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New Jersey likely. Which song. Good evening. In the news tonight many New Jersey residents joined a large anti-nuclear protest in New York state today at the nuclear plant nearest to northern New Jersey. A newspaper report has added to the corruption charges against the State Housing Finance Agency saying the agency's director may be on the take from contractors. And despite a $3 limit some Garden State Parkway motorists may be getting their tanks filled by bribing attendants. In sports Paul Budde line will be here to report on the Rosman Belinda's fight. And the Nets sixes again. And on a closer look we'll review some of the week's top news stories. More than 2000 anti-nuclear protesters gathered at the Indian Point power plant in Westchester County New York today. Reporter Ridgwell says that at least one bus load of pickets was from Bergen County New Jersey. They pack picnic lunches banners and buttons and boarded their bus in Hackensack at 11
o'clock this morning. This Bergen County anti-nuclear group was lending support to the mass rally at the Indian Point nuclear generating plant. The plant is operated by Con Edison and New York Power Authority. Indian Point officials did not try to stop today's protest but they did keep a watchful eye on the proceedings. And our cameras spotted several hidden cameras trained on the protesters set up in a bar across the street from the rally. Even though Indian Point does not supply any electricity to New Jersey the Bergen County group says the prospect of a nuclear accident 35 miles away is unsettling. Well we're showing our association with these groups here when we feel like Bergen County is as close to Three Mile Island as a house almost as close as Harrisburg and we feel that we're in the danger zone and we better demonstrate today rather than be sorry later on. Well I certainly respect their rights to express their opinion. However I am.
A little concerned because I personally feel that they're misleading the public somewhat. Because I don't I don't feel that we constitute a grave danger here and I think that we serve a necessary function and that's going to constitute any danger. No I don't think we constitute any danger obviously I wouldn't be working here on the planet and I personally feel that nuclear power is is needed you know especially in the northeast to provide jobs and keep or maintain their way of life. Despite the heavy rain here today the organizers were pleased with the turnout. But these protesters say they won't be satisfied until this plant and all other nuclear power plants in the country are shut down. But Power Authority officials say the people don't know the facts. And they say of all the nuclear power plants in the country were shut down. It would be a decision everybody would regret. At the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant. I'm Raj wells.
New Jersey's Housing Finance Agency today was rocked by new allegations of corruption. The agency's executive director William Johnston resigned Thursday amid reports of extensive criminality involving HFA workers. And today the New York Daily News reports that the sweeping state and federal probe of the agency has uncovered evidence that Johnston may have been on the take from HFA contractors. The new site sources close to the investigation who allege that Johnston took pleasure trips and accumulated gambling debts with a tab picked up by private contractors. According to the report those contractors received favored treatment in gaining HFA construction approvals. And the news quotes as in its investigation sources saying. With all the dirt we've dug up so far we can see this is only the tip of the iceberg. Attendance at two Exxon gas stations on the Garden State Parkway have been filling gas tanks full in exchange for bribes according to state energy commissioner Joel Jacobson. Exxon has imposed a $3 limit on Parkway gas purchases
because of reportedly dwindling supplies. But Jacobson says the two stations which he did not name have been filling up certain cars Parkway officials have dispatched state troopers to try to stop the practice. Well the daily journal of Elisabeth was not on newsstands today. The publication of the paper was brought to a halt by a Newspaper Guild strike a jurisdictional dispute prompted the walkout. The first in the daily Journal's 200 year history. And with no talks scheduled a guild spokesman said there's no telling how long the strike will last. Holiday weekend air travelers have had to do without United Airlines which has been hit by its first major strike in 13 years. At Newark Airport the loss of United has meant nearly 30 fewer flights each day. Reporter Jack Conti visited the airport as the holiday weekend began and filed this status report on the strike. The 12 planes stranded here on the eve of the strike that began almost two weeks ago sit near the terminal. Grounded by a walkout of Machinists. Inside the usually bustling
ticket counter is locked up and the signs tell the story. United has canceled all flights through April 23rd and is accepting no reservations for flights earlier than this June. Well just a handful of the twelve hundred employees idled by the strike here turned out for the picket. Apparently the Union well is still strong. Reports of the negotiations say both sides are still far apart on a package of pay increases and benefits. These workers were not happy with the company's offer a 10 percent increase for each of the three years of the proposed contract. This weekend particularly will hurt Easter as a heavy travel period and all of the passengers who could have booked reservations with other carriers. But aside from the big losses during this holiday weekend United has another problem with deregulation came the end of the airline's mutual assistance pact and United is the first airline to undergo a major strike without that kind of help. That agreement used to provide some economic support from other carriers for a struck company.
