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This is Colin Edwards. And this is COLIN EDWARDS It's the morning of September 10th and I'm standing outside the headquarters of the Black Panther Party on Grove Street. In Oakland. And looking at this window I can see a great gaping hole in the center and right where a poster of the Huey P. Newton sitting in that African chair with an African spear and. Shield in one hand this window has been hit by I would say about a dozen bullets. Where you can see the bullet entry there is a hole of about about the size of a 50 cent piece into the coverage to administer defense of the black man from Africa. Your reaction this morning. I think my reaction would be a normal reaction is one of. Outrage at the type of people that we have on it. I mean here is
a sample. Type of thing the Black Panther Party is struggling against. This is not the first time that our office has been shut up we had an office downtown 56 to grow through a blackout and the police passed by when I did the same thing exactly the same thing. And we told people about that. We told the press about it and they try to pretend that it was a publicity stunt. And if it were not for the fact that we had eyewitnesses to this incident last night this morning they would probably say this was another publicity stunt. But it happened that there were people out here and they saw the policeman doing this so that what can you say about it except that the open Police Department has demonstrated that they have nothing but contempt for black people. They don't care whether someone sees them do it or not. They just run over people and what can we do it step by retaliate against them and use the same type attacks against them they use against us. People say that i we're a bunch of. Outrageous people that we are extremists. But this is the most
extreme behavior that you can ever exhibit particular from pigs was supposed to be members of law enforcement officers and all that. I can't even talk to you about it because I'm just disgusted about it and just look at just look at the wall and just look at that wall. Look at that. The whole thing the picture of our missile defense would be new to put this both to me. They rode into the port. If the victim more mass not again the same time came by an FBI agent the same thing. So how are we supposed to feel about this. This is another example of why we demand that you would be nude be set free because we know the type of dog we're dealing with we're dealing with racist posts not pull on the Oakland Police Department who have been doing this type of thing all along. This is not the first time you've done this and it's not just you now window this people around and intimidate people who murder people on the street and anyone wearing a uniform who would do this type of thing. You think this is the first time he's ever
done something like this you know these two officers behavior. I don't need to know and I know they're on the open to his department to be entitled to the police department is out of order. Jean Gaines has a spin of these men and the rest of them but just watch to see what he does them see if they're sent to the penitentiary. And they're trying to say he would be new and so I'm saying that this is proof positive. Everybody can see it for themselves. We have witnesses to it not just members of the Black Panther Party but we have citizens who were out here last night who saw this. So this is just notification to the community that we have got to get together get our black army together and Dad these dogs out of our community that's got things going. Now I know I'm late for the press because I see you come down here you take these bitches you take the damn statements. What do you do about it. I try to make it sound like it may be confusion and we might be lying but we're not lying about this we didn't do it. The piece on the Oakland Police Department did and we're not going to have it. We're not going to have it and we're just going to have to defend ourselves against it we're going to put a stop to this guy we're not going to take it no more. Right you
know not all of it on the NPR black community to mobilize itself a good way to deal with these fears because it has to be done. That's right you know more than. Like let's just. Say OK you tell us exactly what happened last night and you know when you first have to know exactly what happened last night. When you first hear of the action this morning on the radio what's your what is your personal reaction to this present reaction just like I say the racist policeman. Racist dog pig policeman open policeman occupy a community just like a foreign troops occupy US territory to see if action does so on the part of them to come up and shoot this office as is the Iranians and I'm saying like I said before that if the edibility brothers around here in the Black Panther Party just had to defend ourselves we should to shoot back at them pigs and driving away from here and as far as I'm concerned the open Police Department is wrong. We circulated a petition to try to remove the decentralizing and we're going to go for it to
