report to the door and the gate I see. Mommy where's your star power must be. Even the playroom must be form filled out and properly punished. I had the very idea that sure is it just sneak in here infiltrate our territorial air or spy on our city and in a pull god go you know but not here by God. You're trespassing. What's more it would serve you right if I ordered you put to death this very instant. If there ever a God deserved to die that God is you but I cannot die where you darn well should. A pretty pickle it would be if the whole world obeyed the birds while you gods got uppity and defied
your betters know that you aerial yachts state your business here I have business I am bearing the following message from the thought of those Zeus men are hollow costs. MARTIN barbeques up before you go to those used deliveries streeta does the reek with the rose I think he wants us. But to which God that's gods to us of course who else could have made but that's quite absurd. You gods I mean real name on the altar. So no the gods men worship the birds not God's good God's will then do the court the color of the God God's justice with the pick of
Pvt Zeus prise up the high pedestal and tall guy people and leaving off a smidge unfocused love of the seer to ochreous amongst the law I'm all for poster boylike news blog no buzz you know. Yes isn't lady stole that tragic. Gotta love her. Kindly stop twitching. How do you think I am some poured it into a region so late you can browbeat that Bogey talk. Come back and tell your Zeus if he messes with me I'll fry him to a cinder. What does the poet say oh yes the Eagles don't you let me Scotch the halls of heaven stuff Rizzo and his juice and Empire. You know him. Brian was simple I am put in here but no matter what you tell your Zeus if he crosses me by Zeus I'll send six hundred
Porfirio ends up against him and every bird Jack of the lot tricked out as a panther. I'd like to see his face. I mean the time when one poor period was one too many for Zeus and as for you Miss messenger Iris seal my way once more and mark my words you'll be one flabbergasted little goddess when you feel the triple RAM on this own Hoke you disgusting Daddles slut just you wait till my father hears about this Heaven defend me from this blind blurt that goes singe some youngster with your let's read it will you. You know it's rather odd about the messenger we dispatched to earth he should be back by now.
Paragon of genius. How often am flim flams not all right. Plus most best. Oh not you were about to say my friend interrupted you. Oh yeah. To accept this crown of solid gold and profit in glorious wisdom and chicanery by a dog I don't know. Why should man selection phone me of fabulous founders of great cloud cuckoo land. How can you ask such a question. Have you not heard that Pista tyros has become the model of a name to all mankind has gone cloud cuckoo land of madly
only as today before your dispensation and the skies became a fact. The Spartan craze had swept the faddish were men went mad with mimicry of Socrates affected along different food rustic walking sticks and lead in short like you know bark exists but then all over night. The birds became derriere Curry of human fashion and then immediately began to brood grew up for chicken ranch deals being the root dog go home go see them but if they grouse There's the day after you. Some old life but feathered all about with the faddish trails of
being she should not yet know about the latest word in Buress names. Now the gimpy peddler is tagged old Partridge now and the new piss is called cuckoo plays as the cure goes a lame duck on his back. It's not a policy it's a course is called the Jaber and asked from a DSN why he's the sitting duck and judging from that ugly clabbered beak it has no man ever addressing not all mankind is gone so I only bought the yellow bird that all the ladies songs are filled with swallows pigeons docs gave me a tune with feathers you know there are pinch of fluff becomes a hit and that's how matters stand below about one last point before I leave you to arms and puppies of men are on the move all migrating here to cloud cuckoo land in quest of will
and the feathered way of life. Somehow Sir you'll have to wing these flap model immigrants have. At best get busy with their own running start stuff I remember you complained with such siblings. Oh stay here to give my greetings to these wingless refugees in hers and yet mine. Is that legal. Oh not just barren blue Brian would I feel your virus was telling the truth from someone with an ego or some fun. Well. There's nothing on earth like fly in cloud cuckoo land is the realist from a I'm bats about the boys I'm all in that tweet I wanna be a bird. I want to know why you're why I want it I want I do what you want. We birds have bushels of thing fixed weekly for the boys then it's family man. Best of all I like that cool custom one permits a little boy did that show is that he
dad let. Me think it there and then they have a young bird if he walks up and takes a poke at his feather. I mean father. Exactly why I'm here I want to throttle the old man and inhabit the jam one moment. We birds observe another custom order still find a blizzard in the scrolls of the stocks I quote. Once you just store cut real it is brewed and it's Ricks had made the maiden flight alone. They must in turn support their father in his own way. Yeah Fat lot of good I got company or jam if I gotta go back and support the old man and tell you why you seem a decent man. What do you mean to not adopt you as our city's official mascot but. Looking good. Some good advice I received as a toddler at my mother's knee. I'm all ears I can see that. Don't drop your dad you've got a better idea. Take this week instead with your other hand except this hit your helmet is this Chris. I love Bowie. No macho rookie drill. Stand your guard live on your pay or not your father be you look aggressive federal to Thrace. There's