But the law says the airline incurs this time will be all its own. United has not had a major walkout since 1966 when it had two other airlines were closed down for six weeks. Many of these workers and many inconvenienced travelers hope it won't be that long this time around. In Newark Corby. Police are pursuing what they call some pretty good leads in that pipe bombing of an island Heights home. The explosion Thursday night left little damage and no injuries but it was Ocean County second bomb blast in three days. A bomb in a phone booth near the Seaside Heights Police Headquarters caused some minor damage on Tuesday but authorities say the two incidents are probably not related. A 17 year old patient who escaped from Marlborough state psychiatric hospital last night is still at large. Hospital officials today said the boy had been transferred to the hospital from the Ocean County jail but they denied earlier reports that he's a violent and dangerous.
The city of Newark will be in court August 6th to defend its right to develop land it owns in northern Passaic County. The city holds a deed to more than 18000 acres in West Milford Township and it wants to build some light industry and middle income housing there. But it's meeting strong opposition from West Milford. The township says developing the area would destroy its ecological balance. The case will be heard in Essex County Court. A gray rainy day like today is probably good for a little more than finishing up those income tax forms. So much for the humdrum. Then there's the West Windsor husband and father working away in his basement planning his next careful attempt to bounce radio signals off the moon. Really. Elf Hawkins reports. It's difficult to guess how many people driving down Route 535 do a double take when they spot Allen Cass's radio telescope in his backyard. We technical types
call it a dish. This one is only part of the radio system Dr. Katz maintains at his home both for his own enjoyment and as part of his job as a college professor and chairman of the engineering and technology department at Trenton State College. All this I use for a number of applications. I guess one of things I think is most exciting is to bounce radio signals off the moon. We actually send a signal up to be able to receive that signal back that signal the signal comes back to tell us a lot of information about the bird itself. The surface the way we get information about the atmosphere. And so this has scientific data but also are interested in the application of this technique for communications purposes. Dr. Katz and his students had a lot of fun back in 1972 when they used a smaller dish attached to his wife's clothesline to listen in on the Apollo astronauts as they circled the moon.
Now we Yankees own computer which figures out exactly where to aim the dish. You connect with one of the two satellites circling the earth for the use of amateur radio. The computer is used a lot by the three year old daughter word and number games. If you were visiting the grandparents. Also available is just plain old ham radio. OK the CIA carried on the CIA this is kilo to you know horrible Yankee Hotel to you why age over. By the way the dish was donated to Dr. Katz by an electronics company that had no more use for it. That part of the family budget could have been a struggle in West Windsor talking. It may have been raining on your Easter Saturday today but at least you could go indoors. Consider the plight of the animals in the wildlife sanctuary and threatens Cadwallader park. They had no choice but to be wet and cold. Fortunately they weren't hungry because a few people didn't forget. If we're lucky the weather may finally be in our
favor the forecast calls for drier weather for the remainder of the holiday weekend. We'll have a gradual clearing. Low temperatures will be in the upper 30s tomatoe 40s in the north and low to mid 40s in the south. Tomorrow Easter Sunday we can expect mostly sunny skies throughout the state. Temperatures will be mild in the mid to upper 50s in the north and in the mid 60s in the south. The outlook for Monday. Is fair. And a little cooler. Sure OK resents Monte Python and the Holy Grail. Maybe someone was already going to jail. Where could we find this cave to. Watch it tonight at 9:00 on New Jersey Public Television.
