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This is Karen Edwards. It's 11:15 in the morning outside the. Church of God in Christ. Where the ceremony the funeral. Of. Young. Bobby Houghton. The young Black Panther slain by police two days ago is about to begin. A group of. Young Black Panthers in black jackets and black the race. Who just walked. In procession into the church. Outside. On both sides of the street. A crowd of. Perhaps. 200 people observing the scene. Along with. Small body of newsman. Television cameraman reporters. And photographers. The service I imagine is about to begin inside now.
Come. The.
Why. Whoa. Whoa.
Whoa whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa whoa. God was. Coming.
I don't mean the world. The service is over. The singing you heard was part of the service. There were around a thousand people all together in the church. Towards the end. About 700 at the beginning but more and more people. Came into the church as the service progressed.
They included a number of white people. But they were most of them were of course black people. And several hundred of these were people associated with the Black Panther Party. It was a very solemn meeting. A very solemn occasion. The minister in his remarks. Described. The young Bobby hadn't. Described Mr. Hatton as a young man with infinite love for people and for freedom. Perhaps the most moving moment. In the whole service came. Right at the end. When. Members of the Black Panther organization began to file past the open coffin of their young comrade. Passing silently. A few with tears in their eyes.
When I noticed reached out and touched his hand. Then other members of the congregation passed by the coffin. And in fact they are still passing by. It seems that every person who is at this church today has filed past the open coffin. Of young Bobby Houghton. And I mean the white people attending this service today. Jack Weinberg of the Peace and Freedom Party. Paul Jacobs the peace and freedom party's candidate for this Senate. And from Hollywood Mr. Marlon Brando. Long identified with the struggle for civil rights. Who has recently shown. An active interest in the case of Mr. Newton. Mr. Brando is still standing among a group of pall bearers near the
coffin. And I expect that. Within a matter. Of quarter of an hour or so the coffin will be borne out to the waiting. On the. West side of the church. At the entrance of which I am now standing with a large throng of people. This has been a most solemn occasion. Cation where people have shown remarkable restraint in the face of what has happened to one of their brethren. I should mention too. That among the people standing with the book Paul Bell is perhaps one of the polar bears along with Mr. Brando and other Black Panther leaders. Along with Mr. Brando and some of the Black Panther leaders.
I noticed I think. Jim Foreman. Of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. It's now about 10 past one. And among the people here who are mourning. Most of Bobby Houghton today in this church is well are two of the sisters of Mr. Eldridge Cleaver minister information of the Black Panther Party of first and Mrs. Miss Luella cleaver. I just want to say that I am here. In the interest of justice. To take up the fight for my brother. Snatch from society and incarcerated until he is able. To come out and take up the fight again. And then I will fight along with him. Your other sisters here would you like to say something. You know. I speak for the purpose. You're from Los Angeles home of the Black
Panthers doing in Los Angeles Angels you have a brunch. Yes we have a branch in Los Angeles they're doing fine and we hope to build more and more every day. Are you going back there are you sitting up here. I'll be here for a while and then I will return to Los Angeles and at a later date I will be returning to the north. All right. You were actually hopeful about Mr. Cleaver's chances now. Being released in a reasonably short time. I have to remain hopeful. Where there's life there's always hope. Would you like to give us your reaction to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King and then the killing of a young stud. I don't think I can find any words in my vocabulary to really express. How I felt. First with the assassination of Dr. King. I was outraged as every other black citizen must have been. And then to have it followed by Little Bobby whom I had just met. Was a jolly kid at. The time I was very impressed. And to have that initial
news along with the news of my brother had been shot. His parole revoked. And it's an onset unprecedented type of situation. Very seldom in the history of the California system of Penology has this type of revocation occurred. Even the judge but boy who left feel is a very very cruel man. Said that this was an unprecedented situation. But I have the same reaction. To. The murder of Bobby that I did to Martin Luther King. To me these least murders are synonymous. And although Ron was better known in the other. They were human lives and both of great worth. Thank you Mr. Weaver. There were a couple of young people from the congregation of just come out they wanted to say something would you like this is good for KPFA in Berkeley. Would you like to say something. When I there's not much to say. I mean. When people are murdered.
