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It says a lot if. You're just going to the police commission hearing. That's right. What happened. We read our statement and they said they had no response. And there are at least five or six or ten police officers in there so we thought it would be appropriate. Were. Part of your statement so you were a reader to OK. A Women for Peace and members of other peace organizations which include the Viet vets and San Francisco Women for Peace and the United prisoners Union are here today to express our shock at the police action taken Monday April 17th at the federal building when a large number of heavily armed policemen attacked and brutally club participants in a peaceful demonstration against the escalation of the Vietnam War. After hearing the eyewitness reports of participants and newsmen it is our belief that without provocation members of the San Francisco police for
unknown reasons decided to create a scene of violence where none had existed. The goals of the planners and the participants in the demonstration were to dramatize and publicize their opposition to the increased genocide and destruction of the people of Vietnam. The indiscriminate savagery exhibited by the San Francisco police on Monday mirrors the mindless overkill practiced by the US military in Vietnam. The willingness to use any amount of violence to heedless brutalization of any available victim characteristic of U.S. strategy in Vietnam are reflected in the behavior of the police on Monday. The enforcing arms of imperialism abroad and repression at home used the same methods plenty of indiscriminate violence. We came not just to voice our feelings but to demand the immediate action in response to this police violence. We demand an honest investigation of the incident. Effective disciplinary action against the police responsible for the beatings of innocent people and a guarantee of our safety as citizens whenever we choose to publicly display our opposition to this maniacal war. One token of such a guarantee would be the suspension of those
police involved in these beatings until completion of the investigation. But they decided not to have any response today. Is there going to be a police investigation its version or rumor and I don't know somebody just suggested that next Wednesday when they have next Wednesday's meeting we come back with 100 people who were in the demonstration and find out what their response is. So we'll find out if we can do that. Kareen thank you. Ari i c h m a n the first name is Hank. Six days ago. U.S. government bombed the populated centers of North Vietnam Hanoi and Haiphong. Since then there's been worldwide reaction to these bombings and reaction spread to this country. Yesterday University of California thousands of students voted
to strike. Students in universities all over the country voted to strike against the war. But the feeling of opposition to the war we believe goes beyond the student movement that students are not the only ones who think about these questions. The people all around the country people in the Bay Area are upset their anger and they're outraged by the escalation of a war that supposedly was winding down. This Saturday tomorrow at Keys our stadium we are holding a demonstration in support of three demands in opposition to the bombing of Hanoi and Haiphong. We expect that this will be a massive and peaceful demonstration of outrage. We expect and we hope that as many people as possible in fact all people in the Bay Area who oppose this recent escalation will use this opportunity to speak out to openly show their opposition and to show that it is not just students who are in a unique position
to oppose the war but people from all strata of the population to oppose the war. How do I plan to lay out the details of the of this demonstration. The root of our march details of our all rally and try to explain what we feel is of the most innovative aspect of this demonstration. We've called the People's exposition First of all march will assemble at 10:00 a.m. at Baker and felle streets in the Panhandle section of Golden Gate Park. The march will proceed south on Masonic to hate street and hate We will turn west and go west on Haight Street to stand in the street and stand in will again turn south to Frederick Street and then west to the stadium. At the stadium. We plan to have a rally which will be somewhat different in form from
rallies to pre the previous peace marches. We intend the rally to be as concise as possible. This is not mean that we don't feel the political content of the rally is important. It is precisely because we feel the content is important that the rally will be concise. Speaking at the rally will be Jane Fonda Dick Gregory Lee on to another represent another speakers. In addition we will have a special phone call from now to noon TBN foreign minister of the provisional revolutionary government of South Vietnam and the wind in me head of the North Vietnamese. You go tell a delegation at the Paris peace talks that have been called the excepted by Leon too. And I knew in Mindy's call it will be accepted by doing Alvarez whose
brother has been a prisoner of war in North Vietnam since 1964. In addition a taped message of solidarity with a demonstration in opposition to the bombings of Hanoi and Haiphong will be played by Miss Angela Davis. This is a tape from Angela Davis will be played out to demonstrate. In addition to this rally we expect to have to make today an educational and free flowing format of opposition of education and of participation by the member by the demonstrators. Demonstrations and called by the Bury April 22nd coalition we now number over 150 organizations who are participating in the coalition in some aspect. Nearly all I'd say possibly 95 percent of these organizations will have a we are calling booths at a people's exposition expositional be held in a grassy triangular area outside the stadium and in the parking lot adjacent to the stadium.
