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A gun battle occurred in the yard at San Quentin prison in Marin County today. Three guards and four prisoners were killed in the disturbances including George Jackson. Mr. Jackson was one of the three sole adad brothers who were being held in San Quentin pending a trial for the murder of three prison guards at Soledad prison in January of 1970. Three other guards were also wounded in the fighting which began at three o'clock this afternoon. Highway patrol officers reported that they believe visitors coming to the prison in visitor's bands smuggle guns into the prisoners. A spokesman for the prison Erwin Ritter said that at one point a sergeant was shot down in the open area in the yard and the prisoners took cover in the yard and prevented other officers from reaching him. We do not know what his condition is. Mr. Jackson was also shot in the yard. Reports indicate that he did not receive medical attention before he died. Mr. Ritter declared at 5 o'clock that the fighting had ended. He said that he does not know how many prisoners took part in the revolt and he does not know how many people were wounded.
Mr Jackson's brother Jonathan was killed during a shootout with police in the maroon County Courthouse in August of 1970. He had taken guns to the courthouse where three prisoners from San Quentin were testifying concerning an alleged violation of one of the prisoners. Mr Jackson gave guns to the prisoners and they took the district attorney the judge and several jurors as hostages and the subsequent gun battle outside the courthouse. Mr Jackson and two of the prisoners were killed. The judge was also killed and the district attorney and the third prisoner Rochelle McGee were injured. Mr. McGee is currently being tried for murder and kidnapping in connection with the gun battle. His codefendant Angela Davis is also charged with murder. The plastic surgeon on the staff of the Marine general County Hospital Dr. Richard Jacques held a press conference this afternoon concerning the condition of three guards who were injured in the fighting. Dr. Jack was said that all of the guards were stabbed in the neck. One of them
has just been released from the hospital. Mr. Rudy Yako was formerly a guard at the soul of that prison. Charles Breckenridge also a guard at San Quentin is in critical condition. And Dr. Jack was that he is in surgery the third guard Kenneth MacRae suffered multiple lacerations. He is in surgery and his condition is reported to be good. A spokesman for the prison said earlier this afternoon that the injured had been admitted to the prison hospital because the facilities there were excellent. But there is a KPFA reporter at the Marine County Hospital who has telephoned us reports this afternoon about the three guards who were admitted to Marin County Hospital. Our reporter says that there is no indication that any inmates of the prison have been admitted to the hospital. The press conference was warden park of San Quentin has been delayed until 7:00 p.m. while the warden tours the prison grounds with the state director of prisons. Raymond Procaccini the prison is being patrolled by guards on foot in cars in planes and in boats. We also have two
reporters at the prison. Full coverage will be heard later tonight on KPFA. And that's the news from San Quentin. Up to now. The mayor Joseph Nardi of Camden New Jersey ordered today that the city be placed under a curfew from 8:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. because of the disturbances which have occurred in Camden during the past two nights. The disturbances began Thursday night when police used tear gas to break up a demonstration outside the city hall. Puerto Rican citizens had gone to the City Hall to protest the police beating of a Puerto Rican motorist Morocco Yemen as on July 30th. Mr. Yemen as is in critical condition in a hospital in Camden. The two police officers who allegedly beat Mr. human as have been charged with atrocious assault and battery but they have not been suspended from the force they were transferred to the canine corps after police broke up a demonstration on Thursday night. Participants looted and burned nearby stores.
