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The national educational radio network presents the BBC World Theater these weekly broadcasts are made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This week on BBC World Theatre we present the life and death of King John by William Shakespeare. The play was written before 50 98 and is based on another play of the same period. The troublesome reign of John king of England portions of this play have been interpreted into Shakespeare's text in this radio adaptation by Raymond breaks here to introduce the play is Ivor Browne theater critic and author of several books on Shakespeare. Mr. BROWN. Do I understand Shakespeare's Chronicle play of King John. We must look at the history of England itself in John younger brother Richard could really are ruling them from 11 9 to 9 to 12 16. He was more of a wolf on the line and he was crafty I'm scrupulous and cruel but he was a capable clever man too. He seems to have been hysterical at times and given to emotional outbreaks of self-pity as
well as of rage. He would order a murder and then weep over the corpse when the Reformation came to England in the reign of Henry the eight. John was changed from a villain into a hero. More than three centuries earlier he had defied the pope. In 15 39 there was a written a play which praised King John to the skies as a man both valiant and godly in Shakespeare's own time there was an early play called The troublesome reign of King John was printed in 15 91 and became very popular on the stage. Here again there was violent the farms of the pope and mocking of the old religion. For example there were comic scenes in one of the electors for I was caught hiding in one in the chest when the monasteries were being raided to find money for England's war against France in the play the PRI was to be hanged in the coming Fitz of Tara. He was let off when he produced a hundred
pounds of the church's gold. Shakespeare's play of King John was a new and greatly improved version of this old one. The trouble some rain he cut out all the knockabout fam but he still made John a heroic figure for standing up to the pope. But the anti people feeling in this time was far less crude. You got to remember that Shakespeare's company were the servants of a Protestant queen and the Papal Bull of fifteen stepped in and excommunicated the Queen of England and that made rebellion against no sin for her Catholic subjects. And Shakespeare's mother came of a Catholic family and his patron lords of Hampton was a Catholic. So in handling John and the Polk Shakespeare was in a very difficult position and he is another problem to face the ordinary schoolboy of today knows very little about King John except that HE SIGNED MAGNA CARTA.
Shakespeare never mentions Magna Carta but he had good reasons for that. In a series of plays about English history he continually emphasized one point the cursing member had been the rebellions in the Civil War was caused by turbulent battering the usual votes went on and on because the monarchy was not strong enough to crush them. At last came the Tudors who ended the civil wars and gave England the unity and peace at home. So blessedly Elizabeth the Queen of United and a tranquil country. With John it not only caused civil war. He had surrendered to the barons he had SIGNED MAGNA CARTA the document which came to be regarded as the foundation of English liberty. But Queen Elizabeth would not see it that way nor would Shakespeare for them English liberty depended on a strong money keeping order and Magna Carta had glorified rebellious barons
and weakened the market therefore it was tactful in the reign of Queen Elizabeth to say nothing whatever about it. John too was an embarrassing subject this scoundrel but he fought the pope and that put him right with the Protestant and Judah England went to pieces that Shakespeare didn't know how to handle him and so tried to make that last a soldier the best and fork and bridge the hero of a story the best to the rich but he does rather fade away in the second half and that perhaps is why the play is not extremely popular today. But it was very popular during the eighteenth century. Then actors in public too enjoyed rhetorical tirades. David Garrick played both the bastard and King John at one time or another and Mrs. Siddons was said to be tremendous as the trade Queen Constance of France. And there's a grand talent of words in Shakespeare's King John. Great stuff for great voices.
One last word and then a personal one. Shakespeare's only son Hamlet died at the age of eleven in fifteen ninety six the speeches of Constance over the prospect of little Arthur's death a deeply poignant and seemed full of a personal heartbreak. They're quite different from the conventional oratory in the rest of the play. Grief fills the room up of my absent child lies in his bed walks up and down with me and puts on his pretty looks repeats his words remembers me of all his gracious pots stuffs out his vacant garments with his fall. This passage about the dying boy as dim and me goes in a goose fit always moves me intensely. When Shakespeare wrote it he was thinking of a grave in Stratford much more than of the troublesome reign of King John Queen Constance and their battles long ago. Those
how well relieved by the gusty humors of the best and spot on the material of the play the play in which Shakespeare showed yet again that he could make Mallos line might be as still as he proudly proclaimed that England United was England invincible. And now part one of the life and death of King John by William Shakespeare. Oh Lord. Gracious Queen worthy of so high a place as is the throne of mighty England's king yet you're not. Contented content with your pressing cares that hang upon a crowd.
