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Speaking from the Black Panthers, the chairman and second in command to Uey Newton, Bobby Seale. The seven indicted, uh, any warrant, any draft administrators, are downtown and 12th and Fallon and the same jail with our Minister of Defense, Uey P. Newton. Now we are going to appeal the same grant because of the same grand jury that indicted Huey was in a matter of 22 minutes without even covering the evidence, the so-called evidence is supposed to be placed against Huey, the ICE mad dog grand jury that we were referring to with appealing to you to support the fact that we don't need ICE dog mad dog jurors, we're appealing to you to support
the fact that we don't need racist policemen who shot Huey and we don't need racist policemen who brutalized the heads of you. We're in fact putting this position that we've taken against the racist policemen who brutalized that's in our black and our communities and bringing it to the level where it is. That when Huey P. Newton said there are only three kinds of power, a level where a group of people control the economic situation or a level of power where a group of people have an ownership of land, that the third level of power commonly referred to as military power and we referred to as self-defense power with the gun is coming to reality. We're saying that black people who protested police brutality and many of you thought we were jiving, we thought we didn't
know what we were talking about because many black people on the community probably couldn't answer your questions articulately that you are experiencing the same thing that when you go down in front of the antigraphed and when you go over and you demonstrate against Dean Russ that those peak cops will come down and brutalize your heads just like they're brutalized the heads of black people in the black communities. We're saying now that you can draw a direct relationship that's for real and that's not abstract anymore that you don't have to abstract what police brutality is like when a club is there to crush your skull that you don't have to abstract what both police brutality is like when there's a vicious service revolver there to tear your flesh that you can see in fact that the real power of the power of structure and maintaining its racist regime is manifested in its occupying troops is manifested in its police department with guns and force that in fact black people the black
time for part of a self-defense are educating black people to the position continually that we were used arms to defend ourselves that in fact brother Huey P. Newton who's now being confined downtown changed in the same jail with the same any demonstrators any draft demonstrators then in fact this draw something very significant that we're gonna have to try and work together on now some people are probably wondering how in the hell is it that what they will call the most militant group in the country can come along and tell white people that you and I are gonna go down to the courthouse today at two o'clock at 12th and fallin in Oak at Oak 12th and fallin in Oakland and we're going to march around the courthouse and demonstrate the fact that we want Huey
P. Newton set free and that you want the any draft demonstrators also set free the mass the masses of people who stand against the power structure of Oakland J. Frank Coakley who first started his career out as a naval attorney in the Navy he was an attorney a ship blew up where 50 black men were working on this ship there was some more goods to be loaded off the ship with the 50 black men said we don't want to go back on the ship because we think that it's very dangerous and these 50 black men merchant Marines were charged with mutiny and J. Frank Coakley started his career by prosecuting these black men and getting as much as 50 years in prison for these black men I'm saying that
J. Frank Coakley is a racist dog I am saying that the same racist dog is out to do the same thing to the any draft demonstrators I'm saying that it's necessary for us to realize that this is a real situation I'm not going to argue black on white I don't do that no more in other words I stopped being a racist a long time ago you haven't stopped being racist though but I'm going to show you something there's a lot of people running around and I can't blame them and my culture I feel my culture is very beautiful a lot of us have taken our culture a little too far because when Huey and I decided we're going to get down to the real nitty gritty we decided also that we weren't going to stoop to the level of a cluke cluck Klansman and hate a person just because of the color of their skin this is very important because this is where racism starts this is where racism is manifested I'm saying that in fact we are not concerned with the color of
your skin we are concerned with the oppression that black people are subjected to the indecent housing the gross unemployment the way we railroad through the courts the way we drafted off into the military service the way black people are miseducated in the schools in the school systems these are the things and the racist police brutality and murder black people in the black community and when you start dealing with something like that by picking up the gun you haven't got time to hate a person because the color of the skin you hate what the races will do to you I'm saying that a black cop will beat our heads just like a white cop will I am saying that a white cop will beat white people's heads just like white cops will beat black people's heads I am saying that if you go down here today and they're gonna be no jab we don't take no jab but I am saying that you are taking a position against the racist regime that in fact the power structure is what maintains the racism that exists in this country when you start looking at what 1,300 cops before