make sure that the police department out of it out of his community that we don't have the motor's bullcrap anymore. Why do you think this was done. To intimidate to arrest the continuation is a bullet hole right here. This bullet hole here was one of the previous bullet holes this is one of the bullet holes that was put in here last night there were two bullet holes shot in here and the registered voter Sankoh was the other one here for the National Guard and I want to. I can't find enough that I can think of it I have been previous incidents like this or the previous you know the first office we had in 56 in Grove there were shots fired and then quite a while ago that was before we even went to Sacramento California. So we see what's happening and prevail to say like the path but it's a war all the brothers get together. When every black man is in his home with a shotgun a 38 a pistol in his home and if you catch any pigs anywhere attacking him always people off that pig committing illegal acts
against anybody in the black community of that period would double 0 buckshot a 357 mag and what have you. Because these pigs are only out to try to murder or kill a. Black people everywhere across the nation. You say that you think that this might have been a an effort on the police department's part to precipitate something do you think it will precipitate anything. You know what he's going do. Is going to do what the Black Panther Party I hope tell the black community arm yourself from door to door don't run in small groups don't run in large groups in a community run in polls and firearms and be armed and if any attacks come upon you use a proper tactic of any peace commits any illegal act against you of brutality and murder. Wiped it out. Does a black panther boarded a plane to take any legal action against the police department as a result of the. As Elazar it is said that we have a lawyer here who has some information that he's been investigating and Alex Hoffman here he is right. I mean that's the problem right now is that we understand the chief
Gaines has suspended two police officers. But you always run into a problem when I mean an organisation is is investigating itself. Obviously we need to take a great deal more action than having the Oakland Police Department which did it which it has taken the bullets for its own ballistics tests conduct its own investigation of itself. We need the United States Civil Rights Commission. We need caught action on this. There were bullets that went straight through the back wall into the apartments of the people behind who luckily were not injured. It shows the irrationality. It shows the mayor reading who a few days ago said there would be a blow up no matter what the verdict was knew what he was saying that he knew there was going to be a blow up because the police was going to blow up you know and if you live in the middle. If they are so irrational that they took through a picture of then can there be any doubt that they'd shoot at him in person if they could and there been any threats of any so
recently they've been patrolling they have been threats all over they've been patrolling as heavily. This office and the homes of all the leaders of the Black Panther Party and if they knew timely for days and days and days yet it's very interesting that last night it took them over an hour to get here after the shooting and this morning there's hardly been a police car by. His general he says he's a witness. You know we've been down at the community center you know and said It's been nice and I guess they think is something going on in all of them plus 1 0 up and they're all peeved the. Saturday night at 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning. Even the toning down it seemed like down here what is. Called the pain makes House he's supposed to be watching the symmetry album is played and they want to start but they didn't last Saturday night he shot in the air and the Peavey we've seen them shot this you know I'm going to I'm here with all my data center and shiny hair but they want to come out if they want us to find out in the end
it will be OK. We didn't we kept you know I guess they drove off and it was about us in a sane one I said about 60 or 70 people. Mr CEO mentioned that being a previous incident of shooting at Black Panther headquarters you know you know I want to ask him about that you know anything about that one that you want to identify yourself you know. OK thank you. I mean I'm a part of it in that I don't you know it's the first of our eyewitnesses to the shooting last night. My name is Lisa dumped you live in the neighborhood you know none of the media neighborhood and what had what exactly happened as you saw it. All along where we're standing now I was driving down the street and I noticed this police car parked on the corner there. But it had a spotlight on and it was turned down. So this made me curious about this car so I want to blog down and made a
U-turn and turn my lights on and ease back up the street and when I got in a station a fortified from grove by the police car was directly in front office and. I seen the officer opened fire. On the window they open the windows and what they have a shotgun so is it likely to be an awful lot of automatic. I can see the Tappan weapon but it was an automatic weapon and they just shot up the picture of Mr Newton Yeah that was a sent a picture in this window here you have what I have seen was all they were taking some definite on here because they looked like they were trying to take target practice on. How many shots did you count or was it too rapid to keep count on its six but that was on a first time. Yes in the end I left to get a system and on the second time they came back they fired six more sounds so that was 12 shots altogether and they didnt have to fight a few more between the two times you know they have enough you know they fire twice one going down in a circle a block came back fired again
