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The next speaker and final speaker of the evening. The final speaker of the evening will be Bobby Seale the chairman of the Black Panther Party. Tomorrow that we just left. The other day in Oakland California and races USA was preceded by a funeral. It was help a brother Bobby hadn't.
That is one of the preachers who began to get tired and begin to check the situation out. Doing his best not to do any more Tom stated that there was a man story a man who was wandering. In the hills in the woods and he was looking for a spring that was supposed to have to get a drink because he was Thirsty thirsty. And it was very dirty water wasn't clear.
So we began to sit down and try to get a clear clear the spring change trying to clear the spring out so you could get a drink of water from the spring. And another man came along and said What are you trying to get me there is to get the dirt dirt in the spring. The man said Well the reason you can't do that is because the hill back well you haven't checked yet. He said there's a hollow in the spring. He said I was on
a lot of kids are running around too in the spring. There's a little Oh. But there's a whole in this. Book. How should we try. And houses were. To get the whole spring. Now the spring has been running dirty for a long long time. The peoples and the peoples in Africa our black brothers. Our black brothers and colored brothers and sisters in South America Asia and the Caribbean the center of throughout this world. Where three quarters of the world who are nonwhite have been getting brutalized and beaten and exploited in Colonial eyes etc. by this racist power structure in America the homo.
Got to be removed. You can sit by. And many times you might say with the spring is not really that dirty but if you are close to the end you have to have a tendency to sit by. And think it's a game that's going on while the hogs in the pit of the spray why you enjoy yourself looking at the hogs in the prairie or the clear water where the freedom is and you think it's a game you jab and you shock these young black panthers here and many others and many many other thousands of people who join the party. Our concern with removing that hole from the spring.
How do we do it a long long time we struggle. Brother Martin Luther King gave us a tactic this tactic tactic of the day you was exhausted. And I was exhausted with a racist bullet taking his life. Brother Barry Hearn a member of the Black Panther Party hasn't yet exhausted his means but yet he was killed by the same kind of racist bull. Hungry Explorer Robin pay the whole power structure at all it's racism. We have to fight it. We have to deal with this we have to deal with this pig. We have to deal with and understand the situation we have to understand it when he
has the ability to define phenomena and make it act in a desired manner that when he gives this functional definition of power he's talking about power in a real sense. He's not talking about green power which is a shock. As Unity New teachers he says that the Yankee money in the south can fail and money both had green power and also had organized guns in force in the south. Had organized guns and force. But there's no use in many many black men and many many slaves ex-slaves are slaves outmaneuver the south and had all the guns and power with the ability to make it act a desired matter the Nark defined the Sovs money as not being money anymore they burned in the streets. The only power to organize guns and force.
Was to organize guns and force. Money is only a by which powers manipulated this happened with the racist white power structure in what is done to the world. Race is America. Congo an oppressed people South Africa. Africa Liberia Ghana Guinea South America Cuba work bag and revolutionary struggle went down. China our most valiant revolutionary struggle went down against our form of exploitation and is still going down in relation to the world struggle of black people and people to be free. All across this world we can see what racism is doing all across this world right here in America. You can see what black people are getting ready to do to begin to stop
racism. Do I have to talk about the fact that Rockefeller was sitting in back in a dusty takes out 27 percent of the net profits out of South Africa. Do I have to talk about the fact that 55 percent of the surplus reading in the came to the United States from 1955 the 1962 come from South Africa where a black man works in a mine making two hundred sixty dollars a year and a white man doing the same damn job makes three thousand three hundred sixty dollars a year. Do we have to go through these facts that are scattered throughout the world these type of examples to get you to understand what's going down. Do I have to lay out to you the platform of the program of the Black Panther Party. Do I have to get you to understand what we mean by black liberation in this country. Do we have to get you to understand the necessity of black people taking up arms to defend themselves against racist attack in this country. Well dammit if I have to do it we don't do it here we
are. I come on a I. Listen. And program it states if you haven't read it you begin to really begin to understand it. This program is not outlined for the white community as outlined for the black community. Now number one we want power to determine our own destiny in our own black communities. Number two we want full employment for our people. Number three we want this decent housing fit 50 percent of human beings. Number four we wanted into the robbery by the white man of black people in the black communities. Number five we want decent education that teaches us about the nature of this race's decadent system and education it teaches us about our true history and our role in society and the world. Number six we want our black men to be exempt from military service. Numbers number seven. Number seven we want to immediately end our police brutality and murder of black people. Number eight. We want all black men and women to be released from county jails prisons federal
state what have you because they have not had their child of a trial bar white jury. Number 9 5 0 0 0 0 people were brought to trial to be tried in a court by their peer groups or people from the black community as defined by your live Constitution of the United States. Thanks. Number two in a summarization. We was once a Brit who was closing education justice we want some peace. If I say I want peace with guns has you by now after four hundred years of being brutalized and murder then by force on the part of races and the
races power structure and this coach is damn near time we picked up to the trial began to get some peace to defend themselves in our community for race's attacks by the P to defend ourselves against race attacks by Bert jacks or Minuteman our Ku Klux Klansmen or what have you. Has it occurred to you that we are an as ourselves of fashion to have some ability to begin to make racism the racist past act in a desired manner. As we define the functional definition of what power has the ability to define the situation and we have been defining it. We must organize in our black communities to also make the past racism act in a desired man and what is the desired manner. Politics is politics what is politics. You think politics starts with a seat in the assembly. No it doesn't. It's related to it but it doesn't start there. Partick starts with the home study. Politics starts with the big questions of process and murdering our people.