All these organizations which range from the supposed extreme left to the medical community Committee for Human Rights United Farm Workers Organizing Committee the common cause lobby the McGovern for president headquarters will all have booths offering to people information and ideas about the things that they are doing in relation to the three demands of our demonstration. Some of these booths will be just literature tables but most will be more elaborate than that. Many groups are planning film showings slide shows most groups are having photo displays. Many groups will have what we might call sub rallies around their booths where they will have speakers to talk. Many prominent people including Sheriff Richard hung the stone others plan to be at the booth rather than major speakers to communicate with people. We feel this is a really unique step forward and a way of making these marches an
educational experience as well as a show of political outrage and support for our the demands of our march. Ive made reference now to three demands of our march and this is the key point of our march. We have not just raises demand for peace. We have not just raised the demand out now. Although obviously with the renewed bombing of Hanoi and Haiphong peace the question of the war becomes prominent in our opposition to the bombing becomes an essential thing. Weve gone beyond this because we feel it is important for the anti-war movement to begin to speak to the problems of American people to understand that the war in Vietnam is not just an accident it is a product of a situation of a system and of a condition in this country which creates other problems that the anti-war forces will have to deal with. In addition we feel that there is now a feasible way of ending the war. A peace plan that has been offered a negotiating table
has been on the table since last July was offered by the provisional revolutionary government of South Vietnam and has been totally ignored by the Nixon administration. We feel this plan is acceptable to the vast majority of American people. If only the American people would learn about it. And so we have raised the demand not out now not peace. We racism and let us end its aggression in Indochina and the United States accept the seven point peace proposal offered by the provisional revolutionary government of South Vietnam. Now the key to keep points that proposal are spalls. The first is that the US must set a date for the total withdrawal of all U.S. troops personnel. Equipment and military supplies from South Vietnam. And the supplies of all its allies. In addition the United States must end its political support for a general need van to who is now isolated politically in South Vietnam who has not only does not have the
support of the provisional revolutionary government but does not have the support of even the highly placed members of his own administration who is now totally isolated we say the only reason General toois is still in power is that he's being propped up by the Americans and we demand that United States end its support for to our second demand is that the US end all interference in the internal affairs internal affairs of any foreign country. And our third demand is the Nixon administration cease its policies its repressive policies of political economic racial and sexist repression. The demonstration as I said was has been put on by a coalition of now numbering nearly 150 groups we believe this is the largest anti-war coalition in the history of the Bay Area. It's also been tossed by prominent individuals a number of whom are represented at this table and EDITION has been endorsed by George McGovern. He's been divorced by Representative
Ronald V Dellums and he's with the men endorsed by other prominent people including labor leaders and others. We believe the demonstration will be massive. We hope will be the largest possible response by all sectors of the people to these attacks on Hanoi and Haiphong to the continuation of this criminal war. We know it will be a peaceful demonstration. We know will be successful. Yes. Which I will. Or is. It.