and it was awful strange because. Just before the shooting the police car to follow each other by 30 seconds apart. But when the shooting occurred it was about 10 minutes before any police car came around here. I came down the street and I told the police officer this was kind of strange since they had a crowd off on each other you know 30 seconds apart. But after the shooting with there were about 150 police. 20 block area here knowing they heard the shots nobody responded. I mean this thing to me like they knew what was going on. They knew what was going to happen so I would just stay off the street for about 10 minutes and then drive back as though we didn't know what happened you know they were the police in one car who did the shooting there were two different cars in it when the same car same car yeah and there were two officers in the car to ask me what I was driving the other was shooting as I left and they were so bole about it it was a regular police car black and white. Are there any people around on the pavement that were endangered by this
widening on this side a street that was one brother across the street directly across the street. Now I remember at first he went on give any evidence cause I guess he was scared you know. He finally told them you know what happened you know with two of the brothers on the street that we had bank cars and they witnessed the whole thing. Again. So we have that much for with millions of witnesses as to actually what happened. It's. Clear which way were the cars going when they opened fire with a car going with it or in this way. On both occasions of doing the two shooting incidents of his going south. No one nor I see the first time going south the second time going or are you yourself a black panther or just a brother here brother. I see thank you very much. Oh Has Mr. Charles Gehring Mr. Newton's defense attorney what is the State to State of the case at the moment it's now going to appeal. Could you explain the basis of the
appeal Mr. Gary. Oh no we're not ready to appeal. We're we made a motion for a new trial and an arrest of judgment of the verdict of the jury we're going to go and and we're going to argue the case Thursday morning at 9:15. The basis of our appeal is. Many fold. One of them is the fact that the grand jury did indicted Huey Newton was not a representative and a cross-section of the community. That it's picked by the superior court judges. On a personal basis of their own relationship with the persons and it is not a random and cross section grand jury were going to attack the conviction and the trial based upon many many bases. One of them being that the atmosphere was such that he Newton or anyone in his position could not get a fair and impartial trial. We attacked the entire jury panel based upon the fact that.
It was composed. Of persons from the voter's registration list and not picked on a random basis but on a. Wishy washy haphazard basis. Admittedly by the. Commissioner of jurors. We also attacked a jury system based upon the fact that from the voter's registration list the. People from the black members from the. Open ghetto are under represented in that that they do not register to vote. They have lost faith in our system. Only some 52 percent. Have. Registered to vote as 85 percent with the rest of the Alameda County. Then going into the evidence the verdict of the jury is inconsistent and is not consistent with the. Evidence that is contradictory. Here they are.
The basic thing that we're going to hammer away at with the judge. Is the fact that. Some of the evidence. Was not what it was supposed to be. In that rare statement taken an hour and 38 minutes after the event happened and one paragraph it says that he did see the face of the person involved whereas we found out later while the jury was out the word was not good but didn't do that as I was going to judge correct that that by allowing the corrected to statement to go to the jury but this was some two days after. They had asked to see that statement. And and we found out today from the jurors that they didn't even notice the difference that matter had not been called to their attention. We did not have an opportunity to argue this portion of it. The district attorney made quite a bit out of this that the fact that this man did see it and tried to make it out the fact
that I was misrepresenting facts to the jury. This along with many many other aspects of this case are grounds for a new trial. And if the court does not exercise its discretion as a 13 juror to grant us a new trial we're going to appeal the case to the highest court in the land. My clients use the terminology the sky's the limit. Newton says that when it says the sky's the limit they intend to exercise all of their democratic rights both politically and and judicially. And that's what they mean by sky's the limit. And we feel that confident in that if there is a retrial and Huey Newton will be. Released Dan found innocent of all charges. And this demonstration here today in front of the Panthers headquarters in a little restaurant right next to it where the police have just riddled it.