Politics starts with the fact that we get a rotten education we get brainwashed notion and trick knowledge and everything else that goes on with us in terms of the exportation that goes down. Politics starts with the fact that we want decent housing fit for shelter of human beings. This is where politics starts and black people now understand what a Black Panther Party that we are going to relate to politics in a real fashion. We are not going to know Jad burble sincerely. Oh don't give me Robert F. Kennedy your jab. I think it is necessary here we come for. I want to hear it. I'm tired of my black brother. Being brainwashed too. What do you think about Robert Kennedy. You know I think the board is going to do something there.
Look when I've gone through that thing Robert F. Kennedy was well related to Robert Williams being put in a situation where he had to vamp from this country and split because he was being prosecuted by Robert F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy did not see troops in the Birmingham 1963 until black people decided it was necessary for them to defend themselves when Martin Luther King's motel was bombed. And the race they've been attacking us constantly in that particular area and all over this country. Why didn't John F. Kinnison some troops in there needn't send troops into after black people decided we got to film ourselves. Raise the tax and went to the streets and looked up a few races head decides and in truth all that verbal society we learn from the past we learn. So we go out of the path and we want to make sure we are more
bags. So peace and freedom if you want to do something get down and don't miss no no mo shucking and jiving with the McCarthys with Johnson with the governor with the Robert F. Kennedy's right on down the line and jiving. Do you want to support black liberation you support tempore program of the Black Panther Party. That's what you support. Freedom. We are not going to sit around and superficially and abstractly try to define freedom any more black people the mothers kitchens and brought the shopping bags home for the left over and the black brothers who tried to do their best to struggle in the system to build railroads or court systems etc.. The black brothers of black the young kids coming up the crap that we get in the US in the context of
this racist system we're going to find freedom and we've got to define it by comparing with what we get in the future or guess what we don't. Now that's when we're going to find our freedom. Oh you're thrown in a position where you don't sit up to me and talk at the mall I really feel for your situation. Really now John I want to hear that crap violence. OK I've missed some mis educated and have been to your community. You and murder you know races have come into our communities throughout this country lynched and murdered brutalized earth and your community intimidated you with no racist cops and racism come in and terminate and brutalize and murder us. Did we design racist power structure a system here that explodes in Mainz black
people know they desire and energy is used against us we didn't put it on you. Next time you accuse of us of races you better check your service to the hell you accuse the Black Panther Party does not hate anybody because of the color of their skin. That's the game of the Ku Klux Klansmen. You check it out. We will not we will not stoop to the level of hating a person because of the color of their skin because we understand where racism is manifested. It's not just manifested in some white man sitting in his community and saying you know I don't like black people called the colors game. Racism is manifested in a racist brutal murder and the races bulleted Martin Luther King the racist bullet at Euro Bobby and the racist bullet to kill Medgar Evers the racist bullet that have killed and maimed and murdered black people across this country. The lynchings. This is where racism is manifest and you want to know
what we hate. That's what we hate. Well passion. So what do you go from there. Look at the Black Panther Party. You bring down the black community and start some black man brothers going back double magnum you know. Now you say we should do it with like it or not. Now the rest of you who want to start dealing with the power structure on a level you want to try to change the system. You better get out because you are jiving before what before the rebellion black rebellion and why that one power over six thousand people in this
county now some 70 percent are directly concentrated in the black communities controlling black people from 350 to over thousand pig San Francisco double in every major metropolis across this country where black people live. The P forces have been triple the double the national guards have been double you check it out now who they put them out there. For those of you on Santa Monica don't be fooled. People would stone the new equipment. You understand politics enough to know that you've got to change that system. When Raul Regan sits up and chops up the chicken the welfare programs at the same time. You remember we was doing that he increased his highway patrolmen some fifteen hundred. You start thinking about 700 or 800 dollars a month for highway patrolman salary money. Add that by 20 and you start think about the new cars and new equipment
etc.. And with Los Angeles County asked 45 50 or 200 million dollars for the black community so they can organize as you know with to it went to the increase of a Gestapo force that Reagan arrested his racist past the Lyndon Baines Johnson the put all over the country. So this is what we're dealing with. We're dealing with a reality. There's no more time to sit down and continue discussing as to whether or not the racist white wall that black people are chained against Israel or not. There's no more time to do that. It's time for you white people to get off in your white communities and begin to end racism and we will deal with it in our communities. That's where you got work at. Don't come down in our communities trying to grow fuller Daniels and poppies and don't come down in our