the watch right and now they are 6,000 cops in Los Angeles when you look at Oakland three years ago there were only 350 cops and now there are over 1,000 cops and they're there to patrol black people and whoop their heads of any demonstrators when you look at San Francisco and there were only 550 cops and there were 1200 now to whoop their heads of black people and whoop their heads of any demonstrators when you look all across this country and you see the doubling the tripling and the court tripling of police forces throughout these cities and the buildup of troops for Vietnam and the rest of the world and the National Guardsmen this is all to suppress what the people want to stop in the racist regime this is all to beat our heads the beat us to the ground and make us submit the Black Panther Party for self-defense refuses to submit we're not going to submit we're asking you to come down today at two o'clock leaving this rally when it's over and come to Fallon and Oak downtown and let us demonstrate against the racist power structure of Oakland thank you
there's gonna be a call pool leaving bankrupt telegraph at one o'clock one o'clock one o'clock to go to that demonstration of a half of you in Newton and the seven anti-draft leaders also there are some free UE buttons available available right over here you want free UE buttons it's an announcement yeah that little two-in-throbic organization Dow Chemical is returning to our campus on Monday to recruit and SDS was considering what we ought to do about that we decided it wouldn't do any good to throw the man off
campus and smells of the other corporations that come here are just as bad so we decided to pick its brow hole to protest the fact that the University is is welcoming Dow to the Berkeley Stockyards and training students to go into that corporate meat grinder so if you'd like to join us we're gonna start our picket line at noon Monday here on the steps thank you I'd like to present an alumna of the University and Joshua's mother butina Aptecker thank you very much I was going to tell you that I have an airtight alibi for my whereabouts during the time this alleged conspiracy took place and that is that my alibi is that I gave birth on October 19th and come possibly well that's just one of those things you know or to say that we have spoken out before against we've spoken
out before against repression against other people different parts of the world different parts of this country and now finally it's struck home that is we're now confronted with people that were students people in the movement right in the Bay Area who are now facing very long prison sentences for having done what thousands of us have done and that is to resist and protest this walk and this draft I read in the Auckland Tribune it's the only paper that's publishing these days from the capitalist press that cochlear had an explanation for why he sentenced these picked out these particular people he said there were hundreds and thousands of people who protested against the war and against the draft but he singled out the most radical and the most militant
to prosecute I think cochlear was unusually honest in what he said and that in fact what they're trying to do is take those people that they think are least popular and put them in jail and thereby try to strike out at the entire movement and silence it well I think we should let them know that for us politics is not a popularity game and when they take any of us they're going to have to take all of us and will defend anybody and everybody in this movement it's protesting or resisting the draft of the war we said that we could not we said long time ago that we could not continue to wage this kind of aggressive and racist war without it taking out domestic consequences on the United States we expected this repression we should have respected it expected it and we should we should also respect it that is we're
gonna have to deal with it but we should have expected it we have to do and what I want to emphasize today is to remain calm in the face of the repression and to think before we act primarily because this administration is desperate and is frightened and is acting in this way out of desperation and fright and we have them up against the wall they cannot stop this opposition to the war except by trying to place everybody in jail well we accept the challenge we accept the challenge let them try to place everybody in jail but let's not panic in the face of this repression simply unite be calm and every action is taken let it be carefully planned let its consequences be understood and let us move forward and just keep pushing them back into the wall we've seen a whole series of events which are taken place they get also become
occupied territories in the United States and I want to say that this peace movement in July should have called for the immediate withdrawal of troops from Newark in Detroit and it failed to do that and it should have done that just as it calls for the immediate withdrawal of troops for Vietnam and in the future in the future we have to understand that this war is racist that it's aggressive and that its consequences both the foreign and optimistic consequences and that for a long time the ghetto communities in this country have borne the brunt of the assault on the democratic rights of all of us and it's now perhaps first coming home to us that to defend the rights and the ghetto is to defend our own rights and vice versa we have the case of you in open you have the case of Leroy Jones Leroy Jones was sentenced the three years in jail and the judge admitted in court that the severity of sense was due to the fact that the judge did not like a poem