This is a common action on the part of the police when it comes to day black community. And this is a con kind of a conduct that has not been stopped by the power structure the power structure. Has not seen fit to see that. The police officers understand black history. They do not understand the black people. They are people who come out of racism. When you have some 60 to 70 percent of your white population as white races it's it's not. Accidental that. Out of some 600 police officers only 20 are black. Police officers. Those black police officers are not permitted to join the organizations to do white or organizations have the white police organizations and the whole subject matter is sickening and it's and it's a matter that needs immediate changes and overhauling the whole
system is rotten from the very foundation to legal action. Can you initiate it with regard to this shoot up of the Black Panther headquarters. I'm going to let. Ordinary law and order take care of it Mr. Gaines is the chief of police until Huey Newton becomes the chief of police here. We're going to let Mr. Gaines take care of these little problems of his bad boy Huey Newton today in his press conference offered if the police department as it has threatened to resign and quit. We heard rumors of that that may not be true but rumors have come true. Huey Newton offered to have the Black Panther Party police the entire black neighborhoods and also afford police protection Black Panther protection to the white community including Piedmont and the hills and he said
he would see to get protection that the Black Panthers offer would would be offered equally to both black and white. Now for Los Angeles listeners who may not have followed the case they knew the case very closely are going to be going to mention the degree of the man you mentioned was a prosecution witness a bus driver who was said to have witnessed the shooting. Just that we got that clear from the Los Angeles listeners. Greer was discredited and in peached. On 16 major items in the course of the trial. His memory became sharper 10 months after the event than it did an hour and thirty eight minutes after the event. I have so much stored up inside of me in this case that it will probably take me years Don Juan. Didn't didn't agree and then disappear mysteriously for a while after the incident.
I don't know where is the last thing in the world that I'm interested in what happened. I'm OK. Let's go down now to Alameda County Courthouse to talk to Huey P. Newton himself. Well it's about ten forty five. September 10th 1968 and I'm in the holding cell are telling me the county courthouse with Mr. Healy P. Newton the leader of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. Two days ago I was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter in the death of one policeman. What do you feel about this verdict. Mr. Newton. First I'd like to say that it's the our Black Panther Party. When I say my name was three months ago now the other thing is.
My first reaction to her did not I know something I thought my mind when you process maybe your paper you never did with it was it. My first reaction to the verdict was that it was oh it was a racist sellout and the jury didn't have the guts to to decide the case on its evidentiary merits. Since then certain mitigating intervening variables have occurred. Such is my phone and I have information that the jury did not view all of the evidence. They were not aware of the change in the bus driver Greer's testimony event and I quote I did see him clearly and it was changed to I did not. All right I didn't see him clearly. The jury was not aware of this change and this is a very crucial part of the kinks.
I think that in spite of all of that the verdict was a compromise verdict. I believe that some races on the jury wanted a conviction of first degree murder and some fair minded people on the jury wanted justice wanted me to be acquitted because this is strictly speculation now that the foreman seem to be a very strong personality. Mr. Harper I think that he engineers to compromise. I think he did it in good faith. Based Bonnie bass This is a decision a bar on the fact that this is a racist society. And in the event of a hung jury there might be convicted by a research jury on the next trial of first degree murder. I think that he took this under consideration and based upon his knowledge of the law and the penal institution which probably
not very extensive He probably felt a bit well a manslaughter he'll be out of jail in a year are slowing the trial would take that long. But in fact this is not true that manslaughter conviction carries a 2 to 15 years and I'm sure that because of the political nature of the case that I would do every day of the 15 years. It's happened before. And the Jerry Newton case matter of fact nine hundred forty nine right in this county where Jerry Newsome was convicted of two counts one count of robbery murder where two people were executed in this robbery and the second count was robbery. He was convicted on both counts he barely got a new trial on the on the murder robbery and he was acquitted. The conviction on the second count of robbery and robbery armed robbery in the state of California is five to life. And Jerry Newsome I knew him
personally. I know his family. He was 18 at the time. And Jerry Newsome did 15 years in the state penitentiary where on a robbery you would do on a five to five years at the most. So the racist community were demanding that Jerry Newsome be executed. They still Coakley who was a DFA Tang told made a press statement that as long as he was de ager Newson would never get out of prison and he wrote letters every time to reduce or go up for a row and he encouraged the white community to influence the adult authority not to let him out. So I am saying that Mr Harper made a mistake and I'm asking the black community to forgive Mr Harper and the other people on the jury who are operating in good faith and who believe in my innocence the old me the obligation to hang the jury and not to
compromise the old me this obligation the old to the black community and they did not fulfill this obligation of paid with a hand. But in spite of all of this the operate in good faith so I am asking the community to forgive Mr Harper and the rest of the fair minded people on a jury for me no matter what they do. I am also asking the students at Open City College to show Mr. Harper respect in the event that he teaches their next semester as he plans to. I respect him and I don't believe that he saw Tom or bootlicker. I believe he is a black man and he deserves respect because he simply made a mistake. Now if you do get a new trial as he was trying to obtain for you you then would again face the possibility that a new jury might find you guilty of murder isn't that the case you know couldn't happen on the next trial they can only convict me of manslaughter.
