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You're the best understanding of America begins or so it seems to us. With the realisation that this nation is young yet. That she's still new and unfinished. That even. America is mind's greatest adventure and time. And space. The University of North Carolina through her grad an aide from the National Association of educational broadcasters made possible by the fund for adult education and independent agency established by the Ford Foundation resigns American Adventure a study of mine in the New World. Written by Johnny Lee directed by John Clayton. Todays recorded program
presents William truckman as the doctor and King with crown. I've saved most of the waters of the Yankee brig in Maine carried tobacco and carried slaves. And carried slaves in 1793 from West Africa to New Orleans. Strangest voyage I ever made. And it wouldn't have been an unusual voyage if it hadn't been for the Englishman. You say you expect no trouble from the negroes all the crew. None at all. How disappointing would you tip that bottle my way a bit fatter. How very odd and romantic of you Captain it's navy voyages no
remands Dr.. Course it is and the slave ship is no place for a white man atoll and doesn't seem to be a very decent place for Negroes either. I told you not to bring him aboard Captain. I don't like Englishman. It's no reason not to bring me aboard. I don't like Englishman either. SIMON Yes it's good to be underway isn't it. They hear the sound of the ship creaking with the waves. But Fletch is right Doctor this is no place for a white man. Back home they're storing potatoes now and apples are in the south as decking the cordwood high and they have the hay in for the cow and the Kennebec is running with the rains she will freeze over soon and their cut squares of a set of ER and packed in for use in the salmon in a back ice is the purest in the world Dr No is it.
But we're not in New England we're in a brig writing with 600 savages toast on the salt water in the devil's ocean so to get it right we need the devil's main tossing on the Devil's ocean you may call yourself what you like but take care with me. I don't like you doctor. No I'm sorry to hear that Fletcher but I shouldn't make too great a point of it. You might get sick and die I'll have to come to you. Doctor here and perhaps it's because I've seen the insides of so many people and what did you find there. I found no difference captain. Perhaps there are intangibles which can't be seen which are different and I think there is no difference. You take your cabin boy for example Simon. He has intelligence he knows some words of our language already. We tend to guess
when. Yes good sad and good. I know that you selected him because he appeared to be the brightest and the strongest of the lot. But this boy is not to be discounted. Strong parents learn to speak no yes of course yes of course but still. Who's to say we are better than he. Say it Doctor Your sentiments are rather out of place aboard a slaver. Why are you here. I was thirsty and I for one have seen little evidence among these savages to believe you are right where we must look into it further then Captain. Perhaps the slaver is not the best place for such a study. But it's the only one available isn't it. A pleasant voyage gentlemen. Years ago that I couldn't run a slave I was to consider it.
So whose mind was never changed. It was never stimulated by a new thought or a new method. My ship with iron and I kept it a cruel thing that whip pieces of metal by long leather strips. Even when you buy an average man you would leave scars that would never come off. And Fletcher was the strongest man I have ever seen. What did you do Captain. What did you do. Nigro I wanted something. He kept on it. But one of their leaders that he kept on and on making demands. You gotta keep them in their place aboard a slaver captain. In this manner by this man my ship was run efficiently with nothing out of the ordinary for me.
