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Just seven o'clock and I'm out in front of Sproul Hall. They're probably four to five hundred people on the steps. Somebody here with a big pot of soup or she was offering to I was sitting on the steps in the hall you want to get to its commonness of the radical action group. Thank you thank you very much nervous rage. It's very good looking soup. However still on the steps outside now I haven't been able to get in yet. Uniformed patrol men with their bright blue helmets in the glare of the. Television lights here that are inside the lobby. Are locking the front doors. They cry anybody who wants to get in. Just gone up. Probably the press is going to be allowed to stay in it as they are so far.
Everybody out that wants out. It's also being said. So it would seem that this is the beginning here at seven o'clock of what might be a very long. Time in the home town here the information window and crawl hole and they can see that the area in front of the information you know which is about oh I'd say 40 feet by 40 feet square is is full of people sitting on the floor and a hole out in front of that area as well of newsman and their equipment. And it's very stuffy in here already. Probably about a hundred people all together sitting on the floor here. Some of them are eating their dinner. Some of that good soup. I made a mistake. I can't get out now. You're here in Toronto I guess. Yeah I am. It's got the strength. Are you a student in the course
you're in somebody you know with. Yeah right. I think. Affects. Every student here. Everybody universally share with the university and I feel I have to take part in it. And I hope my action will. Help to move some other people enough to. Me first what the reach of the site. Do you think the possibilities are that the action might reverse the regents vote against Mr. Reagan in his attempt to take over the university. There's a possibility of that. I don't think so. I'm not too sure. Right now I'm scared to really talk. Thank you. Brown is now instructing the people who are sitting to count themselves to find out how many of them there are. What is the red arm patch that you're wearing saying obviously that we know what's happening. I see you're sort of a monitor. And you know if there's been any direct communication with the administration on what's going to happen here tonight. There's been any direct communication
there's been in there or. Are you free to let us know what the indirect communication or are we just you know whatever administrative stark services they didn't give us anything official we got word that we were going to have the arrest. Statement about. Four minutes before it was made official. This is a statement that was read by the official that says at 7:00 p.m. the normal closing out of this building will be secure. You are hereby warned that anyone remaining in this city and after that time is in violation of university regulations. This means anyone remaining after 7pm is subject to university disappear disciplinary proceedings including restitution for costs of staffing and maintaining the building and or arrest anyone leaving after 7 pm who is not currently registered university student be arrested I want that includes newsmen. Furthermore let me remind you in view of recent federal legislation that any of you receiving student financial aid may be jeopardizing at a period that was read by Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Bob Johnson. Originally read by him to the students.
Here. Read next to the window here. The registrar's office that I have been stockpiled in anticipation of a rather long stay. Look for. Other places to get around. Like. I started to sing. As a double. By. My. Side. OK.
Well. For those of you who weren't here because there were really. Relatively few people here at five thirty or so when we have a discussion on what happens. When they start to make arrests. We have been advised that they will make the arrests. However there is some discrepancy and that. Isn't entirely clear that the final decision has been made. There is evidently a lot of bickering in the administration over just that point. You know I just like to go over again what was. Decided because there was no dissent at least from the recommendations that we made before. What we said before is that we recommend to the people
here that you not resist arrest. Now resisting arrest. Includes. Of course violent resistance but it also includes sitting where you are going limb in any way obstructing the cop from actually arresting you. Non resistance to arrest involves getting up when the cop asks you to and going with him. Now we didn't see any point. In going lamb. We don't think. You know those of us who participated in making this recommendation to you did not see any value in it. However that's a decision you have to make individually. However one thing we very strongly ask and we ask you to ask each other essentially is not to resist arrest in a violent manner. Because that implicates people around you. And that's going to be a provocation to the police. The police may not need a provocation to use brutality. We all know that. But
we don't want to give them that provocation. In addition to getting our heads busted if there is that sort of brutality we are also open to Lonny assault charges. Which is not a misdemeanor felony carries a very heavy penalty. And considerably higher bail. It complicates the matter immeasurably. In addition to injuries that people might get from it. I mean what are we going to charge with now besides just right now the kinds of charges that may be brought against you. By misdemeanor charges failure to disperse when ordered to unlawful assembly disturbing the peace trespassing on public property. Things like that they may charge you with two or three of those. They usually stack up about three bail is between 100 and 200 dollars per count. I would guess it probably wouldn't go over $500 per person. Was there anybody here who didn't hear about the
bail arrangements that have been made. OK. The U.S. has I believe three thousand dollars in bail money that's available that can be used for registered students you have to have a red card and it's made on a loan to you. You have to pay it back and it's used to pay a bond to a bail bail bondsman. The National Student's Association. Has also offered. Money I don't know if there's been any specified limit on that amount of money. To also be used as loans to students for bail. In addition to that we have tried to raise money. Outside of those those particular means for bail for those who don't qualify. The question was. I don't know anything about the question of waiving time. You know.
