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Will any any armed action that I might make I think is pretty superfluous for our for our guests tonight but it's my very pleasant duty to introduce a gentleman that certainly must be called a renaissance man in the best sense of the word. Better still a renaissance man. With indeed a purpose. He has as you all know much better than I. Now only an actor. A satirist and a penetrating social satirist or comedian. And if this isn't redundant. It kind of plays a political candidate. He's also an author. And recorder of events. A reporter and a victim of police brutality. He stands currently before the Supreme Court of the United States hoping for justice. And in so many ways and in so many places such as Watts Chicago Mississippi and
Washington is served as a kind of one man conscience for America protesting both the Vietnam War and racial discrimination. And he has given up and perhaps this is the minor part of his career that he has given up. A lucrative career to be this public nonviolent conscience of America and as such I think everyone has to agree that he is scared both black and white America as well. And as he says and in his own nonviolent way and if he's been accurately quoted by The Daily Texan. Quote. I will not hit you. I will not kill you but I will bug you to death. A good role to play and a good man and I hope he keeps it up. Identities do you think they carried
Iraq. Thank you Ed like to say thank you very much. Can you people way back in the cheap seats here OK. I'm on the fifteenth day of a 40 day water fast so you don't know how good you all look to me. Thank you. You know when you don't want to fast 40 days I think this is not the most critical period of it because if you mine right here starts playing games with you.
Thanks. Thanks that's sounds like machine gun to me. Thank. God I don't mind taking pictures and stuff. Just don't make me too dark. Thank you think about how many sentries outbreeding I had to go to to get this like don't you don't want to thank you ok. I got to say when you get to this period of a. Four day fast on water kind of gets to the point where when you lay down and close your eyes it's sort of. Like look things start playing with you like the hot dogs start marching on you. And. Coming through
Chicago today I stopped by the house to pick up my meal and I just got to read his hate letter to you I always get hate mail to you. We started all this you nigger that. Can you believe anybody be so cold blooded to know that you own you 15 of us and write you this type of letter. Dear Mr. GREGORY. This is to inform you that yesterday for dinner I had one thanks. Fried chicken with gravy that's the first time I realized there's a black cat out there somewhere hates me. The were OK you know we know you white folks a lot of fried chicken but we
do know we did with gravy was. Mashed potatoes smothered. In butter. Now that could kind of. Go either way. It was his next one he had let you know. The old. Black Eyed Peas would be all doing any work. Now not big Just now he tried to fake me out make me think he's white. Yellow top with whipped cream. Hey. And Shield Napoleon brandy. I don't know can you imagine a black eyed peas and brandy on the same. Album mind.
You just would cut it off from a punch line. Are you serious have you are all that up and it just it just makes you know it's someone. You know to give you combat pay. Minute thing going you know you would the local press of the school school today. Flying in this evening from. Being you know is really bugs you when you sit on a plane and look like they serve more food when your own affairs. So the game sit next to you know he brought his lunch. So we get him a tango and yours are just those are go to sleep and so I decided I would change seats because I don't want to be around all that food so the time the plane was White came sit right next to me.
So I'm tired sleepy and hungry as I doze off and go to sleep. I can't decide if you want to strike up a conversation with me. So we did it the usual way. When you've done 15 days without eating you wake up boy. Only to find I didn't want to talk about nothing. He wanted to discuss negro progress. For. Thank you I told him I didn't want to discuss black progress in America because there's too few people that really know what hearing is we made the biggest breakthroughs in a lot of people think we made tremendous breakthroughs in jobs housing and education. You know the biggest breakthrough for black folks in the history of America happened last year right here in your state of Texas. We got our first caller her cane.