Of Pembroke and Gods of Mr. Lord Churchillian to persons that we may know what Philip King of France by his ambassador requires of us. What's good for us. That's after greeting speaks the King of France in my behavior to the majesty the bird majesty of England. Hear screams begin I don't hear the plants in the right part of the IBC said brother Jeffery son Duke of Brittany lays most lawful claim to this island and the territories. What do you mean desiring to lay aside the sword which sways you separately the several
titles and put the same into young Arthur's hand line if you will and the right royal supper. What follows if we just love this. The proud control of Pierce a bloody war to imports these rights so forcibly with war and blood for control control. So from then take Vikings depart from my mouth. The power is to limit of my embassy and depart in peace. God like me in the eyes of France. Const. report 100 of my camera. And sullen pressured to. Look toward. The end.
Of the end. And not at the same time Bishop Constance would not cease to she had a right and part of Britain. This might have been prevented and made whole with very easy arguments of love which now the manager of two kingdoms must with feel betrayed a strong position and are right for your strong position much more than your right it was go wrong with you and me so much my conscience whispers in your ear which none but heaven and you and I shall hear. The stinkiest controversy comes from the country to be judged by you. Shall I produce the men let them approach that I shall pay this expedition's charge men are you a
gentleman born in time to injure and other son as I suppose to Robert Holcomb bridge a soldier by the honor giving hand of Cordyline knighted in the field. Oh I'm a outa that same poll can bridge is that the elder came out of one mother then it seems no one mother mighty king that is well known and as I think one father but with a certain knowledge of the truth I put you all to heaven and to my mother that I doubt as all men's children may. I looked on the old man just shaved my mother and wouldn't know no this defeat of his I madam I have no reason for it that is my brother's plea and none of mine which if he can prove a pops me out at least from FAIR five hundred pound to your heaven God my mother's owner and my land of gold. Why being young and I don't know why except to get the land. But once he slandered me with busted. And whether I be yours to be God or no that still I lay upon my mother's head but that I am as well be got my liege.
Compare our faces and be judge yourself. So Robert did to get us both in this son like him Robert. Father on my knee I give him thanks. Not like to the heavenly enters here he has a trick of called lion's face afflicted. Do not read some tokens of my song in the large composition of this man. Examine it his parts and find them rich. So did Robert speak. Why do you claim your brother's lap oh my gracious me. Oh I'm not my father lived you know all about I did employ my father much by those who cannot get my land you know to be highly employed my mother bad once dispatched him in an embassy it took Germany advantage of his absence took the king and in the meantime saw my father as well how he did prevail I shame to speak but truth is truth large lengths of
season shoals between my father and my mother lay when this same lusty gentleman was got wind of my liege let me have what is mine my father's land as well as my father's will serve your brotherhood is legitimate. Your father's wife did after wedlock bear him and if he did play false the fault was hers which folk lies on the hazards of all husbands that Mattie Why so. Good friend your father must have your father's land. Surely my father's will be of no pulse to dispossess child which is not is of no more force to dispossess me as well and it was his will to get me as I think when I had rather be a hawk in reach and like my brother to enjoy the land of the reputed son of course the law of the Lord of that presence from no land madam and if my brother had my ship and I had his land would I might never stir from off this place I'd give it every foot to have this face I would not be
sudden Dalby in any case like this where I will tell forsaken I thought you bequeath to him and follow me I am too soon and no runs. Taking my land I'll take my charms. Your face it's got £500 yet still your face but five pounds and his dear madam. I'll follow you until the day I would have you go this far because this country matters give our betters where what is the name Philip Philip. Good old Sir Robert's wife's eldest son from henceforth bad his name who formed our betters. Philip Fulton bridge. But right Ma great I rise. Richard and Plantagenet. By the mother's side. Give me your hand. My father gave me
yours gave. Me the day when I was got so Robert was away. It is just Plantagenet I like that call me so. But not about truth. Well something about a little from the right into the window by day by night and have is have. However men do catch near or far off while one is still shocked and I am I thought I was being talked. Come madame come Richard. We must be off her arms. That's what it is more than me. Sort of on her better than I was but many a foot of land or worse. Well now can I make any day.