communities talk about the basic socio economic structure as it's related to the adverse conditions that black people are subjected to but rather the animal here is perhaps the best thing you can do because I'm thinking by Rob it. Because he don't want to hear and I don't blame him. So you stay in your own community as one of the brothers that I get to see your dad and he don't know some I may run into the plant apart and I've been instructed yet not to Ravi just yet. The brother's been instructed on the political relationship between you whites in the Peace and Freedom Party etc.. So now come down there we'll take care of our community because we want our power and our community to determine our own destiny our black communities. We want all black police force chosen by black people controlled. Wait a minute we're controlled by black people and we go make one specific rue that one he's going to be a member of the police department chosen from our black community. He's going to have to live in our black community in Aries but that he patrols because of this is
if we have to live go be murdering commit no police brutality cause you got to come back home and sleep dead. Nate thanks. If that ain't give it a significant symbolic understanding of having power determine your own destiny in your own black community out on the water that's a very significant point to start with. Point Number Seven of the program of the Black Panther Party deal specifically with the fact that black people should and do and are forming black self-defense groups to defend themselves against races attack on the part of the pig department and any other races have come in our community. So you see organized black brothers who are ready to do what they have to do to defend themselves against all forms of races attacks. And this is where it's gone. This is political power comes out of the barrel of a
gun if you don't believe it you jab and you see their power structure up there. Where they power come from every time they make a political decision upon any group of people here throughout this world local country or any local community and the people disagree with their political decision that's been made by the power structure the power structures in the US and paused to see that political decision they made is carried out. Black people revolt and Watts they were voted in Newark they voted in Detroit. The revolt all across this country. Rebellions rebellions rebellions a hundred fifty rebellions before our black brothers death King and all of a hundred some are rebellious after his death. Those rebellions is the part and the voice of the people. And we disagree with the oppressive conditions that we are and these oppressive conditions are caused by the powerful political decision that's been made on a power the power
structure. And each time the power structure mobilizes guns and force the signal on the people. So what should we do. Because while we do something sitting there King is already there. Mike is going to run for D.A. here. My exit is
not a race as long as Mike doesn't act in a racist manner which is not acting like a race. And that's that we don't have to go through a long dissertation of crap running around concerning whether or not the white or white racist Cheney gets real and that we're not going to talk about the monocular structure of the wall. You know the molecular structure of the wall really says you know that it's really 90 percent space you know now is the wall really real or not and meanwhile his black man and all these black men up there with their arms Cheney goes waltzing you dey arm right is real. I want to get free from it. So the brother breaks one of the chains on the right. Newark Detroit. What's black ribbons across the cover brother breaks a chain. Oh you want to still sit down and start talking about whether or not the white race's wall is real or not about the molecular and atomic structure. No you're not going to do it anymore. If you're not going to be a
racist you're not because you're going to pick up a crow bar and you can store Pryor and the rest of those bikes to lose because we come out of the wall. We overcome and we jab and it's going to be that way every race is who comes in our community has to be driven out by one means or another. If you want to aid black liberation you start working on some of the Jabber legislation you supposedly represent you were jabbing and shock and you start working on that and we come over here to say look man as a special race is doing such and such and such a searching will point it out because we can define our situation. You come on down and get down to nitty gritty and domicile you need to grit. It's time for you to move. Black people are on the move all they need is organizing. We come and we're coming we're coming we're not out numbered around us were black people and colored people now outnumbered we are our
own and I had us by the racist white power structure. You are going to us any draft demonstrators. Don't tell me you don't know what police brutality is all about. When you were up in Oakland in front of the any draft office the draft office and you were demonstrating against it. What did that big department do you hear read down here when they lobby LBJ come down here. Who he is and then you came to me a black man and says you know what all that stuff is time a police brutality is really real isn't it. It's real it's hell. We've been experiencing it for 400 years. It's real. You disagree
with the political decision. The power structure the power structures in violence and force upon your head. See that's that it's basic political decision be carried out. You were very violently. I mean you were there you were going to sit in front of a place real nonviolently just have to arrest me. Didn't do that it come down and I would fall and hit you upside your head. I was sittin in jail look Reno OKed the races open shipping you checkin you out as and I wonder what they learned. I just wonder the brothers know you notice how you got them big demonstrations going across the country use talk but I'm not valid you can see that many black brothers and we've been known for 400 years we were coming out they were coming out there all the sires the rebellions we've had in our communal pigs are doing to us.