I've been acquitted on all of the Chargers so this will be the only charge that I'm facing. We feel that the journey judge has an obligation in this case also the judge is the 13th juror. And we might not have to appeal if the judge gives us jesters he has the power to set aside the verdict in order to trial. One thing which is impressed the reporters who've been covering this case is your amazing calm and presence during this whole trial. This again reduce your confidence of an innocent verdict. But does it also have something to do with your feeling that this being a political case this sets of you with us part of the case sort of above the trivialities of the moment of a criminal case but sets it above and beyond it. Yes and the saying goes like a tree by the still waters I shall not be moved. And in spite of the treachery of the
establishment it cannot move the people the people are an invincible force that will overcome and that I've been very relaxed because I know that we have a people behind us. We know that we have the people behind us and then the people will defeat the reactionary establishment that is like colossal jangled place B because they're divorced from the people. They look vicious but in the final analysis they're not vicious at all. What kind of if you have you been receiving mail from outside some reaction from sort of the broad public beyond the realm of the Pampas and your personal friends have you really been able to receive mail. Yes I've received mail the whole of my mail. My newspapers have received the newspaper borning. I'll probably get them today. Some time some letters I don't get it all people have notified me through his team that he sent letters and I didn't
receive them but all the letters I received not all 99 percent of the letters I received been very encouraging. I received letters from Grace's bread in my life and I think this is the area it always reflects the nature of this institution that I'm housed in at the present time. I always get those letters read on tank receive telegrams favorable telegrams as much as two weeks later after the telegram mailed to me with the telegrams threatening my life I received the same day I believe the same and if they're delivered here and the police I think enjoy giving me these type of telegrams from how far afield are these letters and telegrams come. I've got letters and telegrams from all over the country and some letters from abroad.
And a couple of telegrams from Raul. You know you've heard I suppose news this morning of the shooting allegedly by two policemen into the Bakken for headquarters. Yes it's a fact that the police did shoot into the office that three police have been suspended temporarily to I think two things. Yes excuse me two policemen have been suspended temporarily and I expected participated the police troopers to react in a violent fashion industry pieces they usually do. I don't think this was any change in their modus operandi. It's only. It was strictly in conformity to their review say it's it or strictly and the mayor already stated on TV before the trial and during the trial that there would be an
eruption no matter how the verdict came out and I was wondering how he got this information because I had notified it monish the Black Panther Party in particular in the black community in general not to respond in a violent fashion but I concluded that the reason that he knew there would be a baton eruption because he had notified his police and chief games to inflict violence on our community. So I'm charging or renewing the charge on me or any of the Chiefs games as being rabble rousers and I and our kids who believe in disturbing the peace and they have no they have no respect for justice law and order. We would like to see justice law and order prevail here like the black community on the whole to maintain its cool when where Lisah people is being heard. I've ordered through the Black Panther Party to evacuated old headquarters. That's why no one was harmed at the headquarters because I had given the order to evacuate
headquarters throughout the country. Before the verdict yes. Yes I had to admonish the Black Panther Party natur responded in violent bashing but use self-defense now self-defense says is the number of tactics that you can use in self-defense. In this instance our self-defense was a hasty strategic withdraw from the headquarters and therefore defend their bad defending ourselves. Now I was a total evacuation I mean during the daytime the people there I drove their own it just today are this because of this incident today that I see barmy I order I ordered this approximate 2 3 weeks ago I see that to be at least two weeks ago that the headquarters would be evacuated from throughout the community throughout the country. And I also warned the community art monish them not to respond in any violent fashion because the mayor used a strategy of
trying to arouse the younger people in the community the young are always the warriors the teeny group. Sometimes they respond emotionally and I think that Mayor Rennie was attempting to provoke this response community. The black rose some stories of the black community with your you know saw it as you very well know that the police have made a vicious attack on little white community in Berkeley and with this particular statement that he made the most pointed at the black community and so we were saying that we're still willing to negotiate I asked da chief again to the mayor and all other public officials for a I invited them to have conversation to the conference table so that we could have a peaceful solution to the problem and negotiate and solve the problem in a peaceful manner. We fielded that the black people must