The disturbances continued after dark Friday night until early this morning while the Marin the Director of Public Safety for Camden were meeting in the mayor's office on Friday night. Someone shot a bullet through the window. Neither the man nor the public health director were injured. At no time can groups of more than three people gather on the streets and that during the hours of curfew only police officers doctors and firemen can be on the streets. The mayor further ordered that all bars and liquor stores in the city must be closed and he prohibited the sale of gasoline. He said that emergency police and state troopers have been called into the city. So far 145 persons have been arrested in Camden for participating in the disturbances. Camden is a largely Puerto Rican town located in the Delaware River directly across from Philadelphia. It has a population of slightly over 100000 people. The Justice Department asked the Supreme Court on Friday to overturn the rulings of two U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal and to restore the contempt convictions against four
persons who have refused to testify before a grand jury investigations in Harrisburg Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia. All four of the witnesses refused to testify because they said the subpoenas under which they were called to testify were based on information gained by illegal wiretaps and their petition. The attorneys for the Justice Department said that the witnesses should be required to testify or be liable to contempt charges. They did not mention whether the subpoenas had been based on information gained by wiretaps either legal or illegal. The four witnesses are sister Jo Egan and Elizabeth Welch. And Carol Evans and Marlene Renee its sister Egan and Miss Walsh both refused to testify at the grand jury hearing in Harrisburg Pennsylvania concerning an alleged conspiracy to blow up the heating tunnels under Washington D.C. and to kidnap Henry Kissinger. Sister Egan was named as a coconspirator by the grand jury but she was not indicted. Miss Evans and Miss Fisher which we used to testify before the grand jury in Washington D.C.
concerning the May Day demonstrations held in Washington in May of this year and the May Day collective This grand jury has not returned any indictments but it is considering charges against Ronnie Davis John prions and Abbie Hoffman. None of the witnesses before Sister Egan have been named as possible suspects. The Supreme Court has not announced when it will rule on the Justice Department petition. The Federal Communication Commission ruled on Friday that it need not Order television networks to give equal time to the Democratic and Republican National Committees so that the Democrats can respond to President Nixon as television addresses. And the Republicans can respond to the Democrats. The commission ruled Well presidents and other public officials do report to the public and the officials making these reports are most often engaged in setting forth the wisdom of the particular action and which the reports are given. It is a wholly impracticable quagmire for this agency to attempt to evaluate how much partisan material is contained in the particular report. The
commission continued it is fairness not equal opportunities which should apply to the situation and that appearances of public officials during non-election periods should come under the Fairness Doctrine. The proposal was was opposed by the three major television networks NBC ABC and CBS. They said that by refusing to grant the National Committee's time to respond to President Nixon's address they are not violating the Fairness Doctrine. The AP says that with this ruling the FCC differentiated between non campaign appearances and time purchased by a candidate with a particular political viewpoint in which case a station is required to sell comparable time to an opponent or his supporters. The Bolivian Air Force and three Army units changed sides to support insurgent forces against the government of Jose of President Juan Jose Torres today in the second day of an uprising which began after a political rally in the city of Santa Cruz
Thursday night. Officials in the cause the capital of Bolivia said 10 people have been killed in fighting today. World War 2 P-51 Mustang fighter planes fired into the air over positions near the pas which are being held by armed civilians mostly union members and students and the remaining loyalist forces President Torahs today called for assistance from the Bolivian people saying victory will be easier if the people participate actively in the battle. Only one military unit is still loyal to the government and members of the Bolivian workers central Union which supports the government has formed a militia along with students in the pubs and outlying regions. The AP today called these efforts a last ditch attempt to keep President Torahs in power as his military position steadily crumbles. The rebel forces are comprised of army officers and their civilian and military supporters. Rebel leaders proclaim general Hugo banjir president of Bolivia Thursday night following a political rally in the city of Santa Cruz which is now controlled by the rebels. Two
KPFA News : the death of George Jackson
The death of George Jackson
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First news story on KPFA after the death of George Jackson, recorded and aired hours after he was killed. (first 3 min.) The remainder of the news broadcast covers disturbances in Camden, New Jersey between Puerto Rican demonstrators and police forces following the police beating and death of Horacio Jimenez (Rafael Rodriguez Gonzales); Grand Jury investigations in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania regarding four women and an alleged conspiracy to blow up tunnels under Washington, D.C. and to kidnap Henry Kissinger; FCC rulings regarding equal time on television stations granted to Democrats and Republicans; Bolivian military forces rebelling against the government of President Juan Jose Torres, and demonstrations in Santa Cruz and La Paz.
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