Look the platform of the program of the Black Panther Party only outlines the clear drink of water that we want a freedom that's all. We're saying that it's time it is time that people move forward to begin to start racism begin to deal with how to deal with the. Way you've been closer to the races than we have. Start dealing with it. Learn how do we deal with the racism that comes down upon our heads. We are learning the other night we learned warfare through warfare from being attacked in Oakland. The brothers did their best. They had third lights on that place. They put tear gas in their place and set a fire in the bottom of the basement.
That's what they did they forced some brothers in there by attacking them and the brothers got off with what they knew. We learned warfare through warfare we learned warfare for our brothers death who died for our freedom because he stuck with it because he believed in it. Somebody had walked out of that house slightly for we walked out that house at the school were told to take off all his clothes or just leave it been in prison before he was quite hip to this racist system and how to do things he said because you won't get killed if you take off all your clothes and young Bob it was just a little too modest as it laid a foot man and then take off all his clothes and the pig said nigger run to the car. The squad car. And before we could get a gun him down just took off all of his clothes. Every stitch was he said if they shoot me and kill me he says we've been forced
out. I can see how to shoot across the water in my eyes I can't see how to shoot with the floodlights the tear gas is in here and the fire is burning the place down I've got to come out he says if they kill me there won't be any bullet holes in my clothes. It was really there for you in case he didn't get murder you can understand racism in the real sense but he hurt and left it for us. Before Bobby Hutton died before Bobby hood died some five young brothers had been hit in Oakland killed an open young brother 16 17 18. Three weeks prior to the hood Bobby had made the six murder of a part of pickpocket in a period
of three or four three three and a half weeks so this is of a moral for our back brother Bobby Hood who was Bobby hood. Some of you probably may be thinking that we say that he's one of the first members to join just because he got killed that's not true brotherhood with the version of the John for the Black Panther Party was farmed out got Bobby Hutton a job at a local poverty program that I was working in that I got fired at because I would go for the crap that was put down by the hood and took his money out of his pocket from that dollar thirty five an hour for 30 hours a week and a gig as they had to try to make him think that he should organize against a power struggle within the posture of just beautiful. Bobby had took money out of his pocket to put the first officer Huey P. Newton. Read in the paper about a man committing a robbery or
something. There's a shoot out and someone askew. You pass it off. But Huey P. Newton was stopped for a traffic ticket and then a shootout occurred that's a hell of a large gap. That has to be filled. Especially when he's a political leader in the local community there. Especially when we were opposed to big department we patrol those cops up there with guns and force to make sure all the local charity was committed to New didn't murder anybody if we wanted America we could a murder way back in October 1966 when we first started. They stop you in hell and down for 20 minutes and try to set him up for killing the pigs lol. 20 minutes for a traffic ticket. Twenty minutes to stop a man to give a traffic citation.
So we're going to have a trial in Oakland may the sixth trial date night. We say we won who made the six nine 12 and Fallon Oakland national days of black protests to free him to free Eldridge Cleaver to free David here to free all the black political prisoners rap all of them red in Oakland. 50000 in Oakland made a six. How many of you coming out made a 6 6 days a try. Yes we got upset Oakland so bad. We don't let the power structure know. Black people are going to be in the streets. Black people are going to demonstrate. We can black people go home. What they do they go home.
Black people go to the streets you know what they do they go to the streets they are at the Black Panther parties were set and they wanted to leave them. Politically we're going to do that. So everybody should be open. May the six black protests against a power structure stand that we won't support black liberation etc.. Fifty to a hundred thousand. Mayor reading Governor Reagan to police again the city of Oakland. Cahill of San Francisco aren't sure now because we've announced the fact that 50000 people 50000 to 100000 people are going to be in Oakland. Now is it so rough that you can't come. What are you talking about. You've demonstrated across this country are million strong million
strong against the war in Vietnam. Now if you can't get up off your butt to come up there to demonstrate against the war against black people. Javelin you shocking me. 3 How many people we're going to have up there to save you guys stand for Free Huey. You want to stand up and say you gone be there you want to sit down and contemplate it. May the six in the city of Oakland. Be there. Now we want you we free. We want to see where your money where your mouth is that you talk that talk. You don't know you because we say we win and we go move on up. You got it. I want to think you.
Bobby Seale / for the defense of Huey Newton
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Speech given on April 16, 1968 by Bobby Seale, Black Panther chairman, during a Black Panther meeting in defense of Huey Newton, fellow co-founder of the Black Panther Party. The speech was delivered at the Kaleidoscope, a largely white nightclub in Los Angeles.
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