control the destiny of their community. They must have exclusive control of the institutions in our community. We also say the white community the people in the white community should have control of those us to choose the people have no control at all. There's a small circle of gangsters who are the ruling class and we call themselves the establishment and they control the last of all of us. The people are black and white are beginning to realize that lies is daily in this way. There's no such thing existing in America now such as a race all resistances and all rebellions are against the reactionary authorities in our community. It's no longer a race issue and never will. It was tending to be in some quarters at one stage perhaps but that only shows the propaganda of the establishment the prop of the establishment properganda rights all of the people and in order for it to stay in
position that a SAN or maintain a status and have the people fighting against each other. But now the people have pulled the cloak are the facade away from the establishment and now they see the hypocrisy of the establishment and the people resisting against the ruling authority in the country which is a reactionary body and the only reason that it had race overtones years ago is because the establishment was successful and misguiding to have the people operate on a leash is a principle and that is that the fight is between the color skins and not the owner of the means of production. Now since you're indicted and brought to trial. I've seen the growth of the Black Panther Party throughout the United States. Could you give us an idea of all of this development. I feel that. If he sent you four at the
vanguard of the people to integrate theory with practice the people would not follow any leadership and only spouse of abstract theories. Nor will it follow a new listed leadership that believes in action without theory or without philosophy. Black Panther Party was successful in integrating theory and practice of the Ministry of Information says a Soul on Ice. The integration of the mind and body the man is the action to learn the body is the the man the man is the theoretician and the body is the as the activity. And these things have been successfully integrated within our complex whole of our philosophy and of our program and this is why I have it that the membership is growing and more than the membership. We're not too concerned at this point with membership. We're concerned with affecting the aims of the people
and in a positive manner. We're interested in the community internalizing the philosophy of the Black Panther Party and whether they are a pair. There are not as long as they follow the principles we will get some justice in this country. There's some information that the local police are going. Temporarily dismissed or suspended from the force and blackmail the party would like to notify the community of both both the black and the white community that we're at their service that we will maintain law and order in both the black and white community. If this is asked of us we will maintain a law and order in our community in the black community and we would like to would like to notify the white community that their we're at their service because we're dedicated to peace and tranquility
among the people. Had you heard or read that some reporters had been told privately by some policeman that they were prepared to kill you if you were acquitted. Well. I anticipated that Anyway I'm not surprised to hear the first time I've heard it but I was sure that there would be a plot for my lambaste me as there has been for the last two years they've been unsuccessful in killing me for the last two years simply because the people have protected me and the people and I say before I invest full force and I'll be I'll feel quite secure in the end in the community simply because the people the people take care of the inhabitants of the community so I'm not afraid of the police. After I get out of prison I'm afraid of the police. Now that I'm in jail because I'm in a dance of
wolves and I have no security whatsoever I don't view it as security. We don't have a food taster right now as a leader of a party that is organized on a national basis. Would you like to take this opportunity to express some opinions on some of the recent developments in the national political scene in the selection of Mr. Nixon to Mr. Humphrey. Brother if it be anywhere as far as as far as the national election of Mr. Humphrey and Mr. Nixon I think there's not really an alternative. The other day I was speaking with with years reporter one of the underground papers and there and yet in the
article he wanted to write anything that people have no real lock turn into either they will be home by a Hubert dick bag nicks are on some other phrase anyway but this is the state of affairs that Don there's no real. Alternatively their establishments pinball and their bowls only to maintain the status quo the establishment the only alternative that a people have is the minister of information which is cleaver for president I'll be a real turn to because they would have a revolutionary who wants some drastic changes in the political structure of the country and the economical structure this is about the only alternative that we have in the country. But as far as the election the average driver read the papers on it. It is not even exciting because it's it's only the famous been