Ok I really have some things to say. During the last during the last few weeks as I have been reading the massive headlines concerning the. War. You know it comes to my mind that this is just the type of scene that I walked into eight years ago. There was almost eight years ago that my brother was captured in the during the Gulf of Tonkin incident which occurred on August and I 264 therefore he has the dubious distinction of being the first American prisoner of war in North Vietnam. Eight years later I'm reading the same headlines or hearing the same rhetoric and hearing the same excuses from the American government. In order to give you a better idea of the length of time my brother has been in what I consider just jail. I like to say that my brother was first sent to Vietnam. My brother was first to Vietnam under the Kennedy
administration. He was captured during the Johnson administration and now for the past three and a half years he has been used by the Nixon administration. It has taken eight years but it was a joke to me and to my family to realize that my brother is simply another victim of this war has the Vietnamese My brother is another victim as a prisoner of war he's another victim of the racist and sick society that we have in this country. During the rally tomorrow at Keysar stadium I'm going to be speaking to Vin and the Vietnamese Navy who I understand it wants to make a statement about the prisoners. I am going to be there to receive it. And I only hope that I can relate to him the fact that there are many
prisoner of war families and family members who feel as I do that we want to end the war. We want to bring all our men home. We realize this is a war as I've said before and I realize that my brother is struggling for survival has a chicken in the body struggling for survival as the chickens in the prisons are struggling for survival. A few weeks ago President Nixon declared a national week of concern for the prisoners of war. And I say to to everyone to the American people particularly to the Chicanos that they have to show their concern by ending the war not only asking for better prison conditions and so-called humanitarian treatment. I think it's important for people people to demonstrate their concern tomorrow for people to take instruction constructive action for people to go beyond tomorrow's demonstration and to show their protest to the president. And that's all I have to say.
I've read a lot of. I've been a lot of ads in the Bay Area on various conservation and environmental issues. This particular ride I prepared for the Vietnam Veterans Against the War over the Chronicle had always run any of our environmental ads prominently and displayed them in good positions in the paper. This particular ad they absolutely buried in the financial section right next to Sylvia Porter in the section that. Probably 90 percent of the people that will attend the peace march don't come to so instead of just suppressing it. The Chronicle buried it but the peace demonstration is is going on anyway now this side has two pictures. Two bombs both with Nixon's face on them and the ad is the beginning of a national campaign of protest and outrage what we're going to be doing is running this ad in The New York Times in the Los Angeles Times in The Washington Post asking
people to as a gesture of their protest and their outrage about the bombing of Hanoi and Haiphong to cut out these ads and to airmail them back to the Richard Nixon era mailing his bombs back to him and saying to him that they thoroughly disapprove of his handling of the Vietnam War that we the you know the people of the United States support the seven point plan for immediate withdrawal of all American troops and materials from Vietnam and an end to American support of the degenerate regime of South Vietnam. This is our job. This is our gesture of protest will be a national. It will be a national campaign in spite of the fact that the Chronicle so far has done their very best to suppress it. I.
You know. This has to go because it is the first time that a station has been organized around the mission and it isn't just to stress the seven points because the people of you have two alternatives. One is to gain peace through negotiations on the basis
of the seven points. The second is to continue our struggle because under good imitation Richard Nixon plans to close the war in Indochina. The Animas ation is an aggressive policy militarily economic and and also is a form of cultural genocide. Their victimization of the war meant doubling the size of Saigon. To over two hundred thousand cents Nixon became president. It means destroying all the means of livelihood for the Vietnamese people in the south so that over 1 million men forced to join the Saigon Army merely for survival. It means the tremendous repression in Vietnam. The imprisonment of Mrs. Tighe a woman lawyer chairman of the Committee of the women's right to the jailing of being president of the
student union. The last person to see him was on the floor of the metropolitan police station in Saigon. He was lying on the floor with blood coming out of his ears and he barely conscious from the fact that he has been beaten and has been tortured by the regime under Cactus of repression. At this time it is not enough to demand an end to the war. Richard Nixon wants peace when the Vietnamese agree to submit to American domination. It is not enough to demand a bombing halt. Peace can only come through the resolution of two fundamental issues which were raised in the seven points. The first is that the United States must set a definite date for the total withdrawal of all United States and mercenary forces meaning forces from other countries such as Thailand and Korea and the
Philippines and Australia. Total withdrawal of all men on the basis munitions equipment and everything and then for the release of captured Americans. And the second is the permanent suspicion of bombing and the halting of aid to prop up the two. Which as the previous speaker said only lives only survives because of the massive amount of American support that has been poured into his government. Richard Nixon says that he wants to have the captured American Sweeney's yet he's sending in more planes and has helped to cruise to to have captured Americans in Vietnam. Richard Nixon says his escalating the war and the largest armada in the history of the Indochina war to protect American lives. The only way to protect American lives is to withdraw everything the United States has and get from Vietnam.
