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It is the great job privilege of pleasure to see you and see you looking so beautiful that you should understand that there is going to be a rally here on May 20th. I wonder if you can tell me about AS. If at all possible. Well I think that the rally which has been organized for May 20th in San Jose is going to be one of the most important and most critical events nationally around the war and around the struggle against racism and around political prisoners. The reason why this is extremely important is because never before has there been a really massive. Demonstration which links the war in Vietnam
to the war which is being waged against black people against brown people in our communities all over this country. It links what's happening in Indochina. To the situation in the prisons and the and credible repression which our sisters and brothers who are unjustly imprisoned in institutions throughout this country are experiencing and I think that's the real importance of this rare words of very good press to know that we will have such a gathering and I was sad it made the 20th I believe that's what it is that. That's right. And he started at 1 p.m. Eastern. It's going to start at 1. Well I think the rally itself will take place at William Street Park at 1:00 p.m. and more than likely
there's going to be a march from some point in the city to the park I don't have the concrete information on that now I don't think it's been settled as yet. But I failed to mention before and I think this is also important the the demonstration in the rally has. The united support of the black community the Chicano community the Asian community and all of the various groups that have been working against the war in San Jose that's a that that's an extremely important aspect of this rally I can mention some of the organizations that are sponsoring it. There's the our defense committee the national united committed to free Angela Davis and our political prisoners the Asians for Community Action supporting it the community alert patrol unified so Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. People's coalition for peace and justice the young worker's liberation Lee the Vietnam Veterans
Against the War and the National Committee against repressive legislations these are just some of the initial sponsors and we're hoping to. Even broaden this list of sponsors to include many more organizations in the San Jose community as well as across the country. Well then I guess there would be objections to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and joining that list of Ralph Abernathy was in attendance. Present organization do you think. I'm sure everyone will welcome but as he'll see with open arms that that will really add a lot to the list of sponsors and to the rally itself because as you know so the Christian Leadership Conference has been fighting a long time this battle to free all political prisoners in the land. And we've been fighting in what we call the pull of people's campaign the forming of a
coalition of poor blacks and poor whites and you know there are still many people who do not realize that there are many more poor white people in our country than there are poor blacks because we have more poor or what we have more white people in the country period. And then there's a can of those in the form with those they have on the go I'm quite a bit of oppression and abuse as they have sought to exert their rights we find in Southern Christian Leadership Conference. One of our finest programs at this point is rigid organizing the nonprofessionals who are not covered by the National Labor Relations Act. I don't have a Department of Labor working and menaces
across the nation today in Birmingham Alabama. We really have a very strong program of organizing hospital workers. And I guess you would remember Bernie has found a house here. And well you remember our struggle in Charleston South Carolina with hospital workers and well we we have more than 10000 nonprofessional hospital workers in Birmingham Alabama. And they depend on the city of the city to help with this organizing process and so many of the hospitals. Bush not complied. So it may be that we will be bogged down very sharply and a full scale movement in Birmingham Alabama.
But I certainly am quite interested in this rally because it is a post section of individuals involved and I have a little strong feelings for this you cannot was like a country the the farmworkers I think that Cesar Chavez is those who have worked with these poor brothers have done an excellent job and they need the backing and the support and Martin Luther King pointed out many years ago that black people could no longer isolate themselves. Into a civil rights movement but we had to become involved in the worldwide struggle to bring peace to the world. And I think that he was really one of the first national leaders to speak out on the
subject. He became very unpopular because Lee's Riverside speech where he really came out against the war in Vietnam and I know that he's been many restless nights because of this and Southern Christian Leadership Conference is still concerned about the poverty that plagues us and communities. And the hunger malnutrition and the starvation in our life. And yet at the same time we cannot forget the people in Indochina. The Vietnamese people we think that this is all a part of one struggle one battle and the black revolution certainly has to be tied into in this garb the census list war in Vietnam.
Just you know elated to see you and to know that you're doing fine. And because I have the responsibility of traveling all across the country I remember last night I spoke to them through 4000 people. I made it very clear that I was seated as people came through the receiving line at the reception. They said For God's sake Ralph Abernathy go to CNN. Dave this is really a little to see I remember the last time. When we tried to talk to one another and were prevented by the guards in Marin County jail here and it's really beautiful to be able to see you again and talk to you I was going to say that I think that the rally we've been discussing in San Jose.
Expresses the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King because this is precisely the kind of thing that he was talking about organizing before he was assassinated. And I think that as we said many times it was no mere coincidence that precisely at that point when he as a spokesman as a national spokesman for black people was stressing the need to link our struggle for black liberation with the struggle that working and poor people in this country and the struggle of people oppressed throughout the world. It's no mere coincidence that he was assassinated precisely at that point. And the rally the rally in San Jose is not merely focused around the war and not merely of racism but about issues which affect you know all working and poor people one of the demands of the rally is going to be in to the wage freeze and an end to all
attacks some working people working people of color as well as white working people. So I think that the rally in San Jose can be a historic occasion and can and will also the regular relate to the struggles that ACLC is waging. In Birmingham among the hospital workers. Because I think that we are finally beginning to realize that if we allow our struggles to be fragmented and isolated and we if we simply talk about black liberation and forget about Chicano liberation and Puerto Rican liberation liberation of Native American people the liberation of of exploited white people in this country that we won't get anywhere because the government will continue to use all of the divisive isms to have us fighting against one another. And this is happening this is in the history of oppression in this
country. White workers have been convinced that the reason why they are exploited is because black people are trying to get their jobs. And there's been a lot of conflict and consciously provoked by the government between people of color between black people into counseling black people and Puerto Ricans. And I think that we're finally beginning to realize that if we're going to get anywhere at all it's only going to be with the most massive and most intense show of unity of which we capable and there is an awake thing today that we've never experienced before because poor whites have been tone. And led to believe that they are a poor sample of those of black people. And you know history does repeat itself. I know you will agree that this verse same thing happened.