happening for hundred years in the country and it's not it's not oppressive at all but the Gregor is also on the scene as another alternative. Yes Mr. Gregory is now our old man. He's a comedian and I think that's his biggest gain. Clear is about the only real serious alternative. Did you feel any better about even than sort of relatively speaking and to whatever small degree above about the coffee you relative to a Nixon. Would have questioned you. Did you feel when you would have would you have felt any better at all even if only relatively so about Mr. McCarthy. I don't know exactly where McCarthy was then and I don't think he did either. Many statements that he made were very good statements as far as I'm following those principles only empirical evidence could
show the reason I said I don't know where I don't think he knew either the bag the youth running on or in the Democratic Party and he knew that you have to come to terms with the constituents in the Democratic Party that's a very strong machinery no one can really do Bush to alter that. Or. As I heard it is forest. US forces are dealing with them that McCarthy could not deal with and I think that he's intelligent enough to know that. And then I would conclude that then he must be trying to pull something on the people. As for the statement that he made you think that he stood for that. I can't find any criticism of the old saw philosophies but it seems to be somewhat paradoxical I didn't understand him and I don't think he understands students so
well know of your standing for Congress in the seventh congressional district. And what are your positions if you don't explain them on some of the main issues for instance the Vietnam war seems to be one of the crucial issues in this campaign. I would say that to them of course the worst comes in there should be a withdrawal of troops even without negotiation or draw the withdrawal of troops from Vietnam so that the people can determine their destiny. And as for hours on the national scene I would like for the people to share in the well I would like for the people to control the means of production by putting a point or electing their representatives to control the industrial complex. There are 75 million workers in this country 85 percent work in eleven point five million privately owned enterprises and their wage slaves.
Profits go to the small ruling class. They have the the worker has no control really over the conditions of war nor does he have control over the wealth that he's producing by his labor. So I would like for every ethnic group to be represented in a ministry of industry. I would like for every ethnic group be represented on a on the national political level but I think in one of the the one of the essential fundamental things wrong with the American Constitution is that it doesn't respect any group even though a group is controlled in the country of the white Anglo-Saxon Protestant group is controlling the wealth of the country but yet the Constitution doesn't provide any redress of grievances of national ethnic groups and so therefore the Constitution is lacking is porous freedom and justice for the people because they're America and everyone admits is a nation of nations.
Many ethnic groups don't like to have the Indians. Represented on a national level in spite of their percentage their small percentage in number they have a right to live therefore they have a right to rebut redress of grievances. They have a right to determine the destiny of their community. So I would like for every ethnic group the blacks should have representatives in all on all national levels that they should have exclusively. We should have exclusive control of it local list to shim the community on a co-operative level economically and then the wealth would then be distributed to many ethnic groups throughout the country on a co-operative basis so I think that each ethnic group to control its local community on a national level all ethnic groups should be represented in whole offices and the Constitution should be changed so that groups will have rights. And this suggests this idea of Representatives
representation for different ethnic groups that you would have a sort of reservation of a number of seats for instance in the Congress in the state assemblies. Reserved for different ethnic groups as you have in countries. Going from a state of pure colonialism to semi colonialism to independence this is what they did in the constitutions in these countries. And you are you'd like to see something like this a certain number of seats reserved for different ethnic groups in Congress and not only that I think that the basic constitution should be changed so that this right will be reflected in the Constitution and I think this is the only way people will have the right to determine their destiny. That's the only way that cultural exploitation will stop. And this is the only way the economical exploitation will stop one or more. Yes yes I think that the black people in particular have been robbed of the cultural