that Leroy Jones had written now if you read the poem you might understand why the judge didn't like it but that's no reason to sense a man for three years in jail we also have the spot case the raspid case the coffin case that had just come up I want to mention to you that they picked the untouchables in trying to cite these people Reverend coffin and I don't say this to attack him I say it to make a point at the moment Reverend coffin worked for the CIA for three years trying to Korean war now he has since changed his politics but that's where he comes from and Marcus Raskin was a special assistant on a white house staff to John F. Kennedy that's where he comes from I suggested of course the Dr. Spock we all know about and our meeting is book every day the other point here is that I think that they picked Spock and Raskin and
coffin for the same reason his government picked out your hiss in another era to pick the untouchable to pick that those people that would make it impossible if not defended and if they were sentenced and found guilty would crush the entire movement so I would just point out that we should not take lightly the prosecution against spark and coffin and Raskin so forth and recognize that the point of that is by silencing them the silence the nation and I don't think they will succeed. Now we come to this question of the so-called conspiracy we got seven people charged with conspiracy I've been told by different lawyers that conspiracy does not necessarily have anything to do with secrecy the conspiracy is merely an agreement between two or more people to violate the laws of a state or a ballot meeting county so the
question of secrecy doesn't have to in here well I don't think anybody conspired to violate laws they conspired I conspired to end this war and to abolish the draft that's what we conspired to do and if that's illegal and damn it to hell we got a right to do it or have to do his change those laws if there was ever a conspiracy going on a real conspiracy it's a conspiracy in Auckland to silence the peace movement in the anti-draft moment in this country it's a conspiracy in Auckland to to propagate mass police violence against people protesting the war it's the conspiracy in Washington and in some conspiracy of the CIA and the Pentagon in this Johnson administration to place that CIA ship and Korean waters and then now it's not talking about nuclear war that's
the conspiracy that's where it is and those are the people who are betraying American dream people are betraying American dream and in my opinion I increasingly guilty of treason that's where it's at I want to say that we have a job to do in this area which is the charges of conspiracy like this have been used against the movement for years they've been used against the labor movement they've been used against the civil rights movement anytime they can't get a conviction for anything else to try to wrap you for conspiracy if they succeed in these prosecutions it will mean that here throughout the nation it will be impossible to organize any kind of demonstration on any issue because anytime you organize any kind of demonstration some violations of war can take place and you will be accused of conspiracy that's the point of
picking conspiracy they're formed not only do we have the possibility of uniting the entire anti-war movement and anti-draft movement in the defense of these people we have the opportunity to unite everyone who gives a hoot in a hallow about peace and about their own democratic rights to unite and defend these people on a grounds that they had a right to organize and advocate resistance to the draft and that's something that we can do in this case and that we're gonna have to do and we're gonna be able to successfully defend them and I would say that we must succeed we must succeed in this defense effort now I've been told that somebody wanted me to lead into a collection pinch to ask you for money say that the people are still in jail we have to bail them out they have to be available to speak all over the place in their own defense we need money to conduct the defense for legal work and everything and the whole a great
part of the whole movement rests or whether or not we're successful here in Berkeley and being able to defend these youth say one last thing which is back there in 1936 when Madrid had been bombed a Spanish poet Miguel una said something which I think is very appropriate today and I say it to you he said there is a time when to be silent is to lie now is such a time thank you the managing editor of rap arts magazine Bob's here I really see something I've seen or bizarre about seven kids being in jail
for trying to stop the war and his music going on and the noise and his carnival atmosphere and my fear about the next few years in America that people are going to be picked off put in jail for long periods of time the attempts are going to be very serious attempts and most people in this society even most people who think that they're in opposition will be able to go about their normal lives maybe sign a few petitions I think the style of repression is a very modern one it's very selective it's very efficient and saying that intimidating people and shutting them up and allowing a illusion of freedom so you have your great hippie revolt that's a fantastic