In Germany and that's a generation that Hitler had the German people believing that a group the Jews were responsible for what was happening to them in Germany and we can have this very same thing to happen in our country. And I'm just the light of the fact that many white people who are poor are seeing now as never before that the same forces which have oppress their all are oppressing black people and you can ose of Asian Americans and Puerto Ricans and all of these groups. And. We've got to come together. It's a dangerous period however when we do so because. I'm almost derelict convinced that when Martin Luther King talked about bringing poor people together could people period
forgive million poor people and really unify the forces of evil really saw. That this was going to affect change in this country and I do not think that it was by accident that my dearest friend and close associate most peaceful warrior of the 20th century was assassinated. So we've got to get it together and we are going to get it together. As sale said today as never before was faced with financial problems. But we have got to stop because of that fortunately we were able to meet our obligations and our payrolls and we're going to continue. We're going to fight evil as long is that as long as there is evil in our land we're going to achieve representative government.
Hopefully in 72 because this is going to be the most critical election in the history of our nation and we are working all the way. For representative government from the courthouse to the White House and I just say right all the power to the people. And May truth China because of the strong desire that America will be America for all of the people this is a country of the people by the people and for the people and I know that countless numbers of individuals just so happen to hear your voice of their And to know that you're doing well. Believe me when I say that she is looking good the we that we love. We're proud of. And
and we we're with you and all that you're doing we wish you all of the way. Please do not hesitate at any time to call upon the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. And not only is Cecil Williams your spiritual guide. See how safe it is. But I really appreciate everything the ACLC is done and I do not think that I would be sitting here today were it not for all of the work that you and as Seal sea has done throughout the last the last two years. I think that throughout the country and throughout the world some really remarkable developments taking place and they are. Attributable in large part to
all of the historical the chairmans of ACLC one of the things the has really struck me over the last few months is. The parallels between what's happening in the prisons in this country and what's happening in the GI Movement. You know so long talked about the need to combat racism among our own ranks and inside the prisons and the G.I. movement in both places. The sisters and brothers have really had to wage an intense struggle to combat the racism which is deliberately provoke by the keepers in the prison system and by the offices and all those who command the military. And a number of prisons throughout the country wherever there have been demonstrations strikes actions directed against the prison
system. The sisters and brothers and I can talk from personal experience because I have spent quite a few months in jail. This isn't but it's a really I had to come to grips with the racism and overcome it. And while it's extremely difficult in this situation we're almost inevitably the way the white prisoners are going to be segregated from the black to count Puerto Rican prisoners and is there going to be attempts to divide the black Chicano and put a wreath in prison is the only reason why there have been a number of really important and successful fights inside the prisons on the other side of prison was has been because. The prisoners themselves a real realize that without overcoming racism in our own ranks we are going to get anywhere. The G.I. movement is another
very important indication of the kind of unity that we are capable of it of as a whole in this country. The press conference which we attended together I think it was really beautiful that it was a black man who was representing the movement and the movement certainly has been in recent months when the anti-war movement is experienced a sort of love has carried the banner for the struggle. Against the war in Indochina taste. They were the ones who protested the recent and the Asians they were the ones who took over various kinds of military institutions military structures and so forth in order to protest what was happening in Vietnam when the anti-war movement really couldn't get itself together to. When the anti-war movement really couldn't deal with all of the dissension the conflicts.
So I really think that we really have to support us brothers and sisters too in the military because it one of the things that happened to me when I was in jail is that I receive letters from people in the military throughout the world and I received quite a few letters from black sisters black sisters in Vietnam who had joined the military because of well you know the way in which the government has continually attempted to deceive us and to show us how we can further our attempt to further ourselves when actually we're doing it to the detriment of our people but I get quite a few letters from black sisters in the military who are really committed to struggling for the liberation not only of our own people but for the liberation of the Vietnamese people as well as you know broader interest in subjects I will be going to Europe with the next few days.
And I have already said tomorrow office that I want to spend some time talking to the men in the military because the last time I was there they literally picked me up. And they begged me to please call and talk with them about it and we've got to do something about penal reform all in our country today. I jails all feel they're running over. With young black men and other minorities. And on the whole and when has anyone had training on the whole our colleges and universities have executive offices are filled with young white men and the piano reform takes their attention to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Well thank you very kindly Angela I've got to be off now for the next about his field but it's certainly good to see you. And you're looking so well and just stay on the
Angela and Abernathy
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Angela Davis, recently released from prison, is interviewed by civil rights leader Rev. Ralph Abernathy regarding the May 20, 1972 "Rally Against Racism, War, Repression" in San Jose, CA. The two discuss the impact a consolidated effort by different activist groups (civil rights, anti-war, Chicano, and labor movement) could have on the oppressive regime in the United States and Vietnam. Broadcast on KPFA, Apr. 1972.
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Davis, Angela Y. (Angela Yvonne), 1944-; Abernathy, Ralph, 1926-1990; Southern Christian Leadership Conference; Vietnam War, 1961-1975 -- Protest movements; African Americans--Civil rights--History
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