heritage not only in the sense that it was made impossible for us to perpetuate African culture. We develop a new culture based around slavery. Now the art form and the music and the IBP are 58 of the art generally that was developed after slavery the African with the American slave experience. It was the night that we had a culture. And they said we were culturally deprived at the same time these two were culturally deprived culturally exploited us by using our music selling it to the world not only selling it back to us in our country but selling it to the world for profit. And they've they've they've. Devastated dark deed or when radio came out we were quickly excluded from the radio companies and off whites would play our music and make the records and their
bank become wealthy bank. It was an A&E Yeah right so so so. This is this is our cultural exploitation. It happens locally. It happens internationally on an international level that would demand that America stop exploiting people culturally and economically. One of the ways to enslave a people is to go into the country control the means of production draw up the raw materials and do in order to keep your status attempt to to divorce the people from their culture. So the people there will praise the Explorer and this is only a method of method of conquering a people. This would have to come to an end. Now may I ask you about this sort of reserved representation for ethnic groups people of voting for a candidate for the blank seats and weaken Congress for instance where they also participate in voting for for the for the seats in the representing the white or would it be split up along these lines. People on a national level yes on a state level. Whoa
wow Austar from from a local level. As far as the the community the ethnic groups who occupy the communities. This has been the group should exclusively control their local institutions and this doesn't mean exclude other people coming into the community to enjoy the public facilities will be very similar to a person say a Westerner going to change. He goes chant unite exclusion from the hotels or restaurants but the country has the code of a Chinese heritage and it will be very similar to the people in this country going from community to community. The community will reflect the culture here of the people are on a state level on issues. Our state way offices are our government agencies. Then all the people will participate in any election but it will simply
be a range so that one of the ethnic groups will be represented there in spite of the number of votes. And I have to work this out in detail because we have to lay some foundation first on a local level and I have worked this out how this could work and solve. First things first. And now we're attempting to control our communities. What about international issues. Do you want to comment on any of those. I mean apart from Vietnam which you talked about America's involvement to militarily a broader you know of the bases around the world that are more than 3000 bases military bases. Yes America. It would grow all of our wood from all other countries that they should do. These countries should kick them out as far as the bases are concerned. Americans should stop sabotaging and attack in Latin America are we
still America still asked for as troops have troops in and Dominican Republic as I understand it and throughout Southeast Asia and are often aiding and they have bases there and that they must withdraw because they only are there not for any self defense to be there to determine the destiny of other people especially people of color. You have been a few comments about the recent developments in Europe especially in Prague. I don't understand the whole situation in Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union. Now I would withhold any come in until I get more information. I'm not I have to receive newspapers regularly and I don't know the full details but I would like I would withhold any opinion until I get more information. I was your health holding up the skin of this man.
What are your quarters like Mr. Newton. I ma kept in a solitary confinement cell that Sussex and I had planned beforehand and it's a solid steel room with the off cement floor. There are no windows whatsoever there is no open even in the steel door a bottom lip square cubby hole bed is open. I'll dream is very hot and stuffy most of the time I knew because all of the time matter of fact because it's trees you'd see extremely warm in the room and I'm never out for exercise I've been going to court or rock coming down for a new suit if you are talking my journey. Do you have a bed. Yes I have a bug up toilet at a white wash basin you know you have got books to read here lately they admitted some books for the last 10 months so they would lead me to any books they would hold up
Police fire on Black Panther headquarters
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KPFA's Colin Edwards reports on the police attack on the Black Panther Party headquarters on Grove Street in Oakland on September 10, 1968. Edwards interviews Eldridge Cleaver, Minister of Information for the Black Panthers; Bobby Seale, co-founder of the Black Panther Party; Alex Hoffmann, defense attorney for the Black Panthers; Cecil Johnson, an eyewitness to the shooting; and Charles Garry, Huey Newton's defense attorney. Edwards goes down to the Alameda County Jail to speak with Huey P. Newton. Newton also talks about his conviction of voluntary manslaughter and his position on domestic and foreign issues, such as the Vietnam War and minority representation on both the federal and local levels.
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