You don't waive time. I'm not sure what that means. I can hear you OK. Yeah we have a legal committee that is set up now and we will have lawyers the moment anybody starts to get busted. OK we haven't we haven't decided about that and that's something we have to come to a decision about now I think. And that is. As an alternative to getting bailed out right away from jail. We can remain refusing bail waiting for release on our own recognizance. I know our. That can comment and arraignment I believe tomorrow or within 48 hours after your arrest that. Some people have suggested that we might go on a hunger strike in jail that that would give added impact to the act that we're performing tonight. That's something we should consider and decide upon as a group to the extent that we can.
Have. Any goods back at. Louder. OK. It's OK it's been it's been asked that we make a group decision about how we're going to get arrested and whether we're going to refuse bail. After we've said it should be. All right well why don't you talk to the group. Why don't we have some discussion first on the question of how we are going to get arrested. OK. Yeah. Would you please be quiet. And if you can refrain from smoking I think that will help a lot. Aaron here is really good.
I think it's. I think it's been pointed out there's really no. Point. We have no no interest there's no advantage to. Resisting arrest in any way to going limp or anything like that. But the way it's been left to leave a record for each individual to decide for himself. I think. I think that we should make this a group decision I think that we should take a formal vote on it because. What happens if someone does decide individually that he's going to go in and so the whole move the bail money is going to be that much higher he'll have that much more charges against him. The defense is going to be that much more in the whole movement is going to have the burden of providing at the fence and bailing them out so that whatever any individual does is going to reflect on the whole movement it's going to make the whole movement responsible for it so I would say that we should take a vote on whether or not to. Resist Arrest and I think we should vote on it right after the break. OK is there any more needed discussion or should we come to a vote. OK
the question is. That you'll vote yes or no on is. Will we not. Well we decide as a group not to resist arrest that means getting up and going with a cop when he said You're under arrest. All those in favor. Ok then I hope you'll feel bound by the group. OK. The next question is. As I understand it will we. Will we were even you you know against. Or no are which I think might be a separate question. And then as another question in to be considered with ours as well we go on a hunger strike in jail. Any discussion. That's about 10 minutes to you to. Hear what you know.
If you refuse bail and you refuse O.R.. Then you will remain in jail. I gather until your trial date and then through your trial. I the court calendar as I understand it is pretty well stacked up. That could be a month if you're willing if you are. I mean all of them hours instead of. Time. I think. Veil I have I have I think rightly that we often get I
think when we have thought and it comes. Out. As I asked. You. If you refuse them have. UK rights. Yeah I think so. I have I'm right. I'm. Right. I'm gonna fail every half hour I think people are good for me and I would I would. Yeah I would make one statement about Bond. If we decide to get out. I'm very strongly opposed to anybody getting bond because every time there's a demonstration we put a lot of money into bond that could be better used for a lot of things and you know bombs 10 percent of the bay of the bondsman which we don't get back so it's if we decide that if we can't get on if somebody wants to get bail by. My feelings that we should all agree that we should try to get complete bail or demand or but we should not have a lot of money into into
bonds because the movement most loses hundreds of dollars and every demonstration they can become you know of. Yeah ok the first question that well this time. Is. Will we. Accept bail. I mediately that is before our arraignment. That's the question now is that correct. That I understood. The group as a group that will be our policy and it will be understood that if any individuals have a very pressing need they will not. They do not need to feel bound to do that. Somebody wanted to respond I want to take that to the effect that the group recommends that individuals do not accept bail but that if individuals do accept it you know it's acceptable to the group. My ok. It's our right to vote on it my way or his way. OK OK it's a question I understood or should I restate it. OK
the question is when you newsmen please be quiet. The question is. That you vote yes or no. Will we. As a group not accept bail till our arraignment. However if individuals feel that they have a pressing need that they do not need to feel bound by that. OK. All those in favor. In favor of that motion that is that we do not accept bail until our arraignment. Capos. Passes. OK. The next question is do we accept Oh RS Is there any need for discussion. Anybody have any particular question. OK then we will not get all right. Is it is it correct Does anybody know if it's correct that we cannot get o rs m till our arraignment right.