thing to see we're all liberated we can get down there and enjoy ourselves on the other plaza we can even have a little bit of free speech as long as it doesn't intrude on the society at all and when it begins to intrude then it's going to be crushed and it's going to be crushed brutally and it's going to be crushed in the same style as the revolution of Vietnam or Cuba it's going to be crushed because what we're talking about in Vietnam or here is really a war of example and what our society is saying to us is that there are certain things they will not tolerate a broad or at home and what our society is saying to us in Vietnam and in the United States is that we are going to make an example of those people who attempt to challenge our power and we now know particularly because of the events in the last few weeks and the war in Vietnam
is clearly a war of example aimed at crushing revolutions once the Hanoi government said that it would negotiate if there was a halt in the bombing once it gave us unconditional commitment to talks and everyone knows that commitment was made and the administration continued its bombing we knew that this was a war to the finish this is a war for total victory to establish the military supremacy of the United States government and to teach a lesson to people in the world that they cannot make the revolutions of that choice the only kind of peace that will be tolerated is the Roman peace and that in this society the only kind of freedom that we will have is the freedom of the Roman circus of the kind of them and those people in this society attempt to intrude to prevent that war machine from functioning are going to be crushed and crushed quite personally so the war of example in Vietnam has been brought
home I think we should understand that and understand that very clearly and I think it's something interesting about the fact that we used to think of cochlea as a right winger but what's the difference between cochlea's indictments and johnson's indicters what's the difference between the indictment of mock raskin the indictment of Frank Bardicke and now we've come to understand very clearly that the forces of hysteria the forces of reaction in american do not exist just among the coups of the right they exist right at the center of our politics and when indian johnson indicted Benjamin Spock and mock raskin very reasonable and respectable individuals you know mock raskin used to work on security affairs and the Kennedy administration he served notice to the cochlea's in this country that the time was at hand to crack down and we see in state after state now is a very serious very selective and very vicious repression and the frightening thing is that most of our citizens don't
even know it's going on most of our citizens are just quietly intimidated by it I thought Professor Hirsch said something brilliantly honest yesterday when he said you know intimidation works when you feel intimidated and he had to admit that he felt intimidated and many people will be making that move from this part to that part because it's a lot easier to revolt than be free over there than it is over here nowadays I think we want to mock that and what the government has done is put a soil on a spot and we have got to decide are we going to allow them to construct their Roman society are we going to allow them to make that example sick and Vietnam and we're going to allow them to make that example sick at home and I think the time is over we can just talk about mild debate you know I'm carrying a magazine which it just happened to read called McLean's is published in Canada and it's I guess the life magazine of Canada only this week they had an issue on Vietnam and because they're not
as intimately involved they could be more honest and on page 14 they had a photograph of an American Marine but it's put on the body of a Vietnamese peasants who is in a coma and that Vietnamese peasant was just lying there and he had his foot on it and he had his hand up with his gun and a trophy shot now pictures in this magazine tells about a million copies that man's not going to go to jail the people who sent them there are not going to go to jail but someone who attempts to intrude on the process of sending them there will go to jail and I think the time is at hand when we have to challenge that notion of legality I don't think we should deny the fact to what happened in Oakland we should affirm the legitimacy from a moral and political point the view of their having happened I think we should argue that it is essential that the sent be taken off the campus until the induction center but the sent is not the luxury of intellectuals but the sent is a charade unless it
interferes with the society unless it stops people from going to Vietnam unless it stops the power in the society and I think that the kind of struggle we have to engage in is precisely the kind of struggle that intrudes and instead of being intimidated we have to say that you were forced to arrest these people because they were effective and we have learned a lesson from it we are going to shift our tactics more and more to those kind of tactics because they are effective and when they not effective you would not throw those people in jail and I think that's the lesson that has to be learned and we have to say that the sent cannot be a joke the sent cannot be a private matter at the sent is unimportant in a society unless it forces the society to confront the enormity of its crimes to consider in a deep sense what it is doing and if it is true that our society is committed to preventing revolutions in the world then we have to indicate our solidarity with those people that have resisted
