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Within a single lifetime our physical environment has been changed almost beyond recognition. Yet there's been little corresponding change in how we as individuals relate to the world and experience reality. New tools and techniques of the human potentiality and presenting to us an exhilarating and dangerous frontier renewing in our minds the old questions what are the limits of human ability the boundaries of the human experience. What does it mean to be a human being. Seminar breaks are a series of discussions focusing attention on the frontiers of human development. Produced by K x K x FM in San Francisco in cooperation with the excellent Institute of Big Sur California Center which studies those trends and religion philosophy and the behavioral sciences which emphasize the potentialities of human existence. This week we presented part two of a discussion on mask of myth and dream led by Professor Joseph Campbell of Sarah Lawrence College. Here now is Professor Campbell as he met in session with his seminar at the
excellent Institute right. Latin Actually I really like beating you with your little you call the star of the buffalo white people. To drive. Please buckle our freedom over a grave threat. Problem Buffalo for the animals would fall over and break their back and they do immediately kill the foot of the wall and little provide proof could carry the tribe a plan to do winter a little bit of a time when the animal would not go off before everything would be done to do with them and to stampede them and they get them yet and they are black. We're not yet so they were terribly nervous because well they're not going to have a book for the winter. But one thing wife and
young daughter alone in the house probably all got up to get the water for a family to start the morning cooking and soft drinks she looked up from there about four hours in Buffalo and nothing of two thirds. Oh if you have only done one of the five food for my people I would marry one was a lovely name. Why are the counter over in grand style and you walk up to her now with the Arab authorities and with the story of the family crying foul weather they cry there if you are and. There are very few if any animal creatures. This. Fact by them comes up and well you look at that you know what he said yet don't look at all happened and you made your comment
so off we go right into my that hand and off they do indeed and the girls go thought the buffalo. Wild on the planet waked up. But really how she felt you know how you got there you can meet tracked it all out. Thankfully when they went out there was the danger I often looked up aloft and I need to get back so he jumped up picked up for a long walk put on his walking Martin picked up a car an hour by hour picked him up a little bit. Penny do you think are you know to quite a walk you can't do a block long while this is a thought just the place for the elf or rather the private attorney or around trying to get rid of the fleet off one of them. Drink water. Have the scent of a buffalo hurried off there and he thought he'd wait down here a minute. Think it over.
The line. Sitting there waiting for the day comes a magpie now and I find the very pretty black and white bread and big steaming Trevor lifted out of office you know our high power bar one jack off for example grave in the northwest. Bluejay. And that I prize an apprentice bet quite a special role and Sharma. And all of the other team for it. Relationship to the natural world than other. I thought it was this. Schonberger The magpie. I thought a lot of peeking around and they promised to see my daughter around. Graham. Offered a magpie to the young woman of the popular vote now I think your daughter is the father. We didn't tell her that her father here. At
the bottom of a wife can fit in there. And the awful old floors are usually around her neck hierarchy and you don't pick your people. I don't know why he thought it was a large. Danger and for. Donald to wait there to come here. And I do not belong. To the situation you know what I wake up. And be free just pay for it is hard to break it off here I'll get you very. Respectable on if you don't play walk you get her husband to drink. If I'm really annoyed with the bottle over some of them over here now I'm going to raise your voice and I believe.
