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So what New Jersey and Clayton Vaughn good evening in the news tonight. Postal unions head back to the bargaining table. A judge says the New York Times must continue to shell out $5000 a day for contempt of court. And rumors of cheating in New Jersey's prescription drug program prompt the state tightening Forsman quite a bad line reports on the calls and on a closer look. We'll talk about whether media experts are ruining the political process or a New Jersey. Rebecca.
The threat of a postal strike was averted late this afternoon when the postal service agreed to reopen negotiations with the unions. Union leaders are urging their rank and file to stay on the job. Earlier in the day New Jersey postal union leaders said that if the talks resume they want a bill or head of the metro New York local and on them one of a member of the rank and file should not have negotiating table. We don't want to go through the fiasco that we went through for 90 days. Think back to April 21st. We wanted a meaningful contract and we feel one of the ways of securing it quickly would be to have and then like later said he's on the happy that the reopen talks will deal with just issues wages and layoffs he wants the entire contract renegotiated quite a New York Times today lost still another battle for a New Jersey judge in Arkansas superior court judge refuse to lots of times out from under that contempt charge a charge that's costing the times $5000 a day in farms fraud
one called a two day hearing on the matter. By times lawyers Jack Otter reports. Khan's attorney Floyd Abrams was not a happy man leaving the Bergen County Courthouse. Judge trout wind told him in court that the 15 items turned over by the newspaper under court subpoena were irrelevant. Most of the material given to the court was already public knowledge and much had to do with bickering over a movie and publishing rights to the story of Dr Mario just gala bitch. Now on trial for the murder of three patients at Riverdale hospital in 1966 the judge said the files of the times were clearly and unequivocally sanitized. That is cleaned out before the search of the newspaper's corporate records. And Trout won went on to say that it defies reason and probability. That the newspaper would have the moderator turned over what the judge called useless material. Abrams said the judge was wrong and they were not sanitized. We will appeal. This ruling. Ford.
And this will be we believe a further basis for a versal The court judge trial winds at the time should make jailed reporter Myron Farber turn over his notes on the case because the judge said control is the key. And The Times has both the power and the responsibility to comply with that subpoena. The Times refused to do that however and trial wise decision today will be appealed. While Myron Farber remains behind bars. Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger called WISE attack on the newspaper's credibility and insult and further evidence of what the publisher called an appalling lack of justice in what many are beginning to believe will be the definitive case of Free Press versus fair trial in the United States. I'm Jack Connelly. Governor barn in Boston today at the Governor's Conference Barr now heads a special task force to promote more involvement by the states and handsome the art that is supposed formation of a national cultural exchange to encourage public and private support of the arts. A task force is now lobbying Congress for passage of a proposed Urban Arts
program. Rebecca. Heavy rain swept across South Jersey this morning causing flooding in many low lying areas and banks between two and four inches of rain fell in a six hour period. Closing highways in Burlington and Camden counties as the morning rush hour traffic on many major highways. The rains also caused flooding in some homes and businesses located in flood prone areas and reporter Greg Larson has that story. When the heavy rain started this morning had a familiar feeling of what was to come as it happened three times in the past four years. Water began overflowing the banks of the nearby Newton creek and into the backyards of several homes. It was partially submerged and there were two feet of water in his basement. It was a repetition of events from just two weeks ago when another flood less theories than today's. It is a neighborhood where we're still working on the paperwork from that one. We haven't
been contacted by the insurance company but you have to itemize everything and you can't do this overnight either. And the losses are. Getting greater every time. I talk $3000. Figure $8000. When the area was flooded two weeks ago the Army Corps of Engineers suggested a solution creek and installing a title barrier to go back into the creek. But that solution local governing bodies to come up with $180000 and then coordinate the project when that's done it will be another two years before the project is completed. Meanwhile grey skies will mean bad news. This is Greg Morris reporting. More than 500 dealers at Resorts International casino will vote Thursday on whether to join a union. Unions have been actively courting the dealers encouraged by complaints that they often have to work six and seven day weeks. That management makes them pay for
parking and the management doesn't care about them as employees potential casino developers say they'll be watching Thursday's election closely. Up us a county prosecutor has criticized the illegal gambling provisions of New Jersey's new criminal code. He says linking the severity of the punishment with the number and value of beds found will be a boon to mob gambling operations. However the state attorney general's office apparently believes it will not be a major problem although they will review the provisions before the new code does go into effect next year. The cost of additions to New York's East Side High School has come under investigation by the Essex County prosecutor's office. Investigation also covers other Newark school system projects including the title one program's spending practices. High school construction deal is being investigated because the costs of more than tripled from four to 13 million dollars. We're back in a number of New Jersey druggists say senior citizens from out of state may be trying to catch them on New Jersey's prescription drug program.