1080. Air when unions great big breeze by. The OS. So I dozed off and the families may know it's me again he said would you explain me what like Powell. No I will not say one was because the 12 months I went out of my way to explain white folks would like power even when I couldn't get large crowds white folks I'd call them up and tell folks the old. Hello are you white Bronco. So I just think it's a waste of time to explain black power today after that tremendous heart transplant operation in South Africa where the Black Cat gave up his heart to the White Cat. The only heart is working right. The only. Kind of
filled the whole world after that new black power. Hero is working to get somewhere in Johannesburg right nothing in the blues. Thank you Owen. I don't know how many of you aware of the fact that the real black folks was all over the world. We found out the black cat was going to give up his heart to see we've been known for years that basically there's really nothing wrong with white folks. Change of heart wouldn't straight now. Thanks. Thank the we must admit. No honestly we didn't want it to work that good. And hard working so good to see nothing scares black folks no more than the thought of you white folks might start assuming we don't be your spare part and. Every says that
hard work so good white folks gonna look at us a little bit different now I'm. The Bill. You have fell asleep in airport about three weeks ago and woke up I can't get is the M word boob. You know there's a lot of controversy about heart transplants. Let me go on record as saying that I am a heart transplant for transplant. Not only heart transplant I'm against all type of transplants you can hon. I would love to see a white cat come and foot. The Bill. Let him take that to the beach with some of the M
word. Let me say to you this evening that it is an extreme pleasure to be with you. I guess I can honestly say that I spend about 98 percent of my time today. College campuses. And for a reason. And the reason is simple that you young people. This is the most morally committed dedicated group of young folks that haven't lived in the history of this country. You're regarded as the right wing newspaper say about. The hippies and this is a bunch of bearded smelly kids I'm not questioning his cause you got to be there how can that mean you have to stick. Him Lincoln even only have a beer. Do. I.
Thank you. And I hope you youngsters quit reading these establishment newspapers to try to find out who you are or what you are all about. They're not going to tell you the truth one thing. Establishment never say that because of the young people in America. LBJ could not run for re-election. They want to give the credit to McCarthy and a couple other politicians. But it's the young people of America that got together with nothing more than a moral dedication and say we want to basically change. The newspapers have tell you that it was the 15000 hippies in your piece that showed up in Chicago today that made a difference in Nixon and Humphrey being the president because what happened on television in Chicago poor love bad taste enough people's mouth that Nixon is the president and a lot of people get kind of upset over the fact that the young kids
through their demonstrations in Chicago and what happened to him in Chicago is because of Nixon being president but I think if you young folks it's pew and thinking that all it really don't make no difference which politician become president of all him skunk's think the same way another. Thousand. Oh I read somewhere Conyers yesterday steel governor. Said something last week that people will come out against college protests he never came out against the mini me. Never Cinemark all of these things that go on in this corrupt state so I mean what does he tell my colleagues. He only qualified. To talk about young people is corrupt is the state of Texas 1000
and it kind of saddens me as I go from campus to campus talking to young folks and. Not only do I have to admit to you that if this country will survive the next 18 months it will be through the efforts of you young folks the faith and destiny of America depends on you. It really sends me. I'm going to have to tell you that you have to solve problems that you had nothing to do with creating these problems confront new young folks today was here long before you got here but they will not be here after you leave because either you will change this country drastically or this country will follow you don't you. Make no mistakes about that. You are confronted with solving problems that you didn't create.
But you know you run across almost all foods don't understand you young kids today and your reaction is can be directly traced back to the sofa because not only did we not solve the problems that you confronted with the day we left you youngsters in a situation that no young American peers have ever been in before in the history of this country and that is not only did we not solve the problems but we used all the tricks. That's the bag you youngsters and there's no more tricks. Imagine many of you would take the top up there are also foods took but you got no tricks. I mean when I was a kid my mom I'm a dad I'm a grandma my grandpa to all of them told me one day son sorry I'm going to go call you nigger and Gado like no are black and don't get mad and show nothing. And sho nuff I didn't get me I got him little black kids at home I ain't teaching them nothing and if anybody ever called him a nigger it's going to surprise them.
