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We're all Prem Yeah. The Cornell College radio players present the world premiere of a patriotic play by General the call of the Republic of the blind. Today's play is one of a series produced by the Grinnell College radio players and drug grant from the National Association of educational broadcasters. There's a fund for adult education of the Ford Foundation. We bring you the Republic of the blind. It was fog you know not the usual kind of fog either. This was a way and clinging and almost impenetrable. It got into your nose and throat and your hair and perhaps even into your brain. I've been driving all day seeing the sights reliving the American past when I couldn't see any further ahead than my radiator cap. I decided I'd had enough. I was lost no doubt
about that and I'd begun to see strange shapes in the fog. My imagination playing tricks but they were unpleasant tricks. I found myself in the little town straight 18th century in style. I pulled over to the curb and decided to find an inn somewhere and spend the night. It wasn't what I had intended but it was the best I could do. No sooner did I remove the keys from the lock and put them in my pocket. Then the fog lifted a little out of the dusk. A man came toward me. I love that. Can you help me. What's that you say I said can you help me. Yes. What do you want I'm lost. Is there some place around here where a man can spend the night. I reckon we've got a need a good one to go to the Green Mountain. You might try there. Good Where is it. Let's see now you walk this way to the corner and turn right. It's two houses down. If you can't mission thank you very much I appreciate it. Nasty not to be as much of winter in the air.
I mean the fall that far don't bother me much. You mean you're used to it. I guess you might say back to my doc it's all the same to me. Has been ever since I lost my eyesight. I felt all kinds of a fool naturally I hadn't noticed what with the fog in the bad light. I tried to mumble some words of apology but the old codger seemed to think it was funny. So I pushed off for the Green Mountain then it was right where the old man said. And it was a charming colonial place with a great fire roaring and lots of copper shining on the walls. The landlord came toward me and then I noticed a very odd thing. He was blind too. Are you the landlord here sir. That's right I do. I'd like a room for the night you know that I have you. You'll find the register over there. Take any one of the keys hanging behind the desk. Doesn't matter much which Well the room was about the
same in the price of the same do. Yeah I've signed on system you have used to help you son of a what I'd call it that works out fine. Most people's honest and it saves me a lot of trouble. Dinner's at six months. Jobst and I guess you'll be hungry because I was hungry. The mutton chops were delicious and after dinner I strolled into the tap room feeling quite content with the world. The end had real chime. My room was comfortable. The fire was warm. I said done over a tankard of ale and watched the blind landlord work behind the bar. I was the only person in the room. It was amazing how skillfully he found his way among the glasses and mugs polishing everything to within an inch of its life and then the door opened and a man came in and was a blind man whom I had met earlier in the street. He walked straight up to the bar and put his foot on the right track evenin John looked before the All-Russian a stranger up to see other
seamen ever get here. Yeah sitting over in the corner by the fire. Your health sir. You find everything comfortable room. I'm very grateful now I mention it. Gas runs are good in most people write just fine. I knew you couldn't go wrong here. Well this has been standard ever since my great very strange thing happened for the door to the tap room opened and a third man came in he was much younger than the other two. About 28 I place in he had a fen sense of the face and broad shoulders and fine hands but he walked on a wooden leg and he too was blind. Hello anyone here than a stranger from out of strangers were strangers where is it all over near the fire. Like holes in my bones tonight in my mind too high heat that dampened the fog. It brings back memories.
I reckon it does for all of us Dan. It was a foggy night when I got hit till the fog was all over the forest and you couldn't. One from a Yankee I guess was come and go but the fog's day is just about the same. I wonder if they have fog in Korea fog and snow and rain. Same as they are Dan. What's the sense of it all anyway. You'd think they'd learn the way I look at it so people some people forget or want to learn. It's not always the same people they don't always pay for the same prices but the percentage remains about the same down what you know about this year United Nations. Yeah I think they should be able to change a percentage of the stomach wall. Oh God bless. Oh yeah. Why thank you Bill but welcome is really you do Dave. Thank you thank you. And this is the point where insanity takes over or at least that's what my friends tell me I don't know what is true or what is fiction from this part
of my story on. All I can say is that the three newcomers were dressed very strangely indeed and hags in tatters and bits of homespun and all three were stone blind. I don't care what you say you know. The enlisted men always gets the dirty end of the stick no matter what war you talk about it's all those say you give thanks for it in the end. Officers get her to organize you know I know that you are an officer but you are the exception. Josh and I we didn't like God much. You're right there John I know but John didn't buy his much. Guess I didn't so long ago now I forgot a lot about it except the cold in the fog. I didn't like them much I can tell you that from. How about you didn't see enough of it to find out why does it all go on. You Obadiah Hopkins and US or Jones and Kevin O'Malley over there that way doesn't say
anything. And Josh and John and me all of us ruined because of man's inhumanity to man. What's it all add up to anyway. Just six blind citizens in the Republic of the blind. It adds up to more than you think. I know it sounds hopeless to a young man but I've seen war come and go and I know whereof I speak. Mankind is learning the levels on right now over half the world min of good will are on their knees praying to be allowed to perform the miracle of love. That's a miracle most of us have forgot the knowhow of Daniel. Some of them are praying with blood on their hands not quite knowing how it got there but they are praying and that's important because all of the pacts and Seanez and organizations are just a lot of nonsense unless men learn to want to love their brothers. When that happens then and only then will the curse be lifted from the barren tree in that beautiful Obadiah. Sound good insurance should be used to preach a little in the old days before the
war had a whole big voice then and good Chom all next right out of the most hardened heart. Well I must be showing off. Thanks for the refreshment John many times over dial. Always glad to see my kinfolk come on a Adi's bone was sent away to all our problems. Good Night and God bless you all. Yes sir another e-mail for you perhaps later. Not right now thank you I hope you won't think me rude but I'm beside myself with curiosity about your friends friends friends Mr. three men who just left here. I didn't hear anyone if you were down or not a soul. They must've been terribly quiet. How you feel at all right mister. Yes of course.
