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He produced and transcribed in cooperation with the State University of Iowa the National Association of educational broadcasters through w s he y presents. The family and howdy partner. How's the family. How's the family. It isn't like rowing not to call when he knows he'll miss something or when he starts working on that Pedram. He just forgets about everything. I hope when he starts colleges fall that he will be that well as well that a lot warmer than here is on Dan.. Oh my he's in one of his moods again. You already know or don't get in the lather dad for washing your dishes now. There should be some hot water a little while. Maybe you just sit down and wait. Nando's are coming for a little bit. Don't worry Dad is not the man if you are just trying to lather please June you should talk like that to your father what would you say.
I said wipe the lather off your face. They don't know yet what I don't want to eat. I wonder if they have to be this man. Why stay at school or work on them. Science is not for us to wonder about you. Here now we better put the potato salad in refrigerator. True I know was how his father feel about him is like before. There must really be a lot of work to do in the paper. Is Roy the only one who cares if anything gets done not course not. But he's the editor that maybe being the editor is taking up too much of his time his father says. I thought I'd come down and see what's wrong with that heater. I just turned it on about five minutes ago and there should be some hot water by now. So Roy here yet who does he think he is. Do you know how fast time goes dear. Yes particularly when you're wasting it on some high school newspaper on the Johnson courier is a good paper dad. I thought when he quit that editor business he was all through with the paper. I'm sure you'll be able to explain when he gets home dear. Maybe he's not working on the paper. What do you got there dad in your hand I mean my razor.
Somebody dropped it again. That's another thing Florence Roy's getting to the age now where he should be more careful with the hair just because you're mad at Rowan You really shouldn't blame everything on him. And maybe you drop it yourself. I can't find a clean white shirt upstairs. I'm sure there's one in the closet dear but if not maybe the way I want to be or the pinstripes I don't want to wear a pin striped Florence I feel like dressing up tonight. I WANT A WHITE SHIRT. Run upstairs do and see if you can help him find his shirt Never mind I'll find it myself. I look in the closet. Again Lou I'm sure you'll find one. He's just mad at Roy that's all. I thought there knew I was delighted to know did you see both of us better of some things are left unsaid. Wrong. Yes I started work at the time just forgot about calling. Well sit down and I'll get your supper out. Dad's fit to be tied Roy you'd better have a good story. Well just for good. Time went so fast it didn't pay any attention.
Here you are I think mom is dad really sure he's pretty angry. What happened. Well couple of stories were handed in late and they weren't so good. So I stood and rewrote them. I'm still not finished I've still got to go back tonight. How are your science lessons Roy maybe should stay home tonight. We're going to see pleasant a physics test today. C-plus Well that's pretty good of me above average money. But that's not so bad is that was spent almost all of my time studying. I don't have any dates. All I do outside is work on the career I don't know what all this fuss is a blog. I got good grades don't I. Not for a future surgeon you don't. Now if you're like me you get a science but I'm not like you I want to be a writer. The Dead want someone in this family to be a doctor. Well and that's what you would tell dead mom. By tonight I mean well perhaps you should just tell your father the truth. Where is dad. He's up there shaving Yanez are coming over for bridge I mean I know I saw turtle practicing. Still trying to get back to me.
He's not always Dr No never. He's even though running three miles a day. Why doesn't Mr Randi just give up have just too big and fat. I'd suggest Roy right after you finish you go up and see your dad. He might feel better knowing that you made a point of seeing him back to school. I know just what he'll say. I don't care that you missed your dinner Roy. That's not the point the point is you graduate this June and you're still spending too much time with the paper and me that talk I please thank you. I know Dad and you don't know. College is a big jump from high school. I do know dad I talked to Mr. Wiggins about it. Mr. Wiggins who is he. You remember Mr. Wilkins as the vocational counselor at school. I don't know if you know then well why don't you apply yourself. What do you think I was doing this afternoon.