Is that right. Is there a lawyer here. OK we have somebody who can answer the question. OK. OK a law student just told us that you can get O.R. only at your arraignment. That isn't even a question since we've decided we'll stay in jail. The next question is. Will we as a group vote to go on a hunger strike in jail while we're there that is until our arraignment at that time we can make another decision if we. As there need for discussion on that point. And here come on. I'm still our arraignment. We stated that as long as we're in jail we're going to go on a hunger strike. OK that's a question that we come to. OK.
All those in favor of going on a hunger strike. Thanks thanks. OK. I've been told. By. One second. I have been told by Dean Lyman. That because of our vote I am not resisting arrest and cooperating in our ask that the university is going to make the appropriate arrangements. So that the police cooperate with. The. Truth and the class have a representative prepared statement. For the reason for the call for the city and. Not for your life or maybe for the for the press. OK this is a statement we drew up yesterday. Individually
we have students of 1 3 9 x say when three Nynex. Call for action. Since the regents have refused to rescind their September 20th resolutions and since we have gone through appropriate channels in good faith for the course. We must react by taking action to demand credit for the course. We see the administration's position as a form of racism we cannot tolerate. We have asked concerned students and faculty to support us. Thanks. Anybody does anybody have a question for any statement for. How hot the second floor and open
the window. Yeah never really got around to the car. Maybe somebody here any OK. The reports we. Got from our world wide teletype I think there are two cops and there are about six or seven upstairs people and I won't say what organization. I've been driving around campus and the area and they haven't seen any massive or any massing of police so I guess it'll be awhile before they strike on America. The group is going to get out to sea but it's oh my god. I'm going to try to stay wherever I go. It's really very stuffy in there right now. I'm in Dick Hafner his office. He's the public affairs officer for the investor California. And I'd like to ask him a few questions about
about the sit in tonight. First of all what has been the reaction of the administration so far to what's taking place here tonight. Well I wouldn't want to back up just a little bit and say that the reaction of the administration beginning about 1:00 o'clock when the students first walked in this brow hall and sat down was to begin to talk with them. We obviously would like would have liked them not to have stayed past the closing time we had hoped that we might prevail upon them to leave the building before 7:00 so that we wouldn't have to follow through on a disciplinary action that will obviously not be necessary. But we failed in this the Dean Dean Arlie Williams and his staff are with the students all afternoon talking to them about the issues and talking to them about possibly leaving the sit in before closing time when they did not. It became clear that they would stay past seven we felt that we would then have to ask them to leave and if they were run willing to leave at that point we wouldn't
have to invoke University discipline. What you hear during the time of the FSM. Yes I was here at the time the FSA on their very great difference and in the feelings at this point. I'd say the administration is relaxed is not up but it is not a proper word to use but neither is it up tight. It feels that it has to enforce the rules and it's going to enforce the rules on the other hand. It's sensitive and understands a student feelings in that in the case of 139 X is only sorry that the protest over the lack of credit had to reach this particular manifestation. I would say that the same applies to the students who seem to me to recognise that university administration has to do certain things it is not. They are not up tight it seems to me there are about other situation I'd say that there's much more of a
feeling of understanding on both sides and there would have been four years ago than it was four years ago. Has there been any attempt on the part of the governor or do you expect any to perhaps intervene in the situation to step in and do something on his own. Well I think I'll stay away from the predictive part of that question and only say that there has been no effort or action to my knowledge at this point by the authorities in Sacramento to take a hand in what's going on here the chancellor and the administration are moving in what they consider the best interests of the university in the way they want to handle it themselves based on their own judgments. I realize that public information officers don't have public opinions but I would very much like to know if you think or if you'd like to answer this question that this action might increase governor Reagan's possibilities in getting the regions to swing the vote the other way in terms of turning the power of the university away from the faculty back towards the region.
