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Pardon me if you have a member to bet around the part. You know about it. But the most barbaric. With what appears to be able to get out in a day. That never worked up that bad of a job on. That part for me because I was probably brainwashed. I need to. Have a bit of a bird. And. It will be on by the way with me. I would want.
To organize. For them. No no
no no. No. Yes. I have to know. Back yesterday. Night. Was when he was aware. That he will survive in a jail. Is when you lose about as well trying to survive.
There would have been no. Knowing whether the judge would healing. You know it's not you know it's bad when a man. Martin Luther King. And someone comes along. And. Says we don't and we don't. You white people talk until we give them. Some. Comfort.
And oh and the Dominican Republic in the south of the United States and South America. And have we have a lot. Of them is there an opposition wisdom of the way that I have been amazed and that this is a resident of the me the why the Africans and the position of them is the reason why I was and that is that but then again we have been subjected to racism is the reason. Home of this world but. We haven't got outnumbered. Now what do you think the bad and bad and the rest of the
bad weather. What tried to do. You know I have to tell you it is no shock. When a bad man dies. The Black Panther Party with the land then open. But nobody had been murdered by. The Black Panther Party with this attack. And the set up on the part of the. Department is the lead up. In the day but. It's no jive no more. Than. What had blab I thought about it. Last night. I was told
that one it up again and I learned this lesson. That anybody can. Make a political decision. A part of any group of people even people who get over this country when they make the bomb. I will disagree. What do they do. Oh. Well no we're. Not better than. That. Amanda Knox. Oh and. The reason is no.
So there we could make a. Political action. Committee of. Some of the 7th Congressional District and you live in the seventh congressional district. The political. Difference between the political scene. That's why I went to the streets to deal with the bad people's problem. That's why you've been intending to continue it. Don't oppose. The cuts out of the Senate in the next start. Even though the dropouts aren't you know this. You know because the government of the people by the
people and for the people. And if we want. We want we want an education. If we said that we want it we say that we want fair treatment in a coach and stop it we said we want to play it and we said it we want some. We said we want some justice and peace from this way. This is what we get. We are not going to try to you know so we can unify with you. Why don't you get a natural. Process you can join the Black Panther Party. Because we know one thing all of us you know what I don't want you in the end. Bobby Knight knew it. We've got what we got
and we will not back that up but that will prove so we don't you know. Now that. I haven't I've told them I plan a community like up on back territory and that meant no minister of defense. But now we can and we must. We don't need every name we have to tell him about the putting. You know you don't make any mistake. Now you tell me today you tape recording after a lot of. People in the back committed. We gotta do something the power structure but you know we've got don't. They have some $10000000 right here in the studio known.
Components both from playing with the money so we don't know Montana's side run and then hand them back. And we came on and I felt the racism of the past I cannot rise not because I was going to become. A man. He didn't have a structure. I'm a man. And we must. Not have a history. We focus on the past. Stop stealing from yourselves.
Every bad man. From a black man you met. Out something that's not a man and you still got in your hand and you ain't got it you get it back time and you can't even a party you can you go back when you can you put you know black people. I say you know bang about that man again and he knew it was him. We lost our community today. We lost our community yesterday. Good to see you back good yesterday. We said this about people yesterday. And you know not have known about it. There were so many but it was to present everybody in the bank to get a game down. Well do you know that what do you think about the penal institutions in the
state of California. And did you know you know. The bed again and say you know of the good. Guys who wanted to notify. Your brother don't stab John the best of somebody tell them. To battle not. Want You Back in the prison that's going to be against racism. You can check it out. Can you check it. Now you know the time we don't get that another great. Day. Back but at the thought of the way almost no meds are no good. We don't look great but never get it done and we do come up to me with some Jack
got my piece and passionate I want to hear it you just have it. Cause you was driving on the bus. You were going are going to. I don't want to hear it. You don't want to hear you. Say Baby what you got to prove you gonna do something to me. Don't prove it to me brother. Nobody loves me I'm a little window cleaning. A little better yellow something about the truck name Orlando Clemons with. Read the Guardian. Blog audience. I mean the book and get this brother. Now let's continue. You pick. And you've been made to think. That the bag. WAS JUST ABOUT TO JAM. Do. We really want to know why you think that I never asked him I would do me
tell him. Then we could never become rich material. Well you would have no right administrator to know what to do. So you want the marriage and sociology and psychology. You got a ample apology. Well you know what that means or not but that's irrelevant. You got a add political slant and I'll be looking at them and then they get mad. Tell it like a good day and start going and stop until late at night at 10 minutes. I know now that I know what a goal. I'm going back to the back a minute. Yeah. And we don't deny the nonstop it's racism. We went to the street. With some seven children back out of the doorway grappler not back at me right now and I'm going to damage the gun.