You're superior but all. Full of water. Now you remember the day you know if I fall on my old one. No no no. He had a heater around here and begin to explore and all he thought allows them to bring flipping around and they start sharing the ground that annoying them for lacking that pail and finally they do go over to the buffalo and there is an empty daddy play traveling to that number that you are trampled to death by a trampoline tidbit of parents who did not. Kill the little girl begins to cry when the Big Buffalo crying out. For going over to a potluck for our daughter's son. Mother the wife everybody here and there you are making a
big thing about daddy policies a lot of people don't you know I think the Obama campaign you know if there is one out if you give me your daddy back to life again. Article. Well she took a magpie to go around and said if. You want to do that and bring it back. What was the night prior to the buffalo are you don't find it at the plate registered on this important point you bring it back to the farm girl. We caught up with her route her racket over the phone. Jack. And if they're going to like her the day she had brought back then back to the magic trick shack. They looked on there and there I think a lot of us thought well she thinks some are
presently up yet and that he didn't pack that thing man had gone and come back. There's no death left him for a lot of the Walt greatly surprised by that and delighted and for Western leaders out there right after when you killed. If you work through that promise you go home. What we have done now is down to five of them for you and you will see that down and we'll make a confident this is the beginning of the current idea between things that were out there for all that animal world and the human world. Be good to the world in relation though the human world and their neighbors. And it will be a good to be an arrangement up here to all that's written here already I don't want to give it to provide the greater part of the assistance provided that certain rights be celebrated like they do that then.
We turn our lives to this our time. And we're back with Dame Buffle operators that. Provided the right stuff. And indeed this couple of father and daughter brought the right back to the crime scene that they aren't in let him out of the ink bottle of the dyed black but Indians and who are these where they are to the right after buffalo dance which one can see at least in the pictures are just kept. Given that they need to be given a representation of the spotlight down but it is wearing actually the head of thought a lot of buffalo had met. I know that the irritating book. Now we got from an American Indian story to the great pace in southern France is not a band that carried a black coffee and a flock
rare and sick dog a bear out there are. These cases date from 30 down from the three. List with a high period on the great heart of which are claiming to be an echo with the thought of divine say Indian Summer of this great hunt. First with the discovery of these caves they were discovered in the 70 days and I'm glad that it was our incredible. A man should do it that way. And what we're all about prevents a man from our government but it certainly down to around a tenth of all our place. OK if you have a good if you haven't been writing it in a man and forgettable period particularly the extent that it now Clarke was done with permanently or temporarily. All of you make me laugh go off
refute every one of the North crafters. Hampel. One fine day I slept thirty years. Growing Never mind I cracked the shock causing shock it wouldn't fit in the pantheon of mediæval period rendered in great beauty and we got to this cave there. The Pantheon. Yes anthropomorphic long the powers that govern life to which we have to relate to here frequently are animals along the great leaping pool of beautiful hurt. Dear me before so our route in Glasgow there is the second area. This case would be very very interesting our tour of the village because there is a very fine photograph of that and here we see a Shalamar
in tract date which has shown one staff under the bridge that they shall mine from the right beside him and the great by. Those big events are rated at length has come in from. I'm behind and gone right through him and all of it is that it got so pouring out now one of the early interpretations of this has been that it represents a hunting accident. Well nobody can know anything about print of magic with believe that a hunting accident. Peter if we could that only bring about more of this was no accident getting the debate over Xan. Actually countering the buffalo who in the fuck along matter the very important thing in the hunting right. The animals are as it were a try. And there is an animal master and the direction of vision my feet to the Apple matters will permit the animal to come and take them back.
They don't match is very often to think of it in the far north and the herds come flocking packed the gate that he guards and he let them come and take them back again and if he is with the animals don't come. So they then leave the room. The problem is to maintain the regard and trust of this a.m. that the animal comes through. You know right in the cable truck where. There is an extraordinary situation that a great great chamber like played with foreign very famous daughter of 12 where the dancing Sharma who had three actors helped who owned the face of a man with great beard and our life around there I could actually hear the chest party line the length of the man and the pale
yellow for a while for our war and he didn't the kind of Cakewalk posture a strange time Jack. So that you can push on it in like happen in a chamber that is filled with animal pictures. The Arab pictures are really great. He however it is done with a black kind of paint color so that he stands out in a different dimension from the animals. This is the Sharma animal master and he is half human half man. So how does one get into that chamber. Well I want to get there now. Why a secondary entrance for the original three where the flu that is to say a lot of tools through the rock hardly more than two feet high 50 yards long and wanted to crawl in one study the whole way that this thing to get into that chamber and that was the way it ended.