Were one. Or would so consequently I know they're going to react accordingly. Now I say that to say we've used the ball tricks no more tricks known in the black community known in the white community. You've got to deal here and with these problems and almost no food don't understand what's on you must let me say to you this evening I did not come here to impress you tonight but only to inform you when I leave you this evening. I couldn't care less about what you think about Dick Gregory. As I always have the one consolation of knowing that whenever we wake up this year next year 20 years from now you'll always be able to say Lee's brother Gray didn't lie to us. That's one of the biggest
problems confront new young folks today is we keep blind to you every time you catch up with us we want to tell you know the line and I guess is now the new start of line to you in the career with Santa Claus boy. My mom and daddy lied to me when your mama lied to anybody to. Get me writing a letter to the North Pole. First let them roam All right. Come right you do get don't even exist. Dear Santa. And I was damn fool enough to wait all the way to do. Although I must admit to you that Santa Claus trick works better in the white community than it works in the black community. Not that we didn't really want to accept it but you see we know damn good will. Come in in our neighborhood after midnight
quake. Whew OK. So I say to you that the system keeps aligned to the big lie we tell you now that the number one problems confronting America today is the problem. Of air pollution. The number one problem confronting America today is the problem of more pollution. This is the most morally degenerate insane nation on the face of this earth. Oh no way. You young kids today have the job of giving America sanity back. Don't make the mistake so many of us over Tuesday May be so damn busy
eulogizing Americans think that for a broader talk about America the Beautiful America and the hell can America ever be beautiful without Indian crap on that reservation playing games with you. This generation of young kids will decide if America will become beautiful for the first time in the history of this country as they have a responsibility. But that's up to you youngsters to decide that. So I don't believe in you just. My country. Save that for when she's done all is alright we can talk about nothing but the good of America and I think we can go around keep examining this patient and keep bringing up where these cancers are might be able to this country. That's the job. I don't have to tell you what a job you youngsters got you.
You watch the Democratic Convention and on television you know where the greatest thing ever happened you young folks cause all you young to try to go to sleep you can't sleep. What three days after the Democratic convention was over the whole establishment trying to tell you you did not see what you saw on television. Because care on it is it didn't happen. You know of course CVN was dealing with a world as insane as America. You know he could beat the fuck in rap. All you have to do is get on worldwide television and say ya didn't see it. Happen. We admit we sent little toy tanks to the Czech border. When damn press folks blow him up made him look like a real.
Are all. Ah yes of 15000 hippies and you came to Chicago to change a system and the whole establishment got upset. Not everybody is upset over the Walker report. Be honest with you the Walker report couldn't came out nor the way it came up because they would make a net report for a bunch of food like that one report was brought up on assassination of JFK. I want to know the work the woman report was to try to give you young folks a little bit more confidence back into the system and you know damn well the report to tell you would happen in the US last year of being spit on when you're out and we've almost six months.
To me and Alla stood. To decide if I spit on you or you spit on me. One. We're on with my life. You know your eyes don't count anymore. You have no faith in your eyes as government reports. And then turn right back around. How come you don't Joe under system and change it from within. Your new system is a lot of things they get to do with First starting with the Electorial College. The word you magine four years ago everybody picked up a paper in American Nov. 6.
They do not have an election in Russia. All Russian folks is going to. Vote but that don't count. These symbols are 68 the electorial college go meet whatever that here is they all meet Moscow. Are they going to decide to premier gone bad in America walk around town much. That's communism for you. I were. Chris and I say you youngsters got a. Job to deal with changing the structure of this nation yet 15000 changes system in the country. Knight who do you think was the most immoral and she called the hippies
and yet these are the astronomers when they was there for their convention. What do you think committed the most adultry in Chicago to hippies New Year present astronomers with the old do you think spend the most money on prostitutes in the whole of the hippies and he'd be the son of. The owner. Nobody got upset over runners going runners didn't come to change nothing just buy something in the works to cry. The were the you know the beautiful thing about television is if you keep on looking at it this corrupt system of the same television I showed you in Chicago just Lim weeks though that same television set showed you know the crowd not in
Chicago. Let me go to the other problems in New York City. Twenty thousand. Grown men. Twenty thousand sick degenerates from Wall Street came up one morning to look at a broad Stevie's or will. You know something nobody got upset over TV watches or has. J Edgar Hoover. I have not seen a TV watching is Comet ISON spa or will. The word. What do you call a bunch of sick room.
What extreme is left to right. Here on. And it sounds funny when you stop to think what you young folks got to deal with systems stoop to the lowness the. TV watching. Any of sister friends seeing sincerely wants to get off that subway in New York City without being what generates. You have to do is hold a press conference tonight morning Levon thirty three I will emerge when one of the tightest What has ever been Moon. In the history of the world. I guarantee you tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock the pope three hundred thousand of those degenerates to be there waiting for.
You sincerely don't want to ever be warts anymore about him degenerates when she emerges. That's where Lim 33 and walked up off that elevator right across her bosom here to sob Free Huey Newton baby and bring the boys home from Vietnam. Thanks. Thank you. I guarantee you within two minutes time three hundred thousands will be gone. Back into the Wall Street Madison Avenue offices to finish participating in antitrust violations.