we have to act in the spirit of a Che Gavara not because we were raised to act in the Sperty Che Gavara but because the time calls for the spirit of a Che Gavara I say that not because it sees you the sound revolutionary or romantic you know most of us were not born to be revolutionary or romantic and I think again of a person like Mark Raskit or Caffin or Spock these men more raised to be reasonable men Mark Raskin went to work in the White House with George Bundy because he thought he would bring peace to the world he signed a complicity statement he urged people not to go into the army because he know it was the only step a mom and could take it this time people do not become Che Gavara's out of choice they become Che Gavara's when the situation demands that they become Che Gavara's and if they have the personal integrity to meet that demand and what our society is saying to
us at this time is that if you're at the center's going to matter at all you're going to have to break with your lifestyle and what all it urge is that we begin now to plan the next stop to draft week and that all of us volunteer to be the leaders of that demonstration not the followers that we all of us who have been speaking so long in the teachings and writings that we step forward at this time and say we will lead the next stop to draft week be it professors be a journalist and what have you and I think we have to take seriously the injunction of filling the jails not because it's good to be in jail not because we want to be martyrs not because we believe Washington is just and when they see us in jail I'll change but because stop the draft weeks must continue because the Oakland induction center must be closed down and if the price of closing it that means you have to go to jail then you have to go to jail and the lesson to be drawn from this experience is that Washington is up the ante they have said at the situation will be serious at
the game of descent is over and we are now on the spot and we are now in the position of having to demonstrate to them that we will not accept their war of example here any more than the Vietnamese people accept it in their own country and if we act in that spirit I know that we will win out and if we don't act in that spirit and we worry about our own personal happiness in our joy and our own personal liberation then we have failed not only the people of Vietnam or Cuba we fail the people of the United States before Baba Vicky and comes on I want to announce first of all that a little rain never hurt anybody and second of all second of all that on Monday a rally held in these steps by the campus friends of AFT will be given to say
why it is a strong possibility that this campus will be on strike within three weeks why the teaching assistants may stop teaching you want to find out why this may happen please come to Monday's rally and listen when they talk on behalf of you in Newton and the others Baba Vicky from the peace and freedom party I'm glad to see that people are not leaving because if we're going to be check of ours we have to get used to at least the rain so that goes for even the people under the use of the student union it's really not so bad out here so you want to come out and join us now I want to tell you first of all the first thing I want to go the way is that the peace and freedom party takes very seriously both the cases of UEP Newton and of the magnificence of seven we intend to put our full resources behind the defense and the efforts to secure the freedom of both of them because we understand that they're interrelated we understand that our own activities are interrelated with what they are
doing and with the situation that they now find themselves in now as a starter I would like to say that a number of us in the peace and freedom party are actively working to see that the peace and freedom party convention in March they vote a major portion of his time to planning and helping to lay the ground work for the next stop and draft week and about means that all the people the hundreds or thousands of people participating in that convention will later be indicted for conspiracy will we give less of a damn about that also we intend a number of us within the peace and freedom party intend to push for running UEP Newton for Congress in this district we believe that's a very significant way to raise the issue not only in which UEP Newton's involved but the entire issue of black liberation and the state this country is in where black people are at and where the racist power structure is at now beyond that I want to go into a question that not too many people have gone into it or if anybody here today and why specifically are these crackdowns occurring why is the repression now it sees me that a fundamental law is that people who are
oppressors do not like to show the raw group force of their oppression if it's unnecessary for them to do so and these people that run this government in this country are no different than any other oppressor they would like to have people throughout the world be passive be client be supplement so it's unnecessary for them to use their brute force because when people see brute force manifested they react against it the way we have it stop and draft week in the Oakland Duction Center the way people did at the Dean Rusk reception a few weeks ago in the way UEP Newton did and you can see that in Vietnam when the United States goes into Vietnam and first place or in the Latin America they don't go in immediately with the Marines and Napalm and fragmentation bombs and all the other horrors that we've come to know they first go in with the CIA maybe with the prostituted professors with the phony aid programs the Alliance for Progress or whatever it be and they try to cajole the people and if all that fails and they can't pull the wool over people's eyes then they resort to brute power then the Marines come after the special forces perhaps on maybe the
