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That's. Gotta get him. Gotta get. Gotta get the bank. Get done our jobs got now it's got a political president not OK. I think. It's a half brain unite. America got our.
Economy back on. Track. For our. Our Kind of. Town. I think about it. Thank you. For this OK.
OK. What. HAR. Har a revolutionary. Revolutionary. Our.
Economic. And social activity. And. The problem. Right. Well we look at. How. We have gone. How many people.
How many people are. Talking about the. Revolution. I don't have a car.
How. Can I. Help.
How. About. A hundred. Why not on the drive when you can have. Everything.
You have. You cannot. Have. On housing. How do I mean. I don't know. That. The problem is.
Going to. Get us. We all know. Right.
From the. Cops from the house. And Mom. Right right. Right. Right out of the broader. Crowd I commented. On how to. Get out of her priority. Remember that I have a proud proud. Not. At all. Father you. Know. I haven't but. I'm.
Not gonna. Go on. A. Campaign. That I. Run. That. I don't. Ha ha. Ha. Ha ha. Ha I want. Some of that.
Right. It's coming I'm coming on. This comment. About. You know what I.
Don't Understand. You gotta get up. And up front. About it. I don't. Have. Enough. I want. Everybody. On the panel. All right.
How can. You understand that. However I don't. Know. I don't. Wanna. Get. HIGH not. Wanting. That crap. Oh I can't. I have. Not.
Welcome. To. Hell.
Right. I'm not. Home. We're gonna not. Hide. And I'm.
Not running to pick up. Right. When you. Raise. The matter. How. Cameron enough got right. Back. In the revolution. Because they are right. And wrong. Can we. You know as. High. As he. Has.
Kept me. Up me. He must come he must talk about. What no one in the Congo. Not only in the liberation army shot down. People all around the world that want. To call. It in order to get. Out of the. Way. The blacks no matter example of an opinion.
But it must call on and on and on and on. And we have to run. Bobby comes out of our. REVENUE. People called. BLACKWELL The party must become stronger and that. Order cannot force right. Out of. The black
market they have already come out of Harlem. Well if you didn't have a shot. Don't put the blame on our. Track. We don't know what the problem was. That when it. Went OK well somebody probably never happen. I bet he would have. Anyway the revolution will. Go. Away.
Perhaps. I don't know how. How about How do we must put on. Our plan. But. We must come home around the town and country. Know about it and I'm not ashamed. We do not. Want to ruin the country. We were.
Bobby Hutton funeral and memorial service (Part 2 of 2)
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KPFA (Radio station : Berkeley, Calif.)
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Pacifica Radio Archives (North Hollywood, California)
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Continuation of the rally at Merritt Park in memory of Bobby Hutton (1950-1968), and in support of Huey Newton and Eldridge Cleaver. James Forman (1928-2005) of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee eulogizes Hutton and talks about how to deal with "the hogs." Audio distorted in the last minute, cuts out mid-speech. Reported by Colin Edwards of KPFA.
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Hutton, Bobby; Black Panther Party; African Americans--Civil rights--History
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Producing Organization: KPFA (Radio station : Berkeley, Calif.)
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