Bill Perry is on vacation this weekend but Paul Budde line is back from vacation and he's got news of the Jewish bomber. Thank you Sandy Seven weeks ago it was called off at the last minute. Today that fight between Mike Rosman of Turner's ville and Argentina's Victor Glenda's finally was held Rossman enter the ring in New Orleans favored to retain his WBA light heavyweight championship but he did not. We have action from the second round here Ross and was looking confident after a cautious start Rawson seemed to be in control he was out punching out boxing Victor go Linda's for most of the first two rounds but then you'll see the end of round four this is it right here. About nine seconds left and then Victor Belinda's will get Ross on the ropes start punching away and I watch it as this is the bell right here. But Victor Glenda's does not stop punching either did not hear the bell or didn't care. And then Mike Rosman brother Andy went after Victor goal and as one of the stupider things he could do it caused a
near brawl. The fight was that thing was finally cleared up but it was probably not a very good thing to do from then on it was Victor go Linda's in control and as luck would more like the man who had won forty three consecutive fights before this past September when Rosman beat him and Elin does control the fight for the next few rounds until finally Roslin could not answer the bell for the 10th he had a broken hand reportedly Mike Rosman victim of a tense around technical knockout Victor Dylan does once again the WBA light heavyweight champion of the world. The season ended last night for the New Jersey Nets that ended with a ten point loss to the Philadelphia 76 years in game two of their playoff series. This was the first NBA game ever held playoff game ever held in New Jersey it attracted a record crowd of 90 100 at the scatter away. Even Governor Byrne was on hand to toss up the first ball not a lot of hustle here by George Johnson and Caldwell Jones. The game itself started on an ominous note for Philadelphia Julius Erving missed a slam dunk. The Doctor would go on to miss his first 10 shots.
Meanwhile at the other end the nets Bernard King had a great first quarter heading for 11 points with Cain leading the way the nets were up by three after one period and held that lead until midway through the second quarter. But then with the nets up by 4 points the game turned around. Dr. J finally hit on his only basket in the first half to pull Philadelphia even after that the Nets never trailed massive Darryl Dawkins was the big gun as Philadelphia pulled away. Dawkins had his usual dunks and added some outside shooting as well scoring 11 points in the second quarter alone. By half time Philly led by six fifty one forty five. The third quarter a New Jersey disaster. John Williamson who scored 30 8 in Game 1 could never find the range. Williamson shot 9 of 34 on the night his back court partner Eddie Jordan not much better. Nine of 25 and that simply did not hit the Philadelphia lead was up to 10 after three quarters. From there Philly coasted home number 11 Caldwell Jones was the high man for the Sixers with 24 points 21 rebounds and Julius Erving recovered as such well enough to
score 19 for Philadelphia 11 coming in the final period to keep it on ice. It all resulted in a 10 point margin 111 to one one the final. Naturally the New Jersey Nets were disappointed but already looking ahead to next year and nothing but improve from here on as long as you know we get have the same attitude we had this year. Yeah I think the Seattle Supersonics had a mediocre year before they won the championship. The same with the Portland Oakland days come in here and you know the guys gave 100 percent from a coaching standpoint when you have people giving you a hundred percent right. We wake up and look in the mirror and mourn that we two down. For the record the nets finish with 37 wins a 13 game improvement from a year ago. In soccer the cosmos take there to win a record on the road tonight against the Atlanta chiefs. Some other teams in the North American Soccer League are on strike because of management's refusal to recognize their union. But the cosmos voted to blame game time tonight 7:30 in baseball
today. Jay Johnstone hit a pinch hit Grand Slam in the eighth inning as the Yanks beat the Chicago White Sox players Paul Mirabella by the way in a game pitched for in the third innings of scoreless relief over the National League the Philadelphia Phillies were rained out at Shea Stadium with the Mets. Today's weather did not stop her races on Lake Carnegie and Princeton seven colleges including Princeton and Rutgers were on hand for all kinds of racing action. And if you ever wondered about the popularity of crew about 500 people lined the shore of Lake Carnegie to root for their favorite teams and heavyweight bruited a Navy upset Princeton by about 10 feet it was a come from behind win for Navy. Also today Yale defeated Northeastern and Rutgers in a heavyweight race. That was the best time of the day for Yale and lightweight crew. Princeton ran its record to 5 and 0 on the year. Also the Princeton women were defeated this afternoon by Ratliff at the best of days to race the crew but a lot of people were there and a lot of schools as well and that sports Sandy. Thanks Paul.