I mean on things that will help you in medical school. I do but. Well I studied like mad and only got a C-plus on my last physics exam. Maybe if you had studied a little harder you could have gotten a B or maybe even a look at your sister. She gets better marks than you do in science but don't like science dead. Then you'd better learn to like it too. You'll have to take a lot of science in college. It's it's not only likely that you've got to have some at 2:40 you'll have plenty of aptitude when you start applying yourself. It's not that easy dad you're not dumb Roy you're as smart as anyone in this family. Look at your brother when he graduated from law school he was at the top of his class. He like a lot dad. Not when he started he didn't he wanted to learn engineering. But the point is he learned to like it. All right sure he did but I just want to go to college and learn to write. Anybody can write Roy but not many have the opportunity that I'm giving you to go to college and learn a profession. Silly for you not to want to make the most of it. Why when I was a boy I would have given anything to go to college and years ago when your
mother and I started saving for your education I swore that you'd become a surgeon. I want to I don't want you to get settled in a profession where you'll always be needed or you'll be respected. Won't have to worry about a lot of little things as I did when I first started out. I appreciate that then. It took me almost 15 years to get where I am. I could still lose my job tomorrow then I'd have to start all over again. It's not like that when you're working for yourself Arroyo. Then there's nobody to crowd you out you're your own boss. It makes a big difference right. But why medicine then. Because doctors are always needed. They've got prestige good pay. Most of all security would rather take my chances on just being a newspaper man. I'm not interested in being a doctor. I don't have any aptitude for medicine. All that will come Roy I don't know. I just can't talk to you. Why don't you make a doctor out of June. I'd lose she's got something to start with. June will find her security in Mary Jo for Pete's sake dad.
Yes nothing nothing at all. Right now suppose you go downstairs and start studying those science books. I'm supposed to go back to school now for a walk to work some more on that newspaper that's out Roy. I thought when you quit as editor that would end your association with that. I like working on it. You haven't time. I expect your science grades to be way up at the end of the semester now. You'd better hop to it. I'm not a child now dad. You're still my child Roy. You always will be. Duds as I can't go back tonight mom and I've got to. I meditate. It's my job he's allowed your father. Maybe I should just tell him I'm still editor. Suppose you study a while now and then after. Well I'll see if I can talk to your dad
about it. I just got to go mom. We'll see. I must go upstairs now and get dressed for the Andrews. I'll be on the porch mom. What are the differences in purpose between this sensory and height said C'mon over. Oh oh brother oh brother. I've been running around that block at least a dozen times. What would you do it for then. For My Father My only regret is that I have but two legs to give for my father. He's still expecting me to when a kid brother to his trophy. He'd better hurry or graduate in a couple of months. Hey what's wrong you look a little worn out yourself get your supper and that isn't all I got. Well what's bothering you. I'm just thinking about the future. I'll take steak and french fries I leave that future stuff to you and my sister. What's wrong with your sister. She's in love. She got some guy at college and she wants to marry him just like that.
Now she's known him for about a year. They've been going steady you know he's graduating. Mom and Dad just found out about it today. Just. Think you know a year or two Ted you may be an uncle. Well doesn't excite you know boys to hear you talk you'd think you were getting married. Oh I don't want to get married. Not right now anyhow I want to go to college and then a couple of years be a pediatrician. What's there a baby doctor stupid. You and Roy should trade places. No thanks. She was annoyed but Dad has plans for her too. It's all me tonight and I quote just like a journalist. June will find her security in marriage. I don't have to worry I don't graduate from high school for another year and you're proud of you mellow by their dad. Have you talked to Mr. Wiggins Yeah. Oh sure he van. Isn't sick. Ted sure is that poor Mr. Wigan citizens cool you have to listen to everybody's problems. And he asked advise everybody about all the guys anybody he marry interprets Cass and says What's your
strongest OK. No interesting map to it. Well well besides all that you've got every female in school drooling over oh you guys now. Have you seen him yet right. Sure we're good friends. I have an appointment to see him again tomorrow. Hey I hear he's going to talk of the town men's club tomorrow night. Mr. Wiggins Yeah that's what I said and no girls can't it. Yeah and I don't know what you were thinking yet. Well I gotta hit the road again. Are you going down together. Yes but I'm running. You want a head start I'll still beat you by half a block. I always that so did you hear that Roy to bed says she'll do it. Nuts. I'll walk down with you. You sure you won't get tired. Ah come on before I change my mind going back to school write what you don't know I'll never hurt you little lady remember what he said. Dad I mean I think you're all right. Let's see you know one of the differences in purpose between the sensory and the motor nerves.