But this was not an ordinary voyage nevertheless. Doctor who had joined us at the slave camp in Africa was no ordinary person and he had dedicated himself to an experiment with my cabin boy table table table chair and what is this clock. No Simon this thing here. Map exactly. Fine work. Now what's this. And this picture man. Each man washing some ton. Now who was Washington king without a crown King. Without a crowd. It had taken them several minutes to arrive at that definition of Washington and they had no less difficulty with other notables in the beginning was the would be needed beginning at the first in the number
one. In the number one was the WOULD where yes would what does that mean. Christ I think Christ the Son of God not a king with a crown. Yes in the number one was the king with crown in the King with Crown was with the king with crown in the King with son was the king with Crown men would teach own day permitting Simon to move. Then at night he would get drunk. He and fled and a stranger team has not been. You want to see the way the savages live in Africa. I have seen the way they live in Africa and not in the interior you wait how do you know I have and you must tell me about it it didn't help the victims to trees. Probably to keep them from wondering. Don't you suppose then they should do a wild
dance around waving their arms going crazy like and then they start killing them cutting them with sharp stones Galligan a piece by piece limb by some sadism and all of us. Even when you win by death what does that word mean sadism. It means love. Talk to me but listen to me. I notice you carry with you wherever you go you never know when I see you call me that the women of the west of you want to see them women the way they killer makes your blood cold. I've seen Tigers kill. But tigers are nothing like women and better off in America. Better off as slaves. Perhaps not if you want to educate them in Africa captain. I seen him kill a girl once. Pretty good for one of them. Live in sacrifice was to him but they do this just to keep the chief and the priest in power Exactly. So I have been some of those on a full moon the priests go from
looking for the prettiest girl they know which one they're going to take you see but but they go into every pot over and over just to see the girls in the parent's faces and then they pick the girl and they take it all to the priest temple you know I think we follow you and then when the sun is high they cover her skin with some sort of chalk and walk her down to the creek said they tie our arms and legs to a stump I seen this myself and they offer up to the gods. And if the parents make any sign of grief they take the parent isn't going to go out on deck and gets in there. If these stories shock you doctor you should wait until Fletcher really gets going and I don't think I get the same pleasure out of these stories that man's mistreatment of man has a long history and I like no part of it. This was a girl a killer not a man. So it was you were right. You are so very right or way so very clear. Soon the doc didn't come to my cabin at night for his drinking bouts with Fletcher
but he and the boy turned this time to study. No boy has ever been taught more diligently during any two three month period. Repeat it again. We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are men all men are created equal endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Much better. Doctor tell me why the American English where that depends on whether you ask me as an Englishman or an American.
I do not understand almost every question has two sides. You see that my hand has two sides. Whether you see the palm or the neck depends on which side pieces you. But if I could see the palm and the knuckle then you would be a scholar. I know you would be a prophet. You would be at any rate and a great man. This is my command. That you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friend. Friend Yes a friend is is a person who likes you even when he knows you. That is he's an opposite of
enemy and enemy enemy. He chewed lion is an enemy and Iran is anonymous but a pet is an enemy. I see Captain is afraid. Yes and doctor his friend. I am yes. And and you are my friend. I mean of course it together show the boy. Yes I teach you. I was no poor student I was a good doctor in England until the plague came in my family. Emily now you win die each with without his heavenly. We together and each one find in the other. Afraid Yes I am your friend. And when we get to New Orleans I'll fight you in situ free you know. Why not. I want to be with you Doctor. You will be with me. I want to be yours doctor. I see. Now now let's get on with the Book
of John of Greater love hath no man than base. That a man lay down his knife. For his friends. You are my friends if you do whatsoever I command you. Henceforth I call you. Not servants. For the servant north not what his lord do it but I have called you. Friend. It's o things that I have had of my father. I have made known. Unto you. It doesn't look to me Doctor. He's strong he's amazing mind you make a strange pair walking the decks together and he's really quite good student you know.