So I say you youngsters have a job to do. All the O don't understand why you look the way you look and act the way you look at the way you act just because you go out of your way. Young folks in this country go out of their way to keep from identifying with this degenerate corrupt insane system. The way they want to know why you look so funny. Hell if they understood the system they want to use you young kids are the Nehru jacket example. Just let LBJ get on television in the morning with Jack you know. He wants you youngsters to get a haircut and let Dean Rusk New York hold a press conference and say for the next two years both of us decided not to get ahead. Young kids would start going bone here.
So I say you youngsters got a job to do. And you're really upset and all of us don't want you going tell us that morality will no longer mean a Brooks Brothers suit and a clean shaven face and a haircut once a week. That puts us in a time we can't go to Saks Fifth Avenue and get the latest fashions from Perry and take a dip in Chanel Number 5 and have all the abortions we want steel beam is so and so we in trouble. You young kids get a sense morality will no longer be bought. Oh it really uptight these folks in Texas relatively. Were. Are you young he is a sin and morality will no longer come from without but will come from
within. I hope you never get away from that principle. So I say to you Young says you got a job got a mighty strong job changing the nation so we can you know know that this corrupt country changed you so you can see it all we had Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated King. Says name Bobby Kennedy and JFK was assassinated and their body was upset over a Cessna The president didn't to me. People in America get upset when assassinated Lincoln Rockwell or Malcolm X. This country got to become a nation that's against all assassinations regardless to who it is or she's not what America
were. Would we. Give a damn about assassinations and to use us need somebody we like. Ninety nine percent of everybody in America got upset when Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated. George Wallace got assassinated in the morning. They would not be upset. As a said commentary on the system that lets young folks know the jobs that are my job. Listen to this small dignity that young folks are screaming out all over the world. Don't listen to your mom and dad no more no less and they start stoning like that thing you want to hear. Become the trick anymore. So you youngsters got a big job biggest job you youngsters have to do is I do not advocate destroying the
capitalistic system. But I say to you Young says you better work like hell to beat the capitalists into their rightful position and that is behind the United States Constitution and not in front of it was. With us. Because as long as the Capitals control its country that means America will put our emphasis on property rights and no insist on human rights. With all due young folks food yourself this country is not governed by the United States Constitution a do not function under democratic process. This country is controlled and governed by the capital of the world God said to you youngsters.
You know there is a bum who depends on you changing that order and put in the Constitution. You know Captain. We go out on the Constitution and demonstrate nobody gives them. Capital is not controlled by the Constitution. Americans came up. Was saying we want strong gun legislation under the United States Constitution the right to peacefully assemble with stippling said give us stronger legislation and the capitalists that manufacture the guns said you weren't going to get stronger legislation and you didn't get it. I think ban arms is a constitutional right but I still feel in a nation so insane that demands you have a prescription to get your medicine but you don't need a prescription to get you. Gosh. And that I cannot hit you in a hand with my appeals and. Knocking out the knockoffs are going uni and you.
Know I think you've a nation demands that I have a prescription to get my medicine. I see nothing wrong with demanding some type of cavernous control. That's why you want to change as you go on colleges and universities because right outside the administration that's where the trouble is coming from. The administration is much easier these old corrupt board of directors whose the call of the American. Crew. With all the moms Does this not only is College Board of Directors nine times out of ten they
know nothing about education. They just how come on the Iraq most I'm assuming Malling so filthy it should be a federal law passed that they get called within a hundred mile radius of a college. They should be put in jail. Thank you this is a lot of food that the suds. What are you going to do in these institutions. And everybody is wondering why are you rising up against a nation that young 8 years old die. But she's not home with us. With all you young kids hear me talk about.
If I got don't warm down at 18 I want the right to vote today. Do you youngsters better wake up mad like you got some sense if you got to go to war and died 18 You better fight to get the right to start botnet 17. The amend the old Oh you wait til 18 you'll be voting in a rice paddy. If you get that right to vote at 17. My not me no was a fight to the oak. Let me say to you youngsters want the right to vote. You understand one. Understand the United States Constitution addressed your grievances to the capitalist thing you
want. You want the right to vote is 17 years old. You young folks are the nice one in this country to the other and have you get out and tell the record industry that Congress and lobby and see to it. With all see doing that you do not have a meal pushed through that say 17 year olds can vote. If that bills not lowered too much. You're going to advocate a two year mark up against Bonnell phonograph records in America. Crop the record industry standard only too young to wipe out a billion dollar a year industry which you control. Then let the voters that will. Understand your power with.
