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That was rough shape these dimensions for soprano and 23 instruments. Mr. Shelby conducted an evil program with the soprano. Baroness Fabian this program on stage now to save. The 50 indicates. And receive the temporary chamber group to stand. Down. You guys. Have a program by the way. Researcher master of music degree from the University and is well known in Europe and America for her brilliant performances of contemporary music. This is
her third season. If you're still minister to contemporary Chamber Players. Once again you should be onstage to now as your father. Thank you. We would like to take this opportunity to post 10 seconds for station identification. This concert of the contemporary Chamber Players is coming to you recorded from banjo hall at the University of
Chicago. Second half of our concert tonight will feature a single work. Elliot Carter's Double Concerto for harpsichord and piano with two chamber orchestras. So the wish for this work will be easily Blackwood piano and Paul Jacobs harpsichord. Elliott Carter born in one thousand twelve has attained a truly eminent position in American music. He has been honored by Prita Rome to Guggenheim fellowships and a Pulitzer Prize and was awarded commissions from the forward from Koussevitzky foundations. The New York Philharmonic Orchestra and many other institutions Igor Stravinsky called this double concerto one of the most significant contemporary works. The Double Concerto for harpsichord and piano dedicated to Paul from is in the words of the composer. Quote an antiphonal work for two small orchestras each led by one of the soloist.
The harpsichord is associated with an ensemble of flute horn trumpet Trumbo beyond the contrabass and percussion while the piano is joined by an ensemble of oboe clarinet bassoon horn cello and percussion. In addition to being isolated in space and timbre the antiphonal groups are partially separated musically by the fact that each emphasizes its own repertory of melodic and harmonic intervals. The concerto although continuous falls into seven large interconnected sections. Begins with an introduction during which the musical material takes shape. This is followed first by cadenza for harpsichord and then by an Allegro skits on dough in the piano and sample the adagio is for wins accompanied by the soloist percussion and strings and the Presto is perhaps a chord of piano interrupting with fragments of the Adagio and with a cadenza for piano. After a brief pause the work closes with an extended coda. The two orchestras producing alternating waves of sound that progressively disintegrate the musical material of our soloists easily Blackwood. A member of the faculty of the University of Chicago is recognized as one of the important
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NER concerts
Contemporary Chamber Players, part two
Producing Organization
University of Chicago
Contributing Organization
University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
This program, the second of three parts, presents a performance by the Contemporary Chamber Players. It was recorded at the University of Chicago, where the group is based.
Other Description
National Educational Radio presents a series of recorded concerts.
Media type
Performing Group: University of Chicago. Contemporary Chamber Players
Producing Organization: University of Chicago
AAPB Contributor Holdings
University of Maryland
Identifier: 67-43-3 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:26:46
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