I want to call brotherly but there's no evidence that he was carrying a gun and but I know when you have two guys in your eyes you don't know a damn thing was going on. And the police have said you came out running if you came out running with tear gas in his eyes. I doubt if you know what he was doing. So I mean my wife and I walk in the police say in the newspaper has three counts of murder against him. All of them had to get new eyes and have you had to get in your eyes. If you do you don't know what's going on and if you come running out of a house with your gushing eyes you don't know what you are. I mean if you had a gun in your hand you would know what who you're shooting at I mean there's no evidence at all and the fact that they shot him. Which I guess in his eyes there's no interest at all that he did the deed he did allegedly shoot a policeman. There's no mention of the police. Do you think this has involved a much broader section of the black community in the struggle of the Black Panthers and should it be who has it I mean is it this is happening now as a reaction some people think that
that he did find the policeman that you see it may have been that there were three with three or four cars of OM Panthers in a car what they could have been going to a meeting there was no evidence there that they were going to Amero policeman. There's no evidence at all. They couldn't watch a meeting. I mean when and the fact that could it be a broader range of black community. Not that people have seen that what people want do just be shoot people there was a time. It should definitely have mom what we don't want people it definitely should. Thank you very much if you want to give you money with Gregory woods. Thank you Mr. Woods Monon James L. Bennett. We'll get back to childhood. Often has now left the church for internment. And the people most of the people here. Are now driving off on their way to Merritt park beside Lake Merritt near the Alameda County Courthouse. Where the Peace and Freedom Party. Has organized a rally.
In protest against the staying of Mr. Houghton and for the freeing of Mr. Eldridge Cleaver and of course P. Newton. So I will now proceed down to Merrick park UAV. I want to know what. We found. Here. And now down that made it part of the dream. It's. At 1:45 here all the way back in the Black Panther Party speaking from the stage of a truck set up beside the stage to a crowd of. Several thousand people. And I love all my oh my. God we have been telling people to. Carry. The APD put it on another black man I want.
That power. We're very clear of. Everything for everyone. Or is our young brother the black community. We're not we're not pretty. All right now Barack and I freaking great wall of the hour right now is that your fight. Now here we go. Oh my God there's been nothing more the order. To keep up and running to get you recalled. Well there nothing more. Credit technically got Take care. Back to. Actual combat.
Don't worry when you are good you know you know you're not going to be you know we are running right. Through. What really happened. We are. The. American. People.
The good Our bad. I would not read out. Of that great. We have met now a graphic that I've got like. We know. About greater than providing a great amount of leg. For the family about me. You're. Not going to be not my friend. Why don't you meet your God given right now OK. Now I don't mind a comment. You know I don't want her back to me. In a beginner making me Marya Antonovna campaign email. Me and I may. Remember my promise.
For everything to be wrong. My. Right hand. Man am. I tired right. And if I am going to beat. In the name of the batter. And the batter remember about it. It could be I'm going. Yeah. But ya gotta come out. Again. You know. I'm going to. Hire any. Family I haven't had any pain I. Am. Going to remember in a time. Probably. Would have. Had me beating me. You know me when you. Make. Believe. Race. Going to.
Maverick now can make. Martin became. Very good buddy how. Can you can murder your your can. I can't you can never meet her. Under. My own I've been handed a paperback. Oh come here. The. Crime our. Gay or. Not he really cannot. Leave. Everywhere you turn a page same police or. Murdered body called Night. A funeral at the like. Cemetery. Very painfully thought.
Can't you hear that made our cleaner. Now I'm going to have waited here to. Have the. Power back another down. That was if you're ready on a credit card. One dollar. In the plan you not have. The rack on are not. There. Write everything in the parking lot. Akram hundred weight. You know. They have a down economic right how are. You now going to be. Liberating black people.
Pretty much. Not in the black community. They're wearing matter it's not a great problem to have black people there were. People. There depend on demand. Baby you mean everything. They are. Out there. Are. They. Going to the party. The party. Every
now. And the right way. But they cannot. I'm writing a way. For everybody to. Bring out. One man. Fight. Again. But it did not work. We're not going to. Have a hundred than. Game. Night. Yes I think. If. You read that we can drag it out.