All these oh right wingers demand they don't buy no records. Anybody is one of them oh Dirksen albums. I will. So I say Do you understand the power you have and position of the capital. You want the war over in Vietnam. All you gotta do is argue crossed. Turn tail the cigarette industry. The war's not over in Vietnam in. Two weeks in the boys not back home in two months. We will start a nationwide boycott against smoking cigarettes. Maybe young kids control it that's what scares me but I came up and bought all of us and we've already told you
can't. You can't scare me cause you make me think you really justice. Just wait no more chance to get back. How can we have to hide it from you for 20 years. Cigarette smoke. You can't tell it to put a message on a pack you coping part of it is still some bad news was. Thank you everybody. Got a right to smoke a cigarette. I don't like you you both make history. And what really scares me. Is that. This beautiful body that nature gave you you put on.
That really scares me because I know damn good well actually. I'm like. Don't nobody give a damn. This is why you. Change the system. Right. Thank you. So I say that you got to work to change the art of. Put the capitalist behind the Constitution as long as the capitalists are in front of the constitution will put the emphasis on property rights not on human rights. That why Mayor Richard Daley say and she called
all the looters to kill and to be honest which is first time ever agreed with. You asked him a telegram I see here. Your Honor pertaining to shoot to kill. I agree with him wholeheartedly. If you make one stipulation let's make it retroactive. Enlist first put to good in the Indian's hand. The oath. It was big. Thank you. For watching. A lot of sleep with
me. What you want you want to. Say what. Yeah we are we. Wow I have to tell you. It would be a shootout on the front lawn. You're it sounds funny to you but it's very frightening when you stop and think. Your mom and dad would raise him with a piece of that cattle who want to be in the country and if your mom and dad to quit making money for a few minutes don't understand what was going on.
They might stand in Vietnam. If you ever stop doing that thing long enough to check out what you complain about. They might find out that there's a hundred fifty two senators and congressman who's been in the Army and in the course LBJ. It's probably harder to get to them than it is to get to the moon. The old. The roof's you know how many bombs didn't rust and sent to their graves. The NRA's son for five years had been old enough to have been drafted and sent to Vietnam. He never lived in DC won't run around talking about. It's my duty. Let me tell you you better press them Rockefeller's than him. Dumont in him get easy with a pin before you start talking about how
much do you get your brains blown. The O'ROURKE Yeah we shall is old enough to get drafted out plot of Washington DC and handcuff myself to Dean Ross's boy. Was the owner tell the State Department whatever's wrong with Dean's board is wrong with me. The old. Are there when you are feeling this call and just put my hand on do it. Whoa. Yeah youngster this University of Wisconsin a couple of months. Younger to come up. So it's great that I want to talk to you I've got a problem.
I'm bout to go crazy I'm upset. The worst problems draft resister So I say what did you do what you wanted to do. Yes I decided I'm not going to war. So my mom and dad are speaking to. I haven't heard from and they don't want me to come back home. I'm thinking about going on to the army. I don't want to swing you one way or the other but you should not have to react to the thinking of a bunch of degenerate fools he said but that's my mom and my dad are some give a damn what is the thing that scares me. And I wonder if you wear this. Say you have not been a draft resister since June of that you would get 20 sticks of dynamite.
To the girls dormitory one night and blew the tower down and killed every girl in it. Your mom and dad would be on campus the next day with their arms around you talking but this is my boy. We do everything we can for you son don't worry. Something wrong with a nation that thinks they can rally. Behind you if you murder somebody can understand that then they can if you decide you're not going to war it is something wrong that the generation that thinks that way. Thank you. T. So I say to you youngsters you got a job to do. Oh we'll get upset already. Draft card burners. You have a she said I want. You to stop there she said one day out of the two important cards in America which is the
most important. Of the two cards to Dr Cardoso security card so Security card stays with you all your life women and men and so security cards draft card stays with you part of your life. Just me and have draft cards so Bianchi have done so security is the most important card you have and that you know everybody in this room tonight to burn your store security card would know by your day. Why is it we can all learn the most important card in America and get no reaction. But when it comes to the drug card which is the lesser of importance you burn up the whole country. Let's get uptight to you while you drive from Santa all foods one day old food won't keep this country in a war that we're not going to go and fight. You will have to fight it your damn self. 100000. The
only I want good news for you youngsters for we all have to go fight one of our own was to have. Your Say you youngsters you got a lot of questions I want to ask. You better just American one day. Democracy is good as we tell you it is. And one the hell are we running all over the world trying to ram it down people's throat would have done. The only. I'm the day you young folks were to make this democracy work right. For the first time that today we can bring that done. You see anything you don't have to force on them.