fighting there. I think you might. What's more I'm game. You've done well but I did look it up. Up theory stance of Pelosi is saying they don't need a boatload of wings and means to get this limping pull it off the ground and fall through the vast thank you if they come kind of easy as Bard of balsa wood. What made you pro-euro splay put him and I ben down those to be a little less lil to please. Could your student prose if we liked we shave me wings to speculate in Midst the chanting Scout didn't rack of young conceited clown. From which blackened cow tornado's similes and
beat you mean you plagiarized the cloud no doubt and I did but I know it's crap depends completely on the cloud and this is why the most resplendent poem is but the insubstantial shimmer reflected from that blue and bubbled muck of rough that feather fill it judge will not but you shall die by you shadow. Now do my area just for your look in Holywood. Logo was home to you dear warnings posted standby o ships at sea. Or
home of God. Give you some buffets you will my. No no salt on the who was. Caught we're caught on all the ships. Get that old by and can't you figure I want to dance. What's no different father thought of such a beastly way to welcome a poetic genius for whose service is the entire civilized world compete. Then stay with us. You can train an old bird CONUS the atrocities but
conduct his own compositions he likes the delicate young well and Dest despise me. No no then now I now show ceased from his wings I won't cloud cuckoo land and if it were good to belie suspicious is that true. Past the nuisance staying in this is crisis. Here comes a lot cooler humming trees and. I think it must be an epigram on his tattered coat. He's so cold is calling the cuckoo to bring the sputtering poets are always talking of cuckoos in April and you know me. Rare is the guy handing out the way you're looking at him
know what you want. Fred and his fellow get it I get it. To hide the holes in your code listen best. My business is the indictment divided. That charities you see in me a professional to lend and call an agent provocateur of lawsuits and investigations that's why. I watch the way they'd come in handy for whizzing around the islands delivering my indictments and handing out subpoenas. I see these wings would increase your think shouldn't I shouldn't she be impartial judge. They'd have me dodge the pirates I mean coming home I'd load the crops of the cranes with the writ send ballots and that's your
trick. A husky lad like yourself earning his livelihood by inviting foreigners in what is an honest man supposed to do. I don't know how to deal with Mikey. There are enough honest means of earning a living without this dirty little dodge of Hutchings swings I want my words are ringing. How else do you think mankind won this rings if not removed. You know the old men how they loll around at the barber shop complaining about the younger generation. Thanks to that blasted diet trophies and ice grows one has blown the family nest to take a flyer on the horses. You should see that kid of mine pipes in the other. He's gone so batty over those tragic plays he flies into fits of ecstasy and gets goosebumps all over and that's how you learned through dialectic the mind a man takes his morally and spiritually
uplifted and so I hope with words of good advice too when you're on your way toward some honest trade. Just you know I can't just scrapes the family for several generations. So give me wings. Anything's alright by me. Provided that festive like to go to the islands with stacks of subpoenas and summons who is back home to defend the case in court and zip right back to the items again when they arrive they find the case is most condemned an absence you got. And while they're coming here you're going to come right around like a top. Right I got it so you're all talk and guess what I've got here. I love me a little of course Syrian that we used to make you little thought go around. Got it. Ruling by God
legal whirly gig. Was us just us must. Eat eat eat eat eat.
eat. Eat eat.
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Classical drama
The birds, part 5
Producing Organization
University of Michigan
Contributing Organization
University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program presents part 5 of The Birds by Aristophanes, in a new translation by William Arrowsmith.
Series Description
This series presents full-length productions of Greek and Roman plays of antiquity in modern English translation with original music especially composed for this series. Each play is introduced by William Arrowsmith of the University of Texas.
Broadcast Date
Comic drama
Media type
Composer: Gillis, Don, 1912-1978
Producing Organization: University of Michigan
Speaker: Arrowsmith, William, 1924-1992
Speaker: Arnott, Peter
AAPB Contributor Holdings
University of Maryland
Identifier: 61-58-2 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:27:15
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