Oh this is wish there was some way I could just show dead if I could only win that contest I entered the courier in. If there was some way I could stumble on to some big scoop sure. You bet. Don't worry. Oh start time for the next. Just relax. Well there's the school persecution exposed by right. I want your take it's got that two hundred Con. State prison revolt took possession of the prison today amid charges that prison officials employ slave labor methods against them. An exclusive interview with the seaport a spokesman for the prisoners said quote They tried to force us to two jobs I'm sure you are joking of course drawn all self-respect. Well what then. That's what I like to see concentration here come the end of the walk. Oh hello there. Oh never didn't you right on time. Either Roy Howes newspaper bid to find Mr. ANDREWS. When are you going to run that story about Ted
like the one on my store. Well I was wondering. Oh don't forget to mention his old man joe and let this younger generation forget about the accomplishments of us old steward's I always say I got a good picture of me in my trophy if you want Roy. I'm wearing my track uniform go lucky number 9. If you don't want to not stand out here all night can you go on ahead Lorna I want to talk to Royer about business. Roy isn't concerned with the paper anymore and has no use going after bigger thing going to be a surgeon like I always said getting a pretty dark out here Roy maybe you should go and study now. I will in a little while dead. Let's join the ladies Andrews. What's the matter with you Lorna. We haven't taken rubber all night. Suppose we trade partners Davidson. Oh no thank you Anders. I wouldn't trade Florence for anything. What I Florence was all about it Florence.
Oh yes of course dear. I mean you wouldn't stop thinking about Evelyn and her boyfriends and concentrate on bridge learning as I was saying Davidson has done and I don't see how you can take this matter with Evelyn so lightly clipped. Well if you want my opinion I think it's a good thing. From what I've heard Evelyn's young man sound quite stable. Your attitude is completely different from mine. It was June I'd say fine too but I want everyone to have a career before she gets married. Let's not talk about it any more. Helen is old enough to make up her own mind. A lot can happen before they're married John how sure you may be very pleasantly surprised when you meet this young man. But you were saying Davidson that Roy is thinking about quitting and his job on the courier. He's quit you see Ender's Roy and I have talked it over a couple weeks ago and we decided that you decide we should simply spend more time in his science lessons. I've advertised in the courier for a long time Davidson. I read it did nearly every weekend. Your boys doing a terrific job with it. You said that and I agree I don't think you've ever read it. But well
first things first Andrews Roy wants to be a surgeon I heard he wants to study journalism. Well where did you hear that. Well that's what Roy told Ted maybe last week or so but not now No no just just last week as a matter of fact I asked my wife here if you know how about it Florence. Oh yes of course you do. They will even ask Roy that maybe we can drop the subject to run away or don't bother him DAVIDSON It's not that important. You seem to think it is. That's about all you've talked about right. I think Rove went out for a while. Oh why should he go out. He's got studying he's got to do. I meant to tell you before I do that all right has something to do with school you have to know their careers due out tomorrow Davidson. Roy did a nice job on that story about my garage wrongly. Let's change the subject it's a peach. Roy gave it a whole column. When was this Andrews a couple days ago. But but. It's not Ed. anymore. Well that's what I can't figure out. You say he's quick to know he's he's still listed as editor.