I don't think I want to make a prediction. I'd rather leave that up to the individual regions to make up their own mind. I think they proved last week that they still have some cool and I hope that cooler will be with them the next time they meet with the governor. Thank you very much. And back out in the home and the first hard game has begun. I believe it's newsman here. With some students playing a game of cards. There's some talking over here group trying to get back over to it. Yeah. I mean we have you know your work you're not writing you because you're going to be uptight and I think we're going to lose the whole thing. And what this whole thing will turn it up into was this big newspaper splashing around and the whole meeting I think what I mean it's
like I'm a. Primary. My. Car. For me. I think that I can find it very hard. I hope when I call the people I mean I'm with her then telling the people out here that we didn't want them fighting with the price or scrapping them anyway from actually arresting and I stand at the question of whether they stand around the vehicle. You take it away is another matter. We were discussing this I am here if you want that first decision stand and my discussion going on about the vigil outside I've been doing. Every morning you know I think it might be the case that whenever the user figures here I doubt that though I'll tell you why because you know it may be a consideration of you know what people might do there is that there is the most important fact that it has to be in their interests not to have a violent confrontation with the students at this point. You know I think that's going to strongly militate in their minds against breezing. You know tell you I know our
people here I think would be very nice very good if the people outside were to sit down I mean it struck the people he's from you know coming in here most importantly because the fact that they haven't been cited or told him that he wanted to disperse the break you know universally resolutions at this point and they've clearly I just and I'm Sprouse that's to say at this point I think it would be to our benefit to theirs to bring the movement together. That we're happy that's good. But it. Will be quiet. Well we have all sorts of different positions on things like nonviolence I'm sure that there are a lot of people who. Have different feelings about whether or not this should be an overall philosophy. The reason why we decided not to have. Any resisting of arrest was for our own protection so they don't throw extra charges at us. Now I think what we should do is ask those people out there for their support and not ask them to do a specific thing not instruct them to do one thing or another leave it up to them. First one you want to give it up and then then they can't get anything that they do. Have faith. And what they do if they do do something which makes the cars come down that much harder to be politically politically
advantageous to us because every time the cops come down hard on us it immediately went across the campus and it's going to be more than anything else. Right right. I know it's my morning one right before we get there but I'd also like to make a suggestion that they've taken of the building I don't think are going to be we're talking about you know this credit to be a big thing I'm here because we want to get was the mobilize behind us the fight Barker and now I'm like a mushroom is the protection of the bill and that's just one way or another way is by blocking everything out. It's not like they did the police just not going to happen. My
suspect was second billing going to really I mean are they going to make the decision the way we did here. They're going to see. What they we can tell people to do is to get themselves organized and begin to call up all their friends for a strike tomorrow. And sit down. Quickly and sit down be quiet. Well that's what everyone was.
Writing. Let him speak. So I was right. Or are you. I'm like a. Sort of an interpretation of the information we've got. And we've been told that there are 500 once one person said there are a thousand people out there. Somebody else said 500. That means we really don't know how many are out there maybe only a few hundred. And those people have not been threatened with arrest. So that they have not made any commitment at the moment. And I think we should keep that in mind when we're making our decision about what we're going to tell them. OK. I just like to make my thing in motion so that we have some specific I think the direction our discussion around that motion is specifically that we. Ask the people outside for their support.
And that we. Not instruct them in any way. That's what that's supported consist of anything that they decide. You make them often. Yeah I like them for the reason. We're not really like we do here. Rest of the other reason is that whenever we go to do anything specific here we're hearing about it. There's a third reason. Is that if they are going to do anything we're going to prevent them from doing fine. Because I was raised with my own life. Why don't you just decide with
an amendment. I think. We leave them up except one specification while we are actually. In some jeopardy. We believe that. People in the office people there been told this my what I've been told is that there are people. Who have been yelling and do other things that they might do. I'm here I feel this not right. Now. I think. That. If we emphasize that it's true that we're dividing ourselves I think.
People feel that we. Can we can we move pretty quickly. I think we're going to encourage them to get together in some political. Wait a second here. Now we have to come to a decision there are cops in here now. They may. Make their announcement and the people out. There.