Go Dan Richard go to my city fellow and his name be George I'll call him Peter and you may Don't let us forget men's names just to respective into sociable for your conversion not your traffic. He and his toothpick at my worships mess and when my nightly stomach is suffice. Why don't I suck my teeth and catechized my picky man of countries. My idea thus leaning on my elbow I begin I beseech you. That is question. And then comes on set like an Adams ebook. Oh yes says I. At your best and at your employment at your service. No. So this question is sweet at yours and so knows what question would be saving in dialog of complement him talking of the Alps and the pigeon near the River Po.
It draws towards conclusion. This is worship for society and fix the mounting spitted like myself. But he's but a buster to the time that does not smack of observation. And so am I whether I smack or no. And not a lonely unhappy and device exterior form outward accoutrement but from the inward motion to deliver sweet sweet sweet poison for the ages to which though I will not practice to deceive. Yet to avoid to seat I mean to learn. So it shows the footsteps of my writing. Cool. Cool. Here's where I met brave last man. Next King Philip
and all die power. I thought of Brittany come here. Yes without knowing that great for an author. Richard the problem I am nobody's hocked and hope the holy was in Palestine by this brave Duke of Austria would slain who now that's where I reach its Lionsgate. And for amends to his posterity at our import tuning is he come to spread his colors boy in my behalf and to rebuke the usurpation of thy I'm not sure John. Bracey. Love him give him welcome here that welcome before the gates open and yes to cheek play I this is an excuse. I seel to this indenture of my life. But to my home I will know more of the land years and the right that has been brought together with that been. Paved in with the mainland that was a wall of bull work still secured and competent
from foreign purposes even still but most call him out of the West. Salute the king. To Len boy will I not think of home. By Paulo I should take his mother thanks. A widow's thanks to your strong hand she'll have to give him strength to make a lot of quite true to your love. Lady Constance the peace of heaven is theirs that lives their songs in such a just and charitable law to work. Our Candy shall be backed against the brows of this resistant tile. Before our hears we lay our royal bones way to our market place in French once blocked but we will make us subject to young athletes do you for an answer to your embassy. Just I don't advise you stay on your swords with blood. I wish to from England bring that right in peace. Oh I wonder let me know what Monday we shall miss him just have to go on these are high. What Inmarsat say briefly gentle lot.
We coldly pause for the. Speak then. Tell your folks his problem this poetry siege and stand up against a mighty task impatient of your just demands have put himself in the adverse winds whose leisure I have stayed have given him time to lend his legions all as soon as I can the interruption of that childish time to catch on to to play. With. Me. If peace permits just and. If not from us peace ascend to heaven if that war would turn from France to live in peace
here upon by Brother Jeff for some I thought of Brittany. These I brow beat out of. That. Jeffrey was brother born and this. Was Jeffrey's right. Had peace in the name of God. How comes it then but what's called a king when blood speech which was the crown that domo or my stylist on holiday. It takes to beat you some picked out. Who is it does us call you me make on thing as a nah nah you was that being sucked out. Insolent. But I must and shall be keeping the dark clean check my boy a busted my knife so will I think it's father never was so true because it cannot be and if knowledge of their activism of a boy blocked I thought this is a good grandad boy that would blow peace in the name of Australia I bid you peace
but I will I'll play the devil with you want to fight and you alone I'll smoke that lion skin with you to wear a similar look to it if a guy really let me return. Could I have torn his trophy from your back or lay on Metromix your shoulders crack. What is this. The deaths of years with this abundance of superfluous but everybody that foreigners break off your conference this is the best sum of all. And I don't know Maine in the right off. So do I played. With dollar signs at my laid down by our MY LIFE FOR assume I do define the Fromm's sort of Britain. You to my son the boy caught them. Do you go to eat ground then child and he randomly give it up now machete other pig there's a good ground.
I am not want to spoil it makes you seem so full of boy Shame upon you whether he does or no. His grandad was wrongs and not his mother's. Draw him from his poor allies. And with these crystal beads shall have them be bribed to do him justice and revenge on you know monstrous love the lot of them. Call me you know flounder I use the dominations royalties and rights of this oppressive boy go on advice code like I was the title of Najaf that we're home we kid will a woman's will act brand downs will cause people to predict if you're perceived this presence to cry came to these repetitions. Tropics talking to his own fears. Let us yet speak with Mick Jones. But I swore Dawes to the war was to spread us falling down
drunk flight suits. Your mood and years and mine loving some genuine loving as our subject our topic called you to these jack pot our advantage that was here on us first when I have said make up stuff to us but. You know all right. That's young prince our first act not the problem of this man and King or him but I owe him but he enjoys. The pleece it then to pay that duty which you surely don't want to hear that oh shit. Maybe this young prince. The King of England stopped. For here. Right in his rights we hold this town acknowledged and let me in but can we not. Write He that. Proves the king does not the crown of England prove that came.