He seems to be running things. I think we should start a new game solo. He didn't quit. Did I see something wrong. Oh say I have you heard Davidson this vocational counselor at the high school Wiggins. Yes that's his name. Now he's going to speak at our club dinner tomorrow night. Yes well as I imagine you heard that he's going to. Am I the last person in town that knows what happens in this house. I find out my whole family is lined. Roy has been quit. Landrieu sat across from me all night baiting me and you let him get away with it Florence. I'll never believe or trust anyone in this house again. What I did was probably wrong but somehow I feel a great deal of unpleasantness was avoided. What do you mean by that. Well there are some things that the children and I can't talk to you about.
Tonight wasn't the first time wasn't the first time. What are you doing Florence bragging. Oh no new. If you can't be completely honest with the person you've lived with for almost 26 years certainly don't brag about it. Have you ever tried to be completely honest with me. It's funny when it's necessary fibbing to you comes so naturally somehow. What a thing to say Florence. I was really getting some satisfaction tonight watching cofounders do something that I've never been able to do. Yes. Talk to you as an equal. I wonder how do you feel to express an opinion of my own. Have you ever thought that perhaps you were partly at fault but I'm sure that part of it is my fault and the children's too. Of course the children's too. You haven't left anyone's heart out of it have you. Goodnight Florence. So you see Roy I can't tell you what to do. I can only interpret your tests and tell you
what they indicate. And from what you've told me I don't think you want my advice to you. I guess that's right Mr. Wiggins. I'm glad to find out all that I'm qualified for more than just wrapping butter wrapping butter. After what you found out this afternoon that was quite in the word you received the most promising high school editor in the state. I bet your family and friends are pretty proud of you. They don't know about a jet. Yes I suppose it is a little soon as mid they don't even know I entered a contest. Well why not. To have my dad found out he would have liked it as I was saying before he's got pretty strong feelings about my newspaper work. I bet your father will be proud when he hears about it though I doubt it. I mean afraid to tell him I got an award after last night and what happened last night. I knew there was something bothering you besides the award. It all began a couple of weeks ago and dad told me I had to quit my job as editor. I've mentioned to you Ali wants me to become a surgeon but I just couldn't give up being an editor Mr. Wiggins. So mom told me I didn't have to if I tried not to spend so much time on the
paper. We didn't tell dad though. We let him think I'd quit. We figured it was just just easier that way. We even avoided mentioning journalism around dad. I didn't tell anybody about the contest either. Anyway last night I had a couple of stories. That said he'd never trust or believe any of us again. It's kind of a mess Mr. Wiggins. Usually we get along fine but I can see your father's point of view too Roy. It can't be a very good feeling to know that your family doesn't have enough faith in you to what he doesn't have any faith in us in this matter Mr. Wiggins. And he has a way of hurting people when he acts like that. Or perhaps he doesn't realize it Roy. Yeah well. Well we have been kind of afraid to stand out in the open over this thing I guess. Tell me some more about your mother. I think of all of us. Mom is the most afraid last night for instance. Last night was the first time I've ever heard dad mom have an argument. Usually mom just gives in and keeps
quiet. That may often complicate matters. Things sure came to a head last night all right. Do you mind Mr. Wiggins if I say something else about my test. That's what I'm here for. Oh do they sure if I have any kind of an aptitude for science or medicine. If you had your keeping it well concealed. I think your cumulative record supports what we discovered from your test to cumulative record. What's that. Why didn't you know I have a record here that's been kept by all your teachers since you were in kindergarten. No kidding about me. It has all your great remarks about your behavior through the years. Oh it shows you've been consistently superior in English social studies history and invariant science. Oh more average I'd say. If I thought it would do any good I'd like dead to see that record. Whatever's behind your father's attitude Roy is pretty personal. I don't think it has much to do with you or your grades or your aptitudes. Well as I told you Mr Wiggins that had a pretty rough time when he started out.
It's only been in the last 10 years or so that we've been very well off. I think he's just afraid for me. When you see your father before he goes to the town men's meeting tonight you know he usually goes right from work. I'll probably see him there. Would you mind if I told him about the contest that you won. No that's all right. But do you think that I've got an idea Roy that well you'll just have to wait til your dad comes home tonight I guess. I guess you must have a lot more faith and doubt about some things than I do Mr. Wiggins. Perhaps I do right. What are the differences in the purpose between the sensory and the motor news. So what is this. Oh Roy Where is your mother. Oh hi dad.
