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Bishop debate us on the basis of your experience with reality. What do you think that the American people need most to know. I talk to the question. If. Those three guys are kind of all news for you very frankly at the risk of multiples firing your listeners I'm so. Thrilled to see it. The parent voices of Europe Milton mair American author and broadcaster lecturer and professor of social research from the University of Frankfurt has been interviewing
Europeans were alive and sensitive to the tragedy and dilemma of the conditions that surround them. Today Milton Mayer interviews first the Bishop of Berlin and Brandenburg Otto Friedrich the barriers of Berlin is not what we would call a realist. In March 1933 he was invited in his capacity as superintendent of the Prussian diocese to preach the invocation at the first meeting of Hitler's new Reichstag in part stem. He concluded his invocation with these words the dictatorship of a totalitarian state is irreconcilable with the will of God. That was an unrealistic thing to say in March of 933 in front of the German government. He was removed from office and forbidden to preach. Then he organized the Confessing Church of Germany which denied the authority of the so-called German church sponsored by the Nazis. That was not a realistic thing of him to do either. He was tried by a nazi court and refused to decant but he was not convicted and in
1044 he was associated with the conspirators in the attempt to overthrow the Hitler regime. That was also unrealistic but by chance he wasn't caught. Today auto debate lives in the most on real situation of his life he was chairman of the Council of the Evangelical Church of Germany and as such the principal spokesman of German Christendom. But he has also since 1945 the Bishop of Berlin in Brandenburg the area of the Eastern or Russian occupied zone of Germany. Here is Milton Mayer to interview a bishop to billionths bishop to bail us on the basis of your experience with unreality. What do you think that the American people need most to know. I've heard this question. Up.
Close the kind of onus for you very frankly at the risk of multiples firing your listeners saw. For it to hurt. The Germans value tank for all manly things got from America building there last year but only for care packages. Only two you get the help from the churches of America. For every thing was the Marsh Arabs. Did all the rebuilding of West Germany.
What has been a very splendid work but also for man is spiritual thing. I'm quite aware that hang on this is smoke those strong posts in the history of events and it is some times very quickly forgotten again. Whether the business of the church. I am wont to say but the church find Cronus for all of it as B is for it. Forests or a Roman alone could kill and still I hope. This thankfulness would war for peace and goodwill in the project. Bishop debate is up to this point. You have not said
anything with which an American audience would not be satisfied. Mock comment of a paan. This car by the Americans came to Germany first. We sometimes have a magic told you could be perhaps a little more this and hold the theory they came at them big. We know all right put insincere embezzling American made at home was certainly cast come to live. It's more of a rumor is there why are you doing
anything of the house. Got an hour here and one of the most beautiful suburbs of Dentalium of beautiful house and the servant. Was able truly to live in the Grand Prior. To look at this was a mock up of this. I give you four of the Germans who lost the war to so many of his victims in court. What do you think. I never. Really learned from medical school. When they came over a good beat you see. Fifty years ago we Germans usually thought
we had to be the schoolmaster's of the whole world. And now we just saw in your country people I'm a great progress and many things we had never thought of and technical things in education democratic spirit and soul. We are very thankful. About the next chain has begun. Young Germans going over to America and some young Americans are coming over to Germany here and we hope that this will bring us forward in the whole style of our lives not only in technical
moves or Also all in spiritual matters. But then this very thing. We have sometimes to complain a little about the American administration. Is a little bit bitter archiving sometimes everything about this administration is more of a crap thing we better crafted Germans have ever beat. There's all there's a system. Scheme. Nothing can be brought in. What is mot quantifier of this key. For instance it is very difficult to bring a man
by this ex chain all automatic rule does not qualify for the certain point in this system. To say another thing. You see in Germany everything must be made in the servants that we are not prepared to accept. For instance you'll probably German people our German whom my mind is alive feel nationally. It's the same with the Anglo-Saxon word. We are not prepared to accept Democrat Dick had us quiet in the same way as the Arabs
have the law and other powers of the earth. Everything must be. We're all good in German fashion and that's very different goes for other people coming over to Germany to ocal stand German kind of think it too many to list a certain point. Separation of state and church is an American principle mid-summer claw it means type don't we. It's a principle of poetry we die and live we realize that you know what our the German kind of thinking is quiet. Another myth that Germany has.
Being a Christian country in the proper sets and stead of ever that is. Take as in sit. It's an it's going on. In this thing and their lips just met. Soul if they're Americans spend much money. Holland some squally youth centers in Germany by the principle of separation of state and church were excluding the influence of the church in these youth centers. The hosts always tend to do that all. A.
check arrives. Man that. And now we have nothing again. But if you wish to overcome communists which is that a live version not only of poor addicted good I bet it isn't. Going in the in the lives of the people bringing people something more than ping pong. And other spots. You must give them an inspiring influence and by ending spiritual influence and you comment without excluding every little just inputs. If there were one suggestion of debate here that you would like to make to the American Christians to the
individual perhaps based on your own experience in a crisis which was not entirely unlike the present one. What would that one suggestion be. It is not easy took this question. Christianity is a method which must rely on personal relations but the kind of speak to the brother sister sister. This is sold different to people in Russia.
In the Russian controlled country. We have now Manoli many land in America. But it is difficult to have friends in Russia. Or a problem or in Czechoslovakia. So I cannot say all right. Let us two people in Russia or send gifts to people in the US. I can only say Do not forget that most people in the US are Christian people. Christian thinking people in the same way there are people in the western world.