Marines aren't first anymore but this doesn't then the Marines come and then all the brute military powers bond and play you know as things develop and we see the same kind of thing as it's been suggested happening here it's very important to American imperialism and I'm sorry if that's slogan here but that's what it is it's very important to the imperialist in this country to be able to at the same time commit the most barbarous crimes imaginable abroad while creating and maintaining the veneer of freedom and democracy here at home now it's been difficult for them to do that in the get-ups because the blatant oppression there has been rather obvious but among you know our students and other middle-class people at least white people in the society up until very recently we believed in all that mythology that we had to you know rights to advocate we had the rights to organize the rights to act politically and it was very important for the power structure to keep that mythology alive and the reason they're so mad at us so mad at the people who plan and participate and stop the draft week for example is because we took a step toward exploding that home mythology we forced them to bring out the Oakland police to call up the National
Garden Reserve and to begin to show the people right here in this privilege sanctuary exactly what the nature of American power is all about and that's why they're moving against us now see they had the crackers on the heads and they didn't like to do that because it didn't look good going out over TV and people began to ask questions is to why a middle-class lady with a stroller and a little kid in it should be beat over the head and maced and I began to prick a few people's conscience and they didn't the power structure didn't like that at all because people began to ask questions and they're not supposed to act and it's important to realize that if we just interested in peace in the world and the oppressed of the world want peace they can have it by paying one price and that is to submit to oppression but if they refuse to submit to oppression then they have to recognize that they're going to have the full force and this power structure can bring the bear brought down upon them and this is what's beginning to happen to us now they still want to go through you see this legal process they didn't just take Steve Hamilton like Smith Bardiki the rest line him up and shoot him because I would have been a little too obvious and it was a little bit too much ahead of their timetable so what they do is they take this phony
court system that they have rigged up and they indict them on these ridiculous charges you see there was like not only do they get them for conspiracy but they get them for a felony rather than just a misdemeanor not always if I walk down the open deduction center and they start disturbing the peace according to their definition you know although they're already doing that all over the world but if I disturb their peace they can arrest me and charge me with 415 misdemeanor but if I talk to one of these gentlemen up here about it and then we go down and do it then they can charge us with a felony for planning to commit that misdemeanor and this is just the way of getting around double jeopardy see they made a mistake and put in a thing about you couldn't try a person for the same crime twice so they had to get around that by inventing a felony conspiracy charges they could not only try them for the same crime twice but make one on the felony and that's what we see happening now and what happened at the open deduction center remember we were down there in front of the thing and they said in the name of the people and we said we are the people and they said no you're not and clubs came down in our head and they walked up to us and they smashed one of us over the head or like Bob Mandela they grabbed his wife he tried to come to the defensive his wife as any man would and he's charged with colonial assault on an officer you see
now how is that any different than what happened to Huey Newton cop comes up to Huey Newton from folks him as they have been for months when they knew every comedy drove in when they had his picture all over the you know the police departments when in fact as the Black Panther Leopold says the trigger that fired the bullet in the Huey Newton was really pulled several hundred years ago how's that any different you see they come up on Huey Newton tried to kill him and because he defended himself now he's charged with murder and assault with intent to commit murder and it's not only the open police department and the way they relate to us and the way they relate to Huey Newton that joins up at least at this point the black liberation struggle with the anti-war movement and to much broader question and that question is the question of a fundamental challenge to the power in this society the black liberation movement poses that challenge the anti-war movement the anti-draft movement as a move toward resistance is beginning to pose that challenge and they are responding the way all blind tyrants respond when their power is challenged by brute force and by attempting to mitigate that brute force
