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You're listening to a concert by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra under Eric console. We begin the second half of the program with the Rhapsody for alto male chorus and orchestra Opus 53 by Brahms. The Alto Rhapsody was composed in 1869. It's a setting of three stanzas from his poem Winter Journey Through the Hartz mountains. The poem which portrays the agony of loneliness had a personal significance for Brom the previous year he had developed an infatuation for Julie Schumann the daughter of Robert and Clara when Brahms heard the news of her engagement to an Italian nobleman. He was deeply affected. As a result. He composed the alto Rhapsody which he referred to as a bridal song for the Countess Schumann. Winter Journey depicts a lonely man who had been disappointed in love. And is making his way through the mountains. And there he finds comfort in the beauty of nature. In the final stands at the melancholy mood eels to hopefulness. Hear the soloist supported
by a four part male chorus. Asks God to restore the Wanderer soul. Here again this is Maureen Forrester followed by every control to conduct the Harvester Cincinnati and and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and a rhapsody for alto male chorus and orchestra by. Oh. Thing.
John Lewis. Done it. I am
God. The.
Ship. Was hit. Lobo
told. OH LOL. A I.
Eat shit. Oh.
I was I. Was. Fooled.
The outdoor after the Open a few very fine. As performed. By Marie Barker and filler words from that Ian and as in from any symphony orchestra under the direction vary from. Bicester was. Joining by the Cincinnati. For the. Choral director and you were conquered. If your professor voice a College Conservatory of Music. The University of Cincinnati. Vice Chair was born in Montreal has been called Canada's musical
ambassador. He's so highly regarded in her native country that Expo 67 presented the story of her life after many years. Dave you make you feel sick. Since then she's achieved international fame. Your answers on. Five Continents. These are well-known. And interpreter of. Mahler's. Vocal music. The newest facet of misfires career is opera. She made her debut in The New York City Opera and handles Julius Caesar followed by a San Francisco opera debut in logic on.
One of her latest recordings made in London is of Handel's Theodore. The final work on the programme is. Romeo and Juliet. Overture fantasy by Kafka. This was the first work which one for it to cost me a permanent place in the concert repertoire. Was written in 1869. He idea of an overture based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet was suggested to the composer by his friend Mili. It is said that about the Kirov told him just how to write the piece beginning with the religious portrait of Friar Lawrence followed by a section on the Family Feud. Then the love scene. The renewal of the feud music. And finally the death of the lovers. Apparently to KOSKY had more advice and he cared to receive before he complained in a letter to his brother. By just me to be with him the whole day. And this is a great bore.
The original version of the overture fantasy was not well received and revised in 1870 and again in 1880. The third version is the one universally performed today. Now every country has appeared walking toward the podium in a moment we'll conduct the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra in Romeo and Juliet. The overture fantasy by KOSKY. No.
Recruitment. Yer look. Lol.
Lol. Lol. Lol. You. Lucky. Lucky. Oh s. The 3000.
I am.
In the eighth. The eighth. Live. Going.
Live. Live. A.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank. You. Many Symphony Orchestra was. Just playing. Romeo and Juliet. Overture fantasy. By. The conductor. Why Eric A. Big tragedy of Romeo and Juliet has inspired a number of composers
wrote an elaborate ballet suite barely over the dramatic Symphony and the 18th century English composer William Boyd for the jury. Both David Diamond and Dimitri come a lefty written orchestral suite. The other selections heard on today's program were the creation of the world national free trial meal under TOTAN leaders song for dead children by Mahler the alto Rhapsody vocal 53 by wrong for Ian Forrester with the probable followers and the Cincinnatians were under the direction of Hubert contrie the conductor was very clumsy. And so we conclude another concert of the seventy fifth season by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. This concert was recorded during a performance
at Cincinnati music hall by W.G. U.S. the radio station of the University of Cincinnati. These programs are made possible through the cooperation of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra the Cincinnati musicians Association and national educational radio. Recording Engineer for the series as Myron Bennett production is by Bob Stephenson and continuity by Carol Richardson. This is George Bryant inviting you to be with us for the next program and the series by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. This is the national educational radio network.
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Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra 1970
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#8 (Reel 2)
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University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland)
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This series features live performances from the 1970 season by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra .
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Performing Group: Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
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