I mean. I mean you know we're always there. Man I'm either one of you five my fans. Are going to have people out there. I sincerely. Mean the spirit we have here that is not resisting arrest. And not. And that is. To do with any action that might in any way back our ass and that we are not one that we favor. Every.
University 45. Family violation of the state of California and five prescribed by law. However before so. I feel that our person should be illegal notified right. Yes under Section 7 26. California. California person that. You are at this point.
I am sure I am back out there around what is I mean I have a connection to the common man and I am as if I am the father who was announcing a ok ok decision is that what we have done that we really not going to write We are not resisting arrest that we are cooperating in our assessment of the rest of the planet there. And I don't care just tell him that and ask them for their support in what we are doing and you want me to go on with their talking here and the door to the people outside the police who is impatient to go out. Look the decision we made was that we are not resisting arrest. We are going to cooperate in our wrath and what we have decided to do is ask you to support
us yak. And whatever you decide to do that by remembering this spirit we are being arrested him. We are not resisting arrest. Not even nonviolent and we are not resisting arrest. OK. Somebody there has come down to my hand. He might have been acquitted. OK. You can be sure the money that. They're going to backfire. I can't tell how many of the. Police are taking pictures now from every possible angle I think of everybody who's in. The crowd outside estimate that I got from another. Right going to do it was. Roughly a thousand. At this time and it's now about 4:00 today. As a policeman standing a family on a table in the office. Information on the steering wheel looking out the window at the group sitting on the floor.
With the right. Hand. Now a circumstance of your wrath. And. I don't know if I said this. Before but once you're in jail when you're in a court room when you're in the rooms outside the court waiting for arraignment at any point don't discuss with anybody the circumstances of our rats or any of the things leading up to it or anything about it. You may talk about your intentions and all that. 5. Anything else you say may be recorded by the bugs that they put in the south and all Avenue right. Sure and they say that the right thing. Right right right right. Right. Fabric are. Right. I mean you know. They have to say
you are right. Well you know it. May be that you can defy Dom and keep asking the question Am I under arrest. And then you don't have to get up and go until they say yes you are under arrest and it was also pointed out that even if you do worry. When you're not under arrest here. Your name will be taken and you will be cited for university discipline but also you may later be charged and arrested for a crime he supposedly committed in here. So let's make let's try to make that if we're not having that when we're asked to leave. We ask Am I under wraps until we get an agreement or a refund. Probably they'll conduct preliminary booking here which will involve taking your picture your nay I may be fingerprinting you. I am also not.
Remember call 6 4 2 6 7 2 7. Individually or preferably have one person call for any group of people together. Six four to six seven to seven and six come out for your hand. And we have. Them memorized because they may give you a shower when you get there but I don't think they'll do that before you get to make your phone call don't. You. We have a legal committee and we will have lawyers down there as soon as people start getting busted. The number that we've asked you to call our legal Central at that number they'll have your arrest forms they can make your bail contacts for you because that's Jack should be on your form. They will obtain lawyers for us. But. What's very important is that they want to know who's been arrested.
OK. Just milling around the lobby with two campus police helmets sort of standing against a table and watching the. Students and others around them hear. Chatter. So on. Reappearing. Now it's just a tape recorder. But it is KPN a right about. How do you read. Who are you and how do you feel about the nonviolent tactics that are being used here tonight. My name is John a Meyers m e y e r s. I rode in the opposition to any use of violence. And I think my feelings are what they've always been. That is then. Under no circumstances is violence justified. And that includes. Man's. Activities and also.
Interpersonal. Conflict. I think even in the case of an attack by. A by someone are. One. Sick. Someone. I'm very happy here tonight. We expect 20 to 25. We certainly didn't expect them to say they're not taking their chance of making any changes in their rejection of their students students. We haven't done anything except talk about it. As a possibility of escalating it. Maybe we can get some changes.