For a. Regular amount of jail. Or the rate for me. Creeping me a candidate for all the better I. Generate. For what. They. Maintain. Purely by. The. Power. Of their own. Rhetoric. You're now talking about why. I've. Lot of people say well but I would like to know what can I do.
First of all you know I know. You don't have to ask what you can do. You know right or wrong do what are right. Now for America. We're going to see your you don't like No I don't live here you don't think I want to. You know. People that their son Robert. You know. Their every shot on me cried. Again. You know. I would not be here. For the full level of that radio. I don't know where I'm going to be we're not going to require. Them Back America had. Better had happened I'm afraid not. Go ahead Mary grammar if you remember only black I have a problem you know if I think you know me well you know I'm very proud of
my. Work day that everything's going to be something we foreigners are. Now one for. Me. Oh oh oh oh. They are very. Aware of the WE ARE WE HAVE NO. We have no running we have not even had a number of them. And there are many who are right in the country now was there when you won. You got rid of that record and it was really you that were leader we know what we were really not a man right.
Got rid of that. That writing was already Man oh man I don't know I don't program I've never had my Really Don't you know that man. You know my reality you know. Well maybe he will be really. Really. Good with I don't know you know how old I am but I thought Oh OK. I'm going to work on a run. Around
on a. Councilman run of the denims of the city council. Here. Or a. Black man. That really. Did all three of them black people. Better value. I want to be very explicitly to them before I can live very very. Good man believe. That America readily boring when I have been back here a minute right here. In the United man anything about it. Currently being quarterback here and moving forward will really. Work a really you know we did.
Here in the state of. That Saturday but then once you get into a career the lackey really live life. We had back in April. We haven't been on the white racism in the militaristic effected movement. But if you look back. Young man there were years ago here. And here. What a great question. Right in here when we're in. Mathematics we sat down and here we were in. Market again we sat down here when we lay in. Bed and I was sat down the street. Oh man California get my internet. Back. Then. We're.
Killing and murdering of black people it is going to be bad. There's a good track. Here very day that is good Fredricka. No man no place. Man here. Because you know that. Man here because they're near. You with a better view of what they're. Going to give people stare me down you know here because he was moving in the van. Jack are you. In this place. Because it is bad. Because when anybody. Because it was beer. Well. Because the rules for the freedom that. They that are.
We want everybody to be. Clear. Yeah. And clearly. In writing needed me with them again. Because we have many they are not a right nation get a very good Indian OK. OK. Thank. You. This warm air. Warrior. You get there.
I really. Don't like your back go when. You get your way you look at the Record Man. You get to the point where you believe that the media is what you know. I am. I am going by. I will. Tell. You. And I will be. Told.
All the. Reason you're here. We met back you are that everything. You oil that everything we do this power from. All of you people in this country. Who believe nothing war will rule regulation you must leave it there. Why. Do you want a reason. Why the family should be sacked. That's so far. For you. To grapple with a Aren't you. We are not guilty. Let me repeat.
Be me. The people who are fighting all. Were doing nothing for running down the street were being were wrong. OK. You know who would. Hear. Me OK. Right here. I mean black woman. No matter how many who. Don't have it.
And then you know you when you were black or any black man I think a boy anyway. And I think the answer. OK. Going back at it again you can get it back in my life that we have Barack the white man what are you hearing right now will never happen. Again I don't mean anything to my hair. Right Frank I think we better be quite quiet. When he ran back of my mind. Sam I don't mind my. Own and thank God that I can really be quite. Well thank you. I know I'm going to come
back and. I'm glad I'm not alone. I. Know you and I and my wife I mean my wife and I want all the black people right now don't you. I'm 44 You know I know. Right now I want to. Thank.
You all. And we're only going to grow you know man. Right right right. Right. Well I want to know if you're not fighting yet again. You're right. It might. Not go that route I
don't know why I don't get a migraine. Back where are you waiting. Well I think.
That would make it I don't play any mind any longer. How are you but I'm sure they were.
Really long rather lonely if you want. I don't see a way to manage money Begay money and I don't want to play that. OK you lot. Do you go why do you know I mean I got a good day when I met your friend that I think I like. Right. I know you know
what I. Am writing. And I read every one of the latter. Rather than my grandma and. Grandpa and. Arad.