Maybe it. Was a bit strange. We would like your support to come out of the stuff and force point peace plan because we feel it is. It is the quickest means right. Yeah and I'd like to say more that being on active duty I can't say anything without getting charges pressed against me and possible court martial.
A. The National Liberation Front of South Vietnam has accused Nixon of being a war criminal. Worse than Adolf Hitler. The unceasing in genocidal aggression against the Vietnamese people and particularly the criminal race is outrageous which have occurred in recent days. Clearly substantiate this claim for more than two decades now. The people of Vietnam have fiercely struggle for freedom and self-determination. Their selfless sacrifice sacrifices and their very deep suffering and pain are more than any people can be expected to pay. Yes the people of Vietnam have always viewed their liberation as found
up with and inseparable from the liberation of all people who are oppressed by the reign of US imperialism. And I and numerable of occasions of Vietnamese people have expressed their solidarity with people of color in this country. Madam been the foreign minister of the provisional revolutionary government of South Vietnam has frequently called upon people all across the world to make known their opposition against the racism and the teller and the police violence which prevails which prevail in the ghettos and values in this country. Correspondingly many organizations in our communities realize that all struggle for freedom is inseparably bound up with the struggle of the Vietnamese people and organizations have unceasingly called out who are new into the war in Vietnam.
It's black brown Asian Native American people. We realize that the struggle for our freedom must entail the most vigorous support of our comrades in Vietnam. The struggle for our own freedom table. The strongest kind of support at this moment for the National Liberation Front seven point peace proposal. We've known for a long time that the sentiment against the war in our own communities is most intense and most widespread than anywhere else in the country. Therefore it isn't incumbent upon us people of color and especially during these days where the death and destruction inflicted on the people in Vietnam has reached unprecedented heights to publicly and demonstrably make it known exactly where we
stand and we can do this by urging all of our sisters and brothers to come out and be present tomorrow at the emergency rally and demonstration at our stadium. Thank you. It's always difficult to estimate these things in the numbers of this coalition and they're really dissipated in the early on of the. Putting on of these kind of events were usually planned this. There had not been the bombing and I following in the time we had there was war made people on a wall in the peace movement although I think that may be somewhat of a misnomer.
We were tiny for about 10000 people. We would have been very satisfied with that. Now we we believe that it's quite possible there will be upwards of 50000 even more people at this demonstration. It's and it's always difficult to make it just as I said and you know the I remember the last peace march the estimates of the police department something like 100000 in the estimates of the march organizers something like 400000 So obviously you know you know even when the people get there it's hard tell me people are there. We are expecting basically a very large turnout. I'd like to go there as well.