Savage he's here now to see and educate him. What an amazing definition of CNN you must have let you know the Bible says no I have three sons one of those three sons and and that and one of the three of them did something or other. And so God put a curse on him and said his descendants would serve the other two forever and I see. And then the black ones you've traced this you know I'm not so dumb I can't figure that out. You know I should say that you have to be absolutely brilliant to trace back the Gentiles and negroes to Noah. And if you are right in that they have to say I'm right. Didn't Jesus say that the meek shall inherit. Yeah yeah yeah yeah that's in the New Testament and so it is I believe it was written after I look out your Smarts neighborhood gentleman let's remember where we are. Let's remember where we are. Whirlwind news but it is as we approached the Caribbean. And it took us
about two weeks to go the distance two days should have taken it. And once again quite took us out of our course. But through all sad weather and school boards the same scene was with us Ledger and his men watching Stella and. The negroes watching suspiciously when they could see it all. The tour Englishman in the negro boy with the books they're not there yet is the largest city and the United States of America. Down below a six hundred savages naked in the cell and angry and pitiful. And but one black man a boy and a boy and his head high. Europe is divided into many different trends among them England France Germany Austria. And and
and then you said England won. Spain we moved up the Caribbean Sea each day bringing us closer to New Orleans and as we progress the feeling grew in me that the doctor in his new group couldn't upset the old system of a slave without consequences. But the ominous consequences when they arrived were not from Fletcher and his crew as I had feared from the slaves but from the hand of God. You notice the rash on the neck doctor. Yes. I haven't told anyone else as yet I saw it only a moment ago. I see the boy has an awake and yet of course. I know what this means to you doctor. Do you as much as anyone can love a boy whom he is changed from a native of Africa to a student of American history and Christian faith.
In no time and before you awaken him I should like to remind you of the practice which is customary aboard slave vessels when a new group breaks out with typhus. This is a slave a ducted remember that now in the policy that is followed is not really and humane when you consider the fact that there are several hundred of us and I would expect you to diagnose this case in take action suited to the occasion. I can see this boy kept in with a little luck made what praise to yourself in every man and no one can tell you the danger we don't understand the disease and understand this. I sympathize with you but as slavery is run by habit by the unwritten laws of a thousand void years long since made by other ships and of a man no captain stands in the way of the laws and makes us part.
Remember way you Dr. Yes. Wrap him up in the rug and take him out of here. There's Tyrone Dick I'd code my hands with it before I moved him if I were you. Well what is it. I was just thinking. God has a way of following me with his own cat and nine tails. Yeah and you say that the Indians are natives of America. Yes and they're still in the western part of the country. You know they're over there somewhere but let's not talk about them they don't matter to us do they. Yesterday you said that every fact and every person is a wanton and that yesterday doesn't matter either. And I still like to have this medicine ready for you in a moment.
Go outside doctor. Oh soon I can't drink this. No don't touch me. I'm sorry. Just drink this. It tastes pretty bad and set the mug aside if you will. The spots on my skin. What have they done to their tigers and what is time. We don't know if it's a terrible thing that cute kid it like a snake that kills but not always. I see. I want to see a medical doctor. I want very much to see a medic I know so I mean you have told me about America I know I want to go to Philadelphia and walk down the streets with you and say to people I am Simon and I belong to Dr. Williams here sometime. Simon we make out plans without considering the will of God
and you belong to him sign just as you do to me. He has said it. This boy. SIMON I like you I like the way he holds his head high. And I've seen too few of his dark skin who their head high in the presence of the white man. I like him I would bring him here to my city which is far greater than Philadelphia Simon. Yes and he would walk with me in and say I am Simon and I belong to God. But doctor I should like to see Philadelphia. You are my friend are you. I am your friend. Yes and you are a doctor aren't you. I am a doctor. Then you must make the well. You must hear me. You must Don't touch me. It might kill you. Dr. Drew I don't think so. My entire family had the plague but I didn't get
it. Doctors seem to be charmed. The captain might get sick. You know he might. Yes but Mr. Pratt too and at one time and please don't say anything just quite. Doctor. Yes. If I die this is deceased and I live. We don't know we don't know. Yes I don't know Doctor. Come in fact you're going to be a fool with a ready ready for what. I ain't dyin for an all slave doctor of course you wouldn't feel the result of the side better. We need help in a few minutes to carry him up on deck carry him for a walk I'm not touch you can't expect a boy to walk to use as a way to make people walk doctor. You better find it. I can walk you see Simon don't get up. Don't touch me Doctor into a very weak in the medicine I gave you look put you to sleep in a few minutes and then I'll carry you up there. I carried you
here wrapped in that rug you see I'm perfectly where you don't touch me Doctor. I think that it will die with me. Yeah OK and I tell you with the death of Simon the negro boy who could read a few English words by himself. Let me tell you first that the winds were high in the Caribbean waves were slashing against us. There white men gathered in the decks standing as far as possible from the doorway through which Simon become. And so we stood until he came aboard weakened by the disease in the drug. His wide eyes tending to me and fled into each of the others. The doctor followed him helplessly. Richard stood near the center of the deck.