And if not that. New witnesses twice fifteen thousand hearts of England lead bastards and bells to verify our people with their lie as many had as well born but I'm sure it's all some bias truth to stand in his face to predict explain. To. You. Both. Both. Presidents. Right. Going.
Down my date right. Now. You're looking at the front. I like a Huntsman come on lefty English and when you get some.
From a book or TAs remark to be hoed from first to last. The UN said both your army. Cannot be sent to. I don't like. Both i like we like. One must. Assume greater. Worldly ways so even we hold our tongue. Oh no you don't. Yet. France has not yet more blood to cost a drop of your friends lost. I stand he is royal friend. Amazing. Oh now that's death. Line his dead chaps with. Swords of soldiers are his teeth his fangs. And while he feasts my scene the flesh of man in undetermined differences of King. Cry Havoc back to the stated below equal potent
fiery kindled spirits. Then let confusion of one part confirm the other's peace till the end. Lose blood and get particular times when you're. Horny. You're. Right and we know that King. By Heaven nice clothes attend years 5 to kings and stand securely on the battlements as in a theater whence they gape in point at your industrial seems an axe of death your royal presences be ruled by me the friends are vile and both can jointly bend your sharpest deeds of malice on this time by east and west. Let France and England they're battening cannon charge to come out of hearing cameras have brawled done the flinty ribs of this contemptuous city. That done to sever your United strings and Pocho mingled colors once again. How like you this wild can so mighty states
something of the policy. Now by this kind of hangs above my head so I could wave of problems. Shall we need ta pause only this and years even with the ground then off to fight who shall be King of it to be some not great king. Folks a four wire to state I should show you. Peace faced Lee. When you were this city without stroke. Oh whom speak on with favor. We have been here. That door type of spades the lady Blunt's is nice to England. Look up on the years of Louis the dolphin. And that lovely mate. Here last seen alive should go in quest of beauty. Who are sort to find bad son in law. Their union shall do more than bad today can cost close that. BOX. Without this match the Cdn or a Jew does
not parse so deaf. Who irons more confident mountains on your looks book free promotion. No not death himself in mortal fury ha so petty as we took Keep this is a state that shakes the rotting carcass of O death out of his rags. Here's a lodge might indeed expect death and mountains rocks and seas talks as familiarly of rotting lines is made to 13 to a puppy dog. What can any big got this lusty blood. He speaks plain cannon fire and smoke and soon become too with words into this code my brother's father Dad. Your Majesty this 3D of our right to speak in London first. That has been forward first to speak unto the city. What say you.
If that adult in their life. Prince this song kind in this book of beauty I love. Shall we equal with the queen of pop up. What say stop or look in the lady's face. I. Do not know. I did find one today. What a wondrous miracle. The shadow of my soul drawn in the fluttering table of what say you my new spirit you are not there to do what you in wisdom still love me. And you love this lady ask me if I can refrain from when I don't need to. Then I do give all of these five provinces with this edition more 13000 marks of English calling. Philip of France if I come on by son and daughter to join hands it likes.
I swear young Jews close your eyes and your lips. Sure I did when I was first. Now see two sons of arms Yes. Oh yeah ok. I mean which your very own at present Please write some of my mood. Constance and I know she is not for this match made up present match where you tell me she's sad and passionate my face could we have made.
Brother how may we contend in her right became which we know was another way to create love Richmond and make him a lot of this time and some repair. I trust we shall if not fill up the measure yet in some measure satisfy him so that we can go away as well as. Soon. Mad world Mad King's mad
composition giong to stop others title in NoHo has willingly departed with a pot and fronts whose arm a conscience buckled on whom's Zealand charity brought to the field as God's own soldier rounded in the ear with that same purpose changer that sly devil that broker that still breaks the pate of face that daily break he that wins of all of kings of beggars old men young men maids who having no external thing to lose but the word maid cheats the poor maid of that lacked smooth faced gentleman to cling commodity commodity the bios of the world and the same bias this commodity in his bowl of this broker. This all changing. Clapped on the outward eye of fickle France has drawn him from his own determined aid
from Arizona an honorable war to our most base and vile concluded peace. Why rely on this commodity. But for because he has no me. Not that I like the poet it touch my hand when his angels with my power. But when my hand is on a tempted yet like a raid on the rich Well I'm a beggar I will rail and say there is no sin to be rich and being rich. My virtue then should be to say there is no vice but since Kings break faith upon commodity again be my lord but I will worship. Peace. Love.