So if you were right in your papers about conditions in Russia and so on around I write in a randomly way like the world no more. Christian people all some of us. And if you think of the future of the earth. Do not forget that ever you were all you war would mean a war of Christian people against Christian people and it is not the will of God but because people go on.
To war against them. As Christians we have to do all that so all other people. And so we have to live much more Christian. And mire this mood to love between the Christians. I'm of the different nations of the. I think perhaps the great danger of your war can be over come. Come on the ground crew are quoting. From the Sermon on the Mount Blessed are the peacemakers for they have been call of the children of God. Thank you there in southern Germany
Milton Mayer interviews a Chinese monk this monk is named Martin Stein keep How true on the last part of his name Tao tomb is his name as a Buddhist. The Martin Key is the name with which he was baptized when he was born the son of a tailor in Potsdam Germany seventy years ago. One day when Martin was four years old his father took him to Sands to see the palace of Frederick the Great in Potsdam in the palace grounds there was and there still is a replica of a Chinese tea house on the roof was a bronze figure of a fat little man seated cross-legged and holding of all things and umbrella in his hand. Martin asked his father what it was. His father told him it was a Chinese idol. Martin became a teacher and economist and then a banker. But all the time he was interested in the country the culture and the religion which had produced the little light of his writings on Buddhism reached Asia and in 1933 he was invited to come to China.
When he returned to Germany in 934 he had taken the orders of a Buddhist monk given up his worldly goods and was prepared to spread the teachings of Buddha in Germany. The Nazis however were not prepared to have him do so and he was arrested and imprisoned on the ground that he was trying to introduce a new religion into Nazi Germany. After a few weeks of imprisonment However the Nazis decided that they did not understand just what he was doing and so they released him. Today Martin stanky Tao Tian lives in a room in a farmhouse in the little village of eager time in southern Germany. This lively little man of 70 this German Buddhist. This too is one of the voices of Europe. There stanky exactly what is your work. My award is to understand the radiation between the people in the hall. That means always relief and seeing has seen the warm and the shell
site. HARLOW So you try to understand one by means of Zia one card in seeking crew on karma. You kind of mark them as they are mine by signs in different arms of life in the past fifty years in which you have been trying to understand your up both from within and from without. What have you learned about it here Shanti. Down to the present time you grew up is was almost Also it to keep the people only a wall a conception is out with living sense it is a construction by seeing or merely the experience to
live in that I had feel each shim like us to resume is and exhaling all one and then in tell you all on the X day Heloise sets you up is is long sup kind in and only some jewelry of AFA quality that appendix of subcontinent of Asia. In this mama tell you to only live more as 300 million of people divide it in more holes and 50 nations. Every nation has its own family's tradition and out of this they are in the. The reasons for electing to live in the right feet are Asian.
Every nation is not only proud of our own development she seeks to bring good far out in so we do big cames as a wheel you hope in the community. There's verts way out to all it was effect of this collection of grief sorrow feel by Easy's kind to live and to sing. Sit com on mine. Now it could not bear out them. INS I mean time. So the development in the war all runs it's on the way. One of my teacher in Asia expressed it. In connection to
my wallet and to my eyes to study the meaning of Buddhism. It's why you two waltz developed men on the low end of science. He say's it is impossible that you would have been man can grasp by his narrow mind that desk the deep sense of shock we see and see the lawfulness of life by in us standing. I mean men's need in connection to is a law of cause and effect. SUV in Asia. Call it karma. That means there Stevie here shank you is the rest of the world.
Asia America Africa. In your opinion different from Europe in this respect is its outlook broader. Along the way I must see us as a name. Kirn please out one way or people can develop zeal for you fellows who know power by expansion not barred out for instance by an AWS of corded or a coach or by a distance of 100 miles. But in the US of A cons that is to meet so important one. I must say no because all the men are in this seam condition they are being. It's this mine.
So you try to overcome the different Dacian we should separate not only one cannot give some seem better for just cause or it. They give no better development wells award that means in their eyes even of a to me. Science leads the better. And this you see your moods for all this I might call it is a great test not only for sick people. Enl. was smart in the countries it is as a test. Who are everyone. If he and us tens if he can see great
ness in fear of resists you who hope so. Means of C-u power given to men. The question is get c means one better living standards of life. Why easier kind to leave CVT happiness and great ness at all. All are completely perished Enki. Is this objective of safety happiness and greatness for all. Is there any hope in European man to achieve this objective. I seems all humans are versed in this
respect I think NZ young people. FUND you all they are our hope because they are down. How difficult it is there at the mic in the tool room there was a hell of course. To me life easier not all need to experience. There's toying my of it at the mic in now a GUID that do it around to get sick in the sense of this power to Xu help course for our right and our spending power I live in for I had were up for I bet our wallet. In this connection I eat meat. See not only the young people of you who are. There that
are in this condition they are in this scene there is a more young people in the wall. And in this sense then perished and would you say that these two world wars which have ravaged Europe with all of their horrors have been a sort of blessing. Is this what you mean that these two world wars have forced a broadened of viewpoint upon the people of Europe or at least upon the young people of Europe today. My meaning is it is in Zeus kind of blessing for us of all that. So I will I must see God for BSE. Thank you very much. STEINKUEHLER the program you have just heard has been made possible under a grant from the fund for adult education an independent organization established by
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Interviews with F.K. Otto Dibelius and Martin Stiencke about Christianity and Buddhism in Germany.
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Interviews with noted Europeans on a variety of subjects, conducted by Milton Mayer, American author and broadcaster, lecturer and professor in the Institute of Social Research at Frankfurt University.
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: Stiencke, Martin
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