I would like to point out that there be a lot more people there than anybody playing on because this is the first peace demonstration in which the conservation movement is actively joining with the anti-war movement. People in the Friends of the earth in the census qua position in the Sierra Club have finally come to see that it is all one planet and saving California saving the redwoods of California or saving San Francisco from high rise buildings is not our number one concern. Stopping the war in Vietnam is the number one conservation issue in the whole world. And San Francisco you know is the center of the conservation movement for for the world the Sierra Club is here. Friends of the earth is here and the senses were opposition which is the largest and most active urban conservation movement is here. So the fact that you know the fact that these members of these three organizations are actively participating in the demonstration the keys are tomorrow I think will not only swell the ranks of. A number of people that it keys are but also indicates a new direction in the in
the peace movement for the rest of the United States. God of all the repeat benefits that science gets. You know the fusion march begins at Baker and fell in the assembly point will be in the panhandle. Will then proceed on Masonic south to Haight Street will then proceed west along a street to stand street and stand you know will proceed south to Frederick Street then on Frederick West into keys our stadium and I can't the size again that all the necessary legal arrangements with the city of San Francisco have been made for the route of the March for the use of the stadium for the use of the growth of the what I call the grassy
triangular area there's the Grand Park land adjacent to the stadium for use of the parking lot adjacent to the stadium and for the use of keys our pavilion. Which is an indoor of hall next to the stadium. So I would like to just was going to all those permits have been made there is no problem with this demonstration it is going to be legal and peaceful and massive and that is the route of the march. Assembling 10am at Baker and felle streets at the panhandle. Do you have an accent. Ministration against the people of Vietnam requires the most immediate massive and persistent response from all who value life and treasure liberty. The Saigon gangsters maintained in power by the United States are committed to the destruction of life and freedom. They have brutally imprisoned tens of thousands of Vietnamese women men and
children including large sectors of the Vietnamese student movement. We take this opportunity to extend our deepest love and revolutionary solidarity with all our sisters and brothers in Vietnam. The criminal racist outrages committed by the US government in recent days reveal the calculated intentions of the Nixon clique and also they reveal what the government has in store for us here at home. The intensification of political repression. The escalation of police violence an officially sanctioned terror against the black brown and Asian communities and the tightening of wage and strike controls while prices rise and taxes soar. We know that the overwhelming majority of the American people are opposed to the war.
We know that in the ghettos and body throughout the country many people of color are not only opposed to the genocide in Indo-China but also strongly sympathize with our struggling Vietnamese sisters and brothers. This opposition must now manifest itself in a fierce public outcry from millions of people until the last US soldier is withdrawn from Southeast Asia until the last of US bases dismantled until the last plane is grounded and until the last ship is anchored in American waters. Equally important this movement must become an integral part of the movements for black brown and Asian liberation. Something sections of the peace movement have consciously resisted this movement thems must become an integral part of the struggle to free our political prisoners.
The aggression in Southeast Asia is bound up with and is an extension of racism oppression economic exploitation at home to fail to see this relationship is to fail to build the kind of movement that can effectively resist imperialist aggression and that can move in the direction of liberation. The implications of this relationship are also clear. Already the techniques of repression designed by the US military to be used against the people of Vietnam are employed against our sisters and brothers here at home. We must therefore unify our resistance to this repression. We must develop the forms of struggle and protests which allow for the largest numbers of people to join with us. The brave. Rather at Attica prison said it. We have found the key. The key is unity.
My comrades Gus Holland job this time. I left this moment in one no way. Their appeal which they cable to us speaks to the realities we must confront. They wrote We who have now experienced the brutal bombing of Hanoi and Haiphong make this appeal to the conscience of the people of the United States. We saw with our own eyes that the main targets of the US bombers were the heavily populated working class centers of Hanoi and Haiphong. We saw the newly constructed working class apartment houses and I found that with this story we saw the hospital and spoke to the women and children whose blood was smeared on the steps as we entered. We saw the workers quarters where the planes would turn three times to complete their destruction. This is no accident. Civilian targets are the main objectives of