All right Simon Simon Suetonius speech seemingly unable to focus his eyes and make it hard for us and everything will be fine Simon seemed to barely hear in the fit of drop that metal frame would be quicker for a moment just a moment there I gave the boy a truck so he would be unconscious and you could do what you like. Then this whole time Doctor you. Know your brother seems creepy to the mission if you are the one in five feet of the way to hear it from as he had entered. The contest. It is in Africa but what do you amongst the seven despite of every quarter fact which break it made me fight to keep your willingness to miss this point would not be in front of the signs to be just one can just look at it and I slash the body of the Englishman but just up that your head you'll kill him. Try as best I could to stop him I would have thrown aside as in the fierceness of nature have brought the whip down on the doctor and the doctor was unable to rise in the day. Each time he tried to kill would beat him back the strongest I've ever seen. And then use it for a second if for a second time I was trying to stay his hand a gun going up from the main
for the negro boy had suddenly moved to the edge of the deck. What you don't want to. Be in with a final look at the beating. The negro boy vanished into the sea. I. Was right to say. Why. Dickie. Life saving. Was. What you wanted so much to see America. Made impossible place you would remember but. The new word for him populated with men who are not savages. Who have heard faintly the words of their patriots in their saints. And who live as one another with comparable of sanity and freedom. Because he wanted to see it. This city's amazed him when I told him
yes I should imagine they would. But what of the lecture. What's to be said of him. Not much to be said of Fletcher unless you need a man to run a slave ship. American Adventure is written by Johnny Lee directed by John Clayton produced by the communication center of the University of North Carolina American Adventure is a study of man in the New World. His values and his characteristics who he is what he believes. The series is made possible by the National Association of educational broadcasters and the fun for I don't education and independent agency established by the Ford Foundation.
Many of the programs on this new radio series are taken from actual events. Others are not. Today's was not where we touch history will make an effort to touch it accurately. But our chief purpose is to study themes not incidents. Nine professors of the University of North Carolina service consultants for American Adventure. They do not always agree on the content or merit of the scripts but the series is indebted to them for their criticisms and suggestions. They are Dr. Bernard Boyd chairman of the Department of Religion Dr. John Gill and professor of anthropology Dr. Fletcher Greene chairman of the Department of History Dr Everett W. Hall chairman of the Department of Philosophy. Dr. Frank W. hand professor of law Dr. Clifford Lyons dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Howard Odom chairman of the Department of Sociology. Dr. William petite assistant professor of philosophy and Doctor Clement's Aamer professor of Arc is treating. American
Adventure is based on a proposal prepared by Robert Zink. With crown build. When was the doctor's Waddell was Simon Charles Kuralt. Was Fletcher and John was the captain. Carl Kasell speaking. And the American Adventure The cast is composed of students faculty members and townspeople of the University of North Carolina community. American adventurous produced and recorded on the campus at Chapel Hill. This is the network.
American adventure
King with crown
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A study of dignity and self-sacrifice, about a slave boy on a slave ship and the man who helps.
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This series studies the values and characteristics of notable figures from America's early years. It is written by John M. Ehle and directed by John S. Clayton.
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Slaves--Education--United States.
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Advisor: Green, Fletcher Melvin, 1895-1978
Advisor: Hall, Everett W. (Everett Wesley)
Advisor: Lyons, Clifford P. (Clifford Pierson), 1904-1992
Advisor: Odom, Howard
Director: Clayton, John S.
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