The scone or pride of Baltimore should be getting to Wilmington Delaware Delaware right about now after spending last night in the Delaware Bay off Cape May but two masted ship ran aground on a reef in the bay yesterday after returning several days late from a Caribbean cruise. The Coast Guard free the 136 foot vessel last night but waited till morning before towing it to Wilmington. This week Austin City Limits presents an historic gathering of country music's most famous studio musicians the Nashville super pickers. Well one of the country's best known singers and storytellers the whole. Don't miss it tonight at 8:00 on New Jersey Public Television. This was the week that the amount of gasoline drivers can buy on the Garden State Parkway was lowered
twice. As the holiday weekend started the limit was only three dollars worth per car at the Exxon stations along the parkway. That's about a quarter of a tank for many big cars. Exxon said the limit was necessary if the stations were to remain open 24 hours a day as they must under contract with the state. Yesterday a parkway spokesman said the lower limit will still meet the needs of holiday motorists. $3. Today's Corps is about 50 miles. It's a little bit better than four gallons which will be 50 maybe 60 miles. On the parkway which should get them to the next station or in most cases to get them home. And we do have a road emergency service which. Operates continually that's available although we wouldn't really have to force people to the. Exxon stations on the New Jersey Turnpike have six and seven dollar limits posted for this weekend. There are no purchase limits at the Amoco stations at the southern end of the turnpike. Also yesterday reporter Mariam Rosso checked the gas availability
situation on other roads to the south Jersey Shore. Are you going to be open this Sunday. Yes. Yes. Have you raised your prices. This week. And are you going to raise them for the weekend. Maybe. That's the way it is all along Route 73 stations expect to at least hope to be open during daylight hours this weekend but don't expect any bargains just this week. Gas prices went up two cents a gallon at the Sunoco station. The owner says it's gotten so bad that his wholesaler no longer telephones him to let him know about the price hikes. The station just gets a postcard. The gas stations we talk to say business has been booming lately with drivers perhaps anticipating a crunch this holiday weekend. But many stations have cut back their hours because of reduced gas deliveries. Last year I won. This year an army of 20000 for one month. So it's bad business because bad business has at least one station in the area will be
open round the clock. The station on the Atlantic City Expressway. There is no limit on how much you can purchase if you can afford it. But things could be worse depending on where you're headed if you're heading for Atlantic City this weekend you shouldn't have much of a problem getting gas. You will have to pay dearly for it but take consolation in this. In New York City they're paying 99 cents a gallon on the Atlantic City Expressway. I marry Amber oh so giving up part of their holiday weekends to appear with us tonight. Our Joe Donahue who writes on energy matters for The Atlantic City Press. Also with us John McLaughlin contributing reporter for this program who also writes for New Jersey magazine and The New York Daily News. Well first gentleman why lower limits on the parkway than on the turnpike. John. I don't want to call Exxon about that yesterday. They responded and you know for your words which meant absolutely nothing. They said they were trying to help the motorist out. For reasons unknown to me and to
them. They think for some reason that there ought to be a higher limit on the numbers of the parkways possibly because there's competition on the turnpike and it was not on the part of the parkway authority apparently said yesterday that the $3 limit could go even lower doesn't seem possible do you. Think. That Exxon or any other dealer could go much lower than that. You know. In today's corps It just isn't enough to go. You know what are they going to. Be. If they go much lower they won't be able to get out of the lot. Exxon is giving his Deore 95 percent of the gazillion you guys. Where stable. With need to get them 100 percent so it's a percent reduction. I don't understand why the cut got to be that stringent one of the problems is. That East or. West your fellow March this year it falls in April it's a big driving weekend.