the government. We saw marketplaces bombed the restaurants by armed factories bombed. What if. And warehouses the vital water mains we saw British Soviet and German Democratic Republic ships attacked in the harbor as we crossed the bridge entering high fun crowded with families of mothers fathers and their children. A U.S. plane streaked above us and people scrambled for their lives. We have seen the eye and will the unprecedented courage the unbreakable determination the United unflinching commitment of the Vietnamese people in their struggle for national salvation against us and imperialism. Appeal to all Americans who value human life and dignity. We appeal to you to see the Vietnamese love of life as your own. To see the Vietnamese struggle for social progress as your
own. To act now to save humanity from disaster. We make this appeal from the air raid shelters of Hanoi. As the Vietnamese resist the death and destruction inflicted upon them by U.S. B-52. Millions of poor and oppressed people in this country are made the victims of inflation unemployment and rising taxes. Has all heightened by this war the solutions to these problems posed by the good Nixon administration wage controls and welfare cutbacks have further aggravated this victimized majority. When this aggravation has manifested itself in the form of organized ascent such as the biggest strikes which have swept the country from end to end in recent years
the Nixon administration has done its best to invoke anti labor legislation cynically in the name of the common good. When racism has been an effective tactic and stifling dissent as in the case of the school busing issue the administration has done everything but gone its white robes and hoods. Yes. When dissent cannot be contained as we have seen in the Jackson State and can't state at Attica and San Quentin it has been ruthlessly crushed the Atacama vote was terminated by a military assault that had the personal approval of Nixon and political activists people of color and poor people in general. A Daley crushed by a judicial system which bears no relationship to justice for the great majority of people in this country poor and oppressed people. There is one clear
question when will it all then a lawn from a poem by a bell tolled pledge. It is a fitting categorization of the ruling class and the chief architects of the war in Indochina. They join in no way with incalculable speed with all the guns and bombs and planes and ships. The United States has not been able to crush the Vietnamese people. It will never succeed for they are fighting for national liberation for self-determination for the simple inalienable right to live in dignity and peace without foreign domination. Humanity common sense and reason dictates that the slaughter be ended and the only way we can end the slaughter is by forcing the US government to accept the National Liberation Front seven
point peace proposal. This is our responsibility to the Vietnamese people. This is our responsibility to humanity. Has not taken a position on any. Political kind and we've taken a position political position soley on our three demands. I can't speak for the ten you mentioned polish and. I'm very rich. I graduate. But I feel like this is important to me. If you want to be here and to voice
their voice a concern more than 4000 years ago the Vietnamese people start and we have been able to maintain that discipline as the free and independent people. The biggest aspiration of the Vietnamese people is to be able to be free and independent from any kind of foreign intervention in their country and that's what that's why didn't if you can refuse to live under slavery and we feel that to do you know 1000 years of the mediation carried out by the various Chinese invasions there we used to accept a hundred years and the French in colonialism. When these people feel that it's especially the student in the United States to be here to voice their voice of concern to extend their
voice of the people who are suffering. As to four million tons of bombs has been dropped in more than a million people in the southern part of it has been killed and I would like to emphasize upon the turn southern part of Vietnam to the midst people do not accept the term Not now not in the maze and sucked in these these terminology do not exist in the vision of these thing which we live in these people as one people. And Vietnam is one country and with the political repression as well as the oppression from the United States given these people more than 90 percent of them have been farmers that land had been bombed down their relatives have been killed and for this reason the Vietnamese people demand a total and complete withdrawal of the United what the United States from Vietnam militarily and economically. Second lead of enemies people demand a permanent cessation of bombing and they stop supporting the regime which is the American puppet government.
He says. I would like to see the video as well as other segments of the society and that surfaced at the time that Nixon announced his victimization program. The Vietnamese living under the regime were the first to denounce the Vietnamization program. I had used the word surface because the Vietnamese in opposition to two illegitimate regime set up by the United States and to the American domination there have always been organize. But the surfacing was a calculated move
to show to the American people that even people living under it did not accept Mr. Nixon's visions of what our destiny was to be. And so we surfaced and. Some of our members of the opposition are now very well known to you. I mentioned having done my time. There's also many Benoit who is the president of a high school student union. All the Pitt Vietnamese who surfaced have been arrested put in jail tortured. So you see surfacing was a very calculated risk and something that we wanted to show to the American people. It has taken a heavy toll because as you know all these people in jail this is going but time is very sick leave ANU and 10 other high school students appeared in court several weeks ago it was a military court. And I don't know whether it was reported in this country.
