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On stage you're dancing for an audience and then trying to communicate a message to them and to teach him a little bit about what Indian dancing is like and what Indian culture is. I enjoyed New York. We sold out every night. It made us feel good to share somewhere in your culture you know somewhere dances. It's like going to a trade. It's like when you go to a rock n roll you go out there in the Dead Sea and got your own thought and then see the pretty much the way Indians act when you hear that song that makes you wonder if members of the American Indian dance theater expressed their feelings about their special talent Native American dancing. No matter where the dancers perform on stage or at a powwow they relay a powerful message about Native Americans. The performers have different reasons for dancing. It may be to teach Native American culture. For the crowds or simply the love of it. But no matter what the reason the Native American dance experience leaves a lasting impression on all who come to watch the American Indian dance stage or perform. The company has only been together for two years and has already
received international success. Performing from Paris to Montana. The founders of the group are honey get a mom bar Bush why give them a Kiowa directs the show. He's also a dancer playwright and professor of theater at UCLA. Give him a felt the time was right to bring this style of dance to life on stage and allow the audience to see native dance outside of power while it was a project that had been waiting for somebody to come along and do it so this was a logical concept and I thought at the time was right. To start trying to get at such a project together and started it in spring 1997. I just thought it was time around. Country often when I think of talent the producer of the American Indian dance theater she traveled to ceremonies in powwows looking for the best dancers. Well they knew they wanted to start the group.
They weren't so sure that the dancers would be willing to tour in a national dance company. Because they were performing a ceremony and these producers. Were looking for the best for the group. Chester moody Zuni and one of the dancers found their talent search. He's also the elder of the group responsible for sharing his dances and songs with the younger performers. The spectacular dancing in music goes much deeper than what you see on stage. According to the American Indian dance theatre is successful because today's audiences are more responsive to cultural diversity.
People in the world were awaiting something of the sort to be having not only with us American Indians but with all the I think people in the world I think that of not I think people are. Very much. Feeling and aware that the world is evolving and that there's more than just Caucasian people in the world. In this the world tomorrow is going to be a mixed multicultural much more I think be healthy. We're right on the cusp of that. Nathan the joyful thing to see and feel reporting in Billings Montana. I'm Mary Boyle.
National Native News Special Features
The American Indian Dance Theater
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This report focuses on the American Indian Dance Theater, which began in New York City and has since expanded to Los Angeles, to preserve and promote the musical and dance traditions of Native American peoples.
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National Native News is a nationally broadcast news series that provides news for Native and non-Native Americans from a Native American perspective.
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