The I'm you know you lose that believe that we hole in communism down in some of these rays. What about them communism. Do they come. See if a man who wants to be the bad crowd she wants to be the hero see police the whole world just jumping on the phone. I want to bring it right down all the time. While. Communist likes even attack and lock. Up. If I yell communist that upsets one post that Them bastards in Moscow don't upset you. The EU
somewhere down the line. When you youngsters move in take over the system if you want to make the system wrong. Be wrong 100 percent of. Him. You know damn good where every time an American gets killed in Vietnam it was ammunition that was manufactured paid for by Moscow. But when a man must steal sitting at the conference table we still bring in the Russian ballerina Russian track team Russian Exchange oh you're out of your mind. And get him to these wars these are all things the fight. It was all that they can stop to celebrate Christmas an important place. Was empty. T
it stopped because of the national election means the Bowman had no business ever style. 80. I say to you youngsters you got a job you probably the most important thing I'll say to you tonight. I'm fixing to see right now. And I say to you youngsters I hope you will not make the mistake that the institutions that these institutions ahead of you. We were so busy trying to learn how to make a livin. We've got probably the next. That one meets so many people say I'm going to college.
There now be somebody here you was born somebody the way you go let somebody teach you how to be somebody else make it to people. Check what Sigmund Freud says happened to you when you become too full. Why you have to go somewhere for years and pay top dollar for some might be. The last thing you youngsters learn how to live and making a living will be the easiest thing in the faces. I hear people say well you got to eat you got to go get it go really want to give a bump into a girl a supermarket job. When the last time your real the realest. Was you learn how to live. Maybe easiest thing in the world for me to do is get to your bros.
Understand I strongly understand understand what you was blown away by the educational institution that they've been failing me and how many of you in this room understand Chinese. Well. Now one person I just want to show you have strong nature. One person in this together and understand Chinese. Are you aware of the fact that in China tonight. Do you understand Chinese. Now here in Russia understand Russian and dogs in Germany understand German. I never been to college never class the same way. You. Do you born with all the wisdom you need to fight your way I want
to one thing as you move in to change this corrupt system. These educational institutions you got to see one day that they will live up to their name because 99 percent of the so-called educational institutions do not educate and that is a lie. Guy educated man can go all over the world and Saddam indoctrinated men then he would. All their beautiful program young kids were ready for class to give you a book. This is the assignment. No they don't they don't get the book. That's not the way the
program when the program that we give you the book to read. We give you what we call a test. And if you didn't read the book the way we want you to read the book you came to test this program. God has my young kids will stoop to some of the lowest depths of their life to steal a test because you know the book don't mean that no test that goes on at all. Fraudulent phony transcripts don't mean a damn thing to nobody but you. God you think that old transcript means some you graduate from me in odd years from now meet somebody that want to marry you and see if they ever ask for your transcript. God. I'm you. It is the institution one day and let all the rockets burn down and let Eric transcript burn down to see if that's going to affect your life.
Matter of fact you'd be better off with him oh damn transcripts do is let us clues know which one y'all been programmed. With or what is still around is current and talk about what's a good school. They don't me which one educate me which one has the most money and is the most powerful to indoctrinate. That's Harvard Yale maybe. Yet I'm a food. That's why everybody. Was where everybody was off Harvard man and nobody got the most don't we at that time. The law I say to you youngsters you got to change the educational institutions to see to it that they live up to what you're supposed to be painful. And that's an education and not indoctrination. You know if it weren't for you colleges these colleges the system would have failed a long time ago and got clean. You
see when you all finished high school you not dirty enough to join us. But by the time you get to college you are. So I say to you youngsters.
Fasting Dick Gregory entertains (Part 1 of 2)
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