But they frightened everyone because they brought up razor blades and they slit their wrists and their stomachs so that they could draw blood to write on the walls that the United States have to meet and the puppet government of this fall and this is what I have to say about it. There there reason why the MEs didn't have to struggle for support like this as I have indicated before. The tradition of the village means people used to be able to voice the voice that this and that generation has fought so hard so that we were born in the war we with with the we don't have too much of a choice but to continue the struggle. The reason why the Vietnamese people want to be just me and that's why I live in the ME students in Saigon were so shocked they couldn't possibly imagine how and why an American president like President Nixon could ever get the mice in the maze. We seen the we have seen the vinum is
another thing that has something to do with that is I would like you cite in the one part of the song sung by the in the misdoings on various occasions especially doing that 68 offensive marching the street singing this kind of a song that express the spirit of in the midst people that live in these people and that they didn't live in the misdoings young coming up expressing their concern about their country. It's a something like New York lying and saying they're all going you know NOI New York lot. No yang. Look on. Who is that. You're right over the green field. The rise of the poor people the entire nations. The more numb the rice the last 100 years to help you expel the French. Look
at some long the rise will last forever. To help you expel any foreign invaders. You. Oh.
I know you may just proceed with the ask questions. Yes that's great. We have a very full schedule in Los Angeles on tomorrow. I have some responsibility is that I have to assume with the local Southern Christian Leadership Conference chapter in Los Angeles a meeting with Operation Breadbasket and then to be a part of this rally. That said the protest the godly and the insane war that continues is to drain away resources and to kill innocent people 10000 miles away in Vietnam and the
bombing of North Vietnam. For. Not just the winding down of that wall but to put it in to it as all American troops to get out of Vietnam as well as. Resuming the peace talks. These are the type of thing to do in the right way. I'm coming from. The University of. Illinois State University where we had a mammoth and Jack Goetic demonstration. Against the continuation of the war in Vietnam. You would think that this is some late
but. Politicians do not always move in on schedule and it is encouraging. To know that finally we have this action. Well I certainly think so I think the vast majority of the American people are against. The war and they want it brought to a close. And I think that the House of Representatives will be responsive to the wishes of the people. Well I don't put it think past President Nixon I think he is a shrewd politician and his main aim is to get re-elected and he might temporarily halt American involvement just to get re-elected.
But the American people are not going to be fooled by this. We're going to remove Mr. Nixon and all of the reaction there are. Individuals from the command post in 72. Yes we have quite a bit of change concerning the wall you see there are so many problems here in the south and in our country that really. Black people and poor people and people just cannot
see why we would pick on a tied a nation of brown people 10000 miles away from home and have not domestic problems have not solved the war down the street with a policeman. There is police brutality. Last week I was in Dayton Ohio where there is threatened to be a shootout between the twenty two black policeman on a force of three. Hundred policemen and people cannot understand how we can find the time and the resources to be involved. In this. Wall. This is just one of this. On a winnable wall. At the very same time we do not hear in the Wall Street name.
Here. Near to support the demonstration and to lend whatever. Force is in this. Light. Unfortunately it cannot be everywhere. I am here to to be with my friend. With a great. Individual. Angela Davis today in that I will have to go down to Los Angeles but I will make my witness that we're going to make. One. Here. Yeah.
Yeah. Well I think that this would really be an abridgement. First Amendment right. Yes well what I don't see how you can separate it. I think that we have the right. To see to it that a nation on the right costs that we do not. And there will be no nation in the back. We've got to save our nation. And I think that this is what we are attempting to do. Through these demonstrations is dreaded to save America. I disagree with your distinguished and outstanding governor.
This is the census is the governor of California here. This takes quite a bit of distinctions even though the position of chief executive officer of this big fabulous state you know what you do is ration the market in the fall of one May 20 over demands that have been somewhat to the students base talking to teachers Bush missed out. You know what is easy important this time. Stay.