Some people are sacked out on the floor obviously trying to get little sleep. Others are studying probably for midterms. Others are sitting quietly by themselves and. Still others are talking. With boy and. Girl acquaintances stairs going up the second floor. People sitting on them. Some couples. Enjoying one another in relative seclusion of. Stairwells. And. Every door. Every door. At. Both ends of the hall here is probable as it's a glass full of faces. People. Stare in here. To see what they can from the outside. It's 8:15 and I'm now going to go down and try to go outside. I'm outside now and it's about 25 after eight. It's certainly
much cooler out here. And I. Can just about get close not to the crowd not to give a. Fair estimate of the size of it. I think the. Guest of. 500 is probably about accurate taking in consideration that there are some people at all of the doors. No one particularly addressing the crowd out here at the moment. It's sort of a really good feeling that everybody's waiting for. The next move on the part of the administration. What what's been decided out here as far as reaction you people are going to take regarding the people inside. So people have proposed actions no one's really decide anything except there at this point people decided to wait because we think that they want to wait as long as possible before busting people and then maybe they won't bust people if people stay here. So the idea is that people stay here. You know people may set around the
police wagon. It's not certain. Now it's obvious that the police are trying to avoid a scene as much as possible they've already booked the people inside. Has there been any kind of vote taken about why they are not violent or nonviolent. And I mean. You now know you know some people you know that you should fight for your thing and some people said that it won't do any good. And the people inside decided that they're not going to use violence. So. That's it. Yeah I mean they said that if people want to sit around the police wagon that's all right. Probably what will happen is that people would just stay here and. They'll probably hold off as long as they can. I don't know maybe they have something complicated because they're a book people you know maybe they'll just let them go and tell them here in the police station tomorrow or something. Thank you very much. Certainly no great. Organized mass of people with a sort of a
disorganized. Group that spread itself out over the years. Our whole steps and. A Not very thickly. Gathering from what I've heard there's really been no decisions made on here regarding action that'll be taken. Hard. Time with Mr Charles Palmer the president he says he wants to tell you Mr. Cowan Mr. Charles Palmer would you please stand. But that is there is there a move afoot. It's been rumored there's a move afoot to take over the student union. Oh I don't know we're standing in our own studio here and they have no cause of prematurely at that stage of our student union. Joining us are really closing the doors are open but the doors were blocked and people began coming out and they've been open often. It's just that there's so many made motions of opposing it. I don't think I've ever got it or you haven't either either in any case why don't enter I've you know we've lost control of this building last year I mean you know Chancellor take it away from us. I mean a smaller building.
So I mean you know really have I mean I can squeaky scream all I want to decide on having a troll tell tell me about this bail fund is $3000 that you know he would himself are apparently is telling his students going to be available to them for bail. Howard how did this come about. Last year the cell phone stopped traffic chemistry tried to stop pressuring President. Asian students say the Senate passed a bill which set up a bail fund to name three trustees president Vice President Cheney General as a thousand dollars are taking a loan out to students to pay a bail bondsman for bail for anything and his minions for traffic tickets and it's been used for political activities and that sort of thing and so in effect we have $3000 American ears for bail for anything and that will buy a $30000 worth of bail. National Student Associations also give us his chances if that if that is not enough or they'll supplement our bill fine you know to tell you know when everybody gets out. What kind of hassles are if any so far have you know
come down from the ministration of the bail and have any talk about it. Last year volition an organization of the Enron group on campus took the bell funda Court took a sheet of cord suits off and we won. Courts found that it was legal and it was legitimate activity and the associated student stamp man has reason to suspect Mr. Reagan may not like it very much. Well I don't think this rain is where we're still finding out the legal stance Associated Students we still maintain and that we're an independent and autonomous body. And Governor Reagan may may or may not like it he can't do much about it as far as I as far as the Course are concerned it was upheld it was found to be illegal. Has the U.S. Senate taken any position on a set and I guess they haven't met since it began and now it is probably when they'll probably tomorrow night. They haven't taken any I mean they have taken a strong stand on the creator issue but on a question of a single tactic I'm not sure how many of us are in
agreement with it. Have you taken a stand that you're willing to reveal a dozen children. Have you taken a stand that you'd like to reveal at this time or you want to wait till later on. I'd probably like to wait till later I would say to say I argued against the static voice of or just whom is a difficult position because I didn't think it was a proper tactic at this time in terms of getting credit in terms of fighting racism in a university but I wouldn't say that I am fighting a students who are in there now. Thank you very much. I'm in the A S U C building. The student union. The lights are off and the doors are not locked although I understand an effort was made to close it some time ago. There are lots of students milling around in here and I presume these are all students who are dissipating in this vigil. No one seems to be using Stude million or anything else except walking around and talking about maybe taking it over. I'm going at it thank you.