And Dad and I get. The better that they wouldn't get it I say we must demand. We must abandon a handful and we can do. I read a newspaper report last night and it's a bit like cars on the other. Night and you can't ever did if you can. You catch. And you know I took. It. Right to ban you. From the plane. I want to tap. That. But that's a bad back. Must be second bad. Thing. And I was with. Them down going up because the men are going as we are going as well and I think we've gone back to the back of it are going to have. And now we have a man.
And a murdered him. Now when you do. Run out and say I'm on the bonus back. You supposed to are going to. Put it together. You can get them badge numbers connection. Can you get them by the numbers. Can you get them back. Can you get them back. I'm going off for you really want to. Know how. I'm going to put it you know if you don't get any organization. We have seen black or black rebellions in a lot. We think back to back in the dark. We are back in the new and. The back. The party took an out of the back with the you know 105 back Rebellion
Across the country against racism. Those went down from 1964 and you know what I do now. Well. You know why. Because no one knows that somebody. Told my mother. But the problem was. So it takes organization. And that's what the technique that I myself was my. Technique the minimal the use of the mass media that is the use of the television that used to
control me would have you. Know what. And from the math. Community.
When. You know. You don't. Have. Any kind of the way we do. And the way you. Know you probably want to. Write. So you only get.
Back. Get one but at. The same time and I'm sounding phrases. And. Then we. Went out.
Down in this town. Can you imagine. If you think. I'm going to back you. And. As in the man. And. Man. On the.
Truck. Gonna be. The better man and John. God we have the power and. You have no power to do you think you know. And you're about the only time I'm telling you I love you. And you know about what you do about about about someone. You wanted to go back home. And let me die.
So. Now you have to remember that when I think about that. When I say we don't get in the way. I mean really not. From God. That we can pick on a man we don't know. No more spontaneous rather than. You know if you remember brother. You know if you remember. And I my mom of the.
Big. Red. X. We all know by. Now you think about that. And. So when you are. Alone. We have to come in. Come in. And.
Said Man I can't wait whoa. We have been doing a number. Man go to the next brother. You starred in some of the back room with. When you talk about evolution in this country. You have. Come to me. What happened to brother can become. Of the problem.
Now. That we have. A ghost. AS. An older brother. The first step without that a good number that. You bothered with. You want to get one about the thought you don't get into a burning in a number but you know how. To play an ordinary. Go may show it going away and I go better without them going to community support. And everybody who wants to stand up and down the party. Thinks is the.
One of that family that you wanted to love the best as you were the party not a man. And you were in a bad business. And human. Nature of a black man. Anyone. Know what is going to come. Down to the people attacking him. Come back come back and come back.
But I think I'm going to get what he was playing I was reading you watch the media. You're not a read through the lines at a newspaper. Where the papers say that we just had to. Do such as that you may not agree but rather to see where we stand then. Oh by the way. Everybody. I'm going to turn if you want to join. Him some crank. Or what have you. I'm going to do if you've got a burglary planned for tomorrow. Are you just going to work. You know what you do. Here your piece. And I'm going to go home your shotgun and your place to do. We can say is that going to be an every always an a shotgun and a pistol. What a random moment but if. That's what you do. Donna Brazile we got to know you're going to have Brown going on and I want to talk to the platform of the program. Got a back up we.
Bobby Seale in Oakland : the De Fremery Park rally.
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Bobby Seale delivers a speech about the aims and methods of the Black Panther Party, the day after 17-year-old Bobby Hutton was killed by the Oakland Police. The rally was held at DeFremery Park in Oakland, California, April 7, 1968.
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