Will. Basically the entire crowd of people which now must number three four thousand. He's got it's feet response to that lady's address. I see that. Nolen bando has joined a small group of people on the stage of the Fed bed talk with him as an informant. And it's about the CEO and other than the current economic situation. All right oh well. I will. Say from my. Very honest you know. And. I'm going to stand up and make a speech about why even
letting the white people. But want to. Let you know and then five I'm going to tell you me in fact driving a black man. You never you know you know the fact that I'm an. You know black man. I think you can play it a little. I didn't pay him back you know and I bet. That could be my and my nan. And I'm going to do it my kid I can. I'm going to die right now. Do inform the right people. All right they don't know. The reference right in. The right manner. OK career but he never expected it. And I'm excited thinking I might write a writer and then a long way to garner Lattimer. I am doing it right.
I have a smattering to re-establish. I am interested in nature and experience. And he found that to be translated into writing now. Now in writing I'm very sorry. I am. Our Mary. SNOW Well first of all he wants me back when she's all cause you know because. It's a city to go from. Being me no. Grief because there's summer.
Already rob the freeway for whatever it is turned off for that. Miracle. Something you all remember the man I respect you respect but a better you. The gate. Not are buried but are you. I don't think. I don't have a great big building. Oh I remember you. Say oh now. They are up and.
They oh oh. Oh oh. Oh oh. OH OH OH ROBIN Peabody. No hope. Perhaps. Ronnie. May Ring. Ring. Ring. I'm going back to. Who I Am. Who. Now what do you say. OK. But if. I may say no no. No no no. No no. No no no.
He. He was he. Now. Let me see what was going. To marry. Me. I never heard any moan. Or say. Well you haven't heard a scream. Oh man made a career. For having her. Man or bird seed. Going to main stream. Stating that it is very very rare IMO very.
Many. People would pay for it here. Oh. Wait. Wait. My wait. Wait wait. Wait. Wait. Oh I mean with Imus. That. Was a really. Good story.
Back Friday. Right right. Right right. Well OK. Happy. Saturday. Barack Obama out at a. Gnat gnat. Gnat gnat. GNAT I have bad credit. All right I. Know. Right right right. Saturday night I
didn't. Think you were ok going through. But I was. Going to have a traitor but I am. Retired now. OK. Man I haven't yet read you have. Got me hooked on no track not. Something has happened it. Has been turned off or something.
There's an air of wonderment at the moment people are wondering what exactly is happening to. People on the stage you're just standing there looking around. Baghdad. Damn. Right now. We're going to.
Come to. Morrow. And we don't know. Right. Back to where they are man made and headed and we are going to be admiring her and being around for a hundred years and we are here to stop it. I am very much upset. Right right. Right right right. I don't think they're only our bank you know exactly when they communicate.
And I want to know if you don't know McNamara you read that right or left out have been determined. To get off again. With a bit here accidentally I don't. Seem to be coming from the board of a. Generator.
Right. The parish where I. Am where. I am. And. How I. Am I. Am. Where I am. At.
Her. Arab-Arab am. Barry. Barry.
Barry. I am. Happy. Router and guard. I am going to
hire a. Garbage man ran. Ran ran. Ran ran higher our. Hire and. Fire. Fire. Fire. Fire our. Backyard ran. Bacharan a guy around. Our. Back. Yard.
Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right.
Thank you.
Bobby Hutton funeral and memorial service (Part 1 of 2)
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Actuality of the memorial service held at Ephesian Church of God in Christ for Bobby Hutton (1950-1968), the first Black Panther recruit, who was killed in a shootout with the Oakland Police Department. Colin Edwards interviews Louella Cleaver, sister of Eldridge Cleaver, about her reaction to Hutton's and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s deaths. Edwards then interviews youth attendees of the funeral. The service is followed by a rally at Merritt Park organized by the Peace & Freedom Party to protest Hutton's slaying and the arrests of Eldridge Cleaver and Huey P. Newton. Kathleen Cleaver, Ron Dellums, Marlon Brando and Bobby Seale are among the speakers.
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