At least I think so. Wraps the beer in the fire after a long rod. No no it's nothing like that but there were three men here. Old Soldier I'm sorry mister but that just isn't true. Three men blind like yourself three other blind men in this box. Mr. Ware is the only blind man in town you might say we have a monopoly on by next here. But I saw a big fellow used to be a preacher Obadiah Obadiah. That's it surely. Remember you were just talking to him big fella. I used to be a preacher. Oh but dial Hopkins. I only know of one Obadiah Hopkins mister if I was talking to him I should go on the stage I don't follow you. Why. Because that obit Hopkins was my great great grandfather the man who built this inn and he died down Sarah don't go away. Saratoga died right.
February 6th 1777 A British musket ball got him right between the eyes. Yes this is insane. There was another man. Let's see if I can recall his name Ezra. Wait a minute. ANDREW JONES The little fellow with a tenor voice. It's for Joan was the name of my grandfather. He went off to fight Johnny Reb short after me was married. Mr. Jack. Time to get in on the chance of having a fight. And that's where years to this day. Now what's all this about. That's what I'm asking you know Mr. I don't know. I swear to Heaven I don't know. There was a third handsome young man who never said a word the entire time he was here he said in the corner like a statue. And his name was capen O'Malley now you've slipped up the annual here's a name as O'Malley but I don't recall no cave ins in your family Dan.. Yes we caught Mr. wiseacre the big fat mistake that made I don't know why I don't know I don't know. What do you mean you don't know your family trees in the bubble I've
seen in many a time. Patrick's and Daniels by the score and the parcel of Thomas isn't breeders do. There's never a Cuban in the lobby. Then you know you know that leave me alone Josh. leave me alone. I got to thinking what about. Something's happened something strange has happened look stranger you've upset him now. I hope you're proud of yourself but I swear. Never mind it's not his fault. Don't you see it's the hand of God showing us just like a flash of lightning. But it was the. I don't get it. Showing us that if we don't do something we're all lost as we have been for generations and generations to Len's eggs. What set you off like this. Don't you SEE KAVAN O'Malley but there is no cave in no Malley not yet terrorism. I don't catch your meaning shouted. I was talking to Martha just before I came down here tonight. Our baby's due next week. We were picking a name for it. And we both decided that if it's a boy we'd call him K.
Cavan O'Malley. Well don't just stand there and. Say something. The Grinnell College radio players have world premiere at the Republic of the blind by Gerald Cullen. Was going to write it was Robert stare at James Leavenworth was Obadiah JAMES STEWART The young man the landlord was played by Charles Hastings as well was Jerry Tomlinson Harry was the man. Action was by Tom Green. The Republic of the blind was directed by Herbert Prescott special music was composed and played on the Eric chapel organ by Hoyle conduct the Republic of the blind was presented under a grant from the end E.B. sponsored by the fund for adult
education of the Ford Foundation. Jim Leavenworth as your announcer reminding you that this is a Grinnell College Program. This is the work.
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Republic of the blind
Producing Organization
Grinnell College
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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Episode Description
"The Republic of the Blind," by Gerald Cullinan. It was foggy that night. Not the usual kind of fog, either. Yet out of that fog came as strange a group of characters as you are likely to meet.
Series Description
A series of 13 patriotic plays by professional freelance writers as edited and directed by Herbert Prescott with the Grinnell College Radio Players.
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Performing Arts
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Actor: Leavenworth, Jim
Actor: Tomlinson, Jerry
Composer: Carpenter, Hoyle
Director: Prescott, Herbert
Funder: Fund for Adult Education (U.S.)
Performer: Burroughs, L.C.
Producing Organization: Grinnell College
Production Manager: Reed, Tom
Writer: Cullinan, Gerald
AAPB Contributor Holdings
University of Maryland
Identifier: 54-1-10 (National Association of Educational Broadcasters)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Duration: 00:14:16
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