With us we as we all know that the anti-war movement has been the hit with all kinds of problems over the last year. I think that the series of demonstrations which have been organized for this period are particularly important precisely because they attempt to deal with what has constituted one of the main problems in the anti-war movement namely they attempt to link up the repression of which people of color working people poor people in this country experience with the oppression. The insane repression which the people of Vietnam are being subjected to. The important aspect of the demonstration in San Francisco I think is is lies precisely in the support of the seven point peace proposal and through our active and
affirmative support for the people of Vietnam we are also demonstrating that we see our faith and particularly the faith of people of coal is being bound up with what happens to our struggling comrades in Vietnam. I think one of the critical differences and some of the demonstrations which are taking place now is that there has been and explicit attempt to link up the economic oppression in this country the wage the wage freeze and Nixon's entire economic policy with what is happening in Vietnam and that's Therefore not only people of color not only black brown Asian Native American people but also working white people can see their destiny is being inextricably intertwined with the destiny of the people in Vietnam. Because the enemy that we are
striving against is one and the same. I think that this is an excellent answer. It is very necessary that we see that just in the war in Vietnam is not enough within itself. The problem with black and poor people. Another monarch to face here in this country and to try and to that. Problem. In Southeast Asia so it is very necessary that we that we bring this into focus get people to understand and people to really see this new and creative dimension. I would like to add one withing I think it's very important for us to realize that many years ago it was Martin Luther King who stated that the
Civil Rights Movement at that time had to include the struggle against the war in Vietnam and at the time he announced that a major policy decision for SE R. S. to become actively involved against the war in Vietnam. There was a hue and cry among many liberals in this country to the effect that black people didn't need to involve themselves in what was happening abroad that we should concern ourselves simply with what was happening to us here. And we have been struggling for many years to broaden out struggle for liberation. And at the same time broaden the anti-war movement to include. To mutually support one another and to become part and parcel of the same movement. And I what I think that the way in which Reverend Abernathy as a leading spokesman of the black liberation struggle in this
country has fiercely defended the cause of these people has. Definitely raised the consciousness of people in our community and has created a situation. We're all concerned with the other concern in the war in Vietnam in India China in the black communities in this country. It's something which is very honest very strong and. Extremely important desire and opportunities. If. There are. MLF negotiator impersonators here I have seen just talking to the summit where we were talking to Madame going through her secretary through her chief secretary of the rose troops really what was a checkered I'm
April 22nd Coalition press conference
Producing Organization
KPFA (Radio station : Berkeley, Calif.)
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Pacifica Radio Archives (North Hollywood, California)
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This is a recording of a press conference during which various community members from the Bay Area give statements opposing the Vietnam War and specifically the bombing of Hanoi on April 16, 1972, and then give information about the demonstration being held the next day, April 22, 1972, at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco. Larry Bensky is heard asking questions at start and finish of tape. Many speakers reference the National Liberation Front's Seven Point Peace Proposal. Includes statements from the East Bay Women for Peace regarding police brutality at a peaceful demonstration on April 17, 1972 at the Federal Building in San Francisco; Hank Reichman; Delia Alvarez, sister of the longest-held POW in Vietnam; Ted Reid of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War; Angela Davis; questions from the press. About 30 minutes into the recording is a pre-recorded statement Angela Davis made against the Vietnam War, then it returns to the press conference coverage, where questions are asked of Vietnamese students on the pane
Social Issues
War and Conflict
Protests, demonstrations, vigils, etc. -- California; Vietnam War, 1961-1975 -- Protest movements; Abernathy, Ralph, 1926-1990; Davis, Angela Y. (Angela Yvonne), 1944-; Reichman, Henry, 1947-; Chicano movement; Hispanic Americans--Civil rights; South Viet Nam National Front for Liberation; Southern Christian Leadership Conference; African Americans--Civil rights--History
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Producing Organization: KPFA (Radio station : Berkeley, Calif.)
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Pacifica Radio Archives
Identifier: 12374_D01 (Pacifica Radio Archives)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Pacifica Radio Archives
Identifier: PRA_AAPP_BC1055_April_22nd_Coalition_press_conference (Filename)
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Duration: 1:03:29
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