through the veneer of a court apparatus which we all know is rape and I think that we have to look to Germany we all been talking about Germany let's look at Germany you know the Jews weren't the first people that got it in Germany and don't forget that they went in the trade union movement smashed that ripped out all the people they called communists and then they felt secure to move against the Jews and they did so we all know what happened there while oppression against black people in this society has always been most direct most brutal and they've moved first against black people and moved against rap brown against Leroy Jones and now against Huey Newton and it's directly in our interest to link our struggle and our defense to their struggle in their defense because if we stand by as the Jews didn't Germany I hope this doesn't make me anti-Semitic and allow the communists you know allowed the communists to be smashed and we do the same kind of thing with our black brothers here then we're going to have no defense we're going to be depriving ourselves we're allowing the power structure to the privacy of an ally so there is a direct even in terms of self-interest there was a direct link between our struggle both on this level with Huey Newton and the whole struggle of the anti-war
movement the black liberation movement is important to recognize that and I want to make one last point there was a direct link between the Oakland Courthouse today at 2 p.m. and our own liberation because you liberate yourself not by standing on sprout steps and talking or by having little informal forums over there on the terrace and you liberate yourself by acting every day for your own liberation for liberation by the people we can begin to do that at 2 p.m. the day and I think it's vital that we do so because let me just say this there's a certain dialectic to this repression that's going on as I try to suggest brute forces used by tyrants when they feel challenged the very fact that they're moving hard against us the very fact that they even moved against Dr. Spock you know of all people tell us they feel challenged at bay for once feel I'm a defensive and there's coming back at us hard and I think that's what we must do in contrast to what happened in the 50s it's the mouth of massive offensive to turn our defense into an offense to push them against the wall to broaden our movement and to take over the machinery that they're using now to oppress people and use it to liberate all people of the world including ourselves thank you
very much the next speaker is a professor of mathematics at UC professor John Kelly I am John Kelly professor Franz Sherman has asked to be associated with the things I have to say being a professor of course I've got lecture notes I what we want to say today we want to join those who are opposing who are opposing vigorously we want to join our friends who oppose this more in Vietnam than diamonds of the Boston five and the Berkeley seven show that many too many of the people in our government opposition to the war is a crime to me it is not a crime it's a moral and a patriotic necessity
it's it's also simple common sense we're spending 30 billion a year in Vietnam to win the peace and the friendship of the people so we're told that's about two thousand dollars a year for each man woman and child in Vietnam I suggest the horse sensible course of action would be to buy each family a brand new Cadillac and give them enough money for gas and oil the price of another Cadillac now we can do that with far less money than we put into Vietnam and I think we might gain the something of the friendship of the people in brief this this military stupidity I simply got to stop this military stupidity threatens it threatens the very fabric it corrodes the fabric of our social life second page of lecture notes
we're threatened today by a military power but this is not an avian power it is a power of the military establishment of this country we must oppose this threat for our very lives I think if we could pursue our present course we will without question go into a nuclear war to the last war to the very twilight of the human race on earth today that twilight seems very very near to me do not go quiet to that good night
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This is a recording of speeches given at a rally on January 26, 1968 on Sproul Hall Steps at University of California, Berkeley calling for the release of the Oakland Seven and Huey Newton, the co-founder of the Black Panthers. The Oakland Seven, consisting of Frank Bardacke, Terry Cannon, Reese Erlich, Steve Hamilton, Bob Mandel, Jeff Segal, and Mike Smith, had been indicted and held on conspiracy charges for the October 1967 anti-draft demonstrations in Oakland. The group would be acquitted in 1969. Huey Newton was imprisoned and awaiting trial for allegedly killing an Oakland police officer during a traffic stop, a charge that was overturned in a 1970 appeal. In the recording, speakers condemn police brutality against black individuals and anti-draft demonstrators, and call for these groups to unify and jointly advocate for release of Huey Newton and the arrested demonstrators. Speakers include Bobby Seale, Chairman of the Black Panther Party and Black Panther Party co-founder; Bettina Aptheker, Free Speec
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Social Issues
Race and Ethnicity
War and Conflict
Public Affairs
Vietnam War, 1961-1975--Protest movements; African Americans--Civil rights--History
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Producing Organization: KPFA (Radio station : Berkeley, Calif.)
Speaker: Aptheker, Bettina
Speaker: Scheer, Robert
Speaker: Seale, Bobby, 1936-
Speaker: Avakian,Bob
Speaker: Kelly, John
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Pacifica Radio Archives
Identifier: 21334_D01 (Pacifica Radio Archives)
Format: 1/4 inch audio tape
Pacifica Radio Archives
Identifier: PRA_AAPP_BB1783_Rally_for_the_Oakland_Seven (Filename)
Format: audio/vnd.wave
Generation: Master
Duration: 0:43:43
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