The Bears there downstairs seems to be some sort of discussion right up stairs now. Do you. Think because you got 15 minutes ago. Thanks. I would. Be tempted to guess that the total number of students in the student union and around.
20 minutes and I'm. Going to go back and. While I was gone I made an announcement of some sort of see if I can find somebody. I just left the building and returned to something just happened. I heard you saying something about this. I was in here just about decided to move out into a mass movement into the.
Some students are now going up the stairs to the second. Policeman up there to prevent that happening. One of the officers here in the lobby because of the heat has taken off his helmet. Bail fund bucket here on the floor of the area that they just occupied a few minutes ago. As donations bail funded it's Hollywood paper and discarded sandwiches and paper cups. That left their. Bread behind. I guess assuming they could come back or at any time. As of 9 o'clock both policemen have taken their helmets off in order to survive. They're standing up against the wall he said with a chuckle. Chatting to one another. As the students in the lobby here.
Continue their very informal sit in. Most of the newsmen here have their own theories about when the arrests are going to occur and. Various other things like where the bomb threat came from. Spending most of their time. So far whiling away. The minutes discussing things of that sort. We just chatted with an official. Which will remain unnamed mainly because I don't know who he was. Who said that this far as he knows from eavesdropping etc.. The arrival of the police is imminent. Another words within the next 20 minutes or so and it's 9 10 so that means that maybe by 9:30. They'll begin arriving to make the arrests. Well things are about to begin happening apparently they are now locking the door in the basement that has been opened for newsmen to go in and out of the building. I understand some windows have been
papered although I haven't see any of that myself. Apparently the police are. About to arrive and it's. Quarter after nine. As I approach them. I can hear some rather loud clapping but I. Have no idea what it's all about. What was all the clapping about. MR. Happy. You know I just heard a lot of noise. Thank you very. Much. A little more lively now the announcement has just been made of this. Just a few seconds ago that the police are in the back of the building and trying to come in. The call is just going up to the group here that anybody who has a car or a motorcycle or a bicycle has to be moved can go to the window and talk to the crack and the people outside who volunteered to do that. Rick Brown as.
I understand it they are going to make the arrest now as I understand it the arrests will be made by university book downstairs and transferred to the sheriff's deputies from Alameda County put into vans and taken off to jail I guess and. They could you be quiet. If you do need bail tonight and you're all here if you need bail tonight. When you make your bail call to six four to six seven to seven. Tell them that and they will bail you out tonight if you need to get bailed out. Now that everybody is to call that number is that clear 0. 0. 5
7 1. As I understand it the Santa Rita the Oakland jail of the city jail Santa Rita County. Santa Rita sort of like Palm Springs but without any resort. Now there was one other thing when you're making out what it would be right for when you when you're filling out your arrest form when you've been arrested. There is a space that says previous convictions or previous arrest you can leave that blank. And. I guess it's advisable that you do so. If anybody know where the arraignment will be held will it be in Berkeley or someplace. Probably Berkeley that. Any other questions you have.
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Sproul Hall Sit-In Documentation 1968 (Part 1 of 2)
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KPFA (Radio station : Berkeley, Calif.)
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Pacifica Radio Archives (North Hollywood, California)
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An unnamed reporter narrates an 1968 anti-racism demonstration at the University of California, Berkeley conducted to protest the decision of the University to deny students credit for a course taught by Eldridge Cleaver. In the fall of 1968, students at University of California at Berkeley invited Black Panthers leader Eldridge Cleaver to come to U.C. Berkeley to teach a course on racism. The Regents of the University of California and Governor Ronald Reagan blocked this movement and sent down a decision that students who took the course would not be given credit for the course. This suppression of the student body's wishes came on the heels of many racially-fueled events on the U.C. Berkeley campus, and finally students decided to protest on October 22, 1968 by staging a sit-in at Sproul Hall. The students of the proposed course to be taught by Cleaver, SA139X, organized to fight what they viewed as institutionalized racism. One hundred and twenty one people were arrested, and the next day, another protest
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Race and Ethnicity
University of California, Berkeley -- Students -- History; Racism in higher education--United States; California. Governor (1967-1975 : Reagan); African Americans--Civil rights--History
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Interviewee: Palmer, Charles
Producing Organization: KPFA (Radio station : Berkeley, Calif.)
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Pacifica Radio Archives
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