To be friends. Launch and launch those provinces it is not so. So has misspoke. Misheard. Be well advised to load our tail again. Good Lady Constance good cannot be lowered so the bread cannot be. I'll just say it is so. I trust I may not trust the word is but the vain bread of a common man. Believe me or not believe the math I have a king. Oh you took our culture today so should be punished for the writing me but I'm sick and capable of being oppressed with wrongs and full of fears. But we do. Husband was subject to fears naturally born to fears and confessed so did. But just with my six spirits I cannot take a truce but they will quake and tremble this day to sell me by shaking of the head. Well I just look so sadly on this boy often my son means that hand upon the breast of the high.
Why would Sinai that Lemond ball room like a proud river peering over his bones be these signs confirm is that the words then speak again good so as British not die for material but this one word whether by day would be true or as true as I believe you think them false. That give you cause to prove true. Oh that'll teach me to believe this sorow teach thou this thorough how to make me die. Lewis Black Boy when we had our promise friend with ng what becomes of the I do beseech you be content with that it may be content to wear green ugly and slanderous to thy mother's will. I would not care. I then would be content but not fair and at thy birth.
Dear boy nature and for to enjoy and to make the Great of nature's gifts missed with lilies and with the half blown rose. But she has come to change them from the he she. And with her golden handcuffs plucked on France to tread down respect of sovereignty tell me it's not wrong. And him with big gold. But leave those words alone which I alone of go without due to the king. Well mayst thou shalt I will not go with me. To be proud proud and to the stage of my great grief let my
grief so huge found I have done. It. Here in my. Then home. And let's first talk. Of his place. Course that brings this child never fully. And not on. What. Dave deserved. What have they done that he didn't go to the letter should be set among the high tide in the calendar rather to this day of the week. This day oppression.
Purger. It must. Stand still that wives the child pray that there may not this day their hopes prodigious Liebig crossed. But on this day and fear no rack no bargains breaks out on not this day made this day all things begun come to ill and yet face it. So your hollow false hope change my lady. You shall have no cause to cross the proceedings of this day. I don't just see you have beguiled me when I come to preach resembling Majesty which being touched and tried proves the value lost posts wrong. You came in arms to spill my enemy's blood but now in arms you strengthen it with yours. The grappling big and rough crowd of war is cold in amity unpainted. Oh no no pressure no. Made up this league. Oh no you haven't been against Persia.
We don't have the husband we haven't the hours of this on godly day we had our good days in peace. But let's let this go to a game. Oh yeah. Constant peace. No peace peace is to me all Wall Street. Shame that bloody spoil that lot on the way out it was strong upon the stronger side no fortunes champion. But there's never a fight but when our humorous ladyship is by to teach the safety not perjured to has not spoke like thunder on my side being sold my soul your bidding may depend upon my star by fortune of my strength. And dost thou now fall over to my poems. Where all Lions don't fit for shame than hang
out. How can all those rectory and live Tom. Pretty strong cough going on the ball all right and we like not this. Comes the whole. You're going to get pictures of heaven. Through my Holy Island is $10 million cardinal and from Pope Innocent The Legate. Do in his name religiously Demond why dollar against the church. Holy Mother. Keep Stephen Lang to the chosen Archbishop of Canterbury. From that Holy See this foresaid Holy Father Pope Innocent I do demand documents not Cardinal devise a name so slight
unworthy and ridiculous to charge me to an answer as the pope. Tell him this tale and from the mouth of England and thus much more that no Italian priest shall tie the autofill in our dominions but as we under God are supreme head so under him that great supremacies where we do rain we will alone without the assistance of a mortal. So tell the Pope. All reference set apart to him and his you cut off. You bless this though you went all the kings of Christendom so grossly by this meddling priest dreading the curse that money may buy out and buy the merit of Vios dross dost purchase corrupted pardon of a man who in that sale sells pardons from himself. Oh you and all the rest so grossly let this juggling witchcraft with revenge you cherish. Yet I alone alone do me your pose against the Pope and comfort his friends my foes by
the lawful power that I have. Thou shalt stand close and excommunicate and bless it shall he be that death revolt from his allegiance to an attic. And the mandatory will be called Come on are used in worship is a site that takes away by any secret cos by life locals let it be that I have room with wrong supplies. Good fun because it will clearly go on into Mikey because for without my wrong there is no tongue I have power to curse him writes letters law and water and my car last night and for mine too when lo can do no right. Law cannot give my child his kingdom here for he that holds that kingdom old fellow that forces loyal self in perfect wrong how can a lot of bit my tongue to cause Phillip of France.
