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My name is not Senator Dodd. And I cannot have disdain for honor for. You to be out here today. Just love San Diego State yet today we have five thousand two hundred and UCLA we had seven thousand two hundred. It's just a thrilling experience for an old man like me. I'll be 60 this year. You know that I'm still. Thinking and telling things as it is as it is. Am I not saying things that. Some of you will like but that is the process you must go through when you mature up to now I did don't
want to I'm going to talk about the black revolution. I have a very lengthy piece of paper years ago before our mind a dear friend from arms in London invented the miniskirt. I used to say I would try our respective to speech like a woman's skirt long enough to be respectable. It was short enough to be interesting but I can't do that anymore. And it is sad. And the more the outdoors said the old want to change it. Giving way to the new. Now the very end of British right our Matthew Arnold said we live between two worlds. One where I was good and the other is not yet born. And that is where we find ourselves in. I don't know. You are about Iowa. And
God. Gonna do man. And people like you have. On his Care Bears. Have you heard of the trouble I've got a roll of the drums a big concert and now that we have no new money. You know the American way American way that the old people have forced upon a lot of men are posing up. In woman's name then going remembered for a weird time. We don't know yet which way did go overboard. We are no more going from way to anyone's road and there's a divide there. We were in all the right way.
We're going to go from being rid of the old. Are you serious about black power. We will block was something new. Was created by a family letter from Jamaica. Whereas many who came when I was trying to use the middle name are cars going off it. And. When you got to be out of the way I think I'm not what you mean is not right. Anybody else. Any.
Other way is the world by which the world is judging me and it's not all green Rosco on the Bank of America. It's not. The right of free speech that. America has never could. Happy goes to see what have you got for conceiving you William Sloane Coffin you know and realize what free speech mean money you owe me on this campus. Really the first her free speech and now the cry of Papas and we often you know I don't know whether you agree or disagree whether there was
one thing you must agree with that any human being you ever saw was oh you went out of the way to see what's on the march and that's why I am a Dr Spock and I am weird rhythms from common with Chaplin to a. US of A democracy and there's just one night in San Francisco which prides itself as being of the hated. They arrested probably think of the poor mom I would tell her that rebels were remarking about every human being you have the right approach.
Want to. Hire me. We are developing a new breed of cat. You know when you agreed to have it here but I was going to have a small policy of not exactly when they lowered down and then they might have been black. And I'm glad of that you know common breadboard and your inner conflict not of one of the new breed don't care. We're going to break a new breed of cat. We're going to produce some of the gold. We have pushed going to be our 14 university group who have come to see them in a growing one group from there is another one you were present from you know what charted balls. I said well you know a young white man and a young white woman the problem you have is you have no
leadership. Many many are saying no nation no little girl. Now those surging young white people have an America. You have you here and there I saw it. So I'm going to like our leaders are not we got our we got Astro police car Marco we got our rap. We have Malcolm are going to get us there and you're going to be all Americans. We're living a great living that day. And we had been fixed. And.
Now we're striking out in many directions and in the car going out trying to find something to get us out of there. Maybe your country because of. Sarah Clarke has been sprayed Reigate I don't mean you are great right now of course. I'm a language of the great time element. And before Hollywood grew up by making the right of a Thousand Island he wrote a fabulous book. Go him alive. Twenty five years ago it should be that. America today.
But are we are. All the generation we don't call me that as much because. He wanted to happen. You know. Not only black young people don't. Want young people. From our garden there on an issue where their preachers never partition and their parents. With them. Because they realize we have created civilization and that we are. Fast spiralling downwards as a nation this is what we are coming from. Everywhere I go I am followed I have
all of the CIA agents who are here right now to leave. One will go out. Tomorrow. This is a police state a police state that is absolutely frightening when you think about it. Christian good friend you know how DOD got the game back to a lot of unexpected founders. And he had a leaning towards this chick and he fired them both before they left they took profiles with me subsequently got married and ready to open fire out in black and white. But when they come to me they haven't proven one thing except that I am
black. Before you got to jump back and I quoted me without any single prove anything. And God got slapped on the ref with the final word from the hands of a fat head of what he had actually met some prob rated it hundreds of thousands of dollars. Member of the white power structure. And I had my foot in the door and I said Oh brother can play with these. 16 without one picture that turn America around the corner the building that you see coming up right here. The result of the educational scholarships that many of you are getting are the result of educational scholarships from the men that are working here are getting an increased minimum wage for the first time. President
Roosevelt who include all kinds of people including even the sharecropper under the minimum wage. Thank you thank you so much you know. I think you won. I think one of the greatest. Proofs of my argument about the black revolutionary black soul brothers. Have Changed. The only characters who haven't got a black card or. Get a blackout is gone through 300 years of slavery
100 years of crazy freedom living in a land of apartheid and that black heart is so strong that it's keep an ad right madam. You know a lot of back out again it's not. As big a deal if you have a dream snake one of them going to. Have a heart. Now let us discuss the question of violence and I don't know it's not go out and not looking by the way it came from an aide who weeks ago elevations didn't believe it and is now going on five hours and really is what I was going to confession to admit that he had been wrong that he had carried the
nonviolence to the point where black and white films were beginning to push him aside. You know Wall Street of the civil rights movement. And Randolph over the great man. And there was no one left there oh Martin Luther. Martin came down and this is big. And Martin is no longer truly committed to nonviolence. And we're going to you know I'm a Baptist. Crime murder on the bench and they sit there until they see the late the man on the banks is why I got my little boy in the morning and one day we might make a man out here.
Might take back a law office and let him know that you don't get anything right about now when I was a kid going to public school and I had I've had that is the homework that without effort it is worth what it costs. I wanted to come on down a little bit more and talk about the fact that I have not. Been You don't need Barbara. Because the plan is there is no up to the front. You don't have to arm. But when you got got an hour and. Then you don't need it back. Or if you don't have it you don't then you've got to how to use it. I'm going to tell you young white men and women good day. And you have no leaders yet.
When you're living out of your society that you are power and have completely ruined not integrating you. Back to spot. Not when there is no disgrace or not right and are Americans just like you know. All you some of us have more of a brother. I want to give you some German Jews. But I was my age. OK Brian Fry it. In a bun for a moment. Don't let anyone. Don't let anyone keep you want of a crush of media. Right. Maybe write it maybe. But I'm going to have to start over your entire life. Right but what you said about all the world of good will of God we're
going to see how that would be in my little part of the way. Don't go on with the math. Go along with your little brother. And maybe one day a lot of. You can learn from our mate is not the only ones who want good. Morning America out of that never have the right man and women that are not. But. And so I'm going to the grave in that room.
Who's going to be a part of it. You won't be just but it won't just be the number of our souls who security guard you will be are you going to our challenge you are slow. To Great America but never have the America that we have. 1776 there remarked our vast Washington Ron Paul lovely great despair and so our souls really are economically exploited. That's the way it should be right there good people always in the black revolution. Who's going to help pay Paul. I can take you through our problem if you're going to cover the bottom of the you never punish him a bad one of words and show you one million five hundred going to bite him are you. From fantasy he can't crack a joint on end of Pennsylvania who made one
thousand dollars a year. In this grade. Who is he and was he about ours. Why is that would you do it and this was the mark of the above then. And we're the home of American 1500000 white families making a dollar a year. I challenge you to create an America. In which there will be no. Leverage. It's really not that hard. And I'm proud. I challenge you to create an America where there are a great many in black. Right because you're an employment rate among black people today on a percentage basis grain times that of whites in America. I challenge you to create an America in which I go on campuses and find in any way UCLA and San Diego and
here where the student body is less than 1 percent black in a nation that 12 percent of the population. I challenge you know best spare and brains page program for all of us to lose count grow and evolve. You know who are going to church Bob. American men and women who need this education that help you are out far right you are and you do there. We have dropped out of my race who want to be dropped in the Americans who have dropped in a raid who want a big drop out. I say there can be a correlation of the drop outs and the drop and we can create a bad day.
And it's going to come it's going to come. And all I am appealing to you aware that you want to give the children. Of the children study look at the children. Go to get the children. Love that you have to. Fight that you have children. And keep them clean. And know the payrolls of God might be your karma or yeah I want a God or just your conscience there is I'm going to argue with the rules of the law of a man I'm not and I have a lot of that here. You know what I don't think that. Why don't you when you all of that who were here yesterday Keep the faith. I am a great group rooted at night.
Sad that there would be a nation one day. That would never perish from the air and that of the nation of the people. All of the people. By the People. I say are the nation of the people black and white for the people that you and Jen have. And by the people Protestant and Catholic and those three fingers up and use up a lot. That's a WS. And those three I noticed I was scraping those are to Venus for a double victory. Who care and how do you know we tried to improve upon lovely people in Southeast Asia. A way of democracy that we're not practicing Yeah I. But that's is we're going to punish you
by making you fire a gun I will or is that to be punished or fired. From the love of soul brother souls as my beloved young wife people who want to go to the future belongs in your. The people of my day have made this a nothingness and I call today origin given for a bigger problem with that approach. For you know the mainstream Christian faith an established but the best. I mean that because none of them are going to close it not on it's been all right ma'am. But it has been done on democracy of all people. And I want you there for five years that I have Michael Nevins name when we have a democracy or a
democracy what we have never can have a democracy when it one way power white sand one way. Let me tell you something the world owes me money that we. Will not join you know going to Mom about the gold that we do not grow old not getting the name wrong about the monopoly of a nuclear war which we know not judging about the number of years that you have on is the role of knowledge. About any kind you know loss to follow you know what I am talking about flag are brought out ground around Latin America. Ramos and right you are
arguing with me and then it spreads. Or how can you talk about your mouth will say when you're kidnapped. No way did I know you don't want to hear it but it's true. You know we're a judge and the United Nations in America trying to think they do. We're not being. We're turning the way we know when it isn't Russian or. Anyway we're looking well. So I'm not. I don't want. It isn't I don't want them I don't want them to I don't want them that I want.
Adam Clayton Powell in Berkeley
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Adam Clayton Powell delivers a speech to 4,000 students in the lower plaza of the Student Union at the Berkeley Campus of the University of California, recorded on Friday, January 12, 1968. Powell speaks about Black power, and he speaks against the Vietnam war.
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