So. You're applying. A low consumption month. In 1970 and 1978 because a high consumption month in 1979 John that brings us to the question that I think much of the American public and certainly many people in New Jersey are asking this weekend and that is are the shortages for real. It's a good question and. It really depends on who you listen to. Is there is enough oil and gas in the ground to provide for your needs. I don't think anybody would debate. There is but the problem is mainly political and institutional that. When when you have most of the oil in the world concentrated in the hands and. They arbitrarily decide to limit production. And. Because they want to they don't want to produce quantities
very fast because inflation will eat up their profits. Well you know you have an artificial there's going to be a constant artificial shortage. Back to the effect a New Jersey state politicians are fighting in federal plan to close gas stations on Sunday saying that will hurt tourism in this state. The $3. Limit do the same thing. I can't possibly have a three dollar limit. If they want to keep people going there's a has already been an impact on the crowd and what would. For instance a lot of politicians are already blaming. President Carter's speech on energy and the restrictions for cutting down on business there. Also this week the political fallout from the Pennsylvania nuclear accident continue to be felt in New Jersey. On Thursday the New York Daily News citing inspections made by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said both public service electric and gas engines essential power and light were violating safety standards at power plants in New Jersey. The
paper said the NRC had questioned Jersey centrals ability to seal off the reactor at its plant in the event of a leak. Jersey Central called the report dated and said more recent inspections have raided the plant between acceptable and exceptional. Also in the newspaper report a claim that the NRC had called the control room at the Salem plant a disaster waiting to happen. API CNG spokesman said the two year old report was only the work of one inspector and the improvements he suggested for key control buttons were unwarranted. A cell implant is now closed for refueling but it will be open in June. The report suggests that the utility can just ignore the NRC. Our fate really is in the hands of that commission are we safe. Well I I think. The events following through my own show that even the regulators in a crisis situation. Understand what's going on their ability to react
seriously. You know that they didn't even realize for two days after an incident became a serious situation the gravity of the situation took two days before the NRC sent its own person into Pennsylvania. They didn't realize the severe the situation. Three Mile Island. Now these reports John what's the effect on public opinion here in New Jersey. Well my guess is that there will never be another nuclear reactor built in New Jersey. These things cost a lot of money to build if you want to start from scratch because it's 3 billion dollars to build. A nuclear power plant. Who was going to invest in it. How was he going to sell the bonds even if you had a state authority. How will they sell the bonds. He has already decided to eat. Three hundred million dollars at the fork of every plant because you can't go along with construction the reason it can't work construction is because the plant is
so off. Investment in this plant to other utilities and they're not buying them at the nukes or not buying. New Property. Well in addition to Fork River there are three other nuclear plants in various stages of construction in New Jersey. Will they not be built. Well I think the chance of there has been a bill introduced in the legislature to ban new nuclear power plants until the nuclear waste disposal problem is resolved. Now I think before Three Mile Island the chances of that going anywhere would have been minimal. But I think the interested to hearing last week on the bill and the impetus from Three Mile Island certainly make it a much more serious possibility right now. Before we close can the South Jersey economy afford those plants not to be finished. That's probably could be the major question facing us in the next decade. The New Jersey. Well you know it was even before the troubles began and filed suit
against one of the. Things they were contesting was the fact. That when that reactor. Was. Used up its useful. Life online. There will remain there forever for a thousand years. The spent reactor fuel. There was no place to put it. Unfortunately we have to close. John McLaughlin New Jersey magazine New York Daily News. And Joe Donahue Atlantic City Press. Thanks very much for being with us. Once again our top stories. Demonstrators from Bergen County and other parts of the state joined a large anti-nuclear protest at the Indian Point plant in New York today. New Jersey's energy chief says some gas station attendants along the Garden State Parkway. By filling gas tanks beyond Exxon's $3 limit in exchange for bribe money. The weather should be good for your Easter Parade tomorrow. The forecast for sunny skies and milder temperatures and. The World Light Heavyweight Champion. And that's the news for New Jersey joins me in wishing
you a good night and a Happy. New Jersey nightly news presentation of New Jersey Public Television 30. On Saturday and Sunday the program is broadcast at 6:00 p.m. both on New Jersey public television and on Channel 13. Pre-recorded.
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