I'm paranoid about us let go of the hand of that that attack and raise the part of France upon his head. Unless you do submit himself to Rome took stock pay you for events do not let go that I gave you listen to the cardinal colors get on these red green blue whale. I must pack it up these are all because your britches best make out of it. What a start to the cardinal. What should he say but as the cardinal. I am perplexed I know not what to say. Walk canst thou say that it will perplex the AMOA If Laos stand excommunicate and cussed good reverend father. Make my person yours and tell me how you would be still yourself. This royal handed my name on you will be and the
conjunction of our inward souls maddy didn't lead coupled and linked together with all religious tricks of sacred bottles. And she held these hand so completely purged of blood so newly joined didn't love so strong in both New York this season and this crime recreate play fast and loose with praise so make Star faith an animator let live nailed to heaven first be to Heaven that is to be the champion of a much longer you my son. How shall I act in this hour that two arms on my wedding day against the blood that I had not yet. O husband hear me can you is husband in mine. Even for that name which still this time I planted near pronounce put on my knee I beg you not to arms against mine uncle. O o mine you may have it needing I do pray to the aid of virtuous
doctrine also not that you know I have a notion. If you find out what the motive may be stronger we are going to name a white fact which holds it all know all know Louis like all of the time that you do seem so cold with such profound respect to put you on. I thought I was sharp not me. I would inform from the. Family vanished Majesty who followed a revote French in France. Now some prove this this time he will show a cousin from shallow France. I am burned up with inflaming across a range whose heat has this condition that nothing can I lay nothing but blood the blood and dearest value off.
My rate shall be up to actually use. Oh that's why you're right Sam. Now do you know more than he that flips. But yet what can go well when we have so lost this bastard taken prisoner and blood bearing
interruptions from us. Who comes here. Constance holding against hope in the violent prison break. I go away with me to give you. Comfort. Constance. I defy you who cause a whole redress. But that which comes true. That refers to. Arise from the controversial thing Night hate and the road to prosperity.
Kiss my test and put my iPod and I vote these fingers with my household will top this cup of bread with them and be a carrier like Buzz. So come on me and I will think the boss is the one. Oh god I'm doing me no further affliction. No no no diving Bret don't cry Oh no my love. Then with passion but I shan't go on rowing that fellow not so me which got all the ladies for you boys. Are you automatic doors and locks. Note no need to belong through
this head I'd head is mine. My name is Constance. I was just his wife. Oh it is my son and he is lost. I am not mad. I would to Heaven I will for the end. Like I said forget my fellow. Oh if I could creep should I forget it. Preach some philosophy to make me mad dogs had become no nice God and all. If I were mad I should go get my son nomad to think about a book you know where to see the different bars drop your herds. Yes I will when I do if I told them from their bones and cried a low no about these how does God so ready my Some They have given their liberty and Oh I envy at their liberty will again commit them to their bones because
my good child is a priest. Father caught it. I have heard you say that we will see and know our friends in heaven. If that be true I shall see my boy again. Or since the birth of Cain the first male child but did not yet distance by. I was not such a gracious creature but I will conquer so really bad and trace the negative beauty his cheek he will look as hollow as a ghost. Girls in any case it was finished and so were you. And rising so again when I should meet him in the court of the Heaven you shall not know you could not. There's no service directive grief.
He talks to me. If I Had You are as fond of grief as of your child grieve fills the room up of my absolute lies in his books opened with me puts on his pretty looks at his words remembers me of oh his gracious stops to think for a reason to be fond of grieve. That he would have. Had you such a loss as I could give better comfort than you do. We've heard part one of the BBC World Theatre production of Shakespeare's the life and death of King
John. We'll continue with part two after station identification. This is the national educational radio network.
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