She's upstairs sewing I think. Congratulations on the contest Mr Wiggins told me about it and I'm proud of you. That's all I did. Surprised everybody nobody knew you even entered. Well if I didn't win anything I didn't. Nonsense from what people say those those most familiar with your work said that well it seems you couldn't lose. And yes there I'm I'm proud of you son. Honest. I mean I'm glad and that wakens is a nice fellow. He sure is his name. I went up to talk to him after the meeting and we had a nice chat. That's when he told me about the contest. Course it wasn't long before everyone there knew about it. I was really the belle of the ball for a while. Everybody was congratulating me. I was really proud. You ought to heard all Mandos I don't think he could have carried on much more of his own son and won first place in a hundred yard day. Your mother no told her didn't but she was pleased. Kind of. I am I've been thinking Roy I suppose you overheard the
conversation between your mother and me last night. You know it's it's bothered me all day. I don't think your mother knows how much she hurt me last night. We're all sorry about last night den. You know how wrong we were to deceive you but it just seems like the easiest way sometimes. We're going to mention something like that in his speech tonight. He said something like Well the easiest way is not always the right way. I wish all of us could have been there. He said it was important for parents to teach their children principals to give Moyle these all sort of fit in with what I've been thinking all day. I've tried to do those things for my children Roy. I know Dad you've done a good job too. Yes but looking back Roy I can see well really I succeeded in those things where I had your mother support and I can see that now. I also see that you in June you have your points of view too. I didn't realize that I I guess you're grown up. I need your support. Now then if this bit is about what you want to study in college is any indication we're
going to have to adjust ourselves to some family get togethers and discussions. I'm afraid that is I'm. I'm not afraid but well I'm not sure that is I right don't you and I start right now then. Well it sounds like a good idea when you have mine as a matter of fact I think the two of us should get together over this science problem I've got. I started on the last night and I still haven't finished it. Let's see it. Oh here it is. One of the differences in purpose between a. As a matter of fact Roy I am not so hot of science myself. No here to comment on today's program is director of the Child Welfare research station of the State University of Iowa Dr. Boyd McCandless.
The parents in this program regardless of whether we like or approve of them or not have done a pretty fine job with their children. The mother of the boy editing the newspaper is likeable but perhaps more responsible for the conflict here than the father who until the end of the program is a much less sympathetic person. Part of being a mature adult is the position of the courage to stand up in public and speak out for what we believe. This she was afraid to do. Our adolescent children also need to know that they can count on us. But by that age we have made them such that they're going to be just exactly what they're going to be career wise marriage wise or any other way. This is true if we've done a decent job of teaching them to think for themselves and stand up for what they believe in. They must and will then choose for themselves the time when we have a choice in their futures as past stand behind them. Help them out. Listen when they want us to listen. Don't cry regardless of how we're worried. That is our role in late adolescence.
The program also illustrates the fact that children generally turn out to be pretty nice people when their parents are pretty nice people even though the parents may have made some fairly serious mistakes along the way. Finally I'd like to put in a plug plug for vocational counseling for your adolescent youngsters. But the field of vocational counseling is full of quacks don't take a vocational counselor from an ad in the newspaper. Consult the guidance person in your local high school if there is such a person or check with your nearest good sized college or university vocational counseling is far from perfect but it's much better than nothing and used earlier. You could probably have helped the Davidsons and the Andrews over some fairly rough spots. Gordon How's the family. Our joy Stevens Charles board of Berg Maryland sire's.
John Hajek sody Harris Bry floor and John Eastman. The original music for house the family is composed by lights and house the families produced by W. S. uy for the National Association of educational broadcasters under a grant from the Educational Television and Radio Center in is in charge of the production of Dr McGirr joy is in charge of research scripts by Fred cedar home James Ware is director. Ted Nielsen speaking this is the on AB network.
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