And we have reports of a little copy of archaeologists after profit from their wife who made this the way during the long run to ensure that their family and the company hit their head on a rock that hurt and it's quite at quite a way through and when you get the sense of contraflow via paragraphs write everything. Now it's obvious like there is if there is a rebirth one takes and when one comes out of the two right facing one is less charming figure it is up 5 minutes that is now being experienced in a new context a new relationship. Furthermore that figure is in a place behind which there is a place where people could be created so that sounds and noises you can imagine all kinds of things taking place now nice man and the Cave of the electric light. But there were no day no lights were tiny little. Straight down with that succulent that while I'm kind
of back I know who wish more are very very good in my weird weird situation you know of cases where the lights are turned out every now and then the guy will do this to get experience. You are you know you never thought you know where I'm going with this complete lack of. It. To ration for. Psychological crisis and it is just that here in this in this environment I begin to live and whatever noise and visual fright I have been worked out yet without. Now if all of them doubt that the cave and the images in your head are not getting younger and they are way way back so UK that happened along and bet no one would live there. These are not running the temple. OK
that surely that dangerous and still you know comparable never to feel that way. It is without question that they were for the initiation rites. Young boys as well as for the animal in both cases the adult on the wall. I'm not depicted with any notion of aesthetic problem. It's the place that they're in the first significant is the quite realize that many of the places where they have put shock type okay fast practice as loudly Cave Bear were an animal master and indeed he was the script the place where the cake bad put his paw and scratched with the Holy Place the magical place the actual picture right there bit something in the way of invoking the animal. But most of the show signs of arrows because one of those days rather general and also terribly strong it and poor writing. Rewrites were used to invoke the animal and to initiate the young man
into the hunting going to rituals which are absolutely necessary. If you apply for a funeral. We're doing forever. Now that we know they're very important to the sanctuary. Make a call to be there to go a bit rough there are in the Pyrenees and very close to each other neighborhood one day but there is a tiny little chamber that is active through a very small hole the boys who found this crowd like half old carpet kept could hardly get through it was just as good and when their father comes to camp and there was food on the property. When he tried to get through Iraq the shipment packed the boys but not great and say you know it was one of these strange rebirth and treat things again and we're into that cave. Art to Buffalo to Bynes and the female being mounted by a male and the art in sculpture for. Where are all
the other animals in the cage. Our papers and here again you have a heightened form to indicate this placental plight not around that particular little competition. There are signs of a dance that was down on the field and I want to imitate the buffalo over the Buffalo band on the wall of the cave. There are pictures of men wearing the buffalo head as they appear in CAP. This gives off a continuity of about three thousand years which you think would be enough. But if we go back there for a. Case before the case that were found in in the front room the heart out very remote area inflicted to the barbarians out here for a time you say. And what we found where crashes were happening with a number of
bands. Well. I think a bear with a very dangerous animal is a better parent. They're actually big. But you know how bad are they hibernating with the bare feet and sort of relate him to the great around him very important after the Bears variant forms in the river. There is this. Some of the bare bones like bone marrow make bone to stop the evil eye. You have to. Go to work on another. There is joy. Oh you're a big fat NO. Now the problem just go down on the hour. OK. BEGALA
technique a very chilled out a very very. Early on the feeling on the island of Japan in Hokkaido. I knew people would be the very reason people eat you know that they're both ritual and their principal divinity. Actually I'm and have a wonderful notion about life and I wish more you lived it it namely that the world is better than the other world and that they happen for many the divinity life to come of it you know they take on the form of animals. In fact in thought for the thing for them when they click on an animal the way they can take it off. The only way to get on down good hard to kill them and cut it off so they can go back home.
They are doing a favor to China. The real thing to do. If you're a parent you know. And there are little cutout is the path to the car and bring them home. Then the women actually next to the look out for along with their own children so they cover the founding members of the family been treated very very well they're being given is that drop out when you can't get to be about two and a half or three years old. They're a little rough around start their quest for their own you know comfort in the case. And there comes a time when the family with this particular pair of Besides it's about time for the little the little bear to go back home to it have an iPad and the thought that they matter involved the whole village that our little
visiting divinity is about to go home. So let's have a good pirate party and that the people there is a draft and we drafted it. Why. If you've never experienced one of the Before you may think it's a little bit rough life. Please know that. Why you replied. And we're doing it with our good intentions. And when you do get home. Please tell your dad your family. How we've been to you and then I give him a lot of pressure from the right. I don't know why but it seems like these things but there's a day that a lot of Whitney thought that they are part of the end to look a little bit like shaving brush and these are given to him a few token. And then the way to kill me if I try to ropes around his neck and was really far away at the end of each other that little paradigm of control
here you know walking around and shoot that you know little black arrows these arrows are shot him to aggravate him really aggravate your own leg that they want the bad beat on that every bit of the Spirit they can ship everything again. And then when the moment comes to completely expropriate marksman send an arrow into it with their little heart and at the same moment two other powers strangling too long thought he'd gone like that. Why are you still in high spirits. When he didn't and was placed on a little rant the looked as though the bear was there. If you're with her head and all. That but if you're all right around the fire another fire is a goddess. She hit the guys fire and it really died from the mountains and I thought they would like to talk together sort of music down to the
plate saying the bear acting under fire while they are in conversation by the way that fire crisis names and those who do ya know if it carried live on all the neighbors and read people like that you Japanese. OK here is the full context and then cut the party off so as to why he has to make his own Bamiyan is only really effective stuff and all the people who have been so kind to him are right they really are and you cry when someone goes where your child is going off to empower them like this and they barely like to hear from you. Gonna play Thank you for your flippant structure they are correct. While you're on your way don't look around don't look back but go straight on because there are a lot of jealous demons waiting to see Lee's presence from you. You've
got religion. Presidents often don't get along. More now the interesting thing here is that when a man or woman dies the family from the same unit furious on me but when characters to whom he is told now goes straight to where you are wrong and count on walking around wishing you were back here people that will let you stay and don't come back here by any strange route if you want to come back. Get back on the proper way. I thought the OP knows how to get back to the house that he used to live in. They carry him out not by that offer out of the wall and then feel the wall up again so you come back. But the interesting thing is to him and to the fair or the Saturday night. If you will YOU ARE GREAT visiting us again we will give you the celebration already on the best be happy here. Again there is no doubt that the best scholar kept
and kept an eye on Iraq and like the bad girl from Delhi. OK guys talking about there are two very very May I want to take a really bad case. They have been identified as belonging to Avatar and they might have been a place where they are before the last glaciation before the who have left the nation because of their height. There were no doubt at all that after that place and they created a place that during that very situation there would be two hundred thousand here. All. The conservative nature are primitive man they dont incredible. These rights have come down to him. You really. Now get connection securely with the law. Leader writer of the Painted Cave
there are images of sharks broken in one night in different paintings. The case represents a second stage in the art of nation culture. Big burly are objects that we know are not those painted case but these tiny little female figurine like the villain thought the earth. And I would have been found out several hundred feet and their distribution is from a far western France. Too late by power in in the south east side of the area I know in the form of China what we have there is an area of the Great Khan with decent little female figure a sort of very fact. Down took the sticks out of mammoth. Tough but a long way with an emphasis on there being naked.
Seminar: Big Sur
Human potentiality and the evaluation process, part one
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This program, the first of two parts, presents a lecture by Dr. Gardner Murphy, director of research, Menninger Foundation, Topeka, Kansas.
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Discussion and lecture series from Esalen Institute at Big Sur, Calif., headed by Michael H. Murphy devoted to exploring the psychological nature of man.
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