Mariama Rosso has more on the story. New Jersey's program of pharmaceutical assistance for the aged. This way senior citizens or couples together can get any prescription filled. The program is so appealing that a quarter of a million senior citizens of existence in fact have become suspicious people from out of state to qualify and they are filling prescriptions for younger friends and relatives. There are things that might arouse. Suspicion. That their. Patient getting. Type of medication. And they come in with a prescription. That seems. To be outside what they normally hide. They might. Wonder if it were. For the actually that person. Officials at the State Department of Human Services which
administers the program say they can't confirm the drug's suspicions as far as we're concerned. We haven't really got anything to substantiate any great problems. Nonetheless the state is hiring what it calls a surveillance team to double check new and existing applications State officials say they've been handling such a large volume of people and prescriptions they might easily have missed. Cheaters now cheaters are caught they'll be prosecuted. Only seven million dollars for this program. But it now says it'll probably spend 37 to 39 million dollars this year. State officials say that the surveillance team may be the best prescription against fraud in the senior citizen pharmaceutical program. But they admit that they don't have the solution to the basic problem of what to do with a program that's cost the state. Thirty two million dollars more than it budgeted for. I mean. Two organized groups of New Jersey train commuters are trying to block a Conrail fare
increase before it goes into effect October 1st. The groups of call themselves the irate short commuters of little silver and the commuter wives of Monmouth Ocean and Middlesex Counties say the trains now work to 30 often late in overcrowded they've drafted a legal brief against the 10 percent increase for the state's a Perrier cord. Clayton worked out an unusual arrival of the British Airways Concorde the supersonic passenger transport came in here because of bad weather and heavy traffic at JFK. The usual destination on transatlantic flights was only the second time that a Concorde virgin network service began after the passengers onboard of the crew waited for things to JFK to get back to normal. Then flew the plane over there resumed its normal schedule. The chairman of the State Film Development Commission went to Jersey City today to look for a place to build a movie studio. It's all part of the state's continuing effort to encourage the making of films here and ever which according to the commission has already brought in millions of dollars to New Jersey.
Steve Taylor reports. Sidney Kingsley the Film Commission chairman says there were sound stages and production facilities in northern New Jersey near the great pool of theatrical talent that is New York City. A lot more movies would be made here. Jersey City Mayor Thomas Smith says he knows a couple of good places to build those facilities and so he invited Kingsley to take a little tour. My first stop was the old Jersey Central railroad terminal and ferry slid right on the waterfront. It was closed about 15 years ago but now it's being restored with state and federal dollars as part of the growing at Liberty State Park. It's a huge place rundown but quite beautiful. The mayor and the commission chairman agreed that it would make a crackerjack movie studio with its high ceiling rooms sprawling platforms and its spectacular view of lower Manhattan. We certainly would love to see the film industry here somewhere here in Jersey City especially maybe not necessarily this particular terminal but. We have a lot of waterfront take which here that could be utilized and we'd like very much to talk to them about it.
The mayor took Kingsley to see three other possible studio locations in Jersey City today and at least four other waterfront cities are after Kingsley to consider their towns for the film complex. But Kingsley seemed to be lingering at the romantic old railway terminal. So I asked him if he had a favorite location yet. I do but it's unfair. I made an express my favorite because I'm standing on it. And the best stamina of the game is a map to be impossible and best. It's an iffy thing this idea of a film complex not only is the location up in the air but so is the financing. Sidney Kingsley says the project could use state Green Acres money or federal funds for private investment or perhaps a combination of the three. But there are problems with each of those possibilities. Nothing has been decided. In Jersey City. I'm Steve Taylor. The Cosmos state of the champs highlights of yesterday's game coming up.
Here's the weather for New Jersey showers and perhaps some thunderstorms tonight. Overnight lows 65 to 70 tomorrow rain continuing expected highs in the mid 70s to mid 80s. Precipitation probability 60 percent tonight and 40 percent tomorrow at the shore tomorrow it will be rainy. Ocean water temperatures will be in the mid 70s. But most people won't be doing much swimming before Wednesday which should be fair and pleasant. The pollen count in New Jersey today is zero. I am getting out ahead of them we have a new show called the local people. People like Tex Logan one of the country's best bluegrass fiddlers. People like Dave rolling we suspect is an 18th century general who happens to be living in America. George made a traffic watch helicopter pilot and other people in New Jersey join us. We think you'll like it. The New Jersey local Tomorrow New Jersey Public Television.
Good evening. The cosmos are once again champions of the North American Soccer League. Yesterday in Giants Stadium the cosmos beat the Tampa Bay rowdies 3 to 1 in the final game. The big problems their star player Rodney Marsh was out injured and to the cosmos are almost unbeatable at home. More than 74000 fans were on hand yesterday to see the game between the cosmos and the rowdies. The two biggest rivals in the league. It was foolish for the first 30 minutes of play but then the cosmos haunts and the beautiful pass the dentist to wear to work fired past rowdies goalie Winston to the Bears another look and two words. Lower to me. And then 30 seconds remaining in the.
Us. Late in the game. For him. Back in. Just three minutes later and. Chance. Champions. Just.
Because. We. Wouldn't. Look at ourselves. George was always honest. We'll find out more about the cosmos talent very shortly on Wednesday at the stadium will meet a team of world all stars. Then after two more exhibition games at home the cosmos are off on a 25 game tour to play teams from Europe and South America. Yesterday at a college in Virginia Wade won the singles championship at the Bergen County Women's Tennis Classic and the final match the 33 year old Wade defeated Carrie Reed in three sets. Losing the first and then coming back to win the final two. For the win Virginia way picked up $14000 she'll be one of the favorites in the U.S. Open which begins later this week in New York. Also the American Legion baseball team from Caldwell New Jersey today won their regional tournament in Virginia.
Caldwell is now in the American Legion world series which begins Thursday. That's in the state of Washington. Rebecca thanks for those campaign media Wizards. What are they doing to the two party system. We'll try to answer that next on a closer look. The bow bow wow but I am Copeland square square guy smashing program recorded at the Albert Hall and
Ben Stein conducts the New York Philharmonic makes their excuses reflects how American music from America. Great performance specs absoluteness great performances Wednesday in New Jersey. Sometimes their names are better known than the people they work for their flashing media consultants like David Garth and they design TV commercials and create images for political candidates. They're thriving in New Jersey locked as it is between two large TV markets. And by the same token when you say something like Well unemployment is going to be Jeffrey Bell the Republican candidate for the Senate plans to spend about $80000 a week starting in October on ads like this one of my Democrat Bill Bradley has set aside about $400000 for ads produced by a California media expert. The worst criticism of these media men
has been that they emphasize style over substance. But the Rutgers University study team blames these consultants for undermining the country's two party system. Doctor general comp or let that team at the Center for Political parties at the Hilton Institute Thomas Cain was a candidate for the Republican nomination in last year's governor's race. He also ran Gerald Ford successful 1976 campaign against Jimmy Carter in New Jersey. Dr. Popper briefly our media experts urging the two party system. The experts essentially concentrate on individual candidates sometimes less often substantively that can come out of a party tradition a party philosophy that gets put aside and instead focuses only on the individual personality. The candidates that have been. In the final presidential elections haven't seemed to have. A. Differentiation of issues great.
Are you saying that that is a result of experts that in fact those differences do that because the tendency of a two party system especially to be fairly close to one another. But for there to be some observable differences what the media experts do I think is take those differences that remain. And try and obscure them and try and shift the subject of the campaign away from any differences at all and instead place more emphasis on the personality in the sense of the term of the candidates their smile their appeals their family background rather than whatever issue differences there are between candidates. Mr. Cain mentioned that there are some candidates within the party themselves some media experts within the parties themselves. And you mention that you think that would be an answer to people from within the party. Do you think someone like a pack a day
could answer the need and not hurt the. Two Party System. Well I think. People yes but the name again with David because Michael Kay the Democratic Party media experts those of private media experts will typically get hired by Democrats and there are others who typically get hired by Republicans but there are still private entrepreneurs who have no continuing responsibility past the campaign parties. Parties continue a long period of time and responsibility. Businessmen I call them guns for hire. I think that's quite fair because the media exports very very few of them for instance work between the parties. Most of them are either Republicans or Democrats and very few want. Not only that but most of them have an ideological basis within the party for instance in my own party I know that you're not going to hire John C is if you're a moderate Republican. You have to be you have to be a conservative Republican you can't. Or four billion
Deardorff unless you're a moderate Republican and because they won't work for you. It's not a question how much money you have or how much you want to hire on that it's what works for you unless they believe in what you're saying and they believe in the kind of the candidate. He was when he was a little a little unfair to call him Eric. So as you promote the actualization independent campaigns. Direct campaigns between candidates and the voters and keep undercutting the party when successful individual campaigns but to continue the Republican Party and the Democratic Party put it together. I don't understand how. I. Can destroy a two party system don't you think that that could be one factor and many others. But the three things that they can choose to make a
decision on the basis of issues are the base of candidates. On the basis of candidate from party issues strictly on the basis of the candidate characteristic it seems to me is fluff. And media experts media experts are concerned only about the television personality and so on helping to promote fluff and undercutting the emphasis on party philosophy and missions for emphasis on party but I think again you exaggerate when you call it fluff because I think for the better man for the better man running for governor or a president in one part in the other then I think it's very logical for people to say he can run the country or the state or what have you better and then and then naturally tend to vote for him I don't think that is too much to do with it with the media and the girl so that you perhaps underestimate the public a bit I think there are certain people who advise candidates on the media who are very gimmicky in their advertising and there are others who
really do and I got an example on for size try to emphasize issues trying to emphasize substance and I think Funnily enough I think those have been the more successful do you think Mr. Cain can be done. To help the two party system. You yourself said that you were concerned about the strength of the party. This is going simply no Republican can win losing strength really. I think people have got to build again. Grassroots people people who are running for town council kind of issues always looking to the fellows running for president. These are the kind of things that I think you've got to be done the party structure has got to be rebuilt it's very difficult. The reason why people go to television is they can't get people down to the local debate being held in town. So you've got to find some way to get there and I think we're going to rebuild the party. I think one of the things we tried to do was try to get people to come out and participate to a greater
extent than I do now. Thank you very much for being with us we could have gone on endlessly on this. Why not on a closer look will detail the battles of some New Jersey families battered by inflation. Once again our top stories the Postal Service has agreed to go back to the bargaining table with its unions delaying for at least two weeks. The threat of a strike. The New York Times received a setback a superior court judge refused to absolve the paper of civil contempt charges in the Dr. X murder case. And state Medicaid officials are hiring inspectors to check on possible fraud against the state's drug prescription program for the elderly. That's the news viewer mail for this news broadcast should be addressed to CNN 7 7 7 0 8 6 2 5. Tonight's or two more responses to our piece on the dispute between New York and West Milford overdevelopment of the New York watershed from Maria Harkey person of the Oak Ridge homeowners association. You're narrow minded
sensationalistic approaches inspire the Oakridge homeowners association to fight even harder to inform the public of the true facts. Thank you for knocking West Milford off its complacency and there is this from another Association member. Robert why again. The only concern Newark officials have is for the almighty dollar watershed coalition has offered to buy all the watershed land and you have no work for you water rights. However this way would not be making as much money as if they build some housing for lower income families and situated them up here or they will be far from any source of transportation employment or food shopping. Is this how New York exhibits its concern for its people or rather its concern for the dollar cannot recover. Can I cry at night with nightly news. New Jersey nightly news joint presentation of New Jersey Public Television and 13 and is broadcast weeknights at 6:30 on Channel 13 at
7:30 on New Jersey Public Television. An updated edition is broadcast at 10 p.m. on New Jersey Public Television. And at seven the following morning on Channel 13. Portions prerecorded. L